Best Sledge Hammer Buyer’s Guide

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Best Sledge Hammer Buyer’s Guide

Sledgehammers are the ultimate tool for construction, or more like, demolition jobs that you may be working on! Super strong and heavy duty – they are perfect for if you are knocking down walls, breaking up slabs or even trying to remove a concrete floor or pathway! Due to a sledgehammers weight, they are not always the easiest of hammers to work with, but this weight is what makes them good at their job.

This, along with other reasons, is why it is so important that you purchase the right sledgehammer, that won’t be too heavy but is also heavy enough. This buyers guide will compare some of the best sledgehammers, along with giving you details on the features to look out for.

Best Pick – Roughneck ROU65633 10lb Sledge Hammer

Roughneck ROU65633 Sledge Hammer Durable Fibreglass Handle ,Black, 10lbs/4.5kg
341 Reviews
Roughneck ROU65633 Sledge Hammer Durable Fibreglass Handle ,Black, 10lbs/4.5kg
  • Ideal for concrete and demolition use
  • MILLED CONVEX STRIKING FACES with 45° chamfered edges to prevent damage to striking surfaces
  • OVERSTRIKE PROTECTION to reduce handle damage in the event of a misstrike
  • SOLID FIBREGLASS CORE HANDLE with a soft grip for added strength and comfort
  • DROP FORGED and heat treated for exceptional strength and durability

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

If you are in a rush to get started then this is the part of the article that you need to be reading. Whether you have a job that you should have started last week, or are just here to learn the basics, then we have included all the must-know information for you before you buy.

Here is a video on how to use a sledgehammer if you are new to working with these tools.

Features to Bring the House Down!

Here are all those key features that you need to know before buying! If it is a good quality sledge hammer that you are looking for then don’t settle for any less than the right combination of these factors…..

Head Weight

First and foremost, one of the most important features of a sledgehammer is the head weight, as this is going to impact so much on you and the job that you are doing. Most sledgehammers have heads that range from around 3lb up to about 15lb – so as you can see that is quite a difference. Before you decide which weight is going to be right for you, you need to think both about the jobs that you are planning on complete and the weight that you are going to be able to swing WITH EASE! A sledge hammer is a heavy tool, but you also have to be able to exert a lot of force yourself to swing the tool and impact on the surface that you are working on. If you find a tool that is too heavy, not only are you going to become fatigued much quicker, but it will also affect your accuracy and safety when you are working.

But, in saying that – if you are planning on completing big jobs then you are going to need the heaviest sledgehammer that you can cope working with. The heavier the head of the hammer, the more force that will be created through the swing….and the more force through the swing…..the greater the impact on the surface!

The standard weights that you will find are 7, 10 and 14lb – however there are other varieties. If you are looking for a miniature sledge hammer then these will be around 3/4lb in weight.

TOP TIP: Quite often you will find that lighter heads are better for smaller, more delicate jobs, as you can control the impact that you exert much easier! This means that if you know your job is going to have more careful edges or corners you might be better opting for two sledge hammers not just one!

Construction Materials

The construction materials that you are going to need to look at include both the handle and the head of the sledgehammer!

Let’s start with the easy part – the handle of the hammer can be made out of a range of materials but more often they will be made out of wood, fibreglass or metal. A wooden handle will give your sledgehammer that more traditional look, and let’s be honest, there’s a reason why wood is still used today. It is strong, durable and long lasting – providing it is well looked after! However, you can find that depending on the type of wood that is used and where your sledgehammer is kept it could start to splinter or crack – not just that but unless the wood has a treated finish it won’t be as easy to clean and maintain!

Fibreglass and metal handles are much easier in that respect – they need very little cleaning or maintenance…a simple wipedown when the job is done will be more than sufficient! Fibreglass and metal are both incredibly strong, but fibreglass is going to be the lighter of the two options, allowing you to develop much more of a swing when you are working! The main downside to fibreglass handle is that naturally the material won’t offer the same shock absorption as wood, so you will need to ensure that the manufacturers have found other ways to create this vibration reduction!

