Best BBQ Table – A Complete Guide (2022)

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Enjoying a BBQ in your garden is one of the many British luxuries enjoyed by many. There is something so satisfying about making your own food outdoors and they are perfect for when you are socialising with friends or family in your garden. But, if you are like us, you will often find that you miss one thing from your normal cooking environment….worktops! Trying to prepare your food, store your utensils and serve out food when it is ready without having any means of doing this can lead to frustration, spilled food and just generally kill the love of BBQing! 

Preparing your food before cooking is essential, which means that often the person in charge of the BBQ is left inside, preparing food and missing out on the social gathering happening outside – which surely defeats the object of having a BBQ? If this sounds familiar then you need a BBQ table! A BBQ table – also known as a prep table for obvious reasons – will give you the perfect place to prepare your BBQ food, store your utensils and even serve out your food afterwards! Some BBQs claim to come with a little table on the side of the BBQ, but to be honest, they are nowhere near big enough for what you actually need to provide a decent BBQ meal for you and your family! 

BBQ tables come in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials depending on the quality you want and the amount that you are going to need it. So we have created this article to give you all the information you will need before you buy – including some of our favourite BBQ tables to help you buy!

Best Pick BBQ Table – Keter Graphite Table

Keter BBQ Side Table Unity XL, Dimensions 134 x 51.7 x 89.6 cm, Graphite Grey, Weatherproof, Stainless Steel Worktop, Outdoor Sideboard, Perfect for Spring BBQ
  • BBQ table with cutlery hooks, kitchen roll holder and spice rack
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): approx. 134 x 51.7 x 89.6 cm
  • Stainless steel worktop
  • Offers plenty of storage space (interior dimensions: L x W x H 97 x 40 x 48 cm), so you can easily fit e.g. 5 kg gas bottles and other utensils
  • Made from UV-resistant, weather-resistant, high-quality polypropylene (plastic), maintenance- and easy to clean

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In A Hurry? 

Summer upon you? BBQing season already underway? Wanting to be the envy of all your barbequing neighbours? Then look no further – here are all the key features that you need to consider before you purchase the best BBQ table! 

Types of BBQ Table

Probably the first thing that you need to decide on is the type of BBQ table that is going to be right for you. You will have a couple of options depending on exactly what you are planning on using your BBQ table for. 

Pack-Away BBQ Tables 

If you aren’t planning on using your BBQ regularly, or maybe you are, but just at different locations, then a pack-away, portable BBQ table is going to be the best option for you. These are designed so that they can be broken down and folded away to make them compact enough to store and move whenever you need to. This means that they tend to be smaller and lighter in design as they aren’t made to be in one place all the time! They are perfect for if you have limited space in your garden – or just don’t want a table on show all the time – as they won’t take up too much space in your shed when not in use! The only real downside is that they don’t tend to have the same sleek finish as more permanent models will. 

Fixed BBQ Tables 

Let us start by saying that fixed BBQ tables aren’t secured to the floor or wall, nor do they have to be kept in one place…however they are much less portable than pack-away BBQ tables which is why we have given them this name. 

Fixed BBQ tables are really for anyone that has regular BBQs and wants the perfect set up in their garden! They are usually larger than other models so will give you much more space to prepare your food and will have a much more contemporary finish. But they won’t be designed in ways that allow them to just be put away easily, so you really need a permanent home in your garden. You will also usually find that these models are more expensive! 


Choosing the right size of BBQ table is going to be important, because you need one that is going to be big enough to allow you to get everything done, but also small enough that it doesn’t take up too much precious room in your garden! 

We found that models started at around 45cm in length and went all the way up to around 1.5m. The width of various BBQ tables tended to be more standard, at around 30cm up to around 50cm. 

Don’t forget to also think about the height of the tables that you are looking at. You need a table that is going to be at a good height for you to be able to work and prepare your food without bending over. Some are going to sit at a MUCH lower height than this, at around 70/80cms but these are usually made to be used if you are sat down when away camping for example! 

Build Materials 

You definitely need to check what your BBQ table is going to be made from, as this will have a big impact on how durable it is going to be and how long it is going to look new and inviting for you!

Most are going to involve a combination of metal and some type of PVC, but there are variations to this. The first thing is to make sure that AT LEAST the joints in the BBQ table are made from metal, as this is going to be a much stronger and more substantial material than PVC. We would then recommend checking to see whether the rest of the frame is made from metal as well as this will help to increase the weight that the prep table is going to be able to hold. 

