Best Hot Tub Shelter – The Ultimate Guide (2022)

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It used to be the case that if you wanted to enjoy the peace and relaxation of a hot tub then you had to go and visit a hotel or spa for the privilege. However, in recent years this has changed considerably, with many homeowners now choosing to invest in a hot tub for their gardens so that they can enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of a hot tub whenever they please! When asked, many people stated that the main thing holding them back from purchasing a hot tub for their gardens was their concern over how often they would actually get to use it – thanks to the unreliable great British weather! Relaxing in a hot tub is fantastic – but if you are being attacked by strong winds or rained on at all angles then the romance and relaxation can be lessened slightly! 

This is why you need a hot tub shelter if you are purchasing a hot tub for your garden! Hot tub shelters come in a range of designs and materials depending on your budget and how you are planning to use it, so our buyers guide will look at the different types and help you find one that is going to be right for your hot tub and outdoor space! 

Best Pick Hot Tub Shelter – Coleman Gazebo

Coleman Unisex Adult Event Shelter, White and Green, Medium (3 x 3 m)
  • Sun protection SPF 50: The gazebo is equipped with the certified Coleman UV guard to provide protection against the sun's ultraviolet rays and also against rain (taped seams and water column 1000 mm)
  • Sturdy design: The strong steel frame construction with secured PVC plug connections is quick and easy to set up; holes in the feet allow you to screw or peg the party tent to the floor
  • Convenient space and ventilation: The gazebo provides a large shade area of 9 m sq with UV protection while allowing hot air to escape due to air vents at the top of the canopy flysheet
  • Coleman Event Shelters are designed for occasional use such as short camping trips, weekend garden and sporting events and should not be used as a permanent or long term shelter solution
  • Dimensions of marquee: 3 x 3 m (12 x 12 ft); shade area 9 m sq; head height centresides: 2.18 m1.69 m; weight 15,5 kg; packing size 83 x 23 x 30 cm; carry bag, pegs and guylines included

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In A Hurry? 

If your hot tub is on its way – or maybe you have already battled for some time with a hot tub but no shelter – then keep reading! Here is all the essential information to help you purchase a hot tub shelter in a hurry! 

Fixed or Pop Up? 

The first thing that you need to decide when looking to purchase a hot tub shelter is whether you want a model that is fixed throughout the year or a pop up design.

Fixed hot tub shelters are going to be a lot more hard-wearing and durable, so you don’t need to worry about them being blown away in bad weather. They are also going to offer the best shelter and protection not just for you but for the hot tub itself when you aren’t in it! However, they are usually going to be quite a bit more expensive and they are more restrictive as once they are fixed in position, it is going to be quite a challenge for you to move them! 

Pop up hot tub shelters are the perfect option for if you don’t intend to leave your hot tub out all through the year. They are made of lighter materials so that they can be packed away and stored when not needed, which means that they can be moved much easier rather than permanently taking up space in your garden. However, these lighter materials can make them more fragile – particularly if you live in a windy, exposed area! 

Build Materials 

There are a wide range of materials that are used for hot tub shelters so we have broken this down into sections…


Wooden hot tub shelters are only found in the fixed models. We love this material choice as it provides a natural but also timeless finish for your hot tub shelter that is going to look great in any outdoor setting. Wood is also going to be strong and durable so it will be able to protect your hot tub from pretty much any weather and will last for years – providing you take the time to treat and maintain it every twelve months. The only real downsides to wood is that it is heavy so you won’t be able to move it around your garden when built and it can be susceptible to rot – particularly in the damp environment – if not maintained. The best way to prevent the wood from rotting is making sure that it has been pressure-treated as this will help to keep it protected and then treat it once a year for extra protection! 


If you opt for a metal framed model then make sure that steel or cast iron has been used as these are going to be the strongest options. There are some models that are made from aluminium but this tends to be in pop-up models and they can be prone to bending if not looked after well! Depending on the metal type, you will find it used in both pop up models and fixed models alike – it is going to be lighter than wood which allows you the flexibility of moving the shelter around the garden. We love how durable metal is – it will still look like new for years afterwards and shouldn’t rust providing it has been coated! 