TOP TIP: Solid steel core handles will be more or less unbreakable, even if you overstrike when swinging, so if you are new to this type of demolition work, or just want the best sledgehammer for your money then this might be worth looking out for!

When it comes to the head of the sledgehammer the best material that you can really go for is forged or drop forged steel, as this is going to be able to cope against any material that you might be working on! Forged alloy steel heads really seem to be the best of the best, being incredibly long lasting but not just that, the construction of the material will be able to increase the force you create!

TOP TIP: Heat-treated heads are going to be stronger and much more durable than others, so these are worth opting for if you know that you are going to be working with harder materials.


The handle of your sledgehammer might not be the bit that appears to be doing the hard work but it is still going to come under a lot of strain so it is important that it is right! Look out for soft grip handles made from plastic or rubber as these materials are long lasting and durable. Handles with grooves are going to increase the grip that you have – which is important as the last thing you want is to be letting go of that sledgehammer at the wrong time!

You also need to consider the length of handle that is going to be right for you. The longer the handle, the more swing that you are going to be able to create, which means a more powerful impact on the wall or floor that you are demolishing! However, if you opt for a longer handle and a heavier head then you may find that it is a bit too much to handle! You also need to think about the type of job that you are going to be completing, as if accuracy is important then a shorter handle is going to help you to achieve that! A handle that is 16 inches or less is going to be perfect for if you are working in smaller spaces, whereas a longer handle will be better for more impact but less precision!

Best Budget – Tooltime 6lb Sledge Hammer

Tooltime® 6lb Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Shaft & Rubber Grip Handle
99 Reviews
Tooltime® 6lb Sledge Hammer with Fibreglass Shaft & Rubber Grip Handle
  • Ideal for general purpose building and demolition work
  • Precision ground, heat treated striking surfaces
  • Shock absorbing fibreglass shaft
  • Comfortable rubber grip handle
  • Length: 79cm

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Additional Features

Now that you know those key features that you need to be looking out for, here are some of those extra features that we found on the best sledgehammers on the market. If you are serious about the job at hand then this is what you need to be thinking about!

  • Make sure to opt for a sledgehammer that has used industrial grade resin to bond the head to the  handle. Poorly bonded handles could end up causing serious accidents or damage if the head comes off mid swing!
  • Colour – As much as the colour isn’t going to affect the performance of the tool it is something that is worth thinking about. If your home looks more like a demolition site than a cosy haven, then a neutral or dark coloured sledge hammer is just going to blend in! Whereas a yellow (or other bright coloured) sledge hammer will stand out even if you are knee deep in debris!
  • Shock absorbing – A sledgehammer with shock absorbing features is going to be incredibly important as there will be a lot of vibrations that are released with every hit! Shock absorbing materials will massively reduce the fatigue that you feel when working, allowing you to work for longer and get the job done quicker!
  • Dead blow function – linking back to that shock absorbing…some sledgehammers come with a “dead blow” function which means that they will be much less likely to bounce back upon impact. This feature will also reduce vibrations.
  • Powder coated steel will be much more durable and resistant to rust and corrosion allowing your sledgehammer to stand by you through thick and thin!
  • Balance – The weight ratio of your tool is vitally important as this is going to impact on the swing that you can achieve when you are working. Even though the head of the tool is, in theory, going to be much heavier than the weight of the handle, you need to make sure that the weight and length of the handle evens this out!
  • Soft face – If you are less bothered about impact and more bothered about safety then you can purchase sledge hammers with soft striking faces that will be non-sparking. These will often have less impact than purely steel models but they do offer added safety.
  • Safety plate – Many of the best sledge hammers come with a safety plate that helps to secure the head to the handle. This will be able to withstand the vibrations and force of the head hitting the surface, to avoid the head of the hammer breaking away from the handle.
  • Noise pollution prevention – Let’s be honest, demolition is noisy work! If you are going to work somewhere where noise is going to be an issue for you (or your neighbours) then opt for a sledge hammer covered by urethane as this will cut down that noise pollution considerably.

