Best Fence Sprayers 2024 A Buyers Guide

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Fence Sprayer

Does the thought of painting your fence panels or revamping your weather-beaten shed feel like a Herculean task? You’re not alone! We understand your predicament and are here to introduce an effortless solution – a fence sprayer, not just any fence sprayer, we take a look at what makes up the best fