Best Kids Electric Motorbike Buyers Guide (2022)

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A kids electric motorbike is going to make a great gift – not just for the children but for you as well! Whether you are a motorbike enthusiast looking to drive your children down the same path, or just want a fun toy for them to enjoy endless hours of fun with, we have a wide range of kids electric motorbikes for you to choose from! 

There are actually many benefits to purchasing an eMotorbike for kids – they are a great way to improve balance, encourage muscle growth and increase confidence. Not only this, but they are a great tool to teach children about risk taking in a safe and nurturing environment – which is a vital life skill for all kids to learn! 

We understand, however, that you want the best for your children and need to be sure that you are purchasing a kids electric motorbike that is going to keep them safe, be durable and ensure they avoid any accidents! This is why we made our buyers guide! We have studied all the key features and essential factors to consider before purchasing a kids electric motorbike so that you can be well informed when you make your purchase! 

Best Pick Kids Electric Motorbike – Costway Vespa Scooter

COSTWAY Kids Ride On Motorcycle, 6V Battery Powered VESPA Compatible Scooter with Training Wheels, Headlight, MP3 Music & Horn, Electric Bike for Ages 3+ (Blue)
  • 【Training Wheels for Exercising Balance】There are two training wheels that constitute the triangular structure for ultra safe and balance training. And this 6V ride on motorcycle is rear-wheel drive, which come with powerful shock absorber spring to assure it will move smoothly.
  • 【Real Driving Experience】Equipped with rearview mirrors, music and lights, this kids electric motorcycle with real scale can bring the most real driving experience with the forward and backward direction button and foot pedal, so that they will feel the joy and excitement of riding.
  • 【Various Entertainment Functions】Built-in music, the kid ride on motorcycle combines educational and entertainment functions to furthest utilize the USB and MP3 port to while kids are driving. And headlight and tail-light is capable of bringing bright in darkness.
  • 【Healthy & Safe Materials】Made of environmentally friendly PP materials and high-quality strong iron, this ride on toy motorcycle ensures the stability and skin-friendly touching. And curved seat fitting well with kids’ body curve is capable of improving the level of driving comfortableness.
  • 【Perfect Gift for Kids】The electric ride on VESPA scooter can exercise kids' hands and foot coordination and balance ability. It will be the best gift for child's birthday or Christmas. Owning the motor bike can enhance parent-child relationship, and leaving children a good childhood memories.

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In A Hurry? 

If you have promised your child an electric motorbike for their birthday but now the clock is ticking, or maybe the school holidays are approaching and you need a way to keep your children entertained! Keep reading for all the MUSTS that you have to consider! 


The size of the kids electric motorbike that you choose really depends on the age and height of the child that it is for! You need to make sure that the bike is going to be big enough for there to be space for your child to grow, but also not SO big that they would be considered unsafe! 

If you have more than one child then it may be worth opting for a two-seat kids electric motorbike so that they can share the toy – just consider whether this is going to lead to arguments as to who gets to sit in the front seat!

As a general rule you want the height of your kids electric motorbike to be on level with your child’s hips so that they can stand up with the bike underneath them. This will help to avoid any falls and accidents! The length of the bike can vary slightly more if necessary but consider that a longer model is going to be harder to control for younger children. We found that lengths varied between around 60cm up to around 1m. 


You will have a number of options when it comes to the controls of your kids electric motorcycle depending on the age of child that your motorcycle is going to be for. Ideally you want the controls to be as easy and safe as possible. 

Some models will come with an acceleration pedal as you would find on a real motorbike so that it can be controlled with your child’s foot. This can take a little getting used to but it frees up the hands to concentrate on steering! Other models will have the controls on the handle which allows you the flexibility to help with controls when your child first gets the electric bike home. Models on more advanced bikes for older children will come with the twist handle accelerator, as you would find on normal motorbikes. We even found some bikes that come with a handbrake, which not only looks more realistic but is a great safety feature too! 

