Best Garden Planter With Trellis a Buyers Guide (2022)

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Being able to grow a variety of plants is one of the main joys of having an outdoor space. They will add brightness, colour and nature into any outdoor space. But sometimes, it can feel nearly impossible to grow your own plants, as you are so limited in the space that you have got! If you have more of a concrete jungle than a garden, or possibly even you just have a balcony or terrace that you are wanting to add colour to! The only way to beat the concrete, if you don’t have bedding areas close by, is to use garden planters and pots, but even these will leave you limited in the types of plants that you can actually grow. 

This is why we love garden planters with trellis. They will massively increase the variety of plants that you are going to be able to grow – from climbing plants to shrubs, vegetable plants to fruits, the world of gardening is your oyster with a garden planter and trellis! It may even be that you aren’t too concerned about the types of plants that you are able to grow, but want the trellis more as a way of creating more dimension to your garden. Garden planters with trellis are perfect for if you are wanting to cover unappealing walls or fences, if you want to separate a part of your garden, or are trying to create more seclusion without having to opt for something more permanent. 

Best Pick Garden Planter with Trellis – Casaria Poly Rattan

CASARIA® Large Rattan Garden Trough Planter Flower Pots Planters With Trellis | Raised Bed | Growing Climbing Frame Support | Outdoor Garden Patio | Black
  • ELEVATE YOUR OUTDOOR SPACE: Enhance your outdoor area with the CASARIA Planter with 3 inner pots and 2 trellises. This elegant piece adds a touch of sophistication to your surroundings. Its timeless poly-rattan design complements various interior styles and suits a wide range of plant varieties.
  • EXCEPTIONAL DURABILITY: Crafted from poly-rattan, a resilient and evenly woven synthetic fibre designed for outdoor furniture, this planter is weather-resistant, UV-resistant, easy to clean, and resistant to dirt, ensuring its longevity and reliability.
  • DECORATIVE ACCENT: These stylish flower pots, handwoven in poly-rattan, serve as captivating centrepieces. They are perfect for enhancing entrances and creating aesthetic divisions in your garden or indoor spaces.
  • PRACTICAL DESIGN: The inner pots can be effortlessly removed from the poly-rattan frame of the planter. Each pot features a resealable drainage system to prevent waterlogging, maintaining optimal plant health.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENTS: The adjustable feet on this 146 x 83 x 30.5cm planter, which includes 3 inner pots measuring 25 x 25 x 20cm each, enable easy levelling on uneven surfaces. Bring this standout piece to your garden or living room!

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We’ve no doubt that by now you have been convinced that a garden planter with trellis is the right option for you, so keep reading for all that you need to know to purchase the best garden planter with trellis that you can find. 

In A Hurry? 

We understand that you would rather spend time enjoying your garden than scrolling through the internet – who wouldn’t? So we aim to make the buying process as quick and as simple as possible. We have compared sizes, materials, designs, plus much more, to find the best garden planter with trellis for you! 

What Should Your Garden Planter and Trellis Be Made From?

The materials that your garden planter and trellis are made from is going to have a huge impact on how durable and long lasting they will be, plus the overall look that you are going to achieve. You will have a couple of choices of material depending on exactly what you are looking for. 

  • Wood – The most common material that we found used for garden planters and trellis is wood. This is because it is going to be the most natural material choice so it will blend in nicely with your garden and any wooden furniture or fencing that you already have in your garden. The only slight downside to this is that you could end up with multiple different types of wood in your garden which can look unorganised! We really like how long lasting wood is going to be (providing you maintain it) and the strength and stability that it is going to be able to offer. Types of wood that we found used include pine, acacia and fir – but there is a much wider range of choices available too should you want them. 
  • PVC – Your other choice is going to be PVC models. These will come in two types – either full PVC panels or synthetic PVC options that are designed to offer a rattan effect so that they still look more natural than full PVC. These are going to be lighter options that are also more water resistant so you don’t need to worry about rot developing over time in damp conditions. The only downside is that they aren’t going to be as strong, so you may find that models start to crack and break over time if you are not careful! 

