Best Potting Bench – A Buyers Guide (2022)

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If you enjoy spending time in your garden and love the satisfaction of growing new plants then chances are you spend a considerable amount of time potting (and repotting) plants. Personally, we have found that this joy can be slightly ruined by the effort and inconvenience of having to crawl around on the floor when you are potting your plants! For one, it is incredibly uncomfortable and for two it is going to leave you cold, damp and dirty! If your love for propagating and nurturing plants is withering away due to your current potting environment then stop right there! What you need is a potting bench! 

A potting bench is going to give you the perfect surface to prepare and pot your plants. But, they are actually going to give you much more than just that, such as a space to store some of your gardening tools, a place to prune smaller potted shrubs and even for if you are working on an allotment and need space to tend to your fruit and vegetables! 

Best Pick Potting Bench – Christow Bench

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In A Hurry? 

If you are tired of having dirty knees and a sore back from potting on the floor then we are here to help! Here are some of the best potting benches that we have found so that you can get buying – and quick! 


By far the first thing that you need to think about is the size of the potting bench that is going to be right for you. This really depends on both the space that you have available and the amount of space that you are going to need for potting. 

The width and length of potting benches vary quite considerably. We found that lengths tended to start at around 70cm and went up to just under a metre in length. Obviously, as a general rule the longer the table the better as this is going to give more space for you to work. The widths of the potting benches tend to be more similar ranging from around 40cm up to around 55cm. 

Don’t forget to also consider the height of the potting bench that you are going to need. Most are going to be around 80cm in height as this is deemed to be the best level for most “average” height people to avoid having to bend over and cause any back pain. However, we did find variations in this that are worth looking out for if you think that 80cm is going to be the wrong height for you. 

TOP TIP: When looking at the height of the potting bench make sure to check whether this is the height to the worktop level or the overall height if a backboard is included as this will impact on whether the work surface is a suitable height for you or not. 

Build Materials 

The durability and strength of your potting bench is all going to be determined by the build materials that it is made from. Your choices are going to include; wood, PVC and metal. 

Wooden potting benches are going to be the most traditional look that you will be able to find which means that they blend in with most gardens. We also love how strong that they are going to be as this means that you won’t need to worry about them being damaged or blown over in strong winds as they have a reasonable amount of weight behind them. The only downside to this is that it does make them much less portable. Wooden potting benches are going to be fairly durable but they are susceptible to rot if they are exposed to wet weather too much and not well maintained. To avoid this make sure to purchase pressure treated wood and treat them annually. 

Your next option is going to be a metal potting bench. These are going to be much more durable than wooden models, plus you aren’t going to need to complete as much maintenance to keep them in good condition. Providing you purchase a strong metal such as galvanised steel then you should also be safe from rust for a number of years. We also like that metal potting benches are going to be nice and easy to wipe down and clean in between uses. 

Finally, you will have the choice of a PVC potting bench. In general, these are going to be your cheapest option so if you aren’t planning on using your potting bench regularly then they could be the way to go. They are going to be much lighter which makes them easy to move around the garden as you need to – but this can actually cause you a bit of a problem in adverse weather as we have seen PVC potting benches that end up being blown over in strong winds! But, we do like that they are easy to clean, relatively durable and will be incredibly easy to assemble. 

TOP TIP: Some of the best wooden potting benches will actually come with a metal top which we think is a great option. This means that you are going to have the natural look of the wood but with the durability and cleanability of the metal. 

Best Budget Potting Bench – Clas Ohlson Bench

Clas Ohlson Wooden Potting Table Flower Plant Workbench Garden Greenhouse, White Height 93 cm
  • ✅ PRACTICAL POTTING TABLE: Practical potting bench, gives you a suitable surface for all your potting needs at a comfortable working height. Handy table with a durable zinc-plated work surface for potting and repotting plants and seedlings. The shelf of the potting table can be used to hold plant pots and other gardening accessories
  • ✅ ROBUST CONSTRUCTION: Robust potting table made of untreated white-glazed pine with a galvanised steel worktop and a lower shelf for storage. When not used for potting, the table is great as a plant stand for the conservatory, patio, etc.
  • ✅ DIMENSIONS AND MATERIAL: Made from FSC labelled untreated Pine, manufactured using responsible forestry management, making it a great sustainable choice. Comes with a removable Zinc plate. Easy to assemble. Length 88 cm, Width 45 cm, Height 93 cm. Shipping weight 15.9 KG
  • ✅ GUARANTEE: The Clas Ohlson guarantee gives you 2 years peace of mind
  • ✅ DESIGNED IN SWEDEN: Clas Ohlson brings scandi style to your home and garden

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Weight and Weight Capacity

You need to consider both the weight of the potting bench – particularly if you are planning on moving it around your garden whilst you work – and also the weight capacity of the potting bench. 

The maximum weight capacity that we found was around 30kg but many are actually less than this at around 20kg – but this should still be more than enough for most gardeners to store their tools and compost whilst they work. 

The actual weight of the potting benches themselves tended to range from around 20kg up to around 50kg depending on the materials that have been used. Make sure to consider if you are planning on moving your bench around, as they can be quite heavy once you include the things that are on the bench too! 


