Best Artificial Hanging Basket Buyers Guide (2022)

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Wanting hanging baskets that are the envy of all your neighbours but without all the hassle that has to go into maintaining and looking after them? We have the perfect solution for you – an artificial hanging basket. The best artificial hanging baskets are going to add colour and brightness to your outdoor space, but without you having the stress of having to maintain them. Not only this, but artificial hanging baskets are going to be a much cheaper option as you don’t need to worry about having to fill them two or even three times a year. As long as you keep them well looked after they will last for a number of years – leaving you the option of either keeping your home bright and cheerful all year round or pulling them out every spring ready to impress your neighbours with yet another stunning floral display! 

So if you are done with the daily watering of a traditional hanging basket, or if you are looking to add some colour and light to your outside space then we are here to help. There are many artificial hanging baskets to choose from, and if we are honest then some of them don’t try to hide the fact that they are artificial, so we have taken the hard work away from you by finding all the artificial hanging baskets that we would be proud to have in our garden! 

In A Hurry?

Fed up of coming home to a rather bland looking exterior? Or maybe your home is the only one on the street that doesn’t have thriving, colourful hanging baskets on either side of the door? Whatever the reason for you being in a hurry, we have compiled all the essential features you need to consider before purchasing the best artificial hanging basket you can find. 

Artificial Flowers

One of the best ways to ensure that your artificial hanging basket looks realistic is by choosing flowers that are going to look more natural and life-like. This is really going to make or break whether you can get away with being a green-fingered wonder or not! 

There will be a wide range of colours to choose from when looking out for different artificial hanging baskets. We would suggest opting for two main colours, rather than many different ones, to try and achieve a more natural finish. If you combine two main colours with different shades of greenery then you are going to get the best effect by far! Obviously, the actual colours that you choose really comes down to personal preference and what is going to look best in your garden, but we found that it often works well to consider colours that are fitting for the time of year – whites and yellows for spring, brighter colours for summer or reds and greens for autumn/winter. 

To add some depth to your artificial hanging basket, it is always best to have a range of types of flowers and plants as well. For example, we would recommend some trailing vines, some taller grasses and some bedding plants for your hanging basket. Not only will this help to make the hanging basket look fuller but it will look more natural too! 

Outsunny Pack of 2 Artificial Lisianthus Flowers Hanging Planter with Basket for Indoor Outdoor Decoration
  • SET OF TWO: Easy to create a matching look in your home, outdoor or business entrance. Beautiful and colourful lisianthus flower design.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ARTIFICIAL DESIGN: Premium plastic construction in rich hues, with a natural-feeling texture for a realistic look and feel.
  • WICKER POT INCLUDED: Plants delivered ready to use. Filled with cement soil for an extra-real finish. METAL CHAIN AND HOOK: Easy to hang and hold in place.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: No need to water to keep alive and healthy, will look great all year round. Can be wiped clean with damp cloth.
  • DIMENSIONS: 34H x Ф25cm. Pot: 14H x Ф25cm.

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Don’t forget to also look at the different materials that your artificial hanging basket is made from too! Artificial hanging baskets that have flowers purely made from plastic are going to look quite unnatural, whereas models that include a mix of silk, plastic and polyester are going to be much more effective. It is worth mentioning that the more delicate the material, like silk, the less hard wearing they are going to be, but you should still find them to be more than long lasting enough! 

Artificial Hanging Basket Sizes and Designs 

Luckily for you, there are so many different sizes and designs of artificial hanging baskets that you are bound to be able to find one that is going to suit your garden and the space that you have available. 

If you are low on space then there are lots of artificial hanging baskets that are designed to maximise the space that you have available and actually come without a basket. These models are going to be more obviously artificial – as lets be honest when do you ever see a floating spherical hedge? – but they are much smaller so are a great option for anyone that is short on space. You will usually find that they are around 30cm in diameter, in total, which also makes them perfect for balconies or terraces where you need all the space you can get! 

We are guessing that for the most part you are wanting a more traditional looking artificial hanging basket, in which case you need to look at the actual size of the basket to work out if you are going to have the space – just remember that the overall size is usually going to be double the size of the basket (if you include the chain). We found that some models have baskets that are 40cm in length which are going to be much larger and therefore need a larger floral display to fill them and make them stand out in your garden. Overall sizes of artificial hanging baskets usually stop at around 60cm but we did find some models that were closer to 80cm. Don’t forget that a longer hanging basket is generally going to be wider too and therefore take up more space in your garden. 

