Best Artificial Grass Cleaners: Keep Your Lawn Looking Fresh and Green 2024

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Artificial grass is much more popular in the UK in recent years and with good reason – it is super low maintenance and will look good all year round! However, that doesn’t mean that your artificial grass isn’t going to need any maintenance at all. To keep your artificial lawn looking like new, it is going to need cleaning occasionally – this is the best way to remove stubborn dirt and debris! Cleaning your artificial grass is even more important if you have pets – dog or cat urine can soak into the grass causing a build up of odours and also bacteria if not regularly cleaned. 

We have found some of the best artificial grass cleaners – both for homes with pets and those without – so that you can find an artificial grass cleaner that is going to be perfect for your artificial grass. 

 In A Hurry?

Best Pick Artificial Grass Cleaner – ProKleen

Pro-Kleen Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs and Pet Friendly Cruelty Free Disinfectant with Deodoriser 4 in 1 (10:1 Super Concentrate Makes 10 Litres) (Fresh Cut Grass, 1L), green
  • Easily applied with a watering can or manual pump sprayer at a dilution rate of 10:1 - (Can be used neat in heavily soiled areas. Agitate with hard brush in heavily soiled areas where necessary.

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Already caught your dog urinating on your new artificial grass? Is your lawn already looking discoloured and marked after just a few months? You need an artificial grass cleaner – and quickly – so here is what to look for! 

What Does Your Artificial Grass Cleaner Do? 

The first thing by far that you need to look at is exactly what the artificial grass cleaner is going to be able to do! Just saying that they are going to “clean” your artificial grass isn’t enough – soapy water could do that! 

You definitely need an artificial grass cleaner that comes with some type of disinfectant. Regardless of whether you have pets or not, dirt and debris is going to collect on the grass and the only way to be sure this is gone and doesn’t build up is through disinfecting – just like you would your kitchen worktops! 

You then need to think about whether the artificial grass cleaner is going to remove odours and whether it is going to be tough enough to remove dog urine – we will look at these in more detail below! 

TOP TIP: If you  have a bit of a problem with moss and algae trying to take control of your artificial lawn then look out for cleaners that come with moss and algae removers included. Not only will this kill and remove algae but it will help to prevent future growth for a while too! 

Diluted or Concentrated

Some artificial grass cleaners come already diluted whereas others are going to be concentrated – there are pros and cons to both. 

A diluted artificial grass cleaner is going to be much easier to use as it can normally just be sprayed onto the grass. This obviously makes it by far the easiest and quickest option to use. It also means that you can be sure you are applying just the right amount. However, you will tend to find that it is going to be more expensive than the concentrated options. 

Concentrated artificial grass cleaners are almost always going to be better value for money and will come in containers that will usually last longer. They also give you the option to mix just as much as you need, meaning that the rest will normally stay fresh for longer too! We also like that if you are mixing your own, you can mix stronger amounts for areas where animals have been going to the toilet and weaker amounts for other areas. Just bear in mind that you’re going to need something to mix the grass cleaners in and this is going to take more time! If you do opt for a concentrated artificial grass cleaner then make sure to look at how long the solution will last once it has been diluted as this will give you an idea of the amount that you are going to be able to mix at once – some will last for as long as two to three weeks! Some concentrated cleaners can also be used neat, which is perfect for those really soiled areas, such as your “dog toilet” that needs a more thorough clean! 

NOTE: If you do opt for a concentrated artificial grass cleaner then make sure to carefully follow the instructions that come with the cleaner to ensure that you mix the right amount and don’t cause damage to your lawn – or yourself! 

Best Budget Artificial Grass Cleaner – Pawbits

Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner For Dogs & Pets 1L – Super Concentrated make 30L of Disinfectant & Deodoriser for Dog & Pet Urine, Deposits, Moss and Algae - Grass Scented Lawn Odour Eliminator
  • POWERFUL STAIN REMOVAL. Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner is a powerful 3-in-1 disinfectant, deodoriser and cleaner that gives you instant results, killing harmful bacteria, removing those deep stains and neutralising odours specific to your pet’s little surprises
  • CONCENTRATED FORMULA. With it’s fresh grass fragrance and disinfecting qualities, Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner is incredibly easy to use and great value for money. Each 1L concentrated bottle makes up to a staggering 30L of solution for lightly soiled areas, or 10L for more smelly areas - all you have to do is add water
  • WATER AND WORK IN. Unlike other products that can take weeks to work, our fast-acting solution dries in just 15 minutes! Simply apply the product evenly using a watering can and work it into your artificial grass using a stiff brush. Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner also assists with removing unwanted algae and moss spores!
  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATIONS. No need to purchase a wealth of different cleaning products anymore; Pawbits Artificial Grass Cleaner is suitable for a wide range of surfaces, such as patios, kennels, astroturf and tennis courts to help keep your spaces clean and odour-free
  • A BRAND THAT CARES. Pawbits are the superior choice in natural solutions and are committed to producing products that meet your pets needs. With its ability to dry quickly, your pets and children can be back out in the garden playing in the fresh air in no time at all

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Pet Compatible or Not?