TOP TIP – Look out for models that will brake automatically as soon as pressure is released from the accelerator. This is the best way to make sure little people will come to a stop safely! 

Some of the best electric motorbikes will come with handheld controls too so that you can ultimately be in control of the bike! These are great for quite young children or just for you to be able to prevent any potential bumps! 


The joy of a kids electric motorbikes is that they are designed…for kids! This means that the speed is going to be massively restricted to help to avoid any accidents. However, there are still variations in the speed so it depends whether you want a slightly faster speed for older children or as low of a top speed as possible! 

The slowests speeds that we found were just under 4mph with other models going all the way up to around 22mph. Obviously this is a massive difference and you really need to consider what is going to be the maximum safest speed for your children! 

Some kids’ electric motorbikes are going to come with varying speed levels too – particularly in the more advanced models so that you can start slow and then work your way up. This is great for if you want the bike to be suitable for a number of years, as you can start slow and work your way up – just be careful that your children don’t switch to a higher speed setting when you aren’t looking! 


Don’t forget to also look at how you are actually going to power your electric motorbike. They are obviously going to be battery powered as you can’t exactly trail a wire around behind you but you need to check the quality of the battery life and the battery life that it comes with. Some models will be fully charged within an hour, which means that your kids will be able to get straight back playing after lunch, whereas others can take a number of hours to charge. Don’t forget to also check the run time – some will run out of battery within just half an hour whereas we found some models that offer 2 hours constant use! 

Make sure to look at the voltage of the battery too – most will be either a 6V or a 12V battery and this will determine not only how long it will last but also the power that you are going to get from your bike! We did find some models that come with a 24V or a 36V battery but these tend to be better suited for older children or teenagers – these models are going to be considerably more powerful and faster so make sure to consider this before you buy! 

Best Budget Kids Electric Motorbikes – Homcom 6v Bike

HOMCOM 6V Kids Child Electric Motorbike Ride on Motorcycle Scooter Children Toy Gift for 3-6 Years (Yellow)
  • Motocross style ride on motor bike
  • Comes with bright front spot headlights, musical and horn sound effect
  • Play time can last for 45mins based on constant riding
  • Suitable for age 3 - 6, Max. Load capacity: 25kg. Motor: 25W. Speed: 2.5km/h
  • Includes: 1 set of screws,1 battery, 1 battery charger and the instruction manual

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The Best Kids Electric Motorbikes…

We understand that your child’s happiness and safety is of utmost importance to you! So here are the additional features we found for you to consider…


There are lots of different designs of electric motorbikes to choose from. Some are actually designed on classic bikes, so if you are a motorbike lover yourself you can find one to match your bike! Here are some of the key design features to consider….

  • Stabilisers – If the electric motorbike is going to be for quite young children who haven’t yet mastered their balance then why not look out for models that come with stabilisers to help keep the bike upright! Many will allow you to remove the stabilisers once they aren’t needed anymore! 
  • Working Headlights – If you are wanting an authentic looking electric motorbike then why not look out for a bike that comes with working headlights! They aren’t going to give off a massive amount of light but they do look great! 
  • Sound effects – We really like kids’ electric bikes that come with engine sounds when they are being driven! This will really help to make your children feel as though they are racing around the garden on their very own motorbike! 
  • Wheels – The wider the wheels the more stability the bike is going to be able to offer when you are moving so this is also worth considering. Bikes with a deeper tread are not only going to look more sporty but they will offer better traction and reduce the chance of any accidents too! 
  • Build Materials – You need an electric motorbike that is going to be made from strong enough materials that will allow it to withstand the bumps and drops that are bound to happen. However, you also need the bike to be light enough that it isn’t going to cause any injury to your children should it fall on them. This means that you are best looking for bikes that are made from lightweight metal and plastic where possible. 
  • Seat – Look at the design of the seat of the electric motorbike. Again, this really depends on the age of child that the bike will be for. Some will come with full seats and backrests to offer additional balance and security whereas others have more standard designs in their seat. 