TOP TIP: You will also find that there are different shapes of baskets to consider – most will come in either a cone shape or a spherical shape and what you choose really comes down to personal preference. 

What Is The Hanging Basket Made From?

You also need to think about what your hanging basket is actually going to be made from. This all really depends on how artificial you are wanting to go. There are hanging baskets that will be made from plastic – usually they are designed to look as though they are wicker but actually they aren’t. The benefits to purchasing a plastic option is that you can be sure it will be long lasting, durable and weather resistant. They are also going to be incredibly easy to wipe down and clean. 

However, in our opinion, a plastic option is going to make it really obvious that your flowers are artificial. We much prefer the natural baskets that are made from wicker to create a rattan effect as these will add a bit of a “traditional” finish to your artificial hanging basket. Although not quite as long lasting as plastic, and they can be slightly prone to discolouring over time, they will still last for a number of years and will be strong enough to deal with whatever weather is thrown their way! We also found that the slight discolouration and wear that does develop to the basket actually works well to make it look more realistic! 

It is also worth thinking about what colour of basket you want. Ones that use traditional materials will be rather limited in the colours, but you will still have the choice of darker shades of wood or lighter shades. Plastic hanging baskets will come in a wider range of colours including brighter colours if this is what you are looking for.

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to check the metal that has been used for the chain of the hanging basket too. Galvanised steel, or other types of steel that have been powder coated, are going to be your best options if you want to avoid rust developing and causing damage to the chain. 

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Additional Artificial Hanging Basket Features…

By now you should have an idea of the type of artificial hanging basket that you are wanting to buy. So here are some of the added extras that we only found in the best artificial hanging baskets. If you are wanting a design that is made to last and stand out then this is what to look for…

  • UV Protection – The best way to keep your flowers and greenery looking realistic and new for as long as possible is to make sure that they are UV protected. This is a coating that is used to cover the materials to help prevent them from fading when left out in the sun. 
  • Multi-buys – Many people are going to want more than one artificial hanging basket so that they can be positioned on either side of your front door or maybe at different points in your garden. Many manufacturers have considered this and offer multi-buys to save you money! 
  • Assembly – It is really important to check whether you are going to need to assemble your artificial hanging basket or not. Some will come with the flowers already positioned whereas others come with the flowers separately. Personally, we prefer models with the flowers already in the hanging basket as it saves you the hassle of trying to find the perfect place to position them. 
  • Weight – When looking at the weight of your artificial hanging basket you will actually find that the heavier models are the best ones to go for. The heavier the hanging basket the more it is going to be able to withstand the worst of the weather and the wind as it will not be blown around nearly as much. Weights range from around 500g up to around 2kgs which makes quite a difference. The best models will come filled with bark, which not only is going to create a more natural effect but it is also going to add to the weight.
  • Lighting – We found some artificial hanging baskets that actually come with solar powered lights included in the hanging basket. These will light up as soon as the sun starts to set and create a beautiful feature in your garden. Just make sure that they are positioned somewhere that will get enough sunlight through the day to charge up the LED bulbs. 
  •  Window Box vs Hanging Basket – If you don’t have the space for a hanging basket, or live in particularly windy conditions where they are likely to become damaged then why not opt for an artificial basket that can be attached to the wall instead. This will save you the worry of bringing your hanging basket inside during bad weather! 
  • Adjustable Chain – We really like models that allow you to adjust the chain on your hanging basket as you will be able to get the perfect height for your garden, doorway or balcony then! 
  • Indoor or Outdoor Hanging Baskets – Almost all the artificial hanging baskets that we have found are designed for outdoor use but there are some hanging baskets that would look equally good inside, possibly in a conservatory or hallway, should you want to use them for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to make an artificial hanging basket? 

If you are wanting to make your own artificial hanging basket then you are going to need a basket, a range of artificial flowers and at least one piece of oasis for your hanging basket. However, if you want your artificial hanging basket to be more weighted and look more realistic then you are also going to need something to fill the basket, such as bark. Although it may be enjoyable to create your own artificial hanging basket, it will save you a lot of time and money to just purchase one and arrange the flowers yourself. 

Can I leave my artificial hanging basket outside all year? 

All outdoor artificial hanging baskets are going to be perfectly suitable to leave outside all year round. They are designed to be weather resistant and durable so there is no reason why they cannot stay outside. However, you do need to consider that in particularly bad weather over the winter months they may be better being brought inside so they are not damaged by the wind.

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