Best Electric Fly Killer – The Ultimate Buyers Guide 2024

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Best Electric Fly Killer

Embracing the warmth of summer often comes with an unwelcome entourage of bugs, midges, and flies, all eager to invade your tranquil home. If opening your backdoor feels like extending an open invitation to these pests, then it’s time to arm yourself with one of the best electric fly killers. These ingenious devices not only safeguard your home from airborne irritants but also contribute to a cleaner environment, protect your food, and enhance the overall serenity of your living space. Discover the power of the best electric fly killers to reclaim your peaceful summer haven!

Understandably, the battle with these tiny invaders might seem never-ending, especially during the warmer months. They’re not only a nuisance, buzzing around your home or patio, but they also pose health risks, contaminating food and spreading diseases. However, with the best electric fly killers, you have a solution that’s both effective and unobtrusive. These devices work silently in the background, zapping the troublesome insects and restoring tranquillity to your home. They’re also a safer option than chemical sprays, offering you a pest-free environment without any harmful side effects. Stick around as we delve into the world of the best electric fly killers, helping you make an informed decision and reclaim the peace of your summer sanctuary.

Best Pick – ASPECTEK 20W

ASPECTEK - Fly and Insect Killer 20W UV light Attract to Zap Flying Insects Playing Excellent Role as Bug Zapper, Insect Killer, Fly Zapper, Fly Killer, Fly Swatter, Wasp Killer
  • Powerful insect control: Two UV bulbs emit powerful attractant ultraviolet rays that attract flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects from up to 80 feet away (more than 5000 sq. Ft. ). Powerful coverage area lures insects to the machine where they are zapped by a powerful 2, 800 volt shock
  • Effective & large area coverage: Mosquito killer, fly killer, bug killer (100% Satisfaction). effective for a large area of up to 5, 000 sq. Feet!
  • Easy-to-use: Easy to use and maintenance free; Simply plug in the bug zapper and watch the device eliminate all annoying flies. Dead insects are caught in a tray for easy disposal. For indoor use, or outdoors where unit will stay dry. Stands on its own or can be hung onto the wall with a chain Hanger (included). insects are collected in a removable and washable tray. The protective net is also Removable to make cleaning easy. The electric grid is self-cleaning.
  • Comfortable : Get rid of bugs fast without sticky and sprays. Great for kitchens and hospitals.
  • with great mesh: Despite the powerful electric grid, The electronic insect killer is With great mesh. The grid is surrounded by a protective cage. The device is CE certified and RoHS compliant

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In A Hurry?

Got a social gathering planned but flies are killing the vibe? Sick of sitting down to relax in your garden and finding a flying critter has landed in your glass? Then this part of the article is for you! We have included our favourite product along with the essential information you are going to need! We will leave you buzzing! 


One of the first things to consider is the coverage that you are going to get from your electric fly killer. This is the amount of range that your fly killer is going to be able to attract bugs from, so the space in your garden that you should be safe to enjoy without having to bat away insects! 

There are a number of factors that will affect the overall coverage, so this isn’t an exact science but most manufacturers will at least give an indication of the area size that they will be able to work for. We found a range from around 30 metres squared all the way up to 300 metres squared – which as you can see is an incredible difference so most definitely worth checking for. 

It is worth mentioning that the further you get from the electric fly killer, the lesser ability it is going to have to attract flies, so if you have a considerably large garden, with a large fly problem too, then you may be best getting an electric fly killer at either end of the garden, even if the coverage suggests that it should be sufficient. 

TOP TIP – The coverage of your electric fly killer is largely determined by the space that the UV light can cover, as this is what will attract the flies over to the lamp. This means that if you have a garden with a number of trees or a patio that has an overhanging roof then you may need to reassess where you position your fly killer. 


It is definitely worth checking the size of the electric fly killer that you are considering. Although the size is often going to impact the coverage area, you also need to consider if you really want an electric fly killer that is taking up such a lot of space! Remember that the size is also going to impact on the weight, which will in turn impact on the places that you are able to fit your electric fly killer if you opt for a wall mounted model! 

We found that most range from around 30cm by 20cm, going all the way up to around 50 squared. 

Best Budget – Bug Zapper 2 Pack

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Bulb and Wattage

It would be remiss of us to not discuss the bulbs and the wattage that are going to come with your electric fly killers. Almost all electric fly killers are going to use UV bulbs, as these are the most attractive for our little buzzing friends, but there are some models that find other ways of attracting them! If you are wanting good value for money then look at the lifespan of the bulbs that come with your electric fly killer. Some are going to offer you upwards of 8000 hours, whereas other models actually come with spare bulbs ready for you to use! 

