All You Need To Know About The Karcher K4 Full Control

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Karcher K4 Full Control

There are so many uses for pressure washers, it is no wonder that so many homes now have one as one of their key garden tools. Whether you are cleaning your car or bike or even tidying up your conservatory or windows – a pressure washer is going to be able to do the job. Arguably the hardest part is actually finding the right pressure washer to choose – as there are so many on the market that claim to be the “best pressure washer”. However, if there is one thing that cannot be argued…it’s the popularity and quality that you will be guaranteed by purchasing a Karcher pressure washer! One of the best known brands on the market and with good reason! The Karcher K4 Full Control – otherwise known as K4 Power Control – is one of their best selling models on the market, so we decided to have a little look at what makes it stand out from the rest of the range!

In A Hurry? 

If your garden is in serious need of a tidy up and you are working to a deadline then a pressure washer is always the tool to use! They can almost magically clean up almost every area of your garden, leaving it looking like new in no time! So here are all the essential factors that you need to consider before you buy…

Power and Pressure 

The factors that make the biggest difference in controlling the quality of clean that you are going to get is the power rating and the pressure that you will get from this power. The Karcher K4 Full Control offers 1.8kW of power, which is a good amount to get from a domestic pressure washer and equivalent to the other two K4 models on the market (the compact and the full control home).

It will also offer 130 bars of pressure, which is going to be more than enough to allow you to clean most algae and debris from windows and conservatories, or to clean your car or bike without causing damage.

Your Karcher pressure washer will be powered by mains electrics so make sure to consider whether you have a plug socket close enough to allow you to get the work done. You are also going to need a AAA battery for the LED screen on the handle but this is a pretty small consideration to have to make! 

NOTE: We really like that this model comes with adjustable pressure of between 20 and 130 bars so that you can vary the pressure depending on the job that you are completing! This means that you will have so many different things that you can use your pressure washer for! 

Flow Rate and Area Coverage 

The flow rate largely impacts on the area coverage, which is why we have decided to include both of these factors together! The flow rate of the K4 Full Control is 420 litres per hour! This is a massive 17% increase on the K2 range and equal to the other K4 models that are on the market. This will give you an area coverage of around 30mᒾ per hour which should be MORE than enough for most average sized homes and even larger jobs too! 

Spray Gun

The part that you are going to be working with the most is the spray gun – so you definitely need to check whether this is going to be easy to use and comfortable to work with. The Karcher K4 Full Control spray gun is one of the things that makes it stand out from the K4 Compact and is part of the reason that it is so popular! It comes with a couple of different attachments depending on the job that you are working on so that you can have the exact type of clean that you are looking for. You also have a really easy to use twist setting control on the lance that allows you to switch between four different pressure settings – soft, medium and hard, plus a mix setting for if you are adding cleaning solutions. 

The spray gun on the Karcher K4 Full Control also comes with an LED display which will allow you to easily check exactly what pressure setting you are working with.

We also love the overall comfort and grip that you get from the Karcher K4 Full Control Spray Gun. The ergonomic design and comfort grip means that you can work for a long time without any discomfort in your hands. The trigger is also really easy to use so you don’t need to worry about this increasing fatigue in your hand either! 

NOTE: One of the really useful features on this model is that the different features can be stored on the washer itself so that you can quickly switch between different nozzles as and when you need to! 

Cleaning Solution Options

Another of the main reasons why the Karcher K4 Full Control stands out from the crowd is the options that you have if you are planning on using a cleaning solution or detergent. This is now a much more popular option as it will produce a much better clean and overall finish – plus will greatly reduce the time that it takes you to get the job done. 

With the K4 Full Control model you will have two options. You can either add your own detergent into the cylinder should you have a particular detergent that you wish to use, or you can use the “plug and clean” system. This is a unique design which allows you to literally “plug in” a Karcher specific cleaning detergent which will then dilute into the water as needed. This is a great option for if you are wanting a really high quality clean or if you are planning on using a lot of detergent as the bottle just stays plugged in until it is empty! 

The bottles are also relatively cheap for a “branded” product, so you don’t need to worry about having to pay out a fortune! Plus, they are easy to switch between so you can buy a few different ones for different uses and switch between them depending on the job that you are completing. For example, there are some for cleaning cars and others for conservatories with different ingredients to allow you to get the best finish! 

