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Best Scaffold Tower

Scaffold towers are used by workmen for a whole range of jobs – they provide them with the height and stability that many ladders just can’t. But, that doesn’t mean that they are to only be used by workmen. We found that there are so many uses for a scaffold tower around the home – both inside and outside depending on the type that you purchase. They will allow you to complete jobs that otherwise you would be stuck paying someone else to do, such as cleaning and painting external walls and windows, cleaning gutters and much more!

Why Buy A Scaffold Tower? 

There are many reasons why purchasing a scaffold tower might be the best option for you (even if you never previously thought it was)…

  • Allow two people to work in the same area at once 
  • Allow you to work more securely in an area, particularly if there is nothing to lean a ladder up against
  • Gives you the option of taking your tools, paint or equipment up to great heights with you…so no need to travel up and down a ladder countless times anymore to get the job done
  • Can be used for jobs such as rendering, brick laying and painting as they will not be touching the surface that you are working on
  • Allows you to reach up to higher jobs such as guttering or exterior painting
  • Much safer – with the bars around the top and the secure base at the bottom, you can be sure that a scaffold tower isn’t going anywhere! 
  • Cheaper than paying for full scaffolding
  • Most importantly, you will have the stability to use both of your hands on the job you are working on, instead of one hand being stuck to the rail of the ladder! 

Best Pick – 5m DIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower

5m DIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower/Towers
  • Huge 150kg weight rating – stronger than others on the market
  • Aluminium construction – wont rust
  • East ‘Twist & Lock’ braces make for speedy assembly
  • Quick release clamps fitted to secure platform – for your convenience
  • No tools required

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

If you have a job in mind and are in a rush to get going, then this is the part of the article that you need to be reading. We have compiled all of the main information that you need to consider before making your purchase of the best scaffold tower, all in one place. This will make it quick and easy to buy the best scaffold tower on the market. 

Key Features 

As with any tool or piece of DIY equipment, there are going to be key features that you need to look out for to make sure that you are purchasing the right scaffold tower for you! 


It goes without saying that one of the crucial features that you need to look for when purchasing a scaffold tower is the height. They vary in height between around 3m and 6m, which also tends to affect the price, so it is worth considering exactly how high you are likely to be working before making your purchase. 

We would recommend always going slightly higher in height than what you think you are going to need. Firstly, there may suddenly arise a situation where you need to work at a greater height (and you don’t want to find yourself having to buy a second tower just for that!) but also, there will be circumstances where it is better to be at more of a height than the area you are working with. For example, if you are planning on clearing your gutters, you will suffer much less from fatigue if you are lifting the debris up out of the gutter from a slightly elevated position. 

NOTE: Make sure to read the descriptors of your scaffolding tower before purchasing! Many will advertise a particular height, but this is the height that a 2m person will be able to reach up and touch – not the height of the platform. Failing to check these details could leave you up to 2m short on the height that you need! 

Weight and Hold Weight 

Scaffold towers aren’t the lightest pieces of equipment – and in our opinion that is a good thing, as you can feel confident in the security that they have to offer. But also, you don’t want a piece of equipment that is going to take four people to move, as this kind of defeats the objective of DIY! Look out for aluminium scaffold towers without unnecessary bulking as these will be lighter whilst still being sturdy. Most scaffold towers range from around 20kg to 80kg in weight. 

Also make sure to check the weight that your scaffold tower can hold. Most are going to be able to hold between 120kg to 200kg, so enough for one or two people, or possibly one person and their equipment, but this is worth checking for. Make sure to consider the weight of the tools that you could possibly need to take up there with you – some tools and even large tubs of paint can be heavy, and if you are working up there with two people that could tip you over the maximum load! 

Platform Size 

The size of the platform is crucial, as this will affect the size of the area that you can work on before needing to get down and move the tower along. This will obviously affect not just how convenient your tower is, but also the amount of time that it takes to get the job done! However, if your home involves smaller access points and more hard to reach areas, then you may be better opting for a smaller scaffold tower, just so that you can actually get the job done. 