If your BBQ table does include metal then it is worth checking the type of metal that has been used too! Aluminium or steel are going to be your best options – aluminium is going to be light and will remain rust free, but you do have the downside of it not being quite as strong! If the metal type that has been used is steel then make sure to check if it is either stainless steel or if it is powder coated as this will help to prevent corrosion and rust. 

For BBQ tables that are made from PVC, you need to check the quality and the strength of the PVC that has been used. This material will remain free from corrosion, which is one of the main benefits, however you will have the potential for them to discolour if they are left out in the sun for too long. To avoid this, look out for models with UV protection as this will help them to keep their perfect colour. 

TOP TIP: Bear in mind that if your BBQ table comes with an aluminium or a PVC top then we wouldn’t recommend cutting food directly on the surface as this will lead to scratches and marks! Make sure to invest in a chopping board too! If this isn’t ideal then make sure at least the top surface is made from high-quality stainless steel! 

Best Budget BBQ Table – Portable Aluminium Folding Table

120CM Portable Aluminum Folding Table Party Garden BBQ Camping Table, 3 Gear Adjustable Height Lightweight Aluminum Foldable Table for Outdoor Picnic Cooking, White, Unfolding Size: 120x60x70/62/55cm
  • Approx open size: Length: 120 x Width: 60 x Height: 70/62/55cm. Practical folds down to large briefcase size proportions (60cm X 60cm X 6.5cm). It can hold up to 50 kg approx
  • Made from high-density blow molded plastic with powder coated steel framework. Molded plastic top - includes handy carrying handle
  • The table can be folded and locked and comes with a handle for easy transportation. The tables are easy to set-up and fold-away when not in use.
  • The easy-to-maintain and durable smooth surface is very easy to keep clean. Durable and lightweight. Heavy duty folding portable table with carry handle
  • Heavy duty superior quality table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Ideal for the garden, parties, bbq's, market stalls and trade shows

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Don’t forget to check how easy it is going to be to assemble your BBQ table (and how easy it is going to be to put it away again afterwards if you are opting for a pack-away model!). Some of the best models will simply click into place, so you won’t actually need any tools to put them together. This is particularly handy for if you are wanting to take your BBQ table with you as you don’t want tools that you need getting lost or forgotten. 

It is also important to check how many people you are going to need to assemble your table. Some of the larger, more fixed BBQ tables are going to need a couple of people to be able to secure the parts together and then actually get the table into place, so this is worth bearing in mind. 

TOP TIP: For the larger models, don’t forget to check if they are going to need to be fixed to the floor. This is rare but there are some models that do recommend it to avoid the table being blown over and becoming damaged. This won’t be suitable for many gardens so is always worth checking for! 

The Best BBQ Tables Have….

Now that you are feeling ready to purchase your BBQ table, we felt it important to mention some of the additional features that really stood out to us when comparing the best BBQ Tables! If you are wanting a product that is going to last and be worth every penny – then look no further…

  • Extendable legs – Usually only found on more portable BBQ tables but this is a great way to make sure that you are getting the height that you need to prepare your food properly. It also makes the table much easier to store when it is not in use as the legs will fold away. 
  • Carry bag – If you are opting for a pack-away BBQ table then chances are this is because you aren’t going to be keeping it in one place! Look out for a model that comes with a strong and durable carry bag that will make it easier for you to move the table – and all the parts around! 
  • Drawers and cupboards – This feature is usually only found with the more fixed position BBQ tables, simply due to their size. Opting for a BBQ table with additional drawers and cupboards will make it much easier to store BBQ tools when the BBQ isn’t in use! 
  • Quality fixtures and fittings – Check that the screws, bolts and joints of the BBQ table are going to be made from good quality, powder coated steel if you are wanting to be sure that they will remain free from rust for a long time to come. 
  • Load capacity – It is really important that you check the weight that your BBQ table is going to be able to hold. Overloading this could lead to a damaged table and even worse – spilled food! We found that load capacities tended to range from around 25kg up to around 200kgs! Which is going to be MORE than enough! 
  • Adjustable legs – It is rare that you are going to find a garden, campsite, beach that is perfectly level and straight! This means that you are going to need the legs of your BBQ table to adjust to make the table straight instead – this will give you a much more level and easy to use work surface! 
  • Side hooks – We particularly like models that are going to come with hooks on the side that will allow you to easily store your cooking utensils whilst you are working at your BBQ!
  • Shelves – Look out for BBQ tables that make the most of the space that they take up by providing you with shelves and compartments to store food and utensils that you aren’t using right at that moment! 

