Best Litter Picker – A Complete Buyers Guide (2022)

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Best Litter Picker

You would be wrong if you thought that litter pickers can only be used for picking up litter! There are so many uses for them that we have found them to be invaluable when working in your garden. Anyone who struggles with back or joint pain (or just generally doesn’t want to be bending over constantly and straining when working in the garden) can benefit from a litter picker!

They can be used to collect litter (obviously) that has arrived in your garden, but also leaves and sticks from your garden and pieces of metal if you are completing DIY in your garden too! To be honest the best litter pickers will be able to pick up pretty much anything. But, end up with the wrong litter picker and you will find the job taking longer than if you were just doing it by hand! That is why we created this article to help you consider the size and construction that is going to be right for you!

Best Pick Litter Picker – EJG 36 Inch Litter Picker

EJG 36 Inch /92cm Litter Picker Grabber, Long Rubbish Picker Grabber, Lightweight Aluminium & Rustproof, Reacher Assist Tool for Elderly, Grabber Reacher Tool (Black)
  • ✔️ LIGHTWEIGHT ALUMINIUM - Reducing labor intensity by using lightweight aluminum alloy material. Perfect for streets, restroom maintenance, or any place you need to pickup something you do not want to touch.
  • ✔️ EASY GRABBING - Innovative hollow gripper design to increase contact points for easy grabbing. Picks up large items like jars, or small items such as a coin on the floor with ease. It can hold up to 5 pounds of objects without falling.
  • ✔️ 36" LONG GRABBER - Increases your reach by 36 inches. This grabber is useful for reaching items stored on high shelves without a stool or ladder or low without bending.
  • ✔️ ABSOLUTE HYGIENE - Rustproof finish for outdoor use, such as picking up fallen leaves, to debris in a pond or fountain. The gripper is made of metal and easy to clean. It is suitable for handling hygiene-sensitive materials.
  • ✔️ SOFT & ERGONOMIC GRIP - Handle with soft cover provides a very comfortable grip. Easy for one-hand and long-term use.

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Best Litter Picker Features 

If your garden is in need of a tidy up, or maybe you are sick of picking up other people’s litter with YOUR bare hands! Then you need a litter picker – and quick! Keep reading for all the essential features you need to look for in a litter picker! 

Size and Weight 

Arguably the first thing that you need to look at is the size of your litter picker as this is going to determine the reach that you will have with your litter picker. The greater the reach the less work that you are going to have to put into your litter picking or garden clearing! Some are only going to be around 60cm in length, which for most people will mean that you still have to do some bending to reach the litter on the ground, whereas others are up to around 90cm in length, offering you 30cm more reach! 

When looking at the size of your litter picker, it is also worth thinking about how easy it is going to be to store and take your litter picker to different locations with you (if this is a feature that you are going to need). Some are going to fold in half, cutting the size down to around 40cm which will make it much easier for you to store! 

Don’t forget to also look at the weight of your litter picker. This will largely be dependent on the materials that your chosen litter picker is made from. Most are going to be between around 500g and 1kg in weight, but we would definitely recommend looking for a model as light as possible as this will reduce fatigue when you are working! We found some litter pickers that were as light as 250g but these tended to be made from less durable materials such as plastic instead of metal. 


The claw of your litter picker is essential to be able to get the job done – we have used litter pickers with claws that make you wish you were just doing the job by hand and claws that make you wish you’d bought a litter picker years ago (and we know which you are going to be looking out for). Here are some of the key features to look out for with your litter picker claw…

  • 360 degrees function – Look out for litter pickers that have 360 degree claws. These models will allow you to pick up litter and garden debris regardless of the angle that you are stood at. This will massively increase the speed at which you can get the job done! 
  • Magnetic claw – We LOVE litter pickers with a magnetic claw, these make it so much easier to pick up ANYTHING metal such as bolts and screws as they will literally just stick to the claw and can then be removed!
  • Grip – We would also recommend looking at the grip that comes with the claw of your litter picker. You are going to need one that is going to be strong, long lasting and versatile for a variety of different materials and objects. Grips made from rubber or silicone are going to be best for this! 
  • Suction cup tips – Some litter pickers that we found come with suction cups on the tips. These are going to make it much easier to pick up even smaller objects. However, you won’t find models that have suction cups AND that are magnetic so you will have to choose between one or the other! 
  • Jaw/claw opening – The width of your claw opening is going to determine the size of objects that you are going to be able to pick up/work with when using your litter picker. Litter pickers with a narrower opening will often require less force on the trigger but will dramatically reduce the items that you can collect. 