The towers that we found ranged in size from around 0.5m to 1.5m. Be sure to check the clear areas around your home, but also the foundation that your tower is going to be sat on, as the size of platform will also represent the size of the base, and it is going to need a level, secure surface to be used on. Some brands have got around this issue by creating angled “feet” for the base support of the scaffold tower. 


Admittedly, one of the main drawbacks when purchasing a scaffold tower is the time that they take to erect. The added stability and safety that they offer is amazing – but you have to put the effort into getting those benefits! Therefore, one of the key things that you need to consider when making your purchase, is how easy the scaffold tower is to put together. Some of the higher end models will come with fastenings and fittings that make it more like clipping parts together, whereas others can be cumbersome and ill-fitted, making it a hard undertaking! Check for the different fitting instructions and reviews to find one that is going to make this process as easy as possible. 

NOTE: Many scaffold towers will take two people to erect safely, so it is worth considering if you have someone around who will be able to help you do this before making your purchase. 

Wheels and Casters

It may be hard to believe, but one of the most important features of any scaffold tower is actually right at the bottom! The wheels and casters on any scaffold tower will make or break the experience that you have! The purpose of this feature is to allow you to make your scaffold tower easily when working, this means that in no time at all, your scaffold tower can be moved across a wall that you may be working on, or along a side of guttering for example. 

However, cheap fittings can cause accidents. The wheels and casters are designed to lock into position, securing your scaffold tower, so you can only begin to imagine the damage that could occur if this locking mechanism was to fail! Always make sure to check the quality of these fittings, and how easy they will be to look after! 

Best Budget – VOUNOT 3-in-1 Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder

VOUNOT 3-in-1 Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder, Stable, Multifunctional, with Work Platform: Mobile Scaffolding on Wheels with Tool Holder, 120 x 40 cm, Maximum Load 150 kg, 6 Positions, Grey
  • 3 in 1 multipurpose: This product can be used as a ladder, stepladder and scaffolding. In addition, you can change the height of this scaffolding to 6 positions according to your needs.
  • Stable and secure structure: Our scaffolding which is made of aluminium can hold up to 150kg maximum. Non-slip feet on each side guarantee stability at work. In addition, the stabiliser bar allows you to work safely.
  • Practical work platform: Our scaffolding has a larger work platform: 120 cm x 40 cm. You can move on this platform more freely. Also you get a tool holder on one side of the scaffolding that allows you to put tools such as a screwdriver, vice, etc.
  • Easy to move around: Thanks to the two wheels at the bottom, you can move and position this scaffolding easily and with less effort.
  • Product Features: Space between rungs: 27 cm. Number of rungs: 6 on each side; Ladder height: 270cm; Stepladder height: 158 cm; Scaffolding height: 166 cm.

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Additional Features 

There are always going to be those additional features that are worth looking out for when you are purchasing a scaffold tower. We have listed some of the ones we think are the most important:

  • Non-slip platform – perfect for keeping you safe when working at height 
  • Custom platform height – great for if you are going to be working at different heights
  • This will massively increase the amount of use that you will get out of your scaffold tower
  • Quick-release clamps for easy assembly 
  • Storage size – Chances are you are going to need to keep your scaffold tower in your garage or shed, which means that it needs to be compact when not in use
  • Custom towers – If you know exactly what you want, and exactly what you don’t want from your scaffold tower then a custom tower might be the right option for you! Buy the basic tower and then add on packs for the features you need. 
  • Not all scaffold towers come with ladders (in fact many don’t) so you will have to be prepared for this additional purchase. However, many manufacturers do offer a compatible ladder as your safest option
  • Double platforms – if you are roping someone in to work with you then a double platform might be the best option, so one person can work at a lower height whilst the other works higher up

Safety Tips

Even if you buy the best scaffold tower on the market, things can go wrong, and it is important to limit the chances of this happening when you are working at varying heights! Buying a good quality scaffold tower, which meets safety regulations is the first step for keeping safe when completing DIY jobs, however there are many other tips you should consider too. 