Best of the Rest

Silverline Sledge Hammer Fibreglass 10 lb (4.54 kg) (719767), Silver
579 Reviews
Silverline Sledge Hammer Fibreglass 10 lb (4.54 kg) (719767), Silver
  • Forged steel head
  • Shock-absorbing, high-strength fibreglass shaft with nylon surround
  • Powder-coated head with polished striking faces
  • High-grip handle resistant to oil & chemicals
  • For general demolition & the driving of posts & stakes

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Staplefords Sledge Hammer - 10lb Sledgehammer - with Genuine Hickory Handle 900mm (10)
133 Reviews
Staplefords Sledge Hammer - 10lb Sledgehammer - with Genuine Hickory Handle 900mm (10)
  • ★★★ FORGED STEEL HEAD ★★★ The reinforced forged steel SledgeHammer head is an alloy of carbon and iron that is compressed under extreme pressure to make a very hard and strong substance - hardened and tempered for durability.  The bonus of forged steel is that the metal becomes stronger than equivalent types that are cast or machined. 

  • ★★★ HARDWOOD HICKORY HANDLE ★★★ Harder woods are more resistant to dents and dings than softer woods. This is the main reason why fine furniture, cabinets, and premium trim work are usually made of hardwood. Hardwood simply stands up better to everyday use and abuse.

  • ★★★ HANDLE DESIGN ★★★ The hardwood hickory handle is designed with an oval shape so it can harnesses the downward force of a swing.  Its swinging action is however comparable to the swinging action made while using an axe and is not like a hammer’s action. 

  • ★★★ HEAVY DUTY USE ★★★ This is a tool that is not meant for light duty tasks. In fact, its big size and design make it perfect to use for those tasks that require extra force and effort than that produced by a standard hammer.  While you do need to have some strength to use a sledge hammer with full force, it’s mainly the long swinging range and heavy head that increases the resulting force and impact.  Sledge Hammers are perfect to use for demolition work.

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Rolson 10766 6 lb Sledge Hammer Fibreglass Shaft
328 Reviews
Rolson 10766 6 lb Sledge Hammer Fibreglass Shaft
  • Sledge Hammer
  • Fibreglass Shaft
  • Shock absorbing
  • Rubber Grip
  • 6lb

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a rounded face and a flat face of a sledgehammer?
The two different faces you will find on sledgehammers are rounded and flat, and both are good at completing different jobs. If you are wanting a sledge hammer that is going to be good for breaking up concrete then you are better opting for a slightly rounded face, whereas if you are wanting to use your sledgehammer for metal stakes or brickwork then you are better opting for a flat face as this will offer more precision and reduce the chance of an overstrike! If you are going to need your sledgehammer for both then find one with different heads on either side.

What warranty comes with a sledge hammer?
Sledge hammer warranties range from around 2 years all the way up to lifetime warranties – this even sometimes includes sledge hammers that are used for commercial use! As far as we are concerned, it is worth paying that little extra for the best sledge hammer that you know is going to be with you for life!

Can you use a sledgehammer on wood?
We wouldn’t recommend using a sledgehammer on wood as it is likely to just split the wood – unless that is what you are aiming to do of course! We would recommend only using a sledgehammer for concrete, metal and other demolition works.

How do you use a sledge hammer?
Sledge hammers should always be swung with two hands due to the amount of weight that you are holding – otherwise it could cause back problems. Simply lift the weight of the hammer (avoiding using your back for this) and swing the hammer in a circular motion to hit the surface. Remember not to tense up when striking (as much as possible anyway!) to reduce muscle strain from the impact!

Why does a sledgehammer need a long handle?

The length of the handle on a sledgehammer is important as a longer handle allows you to get more swing and therefore put more force into hitting the material that you are trying to break up. Just make sure that the handle is not too long for your size or it could be difficult to work with!

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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