Best Raised Pond Buyers Guide (2022)

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A garden pond really is one of life’s true delights! Being able to spend time in your garden and close to the flowing water is not only going to be incredibly relaxing but it will also make a beautiful feature in your garden. 

We know that there are many people who think they can’t have a pond in their garden. Maybe you are thinking that you can’t afford a pond, or possibly that you don’t have a big enough garden for one – but with a raised pond all of these problems wash away! With a raised pond you also have the benefit of not having to dig out the garden that you already have! Plus there aren’t many ponds that you can take with you when you move house! 

We completely understand that you will now be excited to purchase a raised pond for your garden – we were too – so keep reading for some of the best we found and the essential information that you need! 

Best Pick Raised Pond – Hozelock 3085

HOZELOCK - Modern Aquarium 500L Black : Quick, Easy and Tool-free "Twist & Lock" Installation, Above-ground Aquarium Ideal for Outdoor Spaces, 3 Side Windows [‎3085 0000]
  • Single person assembly
  • Quick and easy installation with no digging or construction skills required
  • The revolutionary ‘twist & Lock’ system eliminates the need for tools
  • 3 side viewing windows allow you to enjoy the fish in their natural environment
  • A convenient and modern solution to a traditional pond; perfect for all outdoor spaces

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

In A Hurry? 

Decided that your garden needs a pond but don’t know where to begin? This part of the article has all the main things you need to know! 

What is a Raised Pond? 

If you are wondering what makes a raised pond so special then look no further. A raised pond is basically a built structure that sits ON TOP of the garden area that you have decided on – which is why they are called raised!

This means that you don’t have to worry about digging down into the ground, simply build the frame, position your pond and fill it! They usually come in a kit – similar to flat pack furniture – that just needs some basic assembly before they are ready to be enjoyed!

There are a range of styles and sizes of raised ponds so we will look at this below. 

TOP TIP: Make sure to check whether your raised pond comes with a base or not. Models that don’t will have to be placed on a sturdy but soft surface such as rubber tiles which is going to be additional cost and time for you! 

Fish, Plants or Both? 

That’s right – you can even get raised ponds that will be suitable for pond fish if you want to! This is probably the first thing you need to consider….whether you want just plants in your pond or fish too, as this is going to determine the size that you need to look for, the build material and the additional features. 

If you are wanting to put fish in your pond then you will need a larger model if you are wanting them to grow to a decent size whereas if you are just putting plants in your garden then you can go for whatever size you want! 

TOP TIP: Some of the best raised ponds will actually come with glass sides or glass “windows” so that you can watch your fish swimming around! This can be so lovely for children and adults alike! 


One of the main things that you need to think about is the size of the pond that is going to be right for you – this comes down to not just the dimensions of the tank but the gallons of water that it is going to hold too. As we mentioned above, this is going to determine the fish that you will be able to have in the tank. 

When looking at the gallons of water that it holds, make sure to think about the stability of the ground underneath the raised pond as this is going to need to be very stable to hold the weight of all the water! Raised ponds range in capacity from 100 gallons up to around 250 gallons. The actual size of your raised pond will range from around 100cm x 100cm up to around 180cm x 180cm. The heights of the raised ponds are usually going to be similar – coming in at around 50/70cm as you want them to be  tall enough to hold enough water but also low enough that you can easily look into the pond and look  after your fish!

You also want to think about the shape of your raised pond so that you can work out if it is going to maximise the space that you have available. Some are going to be hexagonal in shape so that they will be symmetrical on different sides – this makes them perfect for a centre spot in your garden where they can be enjoyed from all angles. 

Best Budget Raised Pond – New Garden 50 Gallon

New Garden Pool 50 Gallon with Liner Fish Pond Tank Outdoor Water Feature
  • Simple and quick to assemble, unique slot together design (no nails, no screws, no glue). All products are above ground - no digging or foundations are required. Ideal for fish, wildlife and plants etc. Easily disassembled and relocated. Please note: The water fountain/pump shown in the photo is NOT included in this sale.

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Build Materials 

There are two areas that you will need to look at when considering your build materials – the outer materials and the liner materials. The two combined are going to determine how strong and durable your raised pond will be! 

Let’s look at the outer structure….you will have a number of choices for this including PVC (or plastic), wood and sometimes metal. Plastic is going to be your cheapest option and has the benefit of not needing treating to remain water resistant. We also like that it is relatively light, so this helps to reduce the overall weight of the raised pond – which is important when it is going to be holding so much water. However, PVC is never going to be the strongest of materials and there is always going to be the potential of it cracking or becoming damaged, particularly if someone sits on the edge for example. Just the thought of this makes us a little nervous if you are planning on putting fish in your pond! 

Your next option is going to be a wooden frame. We love how natural these look, plus they are going to make a lovely feature in your garden. The obvious downside to choosing a wooden frame is that most wood isn’t actually waterproof – which can then make it a questionable choice for a pond! However, with a good quality liner and providing you make sure to treat your wood every couple of years, there is no reason why it won’t be up to the task. There is always going to be the chance of the wood starting to rot over time, but at least you will have time to prepare for this and repair the wood – whereas if a plastic frame cracks it will need replacing immediately! Wood is also going to be a strong material – and because of this you will find some that come with small “seats” in the corners so you can sit and look down on your pride and joy! 