You also need to check the wattage of the electric fly killer, as this is going to affect how brightly your bulb will shine – amongst other things. For most domestic electric fly killers you will find that 20W or 30W of power is sufficient to illuminate and attract flies from a reasonable sized area. However, you need to balance this with the amount of electricity this is going to use, depending on how often you are planning on using your fly killer. The wattage is also going to impact the voltage of the shocks that the electric fly killer is able to give off. Some will offer up to around 4500 Volts worth of shock – which will be enough to also kill larger bugs such as mosquitoes. 

NOTE – Almost all electric fly killers are going to be mains powered, which means that you will need to consider your access to plug sockets and how this is going to impact on the location of your fly killer. Check the length of the mains power cable as this will increase the flexibility that you have for positioning your fly killer – some have nearly a 2m long cable! 

Safety Considerations 

Most electric fly killers are going to work by releasing a quick and short electric shock to the bug to kill it, but with this comes voltages of electricity – never mind the lamps that are always on! This means that there are safety considerations that you need to make, particularly if you have young children or pets that are going to be sharing the same space! 

Firstly, make sure that the electric fly killer comes with a grid design – this is going to be a metal bar frame that covers the front of the fly killer. You want this grid to be spaced enough to allow in any bugs easily but also close enough for the gaps to be too small for curious fingers and noses! 

It is also important to check whether the electric fly killer meets UK safety standards, as this will be a clear indication of a good quality, safe product. We particularly like electric fly killers that are going to switch off after a certain amount of time or that will switch off if they are unbalanced or knocked over. This will help to avoid any accidents! 

The Best Electric Fly Killer

By now you should have narrowed down your search considerably to some of the main electric fly killers that are going to be suitable for your garden. But here are the features that help the best to stand out from the rest! 

Free-standing or wall mounted 

These are going to be your two main considerations when it comes to fitting your electric fly killer! Some are going to be freestanding models, which saves you the hassle (and potential damage) from trying to hang your fly killer or fit it on a wall. The only real downside to this is that this is going to usually limit where you can position your fly killer and you will probably struggle to find a place high up enough for it to be fully effective. Wall mounted electric fly killers are going to help you avoid this problem, but you are going to have to go to the effort of fitting them, and they are going to be much harder to remove and store during winter months! 

Don’t forget, once you have chosen how you want to position your electric fly killer, you need to check either the stand or the brackets that come with the fly killer. Check that these are good quality, strong, durable and (for freestanding models) come with non-slip feet. 

TOP TIP – Some models come with options as to how you would like to use your electric fly killer – with brackets for wall hanging but also a base for freestanding. As far as we are concerned these are by far the best electric fly killers as they will be able to work with you no matter where they are! 


We understand that you may be worried about the appearance of an electric fly killer in your garden or in your home. We confess that some of the models aren’t particularly attractive! If this is something that you are concerned about then look out for the models with more unique designs that are created to look like lamps, lanterns or ornaments in your garden. These will help to blend in rather than stand out! 

There are also more unique, portable designs that can be used more flexibly as and when you need them. The only issue with these models is that they usually mean YOU getting involved in the fly swatting process – which isn’t how many people want to spend their time! 

TOP TIP – If you have a large area to cover then look out for models that can be hung from a hook with a bulb that is then visible at 360 degrees! Then you can attract flies from all angles! 

The Extermination Process 

Most electric fly killers are going to work using an electrocuting grid which the flies have to be “tempted” into. These grids will have a range of between 1 and 3 layers, which work together to provide a short electric shock to the fly – which will then kill it. This effectiveness is largely determined by the spaces between the layers and the spaces in the grid themselves – you need the spaces to be large enough for the flies to get in but small enough for them to be unlikely to get out again! 

It is worth mentioning that gaps in the grill need to be small enough to prevent moths from getting in as this could then damage the fly killer and stop flies from wanting to come close to the lamp. 


You may be buzzing over the removal of some many flies from your garden – but don’t get too excited just yet – because once they have been killed, you need to think about cleaning! The best electric fly killers are going to be self cleaning, which will massively reduce the amount of effort that you need to put in. 

It is also worth looking out for models with easy to clean trays at the base of the box, as these will simply slide out, allowing you to dispose of the flies. 

Added Extras! 

  • Noise – Some electric fly killers are going to be really quiet noisy, which is going to impact your relaxing garden environment. Look out for models that come with quiet running! 
  • Build materials – Look out for electric fly killers that are going to be made from aluminium and stainless steel as these will be weather resistant and long lasting. We would definitely make sure to check to see if at least the casing of the fly killer is powder or paint coated as this will help to prevent rusting. Remember it is unlikely that the gridwork will have this benefit as this could stop the light from shining as brightly or the shock from travelling as effectively. 
  • On/off switch – Sounds simple but some models you will have to plug in and unplug every time you want to use it! 