In more expensive models you will find that glass is used either for the roof or for the side panels. Although this is going to be slightly more costly it is a great way to bring the outside in, as you will have full protection but still get to enjoy the night sky and the views around your garden when relaxing in your hot tub. Make sure that the glass used is shatterproof – particularly if you have children or pets in your garden! 

Best Budget Hot Tub Shelter – Lay-z Spa 60304

Lay-Z Spa 60304 Canopy Cover for Weather and Sun Shelter, Hot Tub Accessories, Fits Most Lay-Z-Spa Models, Multicolor, 109.0 cm*183.0 cm*94.0 cm
  • HOT TUB CANOPY SHELTER - allows you to enjoy your Lay-Z-Spa in more comfort than ever before - suitable for all Lay-Z-Spas (except St. Lucia and Vancouver)
  • EASY TO SET UP - The canopy simply clips right on to your Lay-Z-Spa for quick, hassle-free sun and weather protection
  • WEATHER AND SUN PROTECTION - the shelter is a great way to protect yourself and others from harsh sun rays and wet weather when relaxing in your hot tub thanks to it's waterproof fabric and UPF 40+ rating
  • EXTRA PRIVACY - Enjoy some extra privacy whilst relaxing in your hot tub; the canopy even has high density, ventilated mesh windows
  • INCLUDES STORAGE BAG - for neatly packing away your canopy when not in use; contains: 1 tent, 3 poles, 2 guy lines, 1 storage bag

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A variety of fabrics are used in many hot tub shelters – for both pop up models and fixed models. They are usually used to create side panels (or for pop-up models they will be used for the rooftop too. Make sure to check the waterproof qualities of the material and also the denier of the material to check that it is going to be tear and pluck resistant! 

TOP TIP: Make sure to check the UV protection that the materials are going to come with – both for the hot tub shelter and for you! Many metals, plastics and fabrics will come with UV protection so that they don’t crack and become discoloured when exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. Also check the UV protection that they are going to be able to offer you so that you don’t get sunburnt! Glass isn’t often going to be a good option for this unless it is tinted! Some come with an SPF rating of 50+ so will be able to offer you nearly full protection! 


The size of hot tub shelter that you choose largely depends on the space that you have available and the size of your hot tub. Ideally you want at least 2ft as an overlap around the outside of the hot tub so that you are protected from rain blowing in different directions and so that there is a bit of space around the outside of the hot tub. 

We really like hot tub shelters that are more rectangular as this will give you space for the hot tub and then a sheltered area at the side for you to leave shoes, robes or towels. This also gives you a perfect space to get in and out of the hot tub whilst still sheltered – but we know this may not be an option unless you have quite a large garden. 

The sizes that we found ranged from around 3m x 3m up to around 7m x 7m – but there are quite a few variations in this. 

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to consider your neighbours if you are wanting to avoid any arguments. We would recommend leaving some space between your hot tub shelter and any party walls so that you don’t need to worry about blocking their light or any rain water running off! 

The Best Hot Tub Shelters Have…

Once you have decided on the type of hot tub shelter that is going to be right for you and the size that you need, here are some of the features that we found in only the best hot tub shelters to help you pick out a model that is really going to be the envy of all your family and friends. 

