Best Garden Bench with Storage Buyers Guide (2022)

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Garden Bench with Storage

If you love being able to take the time to sit and relax in your garden, but just don’t feel that you have the space to be able to do it, then what you need is a garden bench with storage. A garden bench that comes with storage as well means that you don’t have to compromise on space for all of your gardening tools but that you can still have a space where you can sit and enjoy all of your hard work when the gardening is done. 

We have also found that a garden bench with storage is the perfect solution for anyone that has children who enjoy spending time out in the garden with them. The garden bench will be a perfect spot for you to sit and watch your children play, whilst the storage can then be used afterwards to pack all the toys away so that your garden is back to looking clean and tidy at the end of the day! 

So, if you are needing a garden bench in your garden, but also need some additional storage space then you have come to the right place. We have included all of the essential things that you need to check for before you buy! 

Best Pick Garden Bench with Storage – Keter 6025 Eden Bench

Keter Eden Bench 265L Outdoor 60% recycled Garden Furniture Storage Box Graphite & Light Grey | Fade Free | All Weather Resistant | Safe and Secure | Zero Maintenance | 2 year Warranty
  • Ideal outdoor garden bench for garden tools and equipment, garden furniture cushions, garden games and accessories
  • Decorative wood panelled style with 265 Litre capacity keeping all ventilated and dry
  • Comfortably seats two adults and has lockable option for added security
  • Made of durable, weather-resistant, maintenance fade-free and 60% recycled resin
  • Assembled external dimensions:132.5L x 75W x 18.5H

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In A Hurry? 

If the gardening season is fast approaching but your garden is looking rather untidy, or maybe you are already well into summer but are fed up with having to sit on the floor in your garden! We are here to help! Here is everything you HAVE to know for a quick but also successful purchase!

Build Material

Arguably one of the most important things to think about when you are purchasing a garden bench with storage is the build materials that are going to be right for you! The two most common materials that you will find used are wood and PVC – both have their pros and cons! 

Wooden Garden Bench with Storage

We LOVE wooden garden benches – especially if they come with storage – purely because of the traditional and natural finish that they are going to give! Wooden garden benches will be made to a really high quality, with sturdy and durable materials that are made to last. This means that, providing you maintain your garden bench, there is no reason why it will not last for years and years! The only real downside to a garden wooden bench with storage is that they are going to need maintenance and treatment if you are wanting them to remain rot free and be as long lasting as possible. This needs to be done usually once a year to make sure that you have adequate protection. Another reason that we really like wooden models is that they are going to be considerably heavier – obviously this is going to make them harder to move around the garden but it means that they won’t get blown over in bad weather and that they will have a much higher weight capacity. 

NOTE: Occasionally you will find wicker garden chairs with storage but these are normally designed quite differently and will be smaller. 

Plastic Garden Bench with Storage

 Your other main option is going to be a plastic garden bench with storage. Generally, these are going to be a much cheaper option than the wooden models, due to the materials being cheaper, however we have found that they aren’t going to be quite as long lasting which is something to consider. Although they aren’t going to be susceptible to rot, you do have the downside that they’re not as strong so are more likely to crack and break! Plastic garden benches are also going to be much lighter, which gives you the advantage of being able to move them around the garden much easier! This is great for if you regularly want them in different places – just bear in mind that if they aren’t filled with heavier items then this can lead to them being blown over in particularly bad weather! Finally, make sure to check the maximum weight capacity of the plastic garden benches as normally they can hold less weight than the wooden ones which can make them only suitable for one person! 


Of course you also need to think about the size of the garden bench that is going to be right for the space in your garden. There are two factors to consider – the size of the actual bench itself and the size of the storage space that is going to come with it. 

Ideally, you want a garden bench that is going to comfortably fit a couple of people – so around 140cm in length. But there are sizes that start at around 130cm and models that go all the way up to around 180cm in length if you are wanting something a little longer! The width and height of the models that you look at are going to be relatively similar – unless you opt for a model without a backrest obviously. We found that most are going to be around 70cm in width and around 1m in height, just as a general estimate. 

You also need to think about the amount of storage that you are going to get from your bench and what you are wanting to store in it. This is usually going to be measured in litres for the capacity rather than in dimensions but many will also include the dimensions for if you have something more specific to store. We found that capacities ranged from 200 litres up to 600 litres which is quite a difference! 

TOP TIP: When looking at the size of a garden bench with storage that is going to be right for your garden, it is always handy if you can use a measuring tape to work out the space – just make sure to leave a couple of inches around the outside as a minimum. 

Best Budget Garden Bench with Storage – Airwave Darcy

AIRWAVE Darcy Wooden 2 Seater Outdoor Garden Bench with Built In Storage Seat, Treated Fir Wood, Natural Warm Wood Effect
  • STORAGE: Handy storage space built underneath the seat – simply lift to access. Ideal for storing away bits and bobs such as wellies, children’s garden toys, and gardening tools,
  • FIR WOOD: Beautiful, warm toned wood for a natural and classic look which is durable and long-lasting. It is made from sturdy Chinese fir wood
  • PREVENTION: The Fir wood has been pressure treated to prevent unwanted damage caused by rot and termites.
  • SEAT: The Darcy features a lift lid that doubles as a seating area for up to two adults. By offering a comfortable seat for two to relax in the sunshine, this outdoor storage bench makes the most of the space it occupies
  • WARRANTY: One year warranty on any manufacturing faults, Dimensions: H114.5 x D61 x W85, Weight 15KG. Holding weight total 100kg

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The design of your garden bench really comes down to personal preference but there are some considerations that you are going to need to make. The two key choices that you will have is whether you want a traditional bench or a model that is designed more as a storage box but that can actually be sat on as a bench as well. The best way to decide is to think about what is more important – the storage or the bench – as this will help you to make your decision! Once you have these are the features to look at….