Finally there is going to be metal – this is usually going to be your most expensive option, but is also going to be your most durable and the material that will need the least amount of maintenance from you. It is rare that you will find whole frames that are made from metal but there are some models that are! The one thing to consider with metal frames is how they are secured together as this will almost always require some type of power tool to make sure the fastenings are tight! 

Fishing For The Best Raised Pond? 

If you aren’t willing to settle for less than the best then we don’t blame you. With warranties lasting up to around 6 to 7 years, and build materials that guarantee you longer use than just this, you want a raised pond that you are going to be happy with for years to come! 

Pump Included? 

It is always worth checking whether there is going to be a pond included with your raised pond. The best raised ponds will come with a powerful pump that is going to be strong enough to circulate the water and clear out any dirt and debris. 

Personally, we wouldn’t buy any raised pond that doesn’t come with a pump, as this is just going to massively increase the amount of time and effort that you need to put into maintaining your pond. You will also find that fish and plants will survive much better in a raised pond with a pump thanks to the way that they aerate and clean the water. We particularly like that some pumps will combine to create an effective water feature at the top of the pond, such as a fountain. These are going to need slightly more power to be able to push the water into the air but are well worth it for the feature and sound that they create. 

A good quality pump will be around 600W or more if you want it to be able to circulate larger amounts of water. However, we  found a massive range in the power of the pumps so this is definitely worth checking for! 


Almost all raised ponds are going to come as a kit, which means that it is going to be on you to assemble them – but don’t panic! There are lots of raised ponds that are designed to be easy to assemble providing you have another person to help you with holding the structure. 

Some can be simply clicked into place and then the liner of the pond simply slotted in afterwards. Others are going to require power tools to secure the walls together so this is worth checking for in case you don’t have the tools needed!

TOP TIP: Some raised ponds take as little as 10 minutes to assemble so you will be able to enjoy your pond before you know it! 

Additional Features 

Here are some of the additional features that are definitely worth looking out for if you are wanting to purchase the best raised pond for your money….

  • UV Protected – Chances are your raised pond is going to be exposed to sunlight for at least some of the day, so make sure that the materials are UV protected so that they don’t become discoloured in the sunlight. 
  • Lighting – Some of the best raised ponds are going to come with lighting options so that you can even enjoy your pond in the evening! These raised ponds make a fantastic, stand-out feature in your garden. Just make sure that the lighting is good quality and won’t heat up the pond water too much as this can actually harm your fish and plants! LED lights are usually going to be the best for this. Some of the best models will even allow you to put the lights on a timer! 
  • UV Water clarifier – If you are wanting to save yourself the hassle of having to go out and make additional purchases then check to see whether a UV water clarifier is included. The water will be pumped through this to remove any bacteria and green algae that has managed to get through the filter. 
  • Varied Fountain Heads – As we mentioned above, some raised ponds will come with pumps that will create a fountain feature on your  pond. Some of the best models even come with varied fountain heads so that you can choose the right look for you. 
  • Pond liner – Many raised ponds are going to come with a pond liner to provide  extra protection against leaks and damage. It is vitally important that you make sure these are made from good quality PVC as this is going to be the best way to avoid cracks and damage. 

Best of the Rest

Square Raised Garden Pool 120 Gallon with Liner Fish Pond Outdoor Water Feature
  • Simple and quick to assemble, unique slot together design (no nails, no glue). All products are above ground - no digging or foundations are required. Ideal for fish, wildlife and plants etc. Please note: The water fountain/pump shown in the photo is NOT included in this sale.

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Blagdon Affinity View Half-Moon Living Water Feature Patio Pool Pond, with Inpond 5-in-1 2000 Filter Pump & LED Spotlight, 3 Attractive Fountain Feature Heads, 1 Planting Basket - Small, Black
  • COMPLETE PATIO POND KIT - durable aluminium rails and finish (does not breakdown like plastic), polymer wool underlay prevents damage to the liner, 1mm fibre reinforced box welded liner for strength and longevity, unique shatterproof viewing windows, 3 attractive fountain heads, filter pump, LED light and filter included
  • STYLISH AND UNIQUE - raised living water feature pool introducing a fresh dimension to any garden, patio or deck
  • EASY TO SET UP - everything is included in the kit so you will be up and running in just a couple of hours, the pool is very simple to build
  • BLAGDON INPOND FILTER PUMP INCLUDED - this complete low-voltage in-pond solution includes a pump, filter, LED spotlight and 3 attractive fountain feature heads - perfect for keeping your water clear and healthy
  • ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS - (including waterfall) 60 cm (H) x 75.5 cm (W) x 63 cm (D), pool capacity 133 Litre

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

  • Delivery UK Mainland only - No Channel Island - Northern Island delivery
  • Wooden pool with liner (approx 59cm deep)
  • Pressure treated wood for longer life ideal for fish
  • Hexagon shape design garden pool

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

What guarantee will I get with a raised pond?

You will find that most raised ponds will come with between a 1 and a 2 year guarantee. However, some superior raised ponds will actually guarantee the frame for even longer. We found some models that guarantee the wooden frame will remain free from rot for 10 years! 

What fish can I put in a raised pond? 

You can keep more or less any fish in a raised pond that you would put in a standard pond – providing the pond is going to be big enough! We would recommend goldfish, comets and shubunkins will be suitable for most raised ponds as these are smaller fish species – larger fish will struggle to get around in a raised pond as they don’t tend to be as deep!

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