Best Bird Bath – A Buying Guide (2022)

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If, like us, you love sharing your outdoor space with nature, then you are probably looking for ways to encourage birds to come into your garden. A bird bath is not only going to create a beautiful feature in your garden, but it also has so many benefits for the local wildlife and will allow you to enjoy watching who comes to visit! 

Bird baths will provide birds and squirrels the perfect spot to drink, as well as bath and socialise! So if you are looking to increase the wildlife coming into your garden or maybe you just want a nice ornament for your garden, then our buyers guide will help you to find the one that is going to be right for you! 

Best Pick Bird Bath – Art Deco Bird Bath

Garden Ornaments by Onefold BB1 Art Deco Stone Bird Bath, Grey, 34x39x62 cm
  • ONEFOLD branded item - hand-made to ensure the very best quality.
  • Realistic, hand-cast design (reconstituted stone / concrete). Hand-finished by our skilled craftsman with 10 years of experience to ensure the perfection in details.
  • Perfectly aged to give it an antique appearance. Heavy and solid - not hollow - as it should be.
  • Made in England from weather and frost-proof compound.
  • Dimensions: H62 x W39 x L34 cm / H24.5″ x W15.5″ x L13.5″

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In A Hurry? 

If Spring has sprung yet the local birds are still avoiding your garden or are wanting to attract some different species of birds to your garden then keep reading! Here are all the main things that you need to consider before you buy! 

What Makes A Good Bird Bath?

First, you need to know the key features that are likely to attract more birds to your bird bath. Some bird baths are designed purely with aesthetics in mind – which is fine if this is what you want it for – but if you are wanting more wildlife in your garden then look out for these features…

  • Rough surface – Birds need to be able to grip onto the side of the bird bath with their claws, so looking out for a model with rough sides is going to be the best option to avoid them slipping and feeling unsafe around the bird bath. 
  • Varying depths – If you are wanting to attract a wide variety of birds to your bird bath then look out for bird baths that are designed so that the water sits at different depths, as different sizes of birds will use different parts of the bird bath. Ideally you want a depth that ranges from around 2cm up to around 10cm. 
  • Sloping sides – This is where you have to be careful…you don’t want sides that are too sloped as this will make it hard for the birds to carefully get down to the water, but you do water sloped sides so that the water level increases gradually! 
  • Clean water – Many species of birds are quite picky over the water that they will clean in, so make sure to change your water regularly so that it is nice and clean! 

TOP TIP: Did you know that many bird baths are actually too deep in the centre for a lot of birds? The best way to resolve this is to add varying sizes of rocks to the centre of the bird bath so that the birds can find a depth that works best for them! 


The size of bird bath that is going to be right for you really depends on the sizes of birds that you are wanting to attract and the space that you have available. It needs to be large enough to hold a decent amount of water, but also not so large that the middle part of the bath goes completely unused.

You also need to consider the height of the bird bath. As a general rule, the taller your bird bath, the safer the birds are going to feel from ground-level predators such as cats and foxes. However, you also don’t want the bird box to be so tall that you cannot see into it easily. Usually the best bird baths will be around 1/1.5m in height. Most bird baths are circular in shape and will be around 30-50cm in diameter. 

Types of Bird Bath

There are four main types of bird bath that you will be able to choose from. These include: 

  • Classic Bird Baths – These are probably the bird baths that come to mind when you picture a bird bath. A traditional bath that is attached to a base so that it can be positioned in a range of places around your garden. 
  • Hanging Bird Baths – If you want a bird bath that is slightly different or are just low on floor space, then why not opt for a hanging bird bath. They will usually be smaller than classic bird baths due to them needing to be suspended from a tree or a post but some birds prefer them due to them being higher from the ground. 
  • Fence Mounted Bird Baths – Again, these are perfect for if you are short on space or possibly if you have a fenced decking area that you are wanting to make the most of. They can be screwed and attached to either the top of a low fence or to the side of a higher fence depending on the fencing that you have available in your garden. 
  • Ground Level Bird Bath – Ground level bird baths basically come without the pedestal base of the traditional bird baths, although they do sometimes come with small legs still. Birds will usually bathe in puddles so this is the closest to mimicking their natural environment. If you are lucky to live in the countryside where there is a lot of wildlife then you may even find yourself attracting hedgehogs and other small animals that can use the bird bath as a drinking pool! 

Build Materials 

Bird baths come in a wide range of build materials so this is important to consider. 

  • Metal – This is one of the most traditional and durable choices. Metal – providing it is powder coated – will be long lasting and strong. It won’t knock over easily and will remain free from rust for a number of years. It is also incredibly easy to clean! The only real downside is that it does tend to be more dramatically impacted by the weather…in the winter it will freeze easily and in the summer it can get quite hot. 
  • Glass – Glass is a much more modern choice but there are some lovely bird baths that will allow you to see into the base of the bird bath with this. 
  • Ceramic/concrete – These are generally going to make for larger bird baths but the materials are strong, relatively unaffected by changes in the weather and will be nice and easy for birds to grip onto. The only real downside is that they can be quite tricky to clean! 
  • Plastic – Plastic bird baths are obviously going to be quite a bit cheaper than your other options, so they are great for if you are on a budget or if you are wanting to test whether birds are actually going to come to your garden to bathe before you commit to a more permanent option. They are easy to clean and relatively durable, they just don’t tend to have the same “attractive” finish as other materials will have! 

Best Budget Bird Bath – Gardenkraft 17390

Gardenkraft 17390 Bird Bath with Built-In Base Planter/Bronze Effect Clam Shell Design/Weatherproof Garden Feature/Easy To Assemble / 66cm x 39cm
  • EYE-CATCHING BIRD BATH – This unique clam shell design bird bath incorporates both a refuge for birds and a place to plant seasonal flowers, delivering a brilliant garden feature that will look great in your gardens for many years to come!
  • BUILT-IN FLOWER PLANTER – As well as being a decorative bird bath this garden ornament also features a planter section at the base of the unit, which allows you to plant flowers in order to add some extra colour to your outdoor spaces.
  • PERFECT SIZE – This freestanding bird bath measures 66cm x 39cm (H x W), and has been manufactured from weatherproof plastic materials which allows the unit to be left outside year-round in all weather conditions.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – This bird bath is super simple to put together, and can be placed freestanding on patios or decking areas, or anchored into the grass thanks to the 3 ground spikes that come complete with the unit.
  • GARDENKRAFT - GardenKraft is the leading supplier of a wide range of garden and other outdoor accessories. From fake turf to outdoor lighting and from garden furniture to heaters and BBQ’s, view the whole range on the GardenKraft page on Amazon.

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The Best Bird Baths 

True nature lovers will want only the best for their feathered friends, so here are some of the features that we found in only the best bird baths. If you are wanting to increase your chances of watching species of birds bathing in your garden then this is what you need to look out for….

  • Design – There will be a wide range of designs to choose from when looking at different bird baths. Some have a much more traditional and fancy finish with intricate designs along the pedestal and the basin of the bird bath. Others are designed to look much more modern with sleek lines. Some are just designed to be practical and functional. 
  • Colour – We would always recommend opting for a darker colour of bird bath because these won’t show the dirt as easily as lighter colours! Most models are going to come in more natural colours but we did find some that come in brighter colours too! 
  • Heated Bird Baths – Many birds would rather bath in heated water than cold water! Some of the best bird baths therefore will actually come with heating elements built in so that you can gently heat the water in the bath. This particularly comes in handy over winter! Just make sure to consider how you are going to actually get power to the bird bath as you will need a power supply close by! 
  • Fountain – Bird baths with water aren’t just going to make an attractive, relaxing feature for your garden but they are also going to help to keep the water fresh because of the constant movement and recycling of the water. This gives you the added benefits of making it more appealing for the birds and reducing the amount of times that you need to clean it! 
  • Weight – The weight of your bird bath is really important, the lighter the bird bath the easier it is going to be to move around your garden but this also means that there is more chance of it being blown over if you’re not careful. Generally you will find that they range from 1kg all the way up to around 10kg. 
  • Bird feeder included – There are some bird baths that are designed to be part of a larger structure that includes a bird feeder. This can help to encourage birds to come to the bird bath and increase the wildlife that you get in the area. 

