Best Artificial Grass Brush – Ultimate Buyers Guide 2024

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Anyone with artificial grass in their garden will know the difficulties in trying to keep the lawn tidy and clean. You swap to an artificial lawn to reduce the amount of work that you are having to put into maintaining your garden and keep it looking its best, only to find yourself on your hands and knees sweeping dirt and debris out of your artificial lawn instead! If this sounds familiar then we understand – and have been in exactly the same situation ourselves! This is why we set out to find an artificial grass brush. 

An artificial grass brush is very similar to a standard brush, but it is designed to collect dirt and debris from in between the blades of grass on your artificial lawn. This is really important not only to keep your lawn looking at its best and most realistic, but also to help you maintain the quality of your lawn as if garden waste such as leaves and soil build up on your artificial lawn then they can cause permanent damage to the artificial grass. An artificial grass brush is also going to come with features that allow you to neaten the pile of your lawn, ensuring that the blades aren’t flattened or wonky. 

Best Pick – Artificial Grass Brush

Hyundai 1600w Artificial Lawn Grass Brush Sweeper with 10m Cable, Artificial Grass Power Brush 5 Adjustable Heights & 3 Year Warranty, Blue
  • 1600W electric grass brush: Ideal for sweeping and refreshing artificial grass
  • Lightweight at just 13.3kg: Self-propelled motion makes it even more effortless to sweep.
  • The electric sweeper has 5 adjustable sweeping heights: Remove debris from the ‘root’ of the grass.
  • Generous 380mm working width: Gets the job done quickly and effectively.
  • Large 45L collection bag: Collects leaves, twigs and other debris as you sweep, minimising clean-up

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So if your artificial grass is looking a little worse for wear and is in need of a tidy up then look no further. We have found all of the best artificial grass brushes and compiled them in one place so that you can find one that is going to be right for you!

What To Look For

When you are ready to purchase an artificial grass brush there are loads of features that you need to consider and look out for to help you find the right one. We have broken these to help you find a model that is going to be the best for your artificial grass! 

Types of Artificial Grass Brush 

The first thing that you need to decide is the actual type of artificial grass brush that you want – a manual model or a powered model.

A manual artificial grass brush is going to be the most popular type and there is a whole range of brushes to choose from. They are relatively cheap to purchase, require very little maintenance and have no running costs because they are powered by YOU! However, the fact that you are the one putting in the work does mean that they can be more tiring to work with and it can take a little longer to get the artificial grass looking just right. They are essentially the same as a standard household brush, just with different bristles and teeth that are designed for work on artificial grass. 

A powered artificial grass brush is usually going to be mains electricity powered (although we did find a couple of models that were battery powered). It is important to note at this point that just because they are powered doesn’t mean that they are going to suck up the dirt. This is a different device entirely! The powered models basically involve powered rollers that will rotate as you move along the lawn, flicking the dirt up and towards the edge as you go. This means that you simply have to move around your lawn rather than physically brush the debris yourself – but you will still have to pick up the dirt and debris manually. 

The Artificial Grass Vacuum 

If you are already thinking that neither of these options sound like they are going to be right for you, then why not consider an artificial grass vacuum. These are going to be quite considerably more expensive as they are a more complicated machine. But these models WILL lift and suction the dirt and debris from your lawn in one go, massively reducing the time that it takes to clean your lawn and the effort that you have to put in! 

NOTE: Make sure to bear in mind whether you have a type of artificial lawn that is going to be suitable for a vacuum before purchasing. Models that are weighed down with sand will not be suitable as the sand will simply be sucked up into the vacuum! 

Best Budget – Artificial Grass Brush

Wolf Electric Artificial Grass Sweeper 380mm Garden Lawn Brush Rake with Turbo Power 45L Bag 10m Cable - Prime Delivery with 3 Years Warranty
  • Wolf Electric Artificial Grass Sweeper 380mm Garden Lawn Brush Rake with Turbo Power 45L Bag 10m Cable
  • Brand : Wolf
  • Product type: RAKE
  • grey brown black yellow
  • wolf 380mm 1600w 10m cable cord corded electric plug in garden yard artificial sweep sweeper rake vacuum suction brush push gardening gardener decking pathway drive driveway power tool fake lawn grass clean cleaner corded

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The Handle

The handle is going to be the part of the brush that you come into contact with the most – so it makes sense that you need it to be right. Look at the materials that the handle is made from as this will give you an idea of how durable the model is going to be. Most will be made from either steel or iron. Personally we feel that iron is slightly stronger, but steel is going to be lighter so it really depends which is more important to you. There are some models that are designed with plastic handles – these models tend to be quite a bit cheaper but we didn’t find that the plastic handles tended to last nearly as long as their metal counterparts so this is worth considering. 

You also need to think about the length of handle that you are going to need – the perfect handle will allow you to work whilst standing upright to reduce fatigue and discomfort in your back when you are working. We found that handles tended to range in height between around 90cm up to 130cm as a maximum height. Many of the best artificial grass brushes come with telescopic handles, which will allow you to adjust the height of the handle to exactly what you need – this is best for if you are wanting to reduce the height right down for storage or if the brush is going to be used regularly by more than one person! 

TOP TIP: If you opt for a model with a telescopic handle then make sure to check the range of heights that it is able to work between. Some will have a massive range from as little as around 60cm all the way up to 120cm – so the handle can literally double in length! 

The Brush Head

Just like the handle of the brush is important because you are coming into contact with it – the brush head is important because it is coming into contact with the grass itself! This means that there are a number of factors to consider. 