Whatever material choice you make, it is really important to consider the finish that you are going to get with the material as this will determine how long you can expect the planter to last. For example, it is really important to make sure that PVC models come with UV protection – this is a coating that is applied to the outside of the planter and trellis so that it does not become weakened and discoloured due to being in direct sunlight constantly. If you have decided that a wooden garden planter with trellis is the right option for you then make sure that the wood has been pressure treated – this is going to help it resist damp and rot for a much longer period of time. You also want to see whether the garden planter comes pre-painted or varnished or whether you are purchasing it in its natural state. Pre-painted/varnished options are going to save you the hassle of having to do this when it arrives but it does mean you can’t always then choose the colour yourself! 

What Size of Garden Planter With Trellis Do You Need? 

The size of a garden planter with trellis that you need is obviously going to be dependent on the space that you have available and the plants that you are wanting to grow in your planter.

  • Length – The length of the planter is usually going to range from around 2ft up to around 5ft. Obviously, this is really only going to be affected by the space that you have available and the amount of plants that you are wanting to line up and grow. Remember that all plants are going to need a few inches between them if you want them to thrive and become established. 
  • Depth – The depth of your garden planter is really important as this will affect the types of plants that will grow successfully in your planter. Plants with minimal root systems won’t need nearly as much depth as plants with more complex, intricate root systems. Equally, if you are planning on growing some vegetables then you are going to need a deeper garden planter so that you have space for the vegetables to grow down into the soil. Most planters ranged in depth from around 20cm up to around 50cm. 
  • Trellis height – The height of your trellis really comes down to personal preference. A larger trellis is going to cover up more of the space behind it and only you know if this is a good thing or not. If you are placing your garden planter and trellis in front of a shed then you may need a smaller height so that it doesn’t block any windows but if you are using your garden planter and trellis as a garden screen then you will want a taller option. We found that heights ranged from 1.5ft up to around 6ft. 

TOP TIP: Personally, we think it is also really important to look at the overall capacity that you will get with your garden planter as this gives a more general overview of the plants that you will be able to grow successfully. 

Best Budget Garden Planter with Trellis – Gr8 Garden Planter

Gr8 Garden Rectangular Wooden Planter With Lattice For Vines Garden Climbing Flower Plant Pot Box Garden Patio Wood Trellis Panel
  • Size: height: 1 m approx.
  • Plant Pot size: 60 x 23 x 23 cm approx.
  • Material: wood
  • Good quality product
  • Great for everyone's home

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Design Features with Garden Planters and Trellis 

Once you have decided on the materials and the sizes that are going to be right for you, your next job is to think about the actual design. It will take a long time for your trellis to be completely covered with plants so you need the planter to be a feature on its own.

Planter Design 

Look at the overall planter design and think about what is going to work best in your garden. Some models go for a more traditional look – trying to create a pallet style feature so that your garden planter looks as though it has been there forever! Other garden planters are designed to stand out and look more ornate and modern – these will usually cost more due to the extra time that has to go into creating the designs. 

Trellis Design 

When looking at the trellis design you need to consider practicality and looks! If you are wanting your trellis to create a screen in your garden then generally the smaller the spaces between the trellis the better. This will also make it much easier for plants to climb up the trellis – especially when they are younger and still becoming established. However, these models are going to let less light through – so if you are wanting to use your garden planter with trellis towards the middle of your garden then larger holes may be better. Also make sure to look at the shape of the trellis – some will come with arched tops that just help to create a bit more of a feature! We would also recommend looking at the actual shape of the gaps in the trellis – some are more practical for young plants whereas others are definitely more designed with looks in mind! 

Additional Garden Planter with Trellis Features 

Here are some of the final features that we would recommend you considering if you are wanting the best garden planter with trellis for your money! 