The final main feature that you need to consider before purchasing your litter picker is the handle and the “trigger” of your tool! Look out for a handle that is reasonably sized so that it will be comfortable for anyone to use regardless of hand size. We would also recommend looking for a trigger that has been made from durable materials and is easy enough to pull and release when controlling the claw of your litter picker. The trigger action of your litter picker is going to be even more important if you suffer with wrist problems or arthritis, so check for soft springs that are going to allow you to control the trigger with minimum force. 

Best Budget Litter Picker – MYCreator 32″

MYCreator 32" Grabber Reacher, Foldable Pick Up Long Arm Reacher Picker Upper Grabber Reaching Assist Tool for Trash Pick Up, Litter Picker, Garden Nabber, Arm Extension (Red)
  • Superior Material Pickup Tool – The grabber stick is made of strong aluminum alloy for best performance and heavy duty usage, high strength ABS & TPR material claw with rubberized suction cups is easy to grab on subject and prevents them from slipping
  • Foldable Grabber Reacher – Expansion size is 81cm/32inch, folded size is 45cm/17.7inch, the claw wide is 12.7cm/5 inch; The ergonomic and comfortable handle allow prolonged use, reduce motion fatigue. Turn off the handle, the object can be saved, being held or released
  • Sturdy Rotating Head – The grabber tool comes with rotating 360°grabber head, it can be adjustable both vertically and horizontally for hard to reach area like behind furniture and appliances, easy to use and provide maximum comfort; Recommended for lifting up to 5 pounds
  • Multifunctional Reaching Assist – Innovative design to picks up things at high place, narrow space or somewhere that not easy to reach, convenient to pick up items like Glass Bottles, Fruits, Coins, Envelops, Books, Cigarettes, Trash etc.
  • Target Audience –The reach extender is ideal for the elderly that do not have the strength to get up or bend over, and for people with disabilities to use a wheelchair. It is the elderly and disabled persons work life good helper. Also an essential tool for Families or Sanitationman to pick up litters at Garden or Grass

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All The Best Litter Pickers Have…

Now that you know the main features you need to consider before purchasing a litter picker, here are the additional features that are going to make your life much easier when you are using the best litter picker. 

  • Left-handed and right-handed compatible – Some litter pickers aren’t really going to be suitable for any lefties out there that are wanting to use them, which can be incredibly frustrating and a waste of time. If you are left-handed make sure to look out for models that will work for you! 
  • Comfort grip handle – If you are planning on using your litter picker for any length of time then definitely look out for a model with a comfort, ergonomic grip. These are usually going to be made out of rubber/foam. These will reduce fatigue and calluses on your hands when being used regularly. 
  • Extendable arm – We particularly like models that come with an extendable arm. This will allow you to adjust the length of your litter picker to suit you and your height, but also potentially extend it even further for those hard to reach places! 
  • Lockable jaw – As much as we love models that have 360 degree turning, actually being able to lock the jaw into one position can be really handy if all of your litter or garden debris is located in one place! 
  • Strong build materials – Check for the build materials of your litter picker if you are wanting it to last. The more durable models will be made from aluminium as this will be stronger and less likely to snap or break! We would recommend making sure this material is used not just for the handle but also the claw! 
  • Hanging hooks – If you are wanting somewhere easy to store your litter picker then look out for models with hanging hooks so that your litter picker can be hung in a cupboard or shed. 
  • Multi-packs – Many litter pickers actually come in packs of 2, which is going to offer you much better value for money and mean that you don’t always have to be working on your own when tidying up the area! 

