Best Garden Screening Ideas (2022)

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Garden screenings are the best way to create a garden with defined areas so that you can make better use of the space that you have available to you. We also love the way that garden screens can be used to surround your garden – hiding ugly bare walls or tatty fence panels and creating a modern, attractive space! We have been looking for the best garden screening ideas and have seen them used for borders, patios, hot tubs, play areas for children or even just to hide away your bins so that they aren’t on show when you are in your garden! 

We find it impossible to believe that there can’t be at least one of these reasons that would leave you wanting a garden screen – so we have compiled this article with lots of our favourite garden screening ideas so that you can choose which is going to be best for you and your garden! 

Best Pick Garden Screening – Artificial Ivy Leaf

Best Artificial English Ivy Leaf Screening Roll 3m x 1m Privacy Hedging Wall Landscaping Garden Fence **UV Fade Protected** (1)
1,646 Reviews
Best Artificial English Ivy Leaf Screening Roll 3m x 1m Privacy Hedging Wall Landscaping Garden Fence **UV Fade Protected** (1)
  • These Best Artificial Ivy Screening Rolls have a clip and eye making them easy to clip together for easy assembly.
  • Each Roll Measures 1m x 3m (3ft 4" x 10ft). Very dense leaf coverage.
  • They are UV Fade Protected for Long Term Outdoor use.
  • They are flexible and can be used on any surface (even curved). Can be cut to size.
  • Please note, this may be provided as two separate rolls.

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In A Hurry? 

If you are tired of the look you are getting from your garden or maybe you need to be able to separate off parts of your garden to be able to make the most of the space, then here are all the essential features that you need to think about. 

Fixed Garden Screening Ideas

If you are looking for a durable, long lasting, permanent garden screening then there are going to be a number of options available to you. They are perfect for if you are wanting to create a space in your garden and don’t necessarily have anything to secure the screening to, as many of them will be freestanding. 

Most fixed garden screens are going to be made from either wood or pvc. Solid wood is a great option as it is strong enough to be able to withstand the worst of any weather that comes your way. They are also going to be more weighty so are less likely to get blown over or damaged in the wind. The one thing that you do need to remember is that they are going to need to be treated once a year to avoid rot developing – so it is important to factor in the time that this is going to take if you know that you need quite a few pieces of garden screening to complete the job that you have in mind. 

Another option for a fixed garden screening idea is PVC. Some of these are designed in a rattan effect to make them look more natural, whereas others are designed in block PVC. These are going to be cheaper than wood but still relatively durable and many of them will be freestanding as well. We also like that they are going to be completely water resistant so you don’t need to worry about treating them once a year. However, due to the material used, they are going to be lighter than wood, which means that they are more prone to being knocked or blown over if you aren’t careful! 

If you choose a fixed garden screening then make sure to look whether the model comes with feet, this will make it much more stable in the middle of your garden. Some even come with bolts so that they can be bolted into a patio or paving if you are confident that you aren’t going to want to move them any time soon! 

Flexible Garden Screening Ideas

If you are working on a budget, or want a garden screening that you can remove, move and reposition as you see fit, then the best choice for you is probably going to be a flexible garden screen. 

These garden screenings will usually come in rolls that can be spread out and fixed wherever you need them in your garden. It is important to remember though that these models won’t work if they are freestanding as they are much too flimsy, so you are going to need something behind them to add more stability and fix them in place. Assembling flexible garden screenings is normally much easier, but they don’t always come with fastenings so this is worth checking for. Normally, however, they can just be fixed with heavy-duty staples that can be pressed into whatever surface it is that you are fixing to. 

We found flexible garden screening ideas that were made from bamboo, wicker, wire and brushwood. Bamboo, wicker and brushwood are great if you are still wanting a natural effect fencing. The pieces are fastened close together so that they create a true screen, but they are still flexible enough to leave you plenty of options as to where you are going to position them – some can even be cut down as you see fit to ensure the perfect position! The one thing to bear in mind is that these materials are definitely going to be less durable and hardy in comparison to the other material choices. Brushwood is going to be the strongest out of the lot but even this will break and wear if you are not careful or if the weather is particularly bad! 

If you are looking for a more durable and long lasting (but equally flexible) garden screening idea then why not opt for wire fencing. This will need securing onto a surface that is already there but it will allow you the opportunity to grow climbing plants up your walls or fences to create a true natural borner. The only real negative to this is that the growing part is going to take some time and in the meantime the wire fencing doesn’t create much of a screen (or look that attractive) on its own! 