  • Tie the scaffold tower to the building or structure that you are working on to avoid movement or tipping
  • Make sure that the wheel locking mechanisms are in good condition and secure before every use 
  • Opt for a model that comes with stabilisers for the base, otherwise you are going to have to make an additional purchase for these! 
  • Purchase a scaffold tower with secure and safe handrails that will be able to protect you should you trip back or slip when working on the platform. Many come with single handrails but we would recommend swapping these for double handrails if you are safety conscious! 
  • If you are wanting the safest scaffold tower you can find then steel is definitely the stronger material that you should be looking for – although it will  be heavier than aluminium 
  • Never exceed the weight limit of a scaffold tower – make sure before purchasing that it is going to be more than up to the task of holding the weight! 
  • Even though most towers will have stabilising bars, scaffold ladders are still not safe to be used in strong winds. 

If you are new to working with scaffold towers then here is a video with some more information on how to build a tower for the first time.

Best of the Rest

7m DIY Aluminium Scaffold Tower/Towers
  • Huge 150kg weight rating – stronger than others on the market
  • Aluminium construction – wont rust
  • East ‘Twist & Lock’ braces make for speedy assembly
  • Quick release clamps fitted to secure platform – for your convenience
  • No tools required

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

HOMCOM Aluminium Scaffolding Ladder Multi Combination Multi-purpose Step Scaffold Platform
  • MULTI FUNCTION: This aluminum ladder can be changed into different shape as you need. It can be used as single ladder, double sided ladder or scaffold with large platform for any type of work.
  • STURDY & DURABLE: With a robust aluminum alloy frame, the aluminum ladder is sturdy enough to hold up to 150kg.
  • SAFETY: Rubber protective feet at bottom to protect your floor ensures the stability and your safety. We’ve also made sure that this ladder is compliant with EN131 safety standards to give you some peace of mind.
  • WIDE USAGE: This ladder has 5 steps on each side if used as double sided ladder. It can be used in many places (indoor and outdoor), such as in a construction site, paint the walls, repair of houses and more.
  • DIMENSION: Overall Dimension: 130L x 70W x 140Hcm (as a scaffold)

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Classic 4.65m (WH) DIY Galvanised Scaffold Tower (4' x 2'6" Base)
  • 8'9" (2.65m) Platform height (Where your feet will be)
  • Recommended Safety Pack Ugrade Including Stabilisers See Our Other Listings
  • Now Includes Baserails. Galvanised Steel to resist corrosion - 10 year guarantee
  • Supplied with Base Plates as standard - castors available as an optional extra
  • Safer than your ladder!

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need certification to work with scaffold towers?

No. Many construction workers will have PASMA training, which shows employers and customers that they are trained to work safely in many situations (including when working with scaffold towers). However, you do not need this qualification to use your own scaffold tower, although we would most definitely recommend that you ensure you are competent and knowledgeable in what you are doing to avoid any injuries. 

What guarantee can I expect with my scaffold tower?

Most scaffold towers will come with a really substantial guarantee, so we would always  be wary of one that doesn’t offer this! You should be looking in the region of 8 to 10 years warranty against faulty material or workmanship, however you won’t be covered for misuse of equipment. For example, if it is set up incorrectly. 

Is there a smaller option than a full scaffold tower?

Yes! If you have jobs to complete in your home and don’t want to be wobbling around on a ladder but also don’t need to reach the heights of a scaffold tower then you could purchase a mini working platform. These will offer you all the stability, practicality and height that you need, whilst not taking up as much space (or costing as much) as a full size scaffold tower.

Is it safe to use a scaffold tower in the rain?

Technically, there is no reason why you cannot use a scaffold tower in the rain. The main thing that you are going to need to be careful for is the top platform becoming slippy or the ladders up to the platform being slippy! However, if the weather is particularly bad then we definitely would not recommend it as visibility could be worse and you could risk being blown around!

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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