Best Feeder for Squirrels – The Complete Guide (2022)

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A squirrel feeder really only has one use – to feed the squirrels in your garden! But there are actually two completely separate reasons for why you may need a feeder for squirrels – so which side of the fence do you sit on? Some of you will be reading this and thinking about how excited you are to enjoy the wildlife that is in your garden, others will be thinking the exact opposite and want to distract the squirrels for long enough to actually enjoy the birds that are in your garden instead! 

Squirrels are clever little critters which means that they are always going to be able to find food from somewhere – but quite often this can be from your bird table, which is going to stop your bird table from being used properly for what it is actually for! Research suggests that by purchasing a purposefully designed feeder for squirrels, your birds will then be free to enjoy their bird table, whilst the squirrels stick to their own food instead! 

So whatever your reasons, whether you are a lover or a hater, here you will find all that you need to know about a feeder for squirrels so that you can find one that will be right for you! We have also included some of the best feeders for squirrels that we have found on the market at the moment. 

Best Pick Squirrel Feeder – Wildlife World

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In A Hurry?

There are always going to be squirrels around at different times of the year, even if it is in the middle of winter you may want to buy a feeder for squirrels so that you are ready for later in the year! This means that it is always the right time to purchase a feeder for squirrels, so here is all the essential information that you need to get buying! 

What Is The Feeder Made From?

Probably the first thing that you need to think about when you are looking to purchase a feeder for squirrels is the materials that it is made from. You are going to have three choices – wood, plastic or metal. The material that you choose is going to determine the strength and the life expectancy of your feeder so is really important to consider! 

Wood is going to be your most natural option so will blend in well with the environment around it. We also like that it can be painted, so you can get imaginative with brighter colours if you want to, or get it to blend in with the fencing etc around it if you would rather! However, wood is going to be prone to rotting if it is not the right type or well treated. Cedarwood is going to be one of your best options for staying rot free! You also need to consider that squirrels are pretty much made to gnaw on wood, so if you don’t keep the feeder well stocked, you could find the squirrels chewing on the wood instead! 

Your next option is going to be plastic, this is going to be a much cheaper and lighter option, but this does also mean that they will be able to hold much less weight so are normally only designed for one squirrel at once. However it will be weatherproof so you won’t need to worry about the material rotting or rusting. 

Finally you have metal, this is going to be chew proof so won’t be able to be damaged by your squirrels if they are feeling extra peckish. It is also nice and strong so you won’t need to worry about it not being up to the task of holding a couple of heavier squirrels! The only downside to this is that it is going to succumb to rust and corrosion over time if you are not careful – but this can largely be avoided if you opt for models that are made from stainless steel. These models are normally going to be more expensive – but they will be longer lasting so are worth the extra cost! 

What Type of Feeder for Squirrels Do You Want? 

Once you have thought about the material that you want your feeder for squirrels to be made from, you need to think about what type of feeder is going to be best for what you are looking for. Some have fantastic, fun designs that can provide entertainment for all the family, whereas others are more simple in design and perfect for a more natural look in your garden! 

The most basic design that you will find is a simple shelf that you can just place the food on. These are going to be cheap and easy for your squirrels to figure out as the food will simply be placed on the top. However, the lack of coverage for the food means that you are probably going to find a lot of wastage as it becomes damp and soggy! 

The best way to avoid soggy food is to opt for a feeder for squirrels that comes with a container that stores the food. This can then be accessed in two ways – from the bottom (as food is eaten more will fall down) or from the top (by the squirrels opening a little cupboard to get the food out of). Both are going to come with pros and cons – the cupboard style option is great as squirrels will quickly realise what they need to do to get to the feed – but you have the downside of all the food being wasted if it doesn’t come with a self closing lid! Bottom feeders save this problem, but you will potentially find your feed being eaten by birds as well! 

There are some feeders for squirrels that are much more fun to watch, such as wheels that will rotate as the squirrels eat and give them challenges to actually get to the food. The downside to these models is that they can usually only be used with fresh food (which can be more expensive) but they will be fun for the whole family to watch! 

TOP TIP: When looking at the style of the feeder for squirrels don’t forget to consider how easy it is going to be for both you and the squirrels to use! Some will require a little bit of training for the squirrels so you will need to leave the food propping the door open so they can figure out how to use it! Also look out for models that are easy for you to refill too, simply by opening a lid for example. 


Don’t forget to check the size of the feeder for squirrels that is going to be right for you. You don’t want one that you are going to have to refill with food every day as this is going to take time and effort – not only that but if you forget and the feeder runs out, you could find squirrels trying to chew the actual feeder itself! Equally, you don’t want a feeder that is too large as then you could overfill it with food and find the food going off! Not only that – but a larger feeder for squirrels is going to take up more space and require larger fittings to fit! 

A larger feeder is going to be a bangle to feed more than one squirrel at once, whereas a smaller feeder is going to only be suitable for one feeder! Some smaller feeders will be around 20cm in height and sometimes even less in width, whereas others are around 30cm squared. 