Best Budget Garden Screening – YQing Hanging Plants

YQing 2PCS Artificial Hanging Plants Fake Ivy Leaves for Wall Home Porch Garden Decoration
1,543 Reviews
YQing 2PCS Artificial Hanging Plants Fake Ivy Leaves for Wall Home Porch Garden Decoration
  • Item Size: Package includes 2 Pack hanging plants, each with 5 bifurcations, the total length of the whole bundle is 107cm/42in, and the width after natural expansion is about 25cm/9.8in. Does not include the hanging basket
  • Material: Made of high quality crepe, the color transition is natural; the branches are soft and suitable for garden decoration. Featuring big foliage and dense green coloring, The Fake Hanging Plants are lush, abundant and overflowing
  • High quality: fine workmanship, lifelike, high-quality environmentally friendly and odorless plastic materials, colorful and natural. perfect decor for backyard, decks, terraces, porches & patio
  • The leaf has a clear texture, with high degree of simulation, strong stems with iron wire inside, and can be bent into any shape. Fake Ivy hanging garland stays in green,fresh and neat all year long with no water required.
  • Getting these fake hanging plants to create a Simulation, Natural and Calming environment for your home and office. Suitable for a variety of occasions, can be hung in the living room, corridors, porches, cafes, stairs, etc., to be used as wall decoration.

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What Size of Garden Screening Do You Need? 

Obviously the size of garden screening that you are going to need will depend on the space that you are wanting to shield. The best way to figure this out is to get some string and lay it out around the garden in the space that you want to place the screening – this will allow you to easily measure and work out the amount of screening that you are going to need. 

Some garden screenings will come in fixed sizes so you will need to opt for a best fit, other more flexible options can be cut down so that they can be fitted perfectly to the space that you are wanting to fill! We did find some more fixed garden screens that came in a range of sizes and even customisable sizes – so if you are wanting the perfect finish then this could be the option for you, just bear in mind that you will probably have to pay a premium for the privilege! 

The  length of fixed garden screenings ranged from around 70cm up to around 1.5m, whereas the flexible rolls of garden screening came in much longer lengths of up to around 4m. You will also find that the height of the gardening screenings you can choose from will vary as well. A higher screen is obviously going to give you more privacy but a lower screen will ensure that you are still getting plenty of sunlight through! We found that heights ranged from around 1m to around 2.5m. 

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to consider if there are any items that you are actually wanting to hide behind the garden screening, like a trampoline or bins, as this will really impact on the height of garden screening that will be right for your space. 

Garden Screening Design Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration for a garden screen that can also create an eye-catching feature in your garden then look no further. We have found some of the best garden screening ideas that really caught our attention! 

  • Cinema Wall – We found some garden screens that can be used as a projector/cinema wall in your garden! They will perfectly screen whatever area of your garden you want hidden away, and then couple up as a cinema wall in the evening for if you are entertaining! 
  • Artificial Hedge – Some garden screens are designed to create an artificial hedge effect. They use shades of green and synthetic materials to give the appearance of a hedge which will really brighten up your garden. The one thing to mention is that we didn’t find many that looked truly authentic close up. 
  • Trellis and vines – If you want a garden screen that gives the natural appearance of trellis and climbing vines but don’t have the time to wait for them to grow then look out for a garden screen that is designed to create this affect! Look out for vines in different shades of green to create a more natural finish! 
  • Modern styles – If you are wanting a more modern finish for your garden screen then there are options that look more like artwork than garden screens with modern patterns or pictures cut into the screen to create designs with the sunlight! 
  • Planters – If you are wanting the most natural look possible for your garden screening then why not look out for garden screens that come with planters attached to the base. This will allow you to either grow just bedding plants to add a little colour or climbing plants to blend in with the garden screening! 

The Best Garden Screening Ideas

If you are wanting the best garden screening that is going to completely transform your garden then here are some of the final features that you should be looking out for when you buy! 

  • Pressure treated wood – If you decide to opt for wooden garden screening then make sure to check whether the wood has been pressure treated. This helps to ensure the protective treatment is forced deep in the wood so it is more effective for longer. 
  • UV Protected – If you decide to opt for PVC garden screenings instead then check to see whether it has a coating of UV protection. This will help to stop it from cracking and discolouration that occurs when exposed to direct sunlight for too long! 
  • Lighting – We really like garden screening ideas that come with lighting. Not only will they light up your garden but they will help to create a fantastic feature too! Just make sure to check exactly how the lights are powered as this could have an impact on if they are going to be right for you! 
  • Assembling Your Garden Screening – This is really important to check for and see how easy it is going to be. You need to think about where you are going to want to position your garden screen and check the weight to see whether it is going to take two people to get it into position (many of the larger models do). You also want to look at what tools you are going to need. At best all you will need is some tacks and a hammer but some require power tools to be assembled! It’s also really important to look at the quality of the fastenings that come with the garden screening. You need models that are going to be made from galvanised steel as these will be safe from rust for considerably longer. 