  • Lighting – Some of the best hot tub shelters even come with in-built lighting in the room of the structure. This will allow you to enjoy your hot tub in those darker evenings. Just make sure to consider the wiring and power that you are going to need to get to the shelter! 
  • Side panels – If you are wanted added protection then why not opt for a hot tub shelter that comes with side panels? This will help to keep the space around your hot tub even warmer so that you can enjoy it all through the year and will protect you (and the hot tub!) from more adverse weather conditions – and from nosey neighbours! Our favourite side panels come with windows so that you can still look out and enjoy the garden around you! Some even come with removable side panels for summer months when the weather is nicer! 
  • Ventilation – If you choose a hot tub shelter with sides then it is important to consider ventilation as the hot tub itself is going to create a lot of moisture. Make sure to check whether the sides can be removed or opened to increase ventilation and if not whether there are any vents built in towards the root of the structure to allow excess moisture to evaporate. 
  • Base fixtures – Make sure to check how you are going to secure your hot tub shelter to the ground. Pop up models will often come with “tent hook” type fixtures that can be secured into grass or bedding areas around the hot tub. More fixed models will usually come with bolts that need securing into the ground which is a much bigger job! 
  • Assembly – Make sure to look at how easy it is going to be to assemble your hot tub shelters. Manufacturers of the larger, fixed hot tub shelters will often offer to assemble the product for you – although this will be for an additional cost it will save you a lot of time and effort! Pop up hot tub shelters will usually be easy to erect with a couple of people and some basic tools!  
  • Roof weight capacity – If you know that you are planning on leaving your hot tub shelter up through the winter then it is really important to check the maximum weight capacity of the roof. Essentially this is the rain water or snow that the roof can hold before any damage occurs. Some will be able to hold over 100kg of weight – so you know that they are pretty hardy! 

Best of the Rest

Garden Outdoor Wooden Gazebo, BBQ shelter, Pavilion, Hot Tub, Pergola in Pressure Treated Solid Wood - 10 year warranty against Rot (Gazebo)
  • Made from pressure treated FSC certified timber - guaranteed against rot for 10 Years
  • Overall Dim.: 2.20m x 2.20m x 2.49m
  • Easy Assembly with fully illustrated instructions
  • Create a practical focal point in your garden
  • Perfect for Gardens Parties, pubs, restaurants, parks, caravan and holiday sites

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Bestway Round Pool Dome Cover Tent for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs, Outdoor Accesory 6m x 2.95m
  • Spacious enclosure design with all sides able to open and close-a perfect hot tub accessory
  • Portable and easy to set up on any flat surface
  • Protect your spa from the elements which will contribute to great heat efficiency
  • Ideal for all seasons- it can be a sun shelter in summer or protection from rain in the colder months
  • Size dimensions (D x W x H): 390 x 390 x 255 cm

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Dunster House Wooden Garden Gazebo 3 x 3 Metres Heavy Duty Hot Tub Shelter Utopia 300
  • Dimensions: 3.07m width x 3.07m depth x 2.48m height (W 10" x D 10" x H 8'1").
  • Heavy duty structure and robust framework with thick beams and extra strong posts of 70mm by 70mm of high quality pressure treated spruce.
  • Strong 15mm thick shiplap roof to provide protection from the outdoor elements.
  • Fully pressure treated slow grown spruce timber with 10 year protection against rot and insect infestation. Not just dip treated. Long lasting and low maintenance.
  • Includes instructions and all fixings needed for construction. Designed for the DIY customer, you do not have to be an expert to assemble.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty will I get with a hot tub shelter?

All hot tub shelters will come with warranties….the type of warranty that you get really depends on the product. Pop-up gazebos will usually have a 12 or a 24 month warranty and this doesn’t always include the material cover as these can be more prone to damage and wear and tear! Fixed hot tub shelters will come with warranties up to around 10 years providing they are maintained correctly – although most that we found offer around a 5 year warranty! 

What are the best foundations for a hot tub shelter? 

Ideally if you want your hot tub shelter to be secure and long lasting then you need a sturdy base – poured concrete or concrete slabs are going to be best. However, there is no reason why you cannot secure your hot tub shelter on a wooden patio or sometimes gravel too. Pop up hot tub shelters can be used on grass but this is going to be much less secure and you run the risk of ruining the lawn if you aren’t careful! 

How easy is it to build a hot tub shelter?

This really depends on the type of shelter that you are purchasing. Pop up hot tub shelters can usually be assembled in just a few minutes with a couple of people. More permanent models are going to take longer – some can take a good few hours and that is with using power tools, however these models are unlikely to be moved and dismantled any time soon!

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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