  • Safety Gear Included – Some of the best kids electric motorbikes really like to prove that they are taking the safety of your little loved ones seriously. They do this by coming as part of a package with the helmet (and sometimes knee and elbow pads) included as part of the purchase. Not only does this help to save you money but it means that you know everything that you need will be coming as part of one kit! Just make sure that the hat meets safety regulations! 
  • Colour – Obviously this is going to come down to personal preference but there are a range of colours to choose from to suit your child. If they are wanting a more realistic looking motorbike then opt for colours like black or green, but if there are bikes that are pink, blue, and even patterned! 
  • Kickstand – All of the best kids electric motorbikes are going to come with kickstands. Not only does this help to replicate that “real” finish but it is just a great way for you to prop the bike up when it is not in use. This will help to avoid the bike being damaged but also makes it much easier to store the bike when you aren’t using it! 
  • Added Design Extras – As you will know, the devil is in the detail, so you want a bike that is going to look authentic. Some will come with fuel caps, exhaust pipes, mud guards etc to make the bike look even more realistic! 
  • Foot rests – We would definitely recommend looking out for an electric motorbike that comes with footrests – even if the controls are on the handles, but it is the design of these that you need to consider. Some will be designed in the same way that traditional motorbikes are but these can be difficult for younger children to balance on so an actual ledge may be better for young children. 
  • Weight load – Don’t forget to check the maximum weight load of the electric motorbike. This helps to avoid it struggling to reach the correct speeds and any damage. 

Best of the Rest

Ricco Kids 3 Wheel Chopper Trike Motorcycle Electric Ride on Motor Bike LED Lights and Music (Matallic PINK)
  • This motorcycle is smooth and simple to ride. It is battery operated, Charge the battery according to the included instruction manual- then simply just turn it on, press the pedal, and go.
  • Also comes with realistic details that rider will surely love: sharp colorful and chrome decals, car sound effects, reverse ability, and headlights that turn on and off.
  • Perfect for both outdoor and indoor playing and can easily be used on any hard, flat surface such wood or cement floors.
  • Dimensions: 90 x 48.8 x 63.5 cm, Battery: 6V 4.5Ah, speed: 4.5 KM/h, motor: 18 W, Materials: plastic and carbon steel, adult assembly required.
  • Made from rugged high-quality plastics that can hold up to 25 KG of weight. Recommended ages: 18 months - 3 year olds.

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No products found.

HOMCOM BMW S1000RR Licensed 6V Kids Electric Motorbike 3 Wheel Ride on Motorcycle w/Headlights Music for 18-36 Months Black
  • COMFORTABLE TO RIDE: Extra wide padded seat and spring shock absorber make it comfortable to ride
  • MUSIC AND LIGHTS: Equipped with music and light gives them a realistic experience.
  • SAFE DESIGN: The maximum speed is 2.5km/h, which is safe for children to ride. Three smooth wheels with extra wide tyres ensure smooth moving.
  • LICENSED BMW: Simple black and white design with official BMW badge.
  • CHARGEABLE: 8 – 12 hours(First time: 4-6 hours) provides up to 45 minutes continuous play. DIMENSIONS: 66L x 37W x 44Hcm. Suitable Age: 18-36 months.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it against the law for my child to use their electric motorbike?

This really depends on where the bike is being used and the age of the children. Children under the age of 14 are allowed to use their electric motorbikes on private land provided they have the landowners permission. They are not allowed to ride on roads or pavements however so this is important to bear in mind. Children over the age of 14 are allowed to ride electric bikes on roads etc just not on pavements – you just need to make sure that they meet the specific requirements. 

What warranty do kids electric motorbikes come with? 

You will usually find that a kids electric motorbike will come with at least a 12 month warranty, however many actually offer longer than that. We found that most offer between 2 and 3 years. Just make sure to check exactly what is covered under the warranty as some of the warranties are quite limited considering these motorbikes are made for children!

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