  • Planter with Feet – If you are wanting your garden planter to be long lasting then look out for a model that comes with feet. This is going to keep the main part of the planter raised from the ground and avoid it becoming damp and rotting any sooner than it has to! 
  • Planter liner – Another way to avoid your garden planter suffering from rot is to opt for a planter that comes with a liner. This is the best way to create a barrier between the damp soil and the wooden planter. Just make sure to add drainage holes into the bottom of the liner or you risk your soil becoming waterlogged. 
  • Drainage holes – This leads us nicely to drainage holes in the bottom of the planter. As far as we are concerned this is a must as it is the only way for excess water to drain away and avoid root rot in your plants. If your garden planter doesn’t come with drainage holes then this is something you are going to have to plan to add yourself which is just extra time and effort. We actually found some models that come with resealable drainage holes, which is a great option for if you are wanting to use your planter inside and don’t want water all over your floor!
  • Assembly – Make sure to check how easy it is going to be to assemble your garden planter and trellis as it is rare that they will come fully assembled. Look to see whether they come with the tools that you are going to need and at the quality of the hardware that is included – galvanised steel is going to be the best as it is strong and long lasting. 
  • Weight – Ideally you actually want a garden planter that is slightly heavier as this is going to stop it being blown over in heavy winds. Some models are going to weigh as little as 8kg (usually the PVC models) whereas others are going to be up to around 20kg (usually the wooden models).
  • Miniature Planters with Trellis – If you are particularly short on space but still want the opportunity to grow climbing plants then why not look out for a miniature garden planter that comes with trellis. Some of these models will be as small as 20cm squared! 

Best of the Rest

Outsunny 72.5 x 31.5 x 149.5 cm 45L Garden Wooden Pine Trough Planter with Topped Trellis Climbing Plants Flower Raised Bed, Orange
  • WIDE USE: With this helpful flower shelf, you can cultivate plants, making it more convenient to manage and take care them, in your patio, yard, garden, greenhouse, or anywhere you'd like to grow vegetables, herbs, or flowers
  • DECORATIVE EFFECT: The grid on the back can be decorated with rattans or around LED lights, making it a beautiful landscape and create a rustic style. It also offers lots of growing space for plants, such as grapes, creepers, etc
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The flower shelf can be painted in the varnish you'd prefer to blend well with your porch, patio or balcony. Ideal for people looking for a bit of personal touch
  • DURABLE AND STRONG: Made of 100% solid wood, which is known for its strength and dimensional stability as well as its natural resistance to rot and pests, this flower shelf can built outdoors to last through the seasons with proper care
  • Overall Dimension: 72.5L x 31.5W x 149.5H (cm), Volume: 45L

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No products found.

COSTWAY Wood Flower Plant Stand with Trellis, Solid Garden Trough Planter, Outdoor Garden Weather-Resistant Plant Rack for Vines, Climbing Flower, Plant Pot Box (Brown, 64x28x75cm)
  • 【Powerful Considerate Design】This planter has a built-in trellis that provides a place for climbing plants to grow. In addition, the trellis can also hang bracket plant. There are two holes on the bottom plate, which facilitate the timely discharge of excess water.
  • 【Large Space for Planting】Our outdoor planter with trellis has a large flower box which can hold a considerable number of plants and flowers, allowing you to plant your favorite flowers or vegetables. Moreover, a lot of hanging orchid and climbing plants can be hanged on the trellis.
  • 【Unique Shape for Decorating】The flower box at the bottom can be used for flower pots and the flower rack at the top can be used for climbing vines. Dark brown frame can be coordinated with the color of the plants, which is great for decorating your garden, yard or balcony.
  • 【Premium Wood Material】The material of this planter with trellis is natural fir, which is not crack easily and environmentally friendly. The whole frame is weather resistant and durable when used outdoors. The feature which is no fear of sun and rain can extend the service life.
  • 【Quick & Easy to Install】This concise garden planter box is easy to install together by yourself or with your family members in short time. All the necessary accessories and the complete installation instructions are packaged well in the product parcel.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What plants can I grow on trellis in my garden?

There are a range of plants that you are going to be able to grow in a planter in your garden using trellis. You will be able to grow all types of roses, clematis and most types of honeysuckle and climbing hydrangeas. There are also many types of ivy that will be able to cope in planters as long as you keep on top of them! 

How can I maintain my wooden garden planter?

The best way to maintain your wooden garden planter so that it stays rot free and is long lasting is to treat the wood every 12/24 months with a varnish or oil based treatment. This will soak into the grains of the wood and help to create a waterproof barrier to save the wood from water ingress. It is really important to do this once the climbing plants have fallen back in winter though or they risk being damaged. 

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