All potting benches are going to be designed differently, but these designs really impact on how easy the potting bench is going to be to use and the additional space that you are going to have to work with. Here are some of the design features that we really like and think are worth looking out for: 

  • Shelves and drawers – We really like potting benches that come with shelves and drawers underneath the main work surface. This is going to be perfect for holding the main gardening tools or seeds that you will be using when potting. It is also worth looking at the height and space that you are going to have on the shelves, some are going to be taller which actually gives you space to place some of your younger plants that need a little added shelter and protection during bad weather! 
  • Backboard – Many potting benches are going to come with a backboard which is great for many reasons. Firstly, they are the best way for you to avoid soil, pots and seeds dropping off the back of the potting bench when you are working and either making a mess or becoming damaged. But also, some have been designed so that they have gaps that will allow you to hang your most essential gardening tools, making them on hand for whenever you need them. 
  • Removable sink – Some of the best potting benches will actually come with a sink so that you can wash pots, your hands, and other items whilst you are working. The sink is the perfect way to keep your work surface clean and tidy, but we also love that they are removable so they won’t be taking up space when you don’t need them! If this sink isn’t detachable then make sure that it comes with a cover so that you don’t lose out on work space! 
  • Work Surface – Look to see whether the work surface of the potting bench is going to be smooth enough to make it easy to wipe down and whether it is made from scratch proof, durable materials. We also like work surfaces that come with additional drainage holes so that water doesn’t collect on the surface and cause damage. 

TOP TIP: We would always recommend looking out for models that come with a range of shelves and drawers as this is going to be the best way to keep your worksurface free and keep everything organised. Some models only come with one drawer so this is worth checking for.

The Best Potting Bench 

If you and your green fingers are serious about potting but you need the right equipment to be able to get the job done then look no further! Here are the features that we found in only the best potting benches! 

  • Adjustable height – If you are particularly tall, or on the shorter side, or maybe there is more than one person that is going to be using the potting bench, then the best solution is to opt for a model with adjustable legs. These can be altered to make the bench taller or smaller so that it is going to be the perfect height for you to work with and avoid fatigue when you are working. 
  • Feet – Opting for a potting bench that comes with rubber or plastic feet is especially important if you are purchasing a wooden model, but they can also be useful for other models too. Potting benches that come with feet are the best way to avoid the legs being stood on a damp floor for any considerable amount of time and will avoid rot and rust from developing. They will also help to avoid a patio or decking from becoming scratched. 
  • Assembly – Make sure to look at how easy it is going to be to assemble your potting bench as it is rare that they are going to come fully assembled. Some will come with all the tools that you need whereas others are going to need an electric drill. Smaller models can actually be built by one person but others will need two people. 
  • Compost reservoir – This is a nifty little feature that saves you from wasting any compost or soil when you are working. You can simply brush the soil into the reservoir and then remove it from the base of the unit so that it can be reused! 
  • Wheels – If you are looking to move your potting bench around your garden, allotment or workshop then it is definitely worth looking out for a model that is going to come with wheels. Normally they will have two wheels so that you can lift one side and wheel the other side along! 
  • Hooks and Towel Rails – Some potting benches are going to come with additional hooks on the side for you to be able to hold even more tools that you may need. 
  • FSC Certified Wood – If you opt for a potting bench that is made from wood then look out for FSC certified wood so that you know it has come from sustainable wood and is environmentally friendly as possible. 
  • Blackboard – Some potting benches even come with little blackboards so that you can make notes about what you have potted and what still needs doing! 

Best of the Rest

Furinno Outdoor Garden Bench Table for Potting Plants, Wood, Natural, 91.2 (W) x 108.5 (H) x 49.5 (D) cm
  • Ample space for you to work on plants potting and other garden work.
  • Simple and stylish design with ample shelf space
  • Durable and easy to assemble. Easy to clean use damped cloth and avoid harsh chemicals
  • Materials Manufactured from Malaysia hardwood
  • Product Dimensions 91.2 (W) x 108.5 (H) x 49.5 (D) cm

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Christow Garden Potting Table Wooden Work Bench With 5 Hooks, 2 Shelves (89cm x 76.5cm x 37cm)
  • GARDEN POTTING TABLE WITH STORAGE: Getting aches and pains from potting? Say hello to our Potting Table with Storage. Thanks to a chest height worktop measuring 78cm tall, it makes potting a comfortable, easy task. Plus, it has shelves and hooks to keep potting essentials within easy reach.
  • ALUMINIUM TOP WITH RAISED BACK & SIDES: Designed with a flat aluminium worktop which is scratch and rust-resistant. Raised back and sides help to contain compost to minimise mess when potting. Simply sweep any loose compost back into the bag and give the top a quick wipe to clean it.
  • 2 SHELVES & 5 HOOKS FOR POTTING ESSENTIALS: Designed with two slatted shelves to store a watering can, pots, and other equipment. Both have a raised back for protection. 5 galvanised metal hooks on the side provide an ideal hanging space for a hand trowel, hand fork, and other tools.
  • SOFTWOOD WITH RUBBER FEET: Softwood table is pressure-treated to protect from damp and rot. However, we recommend retreating yearly with waterproof paint or a base layer preservative. Rubber feet on the legs help to protect from damp and provide optimal grip on patios, decking, and more.
  • INSTRUCTIONS & FIXINGS FOR EASY ASSEMBLY: Delivered flat-packed with instructions and fixings for easy assembly. When assembled, it measures H89cm x W76.5cm x D37cm (approx.). Perfect for small gardens, large gardens, and greenhouse staging. Plus, it's perfect for displaying pots!

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Vegtrug RHP6002N Herb Garden, 80cm x 78cm x 58cm
  • Easy To Assemble
  • Highly Durable
  • Preformed Liner Included
  • Products dimensions: 80cm x 78cm x 58cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do potting benches come with a guarantee?

Yes! The best potting benches are going to come with a two or three year guarantee! We found some models that only came with a twelve month warranty but we do feel that they will probably last much longer than this providing they are well maintained. 

Where is the best place for my potting bench? 

Ideally if you are wanting your potting bench to be long lasting then it is always worth placing it somewhere that it is going to be sheltered from the worst of any adverse weather! This could be under an awning or in a gardening workshop, or otherwise against a wall or even a hedge that will block out the worst of the weather!

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