One of the main things that separates artificial grass cleaners is whether they are suitable for homes with pets – or not. Artificial grass cleaners that are suitable for homes with pets will come with additional ingredients that will be strong enough to remove the bacteria and odour that is left by dogs going to the toilet on your artificial grass. This is essential to stop your grass from wearing down prematurely and to stop smells from lingering on your lawn! 

It is also important that the ingredients are going to be pet friendly and won’t cause any harm to your pets if they walk on the lawn etc. Most will have to be dried before they are safe for pets though so make sure to check for this before you let them back out in the garden! This applies for children as well! 


There are some artificial grass cleaners that will come with a fragrance of cut grass! Not only will this freshen up your lawn but your whole garden as well! It also helps to create a more realistic look in your garden as neighbours and friends will come into your garden and it will seem as though your lawn has just been cut! Some even have a flower odour too so you can compliment the blooming flowers that you have in your garden! 

However, some people may prefer an artificial grass cleaner that is odourless as the smell can be off putting for pets and some people found the smell more unappealing than appealing! 

Regardless of whether your artificial grass cleaner comes with a fragrance or not, make sure that it includes a deodorizer which is going to be able to neutralise any smells on the lawn.  

TOP TIP: Personally, we don’t like the artificial grass cleaners that come with a disinfectant smell as this makes it really obvious that your lawn is fake – but on the plus side it is also going to make it obvious that it has been cleaned! 

The Best Artificial Grass Cleaners

Still struggling to find a product that is going to be good enough for your artificial lawn? Here are some of the additional factors we would recommend considering! 

  • Quantity – Look at the amount of artificial grass cleaner that you are going to get for your money. We found that bottles tended to range from as little as 1L up to around 20L. If you opt for a concentrated artificial grass cleaner then look at the ratios you are going to need to use to work out the value for money that you are actually getting. The best manufacturers will give guidance on the area size that their cleaner is going to be able to cover. 
  • AstroTurf compatible – Some artificial grass cleaners can also be used on AstroTurf. This is obviously not going to be relevant for a number of people but if looking for a professional grade artificial grass cleaner then these models will definitely be the way to go! 
  • Multi-purpose – If you are looking for real value for money, then why not look out for cleaners that can also be used on your patio, paths and even balconies! 
  • Sprayer compatible – There aren’t many artificial grass cleaners that will actually come with a spray top, but we will still recommend looking out for models that can be used with a spray bottle as this makes them much easier to apply! 
  • Child (and pet) safe – If you have young children or pets then make sure to check whether there are any harmful ingredients included in the grass cleaner! 
  • Application – It is really important to look at how you are going to have to apply your artificial grass cleaner and the amount of work that you are going to have to put in! Some can just be sprayed on, left and then wiped away whereas others are going to need to be worked into the surface with more effort.
  • Drying time – You also need to look at how long the cleaner is going to have to be applied for it to be effective. The best models will get to work straight away, but are going to need time to dry for them to be completely effective. Other models are going to need 12-24 hours to completely remove bacteria so you will need to make sure that you are not expecting any rain! 

Tools for Cleaning Artificial Grass 

Just purchasing an artificial grass cleaner isn’t going to be quite enough to keep your artificial grass clean and well maintained! Here are some of the additional bits of kit that we would recommend you purchase. 

  • Artificial Grass Cleaning Brush – This tool is going to be a must as far as we are concerned! It is the best way for you to remove dirt and debris from the surface of your artificial grass. This is really important to avoid this dirt and debris from starting to decompose and damaging the quality of the grass. An artificial grass cleaning brush is also going to help to prepare your grass for proper cleaning – as if you do not remove any dirt and debris this is simply going to provide a barrier which will stop the cleaner from working as effectively. 
  • Spray bottle – Of course this is only applicable if your cleaner is compatible with spray nozzles but we found it by far the easiest way to apply your artificial grass cleaner to your lawn evenly and quickly! 
  • Watering can – If your cleaner isn’t compatible with a spray bottle then you are going to need to purchase a watering can as this is the next best way to apply your cleaning solution! 
  • Sponge or hand brush – Many artificial grass cleaners will work best if you lightly work them into the surface with a sponge so that you can be sure they are covering each blade fully! If you opt for a brush then just make sure that the bristles aren’t too hard as this can damage the lawn. 
  • Gloves – All the artificial grass cleaners that we looked at recommend using gloves when you are applying them. This is important as there can be strong chemicals in the cleaners which can be harmful if they come into contact with your skin, particularly before they have been diluted! 

