Best Gazebo Weights Buyers Guide (2022)

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Best Gazebo Weights

A gazebo has so many uses….from providing perfect shelter for a family gathering to covering your bbq, protecting your car to functioning as a wedding venue! Especially with living in the UK – where you can just never rely on the weather – you need to be able to rely on a gazebo instead. However one of the main problems with a gazebo is how unreliable they are in any type of wind!! Their design features mean that they are essentially just an overgrown kite, which is why if you are thinking of buying a gazebo – you also need to consider gazebo weights! 

Gazebo weights are designed to be attached to the legs of your gazebo to give it extra strength and stability against adverse weather conditions. They are perfect for any type of gazebo but especially for if you have a gazebo that is situated on a hard surface where you cannot peg down into grass etc. Gazebo weights are the best way to avoid any damage to your gazebo, so that you are not having to spend time and money on repairs or replacements – so here are some of the best gazebo weights that we found. 

Best Pick Gazebo Weights – Riogoo 4 Pack

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In A Hurry?

Just lost a gazebo over the garden fence? Or had another gazebo leg snap under the pressure of a recent slight increase in wind? We are here to take your gazebo stresses away with all the key factors to consider – and some of our favourite gazebo weights available! 


It goes without saying that the first thing you need to think about is the actual weight of the weights! They are all going to be varied so you will need to find a weight that is going to work best for you! Heavier weights are obviously going to offer more strength and support for the gazebo, but this does mean that they are going to be more difficult to move around, so if you regularly have to transport your gazebo to different locations then they may not be suitable. As a general rule, the larger the gazebo, the heavier the gazebo weights that you are going to need to be able to secure it down. 

We found that weights tended to range from around .4kg up to around 15kg each. Obviously, don’t forget to consider that if you are purchasing weights that need filling with sand the weight advertised will increase dramatically once you have filled them! 

TOP TIP: When buying online, make sure to check whether the advertised weight is the weight of ONE or the combined weight. We have found many products that can be quite misleading with this which makes it more challenging to compare! 


There are a few different designs of gazebo weights to choose from depending on where your gazebo is positioned and if you are planning on moving it regularly. 

  • Blocks – Some gazebo weights are designed as solid metal blocks. These can be slightly more expensive purely due to the materials but they are easy to work with, can just be slid onto the legs and then removed and transported as needed. 
  • Leg Boxes – If you are looking for a cheaper option that is still going to be able to provide a really good support then leg boxes could be an option. These are larger so will protect more of the leg of the gazebo but they do usually need filling with either water or sand. This makes them cheaper for the initial purchase but does mean that you have to put extra work into getting them ready to use – and makes them harder to move. 
  • Bags – There are lots of gazebo weights that are basically designed like small sand bags. These can sometimes provide less support and stability than the more heavy duty options, but they are a great choice for if you regularly take your gazebo to different places as they can be carried easily from one place to another! 

TOP TIP: If you opt for the gazebo weight blocks then you will usually find that they are stackable. This is a great way to add more weight and stability and less when you don’t need it! 


There are a wide range of materials used to create gazebo weights so it really comes down to personal preference as to what is going to be right for you. 

One of your main options is metal weights – normally made out of cast-iron or steel. These are going to be completely water resistant and durable so you know that they are going to last for a really long time! They are also really easy to clean so they can just be wiped down every now and again if they are starting to look dirty and then given a proper scrub once a year! Cast iron is going to be more expensive but will offer additional weight and complete reassurance that they will remain free from rust for a good number of years. Steel is going to be a cheaper option and provided it is coated should remain free from rust for a good number of years! 

You will also find that a lot of gazebo weights use heavy-duty plastic as this is going to be totally waterproof so you don’t need to worry about rust developing if they are positioned on a damp floor for extended periods of time. The one thing to consider with plastic models is that they can crack in extreme circumstances and then they will be pretty much irreparable! Plastic gazebo weights come in two styles – ones that need filling or ones that are concrete filled. Concrete filled models are going to be lighter than metal models but it does save you from having to fill them yourself with stones or sand etc. 

Some gazebo weights are designed using material bags. These are going to be much easier to transport and usually smaller too. You don’t need to worry about them rusting or cracking like the harder materials either. Just make sure to check the quality of the material as they can dirty quite quickly and look rather messy then! The quality of the material can be judged by looking at the denier score – the higher the denier the less likely it will be that the material will rip or tear over time. A minimum denier of 500 should be enough but ideally 600 denier or higher will be best! 

TOP TIP: If you opt for a metal model then we would definitely recommend ensuring that you paint them every few years just to avoid any rust developing if the paint does start to chip and wear away! 

Best Budget Gazebo Weights – Abccanopy 4 Pack

ABCCANOPY 4 Pack Gazebo Weight Bags Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Double-Stitched Sandbags,Leg Weights for Pop Up Gazebo,Patio Umbrella, Outdoor Furniture (Black)
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  • Stabilize any Instant leg Canopy, Pop Up tent or gazebo structures, camping sun shlters, sports umbrella with a set of durable universal weight bags

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The Best Gazebo Weights 

Here are some of the additional features that we found to help you find really good quality gazebo weights that are going to be made to last and help your gazebo to do the same! 

  • Quantity – As a general rule, you will find that gazebo weights come in packs of four, as most smaller domestic gazebos have this many legs. However, we have found some models that come in packs of 2 or even 6 so that you can get the exact right amount that you need. We would always recommend making sure that you put a weight on EVERY leg of your gazebo (not just the corners) to be on the safe side! 
  • Size – Sizes of gazebo weights vary quite considerably. If you are wanting to move your gazebo around with you then the smaller the overall size the better, and this also makes them much easier to store. However, if your gazebo is fixed in one place for extended periods of time then larger gazebo weights are definitely going to offer added protection. The height of the gazebo weights is also worth considering as taller gazebo weights are going to protect more of the leg. 
  • Leg compatibility – It is really important to check that the gazebo weights are actually going to be able to fit around the legs of your gazebo! Some models of gazebo have thicker legs that won’t be compatible! We found that most gazebo weights will be compatible with legs that are from around 2cm up to around 6cm wide. You also want to think about the shape of the legs – gazebos have square, circular or hexagonal legs so you are going to need one that is going to fit. 
  • Peg eyelets – Wanting to create extra stability for your gazebo? Look out for gazebo weights that come with eyelets for you to secure gazebo pegs to as well for maximum security! 
  • Portability – If you know that you move your gazebo around to different places then the gazebo weights are going to need to be just as portable! Look out for models that come with handles or a carry case so that they can be stored and moved easily! If you do opt for models with handles then look out for comfortable, secure grips so that you don’t need to worry about dropping the weights and damaging anything! 
  • Assembly – There aren’t many gazebo weights that require assembly but some do so this is still worth checking for! We didn’t find any that need tools so you should be safe on that one! Some of the material models will come with velcro seals which means that they can be fitted around any leg size so are great for more usual leg shapes and sizes! 
  • PVC Coated – If you choose material gazebo weights then look out for models that are PVC coated as this is going to offer an additional level of waterproof protection as well as providing additional strength! 
  • H Shaped – H shaped gazebo weights are perfect for if you are planning on joining more than one gazebo together as you can secure legs on either side of the weights. Not only will this allow a more seamless attachment between the two gazebos but it will also make it cheaper in the long run as you won’t have to buy double the weights! 
  • UV Protected – Plastic gazebo weights can be damaged by constant exposure to sunlight, so look out for models that come with a UV coated finish as this will help to avoid discolouration! 
  • Colour – The colour of your gazebo weights might not matter if they are going to be hidden by a gazebo cover but if they are going to be on show then this may be something that you want to consider! For example, if you are using the gazebo weights for a party, function or even a wedding then look out for white gazebo weights that will look the part! 

Best of the Rest

VonHaus Gazebo Weights set of 4 – Gazebo Leg Weights Fill with Sand or Water – Pole Anchor for Outdoor/Garden Gazebos, Marquees, Market Stalls, Party Tents – Weather Resistant Plastic – Grey
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  • FILL WITH EASE – Can be filled with sand or water, each weight holds approx. 8 litres of water for your convenience.
  • WEATHER RESISTANT– High density weather resistant design with easy fit screws and secure filling caps, ideal for use on hard ground surfaces and grassed areas.
  • NO TOOLS REQUIRED – No tools are required to install; plastic screws clamp the two halves together, fit and remove in a matter of seconds. Fits most gazebos.
  • DIMENSIONS – Each weight measures 25.8 x 22.7cm (Height x Diameter). MANUFACTURER 2 YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED

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BROSYDA Gazebo Weights Set of 4 Heavy Duty, Sandbags Industrial Grade 600D Weights for Gazebo Legs, PVC Coating Inside, Sand Bags for Any Pop Up Tents Canopy Outdoor Patio (Double-tube)
  • 🌞【Gazebo Weight Bags Set of 4】BROSYDA Gazebo Tent Weights, 4pcs a set, suitbale for any Pop Up Tents Canopy (fit the leg size from 15mm to 80mm) and camping instant shlters, sports umbrella, trampoline.
  • 🌞【Durable Material】These Canopy Weight Bags adopt top heavy duty 600D oxford(polyster) fabric with PVC Coating, which is featured with high sewing density, strong tear-resistant and wear-resistant, long lasting for years.
  • 🌞【Heavy Duty Design】Benifits from double-stitched seams process, each of this Gazebo Weights holds up to 25lbs of sand, gravel or dirt, firmly secure your Pop Up Tent, Canopy in place.
  • 🌞【Extended Loop Fastener Design】14cm extra long loop fastener design, much longer than similar products in the market, long enough to fit any Instant Tents Canopy, easier to fix up.
  • 📌【Note】1.fillers are not included. 2.Weight bags are not able to hold water or other liquids directly, put in a ziplock bag first please.

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LIVIVO Set of Four Gazebo Leg Weight Secure Sand Bags with Fastening Straps and Zipped ClosingIdeal for Gazebo, Marquee, Market Stalls and Party Beer Tents Fill with Sand, Rocks or Any Heavy Material
  • LIVIVO GAZEBO WEIGHTS - Easily attaches to gazebo, marquee or any circular or squared tubular framed feet using the secure Velcro fasteners
  • TWO COMPARTMENTS PER BAG - Two zipped compartment for the bulk of each bag, perfect for filling with sand or small pebbles stones
  • BUILT TO LAST - The heavy duty fabric is equally suited for commercial or domestic use
  • EFFICIENT - Due to using sand, stones or rocks which have a higher density and weight, the bags are up to twice the weight of water-filled weighted feet
  • STORAGE - Easy to store - simply empty the sand out and fold away,

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

What gazebo weight size do I need? 

If you have a smaller gazebo – up to around 3m x 3m – then you will be fine to use smaller gazebo weights that are filled with water or sand as these will be able to hold the weight of the gazebo in strong weather. However, if you have a larger gazebo then you will need metal weights. If your gazebo is positioned somewhere more exposed then we would recommend metal weights regardless of the size of the gazebo just to be on the safe side. 

Can you make your own gazebo weights?

There are many home DIY ideas for gazebo leg weights, such as plant pots or concrete blocks. They should be up to doing the task but the problem is that they are quite difficult to move around with you when you are putting the gazebo up and down. Also, they just aren’t going to be as reliable as the real thing! 

How heavy are gazebo weights? 

Gazebo weights vary in size, but you will usually find that sand bag weights will add between 30 and 50kgs of weight, cast iron weights will add up to 55kgs of weight and fillable plastic weights will add between 30 and 50kgs of weight. Obviously this all depends on the filling choice that you opt for and the number of weights that you use!

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