Best of the Rest

fraxinus Fly Killer Electric 30W, Powerful Fly Zapper, Indoor Insect Killer, Electronic Bug Zapper, UV Light Mosquito Killer, Zap Kill Trap Flying Insects, Mosquito, Wasp–Protects 1,000 Sq. Ft.
  • POWERFUL & LARGE AREA COVERAGE – Effective for a large area of up to 5, 000 sq. feet! Perfect for home, office, kitchens, restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc. or for commercial and industrial use. Protects and prevents against annoying and disease carrying insects and flies!
  • EFFECTIVE FLY & BUG CONTROL – The Fly Zapper Insect and Bug Killer features two high intensity 10 watt ultraviolet bulbs that attracts all pesky flying insects into the device. Insects then make contact with an extremely powerful high voltage electrically charged metal grid, instantly killing them. Kills a limitless amount of insects. Get rid of all flying insects and bugs!
  • ULTRA SAFE for HOME USE– The Electronic Insect Killer is safe for home use 24/7. The grid is surrounded by a protective cage. The fly and bug zapper features a detachable chain, designed for wall mounting to keep out-of-reach of children and pets, or can be free standing.
  • PESTICIDE, CHEMICAL & ODOR FREE – Get rid of all flying insects and bugs without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals. The device is CE certified and RoHS compliant.
  • MAINTENANCE FREE & EASY TO USE- For indoor use, or outdoors where unit will stay dry. Stands on its own or can be hung onto the wall with a chain hanger (included). Simply plug in the bug zapper and watch the device eliminate all pesky and annoying flies by electrocuting them in the metal grid. Dead insects are caught in a removable and washable tray for easy disposal. The protective net is also removable to make cleaning easy.

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Flowtron BK-40D electronic insect killer, 1 acre coverage
  • Advanced Electronic Insect Control
  • Non Clogging Killing Grid
  • 1 Acre Killing Radius, 40-Watt Bulb
  • Instantaneous Operation,Continuous and Uninterrupted Service
  • This product is for outdoor use only.

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Sahara Sailor Mosquito Killer Lamp,4000V Powerful UV Bug Zapper with Metal Housing, Silent and Safe Outdoor Insect Killer, Light-Emitting Flying Insect Control Lamp for Indoor Outdoor
  • ⚡【POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT】The Mosquito Killer Lamp contains 18W high intensity ultraviolet light, which can effectively attract mosquitoes and other harmful flying insects by releasing a wavelength of 365nm and 360 °, and then immediately kill them with a 4000V high dome. It can effectively cover an area of ​​more than 90 square meters.
  • ⚡【SAFE AND QUIET】 Mosquito Killer is made of high-quality and durable ABS material, contains no chemicals and is safe for pregnant women, children, and pets. If you have intentionally added an outer grill smaller than 7mm to prevent accidental electric shock. The noise from this product is very low and does not interfere with your sleep or that of your baby.
  • ⚡【WATERPROOF AND DURABLE】 The body of the mosquito repellent lamp is made of high-temperature ABS material, which has good durability. The unique spiral design on the top supports IPX4 in front of the road, so also if you can use it outdoors in rainy days. At the same time, the good energy-saving design makes the lamp have a lifespan of up to 5000H.
  • ⚡【PORTABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN】 To enhance the mosquito repellent effect, it is recommended to place the insecticide at a height of 20-100cm to ensure that the UV lamp can cover the entire space. Thanks to the unique design of the handle, you can take it on the wall or put it on the table. Dead bugs are collected at the bottom of the removable basket and can be easily removed.
  • ⚡【WIDE APPLICATION】 Mosquito repellent lamps if widely used in homes, kitchens, restaurants, bedrooms, living rooms, offices, garages, gardens, balconies, farms, factories, and offer 24-hour mosquito protection.

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Are electric fly killers safe? 

Yes! Electric fly killers are perfectly safe to have in your home and garden providing you are sensible about the model that you buy and its position. Make sure that the model comes with a grid on the front to protect you from the electric current and that your electric fly killer is positioned somewhere away from your children and pets. 

What warranty will electric fly killers come with? 

You will find that many electric fly killers come with at least a 12 month warranty but many actually offer longer than this at around 24 months. It is worth mentioning that this won’t cover the bulb though! 

Where should I position my electric fly killer?

Generally, the best place to position an electric fly killer is going to be by the main door or back door. Ideally if you can position the fly killer high up and inside the door then this will be the best place to avoid them coming further into your home.

Are electric fly killers safe to use around children and pets?

Yes, the best electric fly killers are generally safe to use around children and pets. They don’t use chemicals or emit harmful substances, which makes them a safer alternative to traditional insecticides. However, due to the electrical component, they should be placed out of reach of children and pets to avoid accidental contact with the electric grid. Always follow the manufacturer’s safety instructions when using an electric fly killer.

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