Positioning Your Bird Bath 

Once you have purchased your bird bath, you need to consider where in the garden you are going to position it. 

  • Protection – Make sure to consider where your birds are going to feel safest. Ideally you don’t want the bird bath too close to the ground or to nearby trees or fence panels as this can be the perfect access point for squirrels, cats and other predators. Also consider whether the bird bath is protected from extreme weather conditions – this includes not being in direct sunlight during hot weather as well as being safe from freezing over during the winter. 
  • Visibility – Not only do you need the bird bath to be visible to you, but you need it to be visible to the birds too. Place it in a central location that can’t really be missed! Although you may want it close to a window, try to avoid it being too close so that the birds don’t fly into the glass and injure themselves. 
  • Stable ground – It is really important that the bird bath is positioned on stable ground where it won’t rock or tip easily! This is important to encourage the birds to feel safe so that they are more likely to come back to the bath. 
  • Position – Think about the overall location in your garden – bird baths that are positioned under trees are going to become full of dirt and algae much quicker – however some shelter will slow down evaporation. Ideally, you also want your bird bath to be close to the hose pipe so that it can be cleaned easily. 

Best of the Rest

Kingfisher Bronze Effect Plastic Bird Bath
  • bronze effect
  • easy to assemble
  • easy to assemble
  • height approximately: 80 cm
  • Bronze effect

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Kingfisher BB01 Ornamental Bird Bath and Table
741 Reviews
Kingfisher BB01 Ornamental Bird Bath and Table
  • 4 way water tap connector.
  • Converts a single tap into four outlets
  • Includes shut off valves
  • Weight : 0.21 Kg
  • Weight : 0.21 Kg

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MUMTOP Bird Bath for Outdoors - Glass Bird Bath Bowl Bird Feeders Station Flower with Metal Stake for Garden Decor (Yellow)
  • FLOWER PATTERN BIRD BATH: Painted with special hot glass craft, this bird bath has exquisite round shape and bright-coloured pattern which would attract more birds to bathe. Making your garden, lawn, yard and any other outdoor space more eye-catching.
  • BEAUTY MEETS FUNCTION: It's not simply a glass bird bath, but a bird feeder for garden decor. The outdoor bird bath can fill with seeds to cater the eating need of birds. Birdbath base is three-pronged bottom, with more stability, easy assemble.
  • EXCELLENT IN QUALITY: The bath bowl was made of high quality glass as well as the durable steel deal with rust-proof that they could use of years under various natural weather. The design of the metal stake is more elaborate which has a court style feel.
  • EASY TO CLEANING: Structure of dish and shallow edges allowing you to clean bird droppings or dirt easily. size: 11 inch Diameter. Material: Glass birdbath+ metal.
  • GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICES: Adding more flavor to your garden and attract feathered friends. Please feel free to contact us by e-mail if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Should a bird bath be in the shade or the sun? 

Ideally you want to keep your bird bath out of direct sunlight so that the water doesn’t get too hot and evaporate too quickly. A lightly shaded place is going to avoid extremes in temperature. 

What bird baths do birds prefer? 

Generally you will find that birds prefer bird baths that are shallow and use materials that are easy to grip onto to avoid them slipping into the water. Some birds like ground level bird baths whereas others like bird baths that are higher. 

Why do people put rocks in bird baths? 

The shape of most bird baths mean that the water in the middle is actually too deep for them to be able to enjoy. This is why many people actually put rocks in the middle of the bird bath so the birds can find the depth that is going to work right for them!

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