Kärcher K4 Premium Full Control Car and Home Pressure Washer
  • Includes a T 350 Patio cleaner and 1L stone & façade detergent, making cleaning larger areas easier and faster.
  • Includes a wash brush, foam nozzle and car shampoo, perfect for cleaning cars.
  • Led display trigger gun guides you through the different pressure settings for the right setting, for every cleaning task.
  • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car, or harder surfaces like stone and brickwork
  • Quick and easy application of detergents to increase efficiency while cleaning, help prevent dirt from returning and protect and care for your surface.

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Additional Karcher K4 Full Control Features 

Once you have looked at the main spec details to help you discover if the K4 Full Control is going to be right for you, here are some of the additional features that we would recommend you consider…

  • Water-cooled 1800W motor – This is the best way to keep the motor powerful and in tip-top condition for as long as possible! If you are wanting a pressure washer to last then this is definitely something to look out for! The 1800W motor is going to provide you with more than enough power to get the job done. 
  • Hot Water Inlet – Just like you clean your dishes with hot water, the outside of your home and belongings are going to clean better with hot water too. That’s why the K4 range has a hot water inlet of up to 40℃ so that you can work with even tougher stains and ingrained dirt. 
  • Water filter – Almost all pressure washers are going to come with a water filter as it is the best way to ensure dirt and debris doesn’t get into the system, but Karcher filters just seem to be of a better quality than many others we compared on the market! 
  • Hose length – The Karcher K4 range comes with a 6 metre hose which is a great length in our opinion. This will give you the flexibility to be able to move around most of your garden without running out of length! The hose is made of really durable materials so shouldn’t crack or wear easily, just bear in mind that this can make it a little more rigid than other models!
  • Weight – If you are going to be moving around with your pressure washer then the weight is going to be important as you don’t want to be carrying around a heavy tank! The Full Control model is exactly 11.4kg, so it is on the heavier side, but you get a lot of power and features for this weight! 
  • Portability – To make up for the heavier weight, the Karcher K4 Full Control comes with good-quality wheels and a telescopic handle to make moving the pressure washer around even easier! You will also find a large handle on the main part of the tank so that you can lift the base of the pressure washer should you need to! 
  • Cleaners included – Look to see whether there are any cleaning solutions included in the package deal that you get. Some will come with solutions compatible with the plug and clean design which is a nice added extra! 
  • Handy App – One of the best things about Karcher is their customer service and app. Simply register the product for advice on setting up your washer and the different settings that you will need to complete different jobs! 

Review Summary 

We can definitely see why the Karcher K4 Full Control model is so popular! Despite it being on average a couple of hundred pounds more expensive, the massive amount of jobs that you are going to be able to use it for and the power and reliability that you get makes this well worthwhile in our opinion. We love the fact that you can adjust the power, as it means that you can be cleaning your conservatory one minute and your walking boots the next without any damage! Easy to use and maintain, small enough to be easy to store – this really is a great allrounder as pressure washers go! 

The only real downside that we felt was worth mentioning is that the Full Control model doesn’t come with the specific patio cleaning option – which is one of the main reasons a lot of people purchase a pressure washer in the first place! This can make the model seem quite expensive when it isn’t going to coe with the features needed to be able to clean your driveways and patios. However, the K4 Full Control Home (which does come with patio cleaning) is more expensive again! So if you are working on a budget and feel you won’t often need to clean your patio then it can be a good way to save yourself the added expense as the Full Control model will still be up to the task of working with smaller garden paths and flagstones.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty comes with a Karcher K4 Full Control pressure washer? 

The Karcher K4 Full Control pressure washer comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard. This will cover you against any mechanical problems that occur with the pressure washer. Just make sure to check the warranty in detail as it often won’t cover for filters and other “usable” parts. 

How often do you need to replace a Karcher pressure washer filter?

This is obviously going to depend on how much you actually use the pressure washer so it is difficult to give an exact timescale. However, as a general rule we would recommend cleaning the filter every few uses and replacing the filter once a year if you use the pressure washer regularly. 

How should I maintain my Karcher pressure washer? 

Karcher pressure washers are actually easy to maintain. Make sure to remove dirt, debris and any excess water from the system after each use to avoid unnecessary wear or blockages in the system. Then just make sure to store your pressure washer somewhere dry and secure. As we mentioned above, cleaning and replacing the filter periodically will help to extend the life of your pressure washer.

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