  • Backrest – We much prefer garden benches that come with a backrest as it will massively increase your comfort when you are sitting and will increase places that you can position your garden bench in the garden. However, models with backrests are going to usually be more expensive and won’t be suitable for some spaces, such as under windows, so this is worth considering.
  • Arm rests – Think about whether you are going to want a model that comes with armrests. These will, again, increase comfort when you are sitting but they are going to make it harder to squeeze extra people on the seat. 
  • Look – Once you have thought about all of this, consider the overall look of the garden bench. Do you want a traditional style bench or a more modern design? Do you want a detailed, carved backrest or more straight lines and simple styles? 

The Best Garden Bench With Storage 

We understand that if your garden (and spending time in it!) is important to you, then you will probably be looking for the best garden bench with storage that you can find. We are exactly the same – so here are some of the additional features that we found in only the best products! 

  • UV Protected – If you opt for a plastic garden bench then make sure to check whether the bench has been coated in UV protection. This is going to help protect the bench from discolouration if left out in the sun and cracking from very warm weather! 
  • Pressure treated wood – If you opt for a wooden garden bench then instead you need to check that the wood has been pressure treated (and even better look to see if it is FSC wood!). Pressure treated wood is going to be much longer lasting thanks to the treatment being deep ingrained in the wood and FSC wood is much more environmentally friendly in the way that it is sourced and cut! 
  • Bench weight – If you are wanting the flexibility of being able to move your garden bench around the garden with ease then make sure to check the overall weight. Most will be between 10kg and 20kg as a rough guide. 
  • Load weight – You also need to check the maximum load that the garden bench is going to be able to hold. It is important to check exactly how this is being calculated as some load weights will be for the items in the bench but most will be for the people sitting on the bench! 
  • Cushions included – One of the downsides to a garden bench is that they can be quite uncomfy to sit on for extended periods of time, this is why you are better with a garden bench with storage that comes with cushions as this will make them much comfier to sit on and relax to. If the model does come with cushions then don’t forget to make sure that they are waterproof and washable – as well as being the right colour!
  • Fittings – Make sure to look at the quality of the fittings on the garden bench – particularly if the storage area comes with a hinged lid rather than a lift-off design. We would always recommend opting for metal hinges where possible as these are going to be longer lasting and more durable, whereas the plastic ones can wear and crack quite quickly if you are not careful! 
  • Colour – The colour of your garden bench with storage really comes down to personal preference. There are a wide range of colours to choose from but most are going to be in natural shades of brown, black, grey and green. If you are opting for a wooden garden bench and want to paint in a brighter colour then make sure to check whether the wood has been treated first as if it has been varnished it can be more difficult to get a new paint colour to hold! 
  • Locking storage – It is always handy to check if the storage part of the bench is lockable. Although this can slightly impact on the overall “look” of the bench it is a great way to make sure that your belongings are kept safe, especially if you are wanting to store tools. 
  • Portability – Some garden benches with storage will actually come with wheels so that they can be moved around as you need them. These are more commonly found in the “stool” type benches that come without a back. 
  • Piston-assist – These only tend to be found in the more expensive benche but there are models that come with piston assisted storage lids so that they will be easier to open and stay open whilst you are looking for the things that you need. 

Best of the Rest

  • Brand: Keter
  • Color: Brown

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Casaria® Wooden 2 Seater Garden Bench With Cushion And Built In Storage Chest Compartment | Water Repellent Seat Cover | Acacia Hardwood | Weatherproof 120cm Outdoor Patio Furniture Park Balcony Park
  • EYE CATCHER: The stylish garden bench with storage compartment by Casaria is a real eye-catcher in your garden. The bench is made of weather-resistant acacia wood and is delivered pre-oiled, which means that the wooden bench is well protected and looks stunning.
  • PERFECT EXTRA: The balcony bench arrives at your home well packaged, including a water-repellent Detex seat cover. With little installation effort, you can make yourself comfortable and enjoy the day on your seat.
  • CLEVER SOLUTION: The bench is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and thanks to the perfect combination of cushion box and park bench, you have a practical storage compartment directly integrated under your seat for cushions, blankets or other utensils.
  • ROBUST: Acacia is a hardwood that is characterised by its durability and weather resistance. Your terrace bench not only withstands wind and weather, but is also very stable with a maximum load capacity of 240 kg.
  • CARE: Acacia is a natural material and is therefore subject to typical changes caused by external influences. So that you can enjoy your new bench for a long time, it is advisable to treat the wood with a little care oil and a soft cloth at regular intervals.

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KETER Hudson Bench Outdoor Chest Bench - 227 Litre
  • 227 litre capacity
  • UV treated
  • Waterproof
  • Maintenance-free
  • Lockable

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are garden benches with storage easy to assemble?

This really depends on the design that you choose. Some plastic models will come assembled already, whereas others will simply need clicking into place. Wooden models are normally going to take more time to assemble, with some needing powered tools, but most can still be assembled by two people in under an hour. 

What maintenance does a garden bench with storage need? 

Maintaining your garden bench with storage is the best way to make sure that it is long lasting. By regularly wiping down your bench you will be able to remove dirt and debris which could impact on the strength of the materials and the overall appearance. Wooden garden benches are going to need treating once a year to ensure that they stay protected from rot, whereas plastic models will need coating in UV protection every few years to try and avoid discolouration.

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