Best of the Rest

Home Vida Folding Table 4ft Heavy Duty Extra Strength Camping Buffet Wedding Market Garden Party Car Boot Stall Picnic Trestle Indoor Outdoor Foldaway Carry Handle
  • High Quality Construction: Crafted from durable steel and HDPE plastic, the Home Vida 4ft folding table boasts a sturdy and reliable build, ensuring long lasting use for various activities.
  • Versatile Functionality: Designed to adapt to your needs, this multipurpose table is perfect for picnics, outdoor parties, camping adventures or as an extra surface for everyday use.
  • Portable and Space Saving: Featuring a practical folding design, the table effortlessly collapses for easy storage and transport, making it an ideal companion for on the go activities.
  • Enhanced Safety: The table is equipped with a robust safety lock mechanism that secures it in its open position, preventing accidental collapse during use. This safety feature adds peace of mind while enjoying various tasks and gatherings.
  • Space Saving Solution: When not in use, the Home Vida folding table neatly folds away, maximizing storage efficiency. Its compact design makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a versatile and space saving furniture option.

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SA Products 6ft Heavy Duty Folding Table - Portable & Compact Foldable Table - Ideal for Picnic, Garden, Camping, Pasting, Crafting, Party, Market - H183cm x W76cm x H72cm
  • Made For Indoor & Outdoor Use - Our garden table works as great outdoor furniture for al fresco dining or as an extra 6ft folding table in your dining room. You can also use it as a workstation, wallpaper table, buffet table, craft table or as camping tables that fold up.
  • Strong Construction - This fold away table is made to last for a long time. The panel of the foldable dining table is made with thick HDPE that won't break, warp, or rust easily. It also has stable folding table legs made from a powder coated steel frame. This folding garden table is sure to last a lifetime.
  • Perfect for Events - Got an event or get-together coming up? This heavy-duty outdoor folding table is what you need. Use this fold out table for your backyard barbecues, picnics, parties, or catering services. This folding camping table is so versatile that it can be used in almost any situation. Once covered this fold up table will look elegant no matter the venue
  • Simple, Versatile Look - Our desk comes with a smooth panel and a frame that will look natural in any space. Place the plastic table in your garden, patio, balcony, gazebo, or living room. Our trestle table measures H183cm x W76cm x H72cm and a max weight load of 150kg making it perfect in almost any situation.
  • Hassle Free Storage - You won't have a hard time storing this outside table. Each pasting table is only 90x74x7cm when folded, making it easy to stow. The 6ft table also has a flat design which makes it easier to transport.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Nestling Picnic Folding Tables Aluminum Table for Outdoor Dining Tables for Camping/Banquet/Picnic Party/Garden BBQ - Adjustable in Height (Black)
  • ✅EASY PORTABLE DESIGN: Comes in two parts: the roll-up tabletop and the bottom frame. Easy to assemble and carry. Ideal for camping trips, BBQs and other outdoor adventures.
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT: With four legs extending between 45-65cm, you can set it to a height which best suits, with a rubber pad on each leg to keep it balanced and level.
  • ✅DIMENSIONS: Whole: H: 45/65cm(adjustable) x L: 90cm x W:53cm; Folded: H:11cm x L:90cm x W:17cm.
  • ✅ALUMINIUM BODY: Lightweight yet robust, it is resistant to rusting, scratching and water damage.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are BBQ tables easy to pack away? 

Providing you purchase a portable BBQ table then yes they are going to be incredibly easy to pack away! Some come with removable legs to save you having to fold down the frame whereas others come with “snap” frames that will fold into themselves to save space. If you are wanting an easy to build BBQ table then look out for models that don’t require any tools! 

Can you put a portable BBQ on a BBQ table? 

As a general rule, you won’t be able to put a BBQ on a BBQ table, as the heat from the BBQ is going to damage the table – or cause the table to heat up to the point where it would be dangerous! However, there are some BBQ tables that have a specifically designed top that WILL hold a portable BBQ without transferring the heat to other parts of the table. These are perfect for when you are away camping or having a day out with family!

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