Best of the Rest

KY-Tech Litter Pickers Grabber Stick, 32inches Litter Pickers for Adults, Helping Hand Grabbers for Disabled, Foldable Rotating 360 Degree Reaching Aids (Yellow, 81cm)
  • 【FOLDABLE GRABBER TOOL】This reaching claw is the perfect multi-purpose item for whenever you may need a helping hand, the grabber pickup tool will help you reach anything you need without putting in effort. forget about bending over, stretching or squatting to get what you need. you can now pick up the litter from your yard without it resulting in a backache
  • 【VERSATILE REACHER GRABBER】With a rotating 360 degree grabber head to reach any direction, allows you easy to grip of large, small, and odd shaped items from the ground, the bottom of the bed, and behind the sofa, such as wine glass, letter, coins, papers, keys, remote control, trash or litter, leaves, etc.Use this grabber tool to make your work easier
  • 【EASY TO USE & CARRY】Handy reacher grabber is made of high strength ABS&TPR handle and jaw with strong aluminum metal body structure are durable and lightweight. Adopt folding type design. Unfolding length is 81cm/32inch, Foldable length is 43cm/17inch. Ergonomically designed pistol trigger and soft-grip handle and provide maximum comfort
  • 【UPGRADED & MORE SECURE】The litterpicker is featured with anti-slip jaws, the inside of the grabbing end is lined with silicone, providing a firm grip for while you move an object. The strong jaw can also hold items weighing up to 5 pounds. Reduced labor intensity, guard against arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome
  • 【HAND HELPER FOR DISABILITIES】The extension grabber is perfect for those that face mobility difficulties. The reach extender is ideal for the elderly that do not have the strength to get up or bend over, and for people with disabilities, for people with disabilities,to use a wheelchair,the elderly and disabled persons work life good helper

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The Helping Hand Company Litter Grabber Litter Picker PRO Extra 37”/93cm, Heavy Duty Litter Picker with Secure Comfortable Grip, Rubbish Picker Grabber, Extended Length Litter Picker for Adults
  • ✔️ LITTER PICKER PRO measures 37”/93cm. This extended length is designed for harder to reach areas and for taller adults to pick up litter, preventing any over stretching or bending. Hygienic pick up every time, and precision grip for the smallest or heaviest items.
  • ✔️ LIGHTWEIGHT and designed to enhance everyday litter collection. Avoid hand fatigue when litter picking for longer periods with the comfortable, ergonomic over moulded handle. A secure pick up every time. The perfect companion for your litter picking hoop or cart.
  • ✔️ EFFECTIVE PICK UP every time whatever the weather, environment, and terrain – thanks to its grooved jaw for a constant and secure grip; perfect for general litter picking tasks. The rubber jaw allows an easy grasp of litter; a time saving product.
  • ✔️ PERFECT FOR environmental groups, council members, community groups and volunteers, eco warriors, gardeners, and landscapers. An ideal green gift for anyone wanting to take part in an environmental clean-up.
  • ✔️ HIGH QUALITY British design and manufacture from The Helping Hand Company - 100% reusable product. The Helping Hand Company is the only manufacturer of the Litter Picker PRO and HH branded litter pickers – do not accept any imitations. No HH = not a genuine Helping Hand.

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KONKY Aluminum Reacher Grabber Tool, 37" Extra Long Handy Mobility Aid with Rotating Grip, Reaching Assist Tool for Trash Pick Up, Litter Picker, Rubbish Tongs, Garden Nabber, Arm Extension
  • 【Product Size】37.4 inches long and 4.7 inches wide, ideal for picking up litter or rubbish, and reach items stored on high shelves.
  • 【Quality Material】Designed from lightweight aluminum, easy to take and durable to use. The plastic handle softly grips to the shape of your hand for comfortable touch.
  • 【Claw Design】The grabber claw is coated with premium rubber to provide maximum grip strength, allowing you to lift items of all shapes and sizes with ease.
  • 【Widely Use】For elder to pickup items in the yard, great for outdoor trash picker, help disabled to reach items, arm extension for kids and adults.
  • 【Lifetime Guarantee】The litter picker has a lifetime guarantee that begins on the date of purchase. If there are any product quality problems, please feel free to contact our customer service agents for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What guarantee will I get with a litter picker? 

This really depends on the quality of material that is going to be used for your litter picker. Some will only offer around a 1 year guarantee whereas more durable models will actually offer a lifetime guarantee! 

Are there child-friendly litter pickers?

Yes! Most litter pickers will be able to be used by children from around the age of 10. They are safe to be used by children younger than this, it is just that they may struggle with the size of the picker and the trigger. However, there are litter pickers specifically designed for children that are smaller and easier to use, which is the perfect way to get younger children involved in taking care of their environment! 

Do litter pickers come with waste bags? 

It is rare to find a litter picker that is going to come with waste bags, so these are something that you will have to purchase separately. If you are planning on litter picking in your local area, many local authorities will actually provide you with specific bags to do this which can then be collected to save you having to organise removal!

How long should a litter picker be?

The length of litter picker really depends on the person that is using it. However, standard lengths should be around 33 inches so that they can be used without having to bend down and cause pain/fatigue in your back when you are working!

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