The first thing you need to look at is the size of the brush head. A wider head is going to allow you to cover much more of the garden in one go, but a more narrow brush is going to make it much easier to get into tighter corners and be easier to store. Sizes tend to start at around 35cm and work up to 50cm depending on what is going to be right for you. 

Once you have decided on the size of the brush head that is going to be right for you, you need to think about what the brush head is made from. We found that this tends to mix between metal and plastic. Of course, metal is going to be stronger but plastic will be lighter and cheaper. The actual “teeth” or “bristles” of the brush will be made from a range of materials – some as plastic, others are made from rubber and some use nylon fibres. There are even models that use all three! Personally, we really like the rubber and nylon fibre models but some people may disagree. We found them to be flexible enough to move around larger objects rather than breaking, but strong enough to be able to flick away all smaller pieces of dirt and debris. 

Don’t forget to also think about the length and size of the teeth – longer teeth are going to be better suited to thicker lawn piles as they will be able to get deeper down to remove finer pieces of dirt and soil that may have become stuck in the lawn. Teeth length range from 2cm up to 5cm so make sure to check the length of your grass pile before you buy! Thicker teeth are going to be less likely to break and bend but they are going to be tricker to get into all the different gaps on your lawn as necessary! 

TOP TIP: If you opt for an artificial grass brush with softer, shorter bristles then you may find that you need to go over the lawn a couple of times to really ensure your lawn is clean. This is the best way to avoid damage to your lawn but is obviously going to take longer too! 

Additional Features To Consider

Now that you have found an artificial grass brush that is the right size for you and made from the correct materials, it is time to move onto finding the best artificial grass brush for you so that you can work quickly and effectively on your lawn. 

  • Powder-coated metal – If you decide to purchase an artificial grass brush that includes any parts which are metal, we would definitely recommend making sure that it has been powder coated. This will help to protect the metal against rust and make sure that the brush lasts even longer! 
  • Grip – If you have a large area of lawn to cover, or you know that you are going to be using your brush regularly, then look out for a model that comes with additional grips on the handle made from rubber or foam. This helps to reduce discomfort and calluses from forming on your hands. Normally, they can be raised and lowered so they are in just the right spot for your hands!
  • Multi-use brushes – Some of the best artificial grass brushes can also be used to remove dirt and pet hair from your carpet! The rubber bristles are perfect to get deep into the pile of your carpet and remove pet hair that even the best vacuum can’t get to! Just make sure to clean it first if it has been used in your garden!
  • Assembly and Storage – It is always worth looking at whether your brush comes fully built or whether it comes in parts. Models that come in parts will be much easier to store when they are not being used – just make sure that they are easy to put together again! The best models will come with a screw on brush head or one that simply clicks into place! 
  • Weight – Manual artificial grass brushes are always going to be lighter than the powered options. We found some of the lighter manual models are about 500g whereas the powered models tended to be closer to 4 or 5kg. 
  • Cable length – If you decide on a powered artificial grass brush then make sure to check how long the cable is. Some will come with 10m worth of cable which should be more than long enough for most gardens! 
  • Foam topper – We really like artificial grass brushes that can be flipped and have a rubber or foam strip on the top. These can be used to further clean and fluff the lawn to get it just right! 

Best of the Rest

VonHaus Artificial Grass Brush 1800W, Electric Artificial Grass/Lawn Sweeper Cleaner Machine, 45L Collection Bag, 12m Cable, 5 Adjustable Heights, 380mm Working Width, Foldable Handle, 3 Year Warranty
  • POWERFUL 1800W MOTOR: With an impressive 3500PRM no-load speed, use your self propelled artificial grass sweeper to clean up debris from your fake grass.
  • EFFORTLESS SWEEPING: Make light work of your lawn with our lightweight lawn sweeper, featuring 5 height settings and a specially engineered nylon brush head for optimal performance.
  • BEAUTIFUL STRIPED PATTERN: Make your fake grass pop like a fresh football field or tennis court! Reach the corners of your garden with ease thanks to the long 12m power cable.
  • HUGE 45L COLLECTION BAG: Collect leaves, twigs, and other small debris all in one go. If your grass edge is against a wall, a 6” unswept edge will be left; this will need a quick manual sweep.
  • STUBBORN DEBRIS: For smaller more stubborn types of debris that is trickier to shift, it may require more than one pass with your Artificial Grass Brush to ensure all waste is cleared up.

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Brush & Collect 20v Cordless Artificial Grass Power Brush/Broom/Sweeper
  • Cleaning & Revitalising Artificial Grass
  • Generous 430mm mm working width: Gets the job done quickly and effectively
  • DC 20v
  • No Tool Assembly required
  • Lightweight & Easy to use

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

How frequently do you need to brush your artificial lawn? 

Brushing your artificial lawn regularly is important if you are wanting to keep it looking like new and also to ensure that it is going to be long lasting. Dirt and debris that is allowed to rot and decompose on your artificial lawn can seriously damage the fibres of the lawn. This means that the frequency to which you need to brush your lawn really depends on the amount of dirt and debris build up you have. Many will need brushing once every couple of weeks but during the autumn when leaves are dropping this may need to happen more regularly. 

Will a powered artificial grass brush pick up dirt and debris from my artificial grass?

No – one of the most common misconceptions with powered artificial grass brushes is that they are going to be able to pick up the dirt and debris in the same way that a vacuum does. A powered artificial grass brush is going to rotate rollers which help to lift and move the dirt to the edge of your lawn – but you will still need to collect it at this point with a dustpan and brush! 

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