Best of the Rest

Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge 1m x 3m Screening Panels On Roll Privacy Garden Fence
1,194 Reviews
Artificial Ivy Leaf Hedge 1m x 3m Screening Panels On Roll Privacy Garden Fence
  • True Products Artificial Screening Ivy Leaf Hedge Panels On Roll Privacy Garden Fence 1m High x 3m Long
  • Made from UV stabilised PVC. Artificial ivy hedge woven in to plastic mesh panels 250mm x 500mm
  • Panels can be removed or interchanged to create unlimited shapes, heights & widths.
  • Artificial hedges are quick and easy to install. They require no maintenance and last for years.
  • Ideal for use against existing walls and fencing, it can also be used over arbours and pergolas, creating a soft shaded area beneath.

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Sekey PVC Privacy Screening Fence Screening, Double Reinforced and Weatherproof, Enhanced Privacy Protection, for Garden, Balcony and Terrace, with Cable Ties, 90 x 400 cm, Anthracite
2,327 Reviews
Sekey PVC Privacy Screening Fence Screening, Double Reinforced and Weatherproof, Enhanced Privacy Protection, for Garden, Balcony and Terrace, with Cable Ties, 90 x 400 cm, Anthracite
  • Double reinforcement inside the tube improves stability: The PVC privacy screen is reinforced with 2 additional supports to effectively prevent them from breaking. Windproof and more durable than hollow or single-reinforced PVC privacy screens.
  • Decorative privacy fence: Tightly woven with 1-2 mm spacing, beautiful, neat, and spy-proof. It's not 100% opaque, but can be used to decorate and protect your balcony and garden.
  • Weather-resistant and wear-resistant: Waterproof, mildew- and UV-resistant, not prone to fading, washable, and easy to clean. The raised surface pattern prevents scratches. PVC balcony privacy screens are a great alternative to natural privacy screens.
  • Easy to install and adjust the length: Balcony privacy screens do not require holes to be punched and come with straps (avoid tying them too tightly during installation). They can be shortened as needed (if not necessary, it is recommended to fold and fix the excess instead of shortening the length).
  • 【Note & After-sales Service】Pls choose a privacy screen that is close in height to your fence; stand it on the floor when installing; slight glue traces are unavoidable. If you have any questions, pls contact us, Sekey will make all efforts to provide you with a satisfactory solution.

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Real Bamboo Slat Fencing Screening Roll for Garden Privacy Outdoor - 4m x 1.8m
988 Reviews
Real Bamboo Slat Fencing Screening Roll for Garden Privacy Outdoor - 4m x 1.8m
  • These bamboo slat screening rolls are perfect for any garden or patio. They are ideal for covering up an unsightly fence or why not use it and make a feature in your garden.
  • Each roll of screening is made of individual vertical full length (no breaks) bamboo slats. Easily attached to existing fences or walls with galvanised wire, cable ties of screws/nails.
  • Supplied as a roll - 4 metre (length) x 1.8 metre (height) - (13ft x 6ft). All measurements are approximate.
  • Note: This is a natural product, hence it can vary in colour & dimensions. The average width of each slat is 15mm, varying from 12mm to 18mm. The slats are tied together with horizontal galvanised wires.
  • Peace of Mind* - All our Natural Bamboo fencing has been fumigated making them totally bug free.

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I protect my garden screen in heavy wind? 

Unfortunately, one of the main nemesis of garden screenings is heavy wind – they just aren’t designed to be able to stand up to it – literally ! The best way to avoid damage being caused is to position your garden screens in a place where they will receive some shelter from the wind – either by protection from a wall or a fence panel behind or in a quieter corner of your garden. Another option is to choose garden screening ideas that are made from solid wood which can be secured to the floor – but these are a little more of an investment. 

How do you fit garden screenings?

Flexible garden screenings are nice and easy to fit. You can usually just use heavy duty staples to secure them into whatever is behind them. If you want to fasten them onto gates then cable ties are another great option. Some heavy duty models will require bolting together – and possibly even bolting to the floor – which is a bigger job that you will have to have the correct tools to complete.

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