Best Budget Squirrel Feeder – CKB 2 in 1

CKB LTD 2 in 1 Wooden Squirrel Feeder/Nesting Bird House Hanging Feeding Station or Nest Box Rustic Natural Weatherproof Ideal For Any Size Garden Outdoors Tree Or Balcony
  • 2-in-1 Bird nesting box and Squirrel feeder - Attract wild birds or squirrels to your garden with this 2-in-1 Bird box and squirrel feeder that looks great in natural or modern surroundings.
  • For squirrels open the large hatch and close the rear round opening. This wooden feeder will help attract squirrels to your garden. It holds around 750g of peanuts, but you can fill it with other foods they like such as grapes, corn, squash, zucchini, pumpkin, strawberries, carrots, apples or seeds.
  • For use as a Bird box close the hatch door and open round opening. The 25mm hole and the size of the box is suitable for a variety of small birds to nest inside roost in the winter.
  • In rural areas, there is a huge shortage of safe natural nesting places for birds. We can all help with this by putting up nesting boxes and encourage them to breed near your home. Cats are another huge problem for wildlife, recent figures say that cats in the UK catch up to 100 million prey items over spring and summer, of which 27 million are birds. Keep this in mind when placing the birdbox.
  • Material: Firwood/Pine Wood and Acetate. Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 16cm. Can be used as a bird nesting box or a squirrel feeder. Easy to hang from a tree branch. Has a plaque for writing a name on.

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The Best Feeder for Squirrels Have…

Once you have decided on the style of feeder for squirrels that is going to be right for you and the materials that it is going to be made from, here are some of the extra features that are worth considering! 

  • Cleaning – It is important to check how easy it is going to be to clean your feeder for squirrels. The old food is going to need wiping down and removing after time, particularly if they get damp. Not only that but even the outside is going to need cleaning and removing of dirt and debris. 
  • Multi-packs – If you have a particularly large garden then you may find that you need more than one feeder for squirrels in your garden. Some feeders will come in multipacks to save you money and the hassle of buying more than one feeder separately. 
  • Colour – The colour of your feeder is actually more important that you would think! You need a colour that is bright enough to attract the squirrels but also natural enough for the squirrels to feel as though they blend in so that they feel safe in the environment! 
  • Fitting your Feeder – Don’t forget to check for the fittings that come with the feeder for squirrels to make sure that they are going to be compatible with the surface that you are wanting to fit them to! Also look out for good quality brackets that are going to be made from strong, rust free materials such as stainless steel. 
  • Transparent food store – We particularly like food stores that are going to be at least a little bit transparent because this will allow you to quickly and easily see how much food is in the feeder and whether you need to refill. 
  • Powder-coated steel – Look out for models that come made from powder coated steel as these are going to be rust free, which is essential if you want your feeder to be long lasting. 
  • Size of holes – It is worth looking at the size of the holes that are provided if you opt for this style of feeder. This will determine the food that you are going to be able to store in it. It will also determine whether the feeder can be used for birds as well as squirrels – should you want to! 

What Foods Can Squirrels Eat?

Once you have purchased your feeder for squirrels, you need to think about what foods you are actually going to be able to put in it. You always have the option of purchasing pre-mixed food which will come with a range of nuts and seeds that will attract your squirrels. You may find that some squirrels are selective over which parts they will eat though – which could leave you with a substantial amount of waste. One thing to remember is that any natural foods that you give them should be unsweetened and unsalted as these can affect the health of the squirrels! Here are some of the other options that you will have…

  • Fresh foods – corn, carrots, apples, strawberries and grapes (squirrels actually have incredibly sweet teeth)
  • Mushrooms
  • Seeds – sunflower seeds are a great choice
  • Nuts – If feeding nuts then it is always best if they are in their shells, such as walnuts, hickory nuts, white oak acorns and beechnuts. You can also give things like pecans and peanuts but these won’t stay fresh for as long. 

Best of the Rest

Wooden Squirrel Feeder
  • Squirrel feeder
  • Wood
  • 23x18x12
  • Model number: WA09

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Navaris Squirrel Feeder for Outdoors - Pine Wood House with Metal Roof for Squirrels - Durable Feeding Station for the Garden, Backyard
  • NUT HOUSE: With the Navaris Squirrel Feeder, you can offer squirrels a safe environment to eat nuts in the backyard, garden or forest throughout the year. Squirrel feeders give them a source of food apart from your bird feeders.
  • EASY TO MOUNT: Hang the wooden feeder on a tree in an area that is quiet and accessible to squirrels. Enjoy watching squirrels grabbing and eating their food from afar!
  • PROTECTION FROM RAIN: The metal roof is made of iron to protect the feeding station from rain, so less moisture enters the wood.
  • FEED 'EM: Recommended food includes nuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and raisins (food is not included in the delivery). Keep squirrel feeders well stocked at all times to prevent squirrels from straying from their feeders.
  • ANIMAL SAFETY: The transparent plastic front window offers the squirrels a clear view of where they can find their food. The opening has a safety gap to prevent injury to the squirrel if the lid closes while it is eating.

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Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder | Small Terrace Provides A Platform For Squirrels To Feed From | Easy To Clean, & Easy To Fill
  • The Supa Metal Squirrel Feeder can be used to encourage Squirrels into your garden or can be used to deter Squirrels from attacking wild bird feeders by providing them with their own source of food.
  • Powder coated metal construction ensures the feeder will have a long life.
  • A little tip when placing a Squirrel Feeder for the first time in your garden is to place a little piece of food between the lid and tube so the Squirrel can work out how to access the food.
  • Small terrace provides a platform for Squirrels to feed.
  • Easy to clean & Easy Fill

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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best place to fit a feeder for squirrels? 

You need to find the right position to fit your feeder, as otherwise your squirrels won’t want to use it. Your feeder for squirrels is going to need to be high up on a fence panel or on a tree so that the squirrels feel that they are safe. They also need a way to access the feeder, such as along the top of fence panels etc. 

Can squirrels and birds share a feeder? 

It isn’t usually recommended for squirrels and birds to share a feeder. You will usually find that when this happens, birds will be put off from using the feeder because of the squirrels scent around the area. Equally, too many animals trying to share the same feeder could result in fights. It is always better to have one feeder for your squirrels and another for the birds if possible.

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