Best of the Rest

envii Astro Fresh - Natural Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs Urine & Odour Remover - Chemical Free Ready to Use Hose End Sprayer - Easy to Apply 1L treats 100m2
  • Natural Artificial Grass Treatment – Astro Fresh contains billions of beneficial bacteria & enzymes to eliminate all dog urine odours, targeting the urine directly and removing it.
  • Effective & Rapid Results – Astro Fresh is a strong, heavily concentrated artificial grass cleaner. Combine our concentrated treatment with our easy to use hose end sprayer, results can be seen after the first treatment.
  • Contains No Harsh Chemicals – Due to our unique ingredients, our artificial grass cleaner is completely natural and contains no harsh chemicals leaving behind a fresh floral scent.
  • Safe for All Pets & Wildlife – Our pet friendly cleaner is safe for all animals and children. We recommend leaving it 2 hours after using before allowing them back onto the lawn.
  • Treats Large Areas – Each 1L bottle of Astro Fresh will treat up to 100m2 or make up to 100 litres when using a watering can.

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Dirtbusters Pet Artificial Grass Cleaner With Odour & Urine Eliminator For Dogs & Cats, To Clean, Remove Stains & Deodorise (5L)
  • 5 Litres Of High Strength Fake Grass Cleaner Concentrate - Makes Up To 15 Litres Of Diluted Cleaning Solution – Geranium & Chamomile
  • Odor Eliminator Treatment Destroys Bad Smells At Source & Reactivates To Keep Working To Control Bad Odours & Help Prevent Repeat Marking
  • Professional Pet Artificial Grass Cleaner - 3-in1 Deep Clean, Deodorize & Stain Remove Of All Pet Faeces, Dog & Cat Urine, Trodden In Dirt, Bad Smells & All Other Muck
  • Quick & Effective Clean - Apply To Artificial Grass, Patio, Fake Grass, Tennis Court, Kennels, Astroturf & All Other Synthetic Lawns

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

PetSol Artificial Grass Cleaner for Dogs (1000ml - Makes 30 Litres) Pet Friendly 3 in 1 Super Concentrate Disinfectant, Deodoriser & Urine Remover. Kills Moss & Algae. Freshly Cut Grass Fragrance
  • MARKET LEADING FORMULA MAKES 3X MORE THAN OTHERS - most other artificial grass cleaners make just10 litres but PetSol is super concentrated so gives you a massive 30 Litres from just one bottle
  • 100% EFFECTIVE AND QUICK RESULTS - simply pour onto the artificial grass using a watering can, work in with a brush then rinse with clean water to leave your artificial lawn clean, hygienic, disinfected, moss-free and smelling like freshly cut grass
  • KILLS & PREVENTS MOSS, SPORES, BACTERIA & ALGAE - when artificial grass is soiled by pets it can easily start to grow moss and algae, but the PetSol cleaner not only kills the microbes, it also leaves an invisible coating to inhibit future growth
  • SAFE FOR CHILDREN AND PETS - the pet-friendly formulation will not harm animals or kids and it can also be used as a general disinfectant for floors, bowls and more
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - PetSol is a trusted UK pet brand that stands by its products and offers a market leading guarantee. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase simply get in touch and we will make it right

Last update on 2024-07-13 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Do artificial grass cleaners come with any type of guarantee?

Believe it or not – some of the best artificial grass cleaners will be guaranteed for customer satisfaction. So if you have any problems or are unhappy with the level of cleanliness achieved then all you have to do is contact the manufacturer and you will be able to return the product! 

How do you remove the smell of dog urine and faeces from an artificial lawn?

The best way to remove urine and faeces smells and bacteria from your artificial lawn is always going to be with a specialised cleaner. Make sure to purchase an artificial grass cleaner that is going to be able to specifically target those pet smells! We would always recommend working the cleaner gently into the lawn and then leaving it for 15-20 minutes to soak in before finishing your clean! The main trick is to not leave it between cleans for too long so that the smell does not have time to soak in. 

Can you use artificial grass cleaner near ponds? 

There are a number of artificial grass cleaners that you cannot use near ponds as they can damage both fish and the plant life in the ponds if they soak in accidentally or you over spray! This means that you will need to check with each particular product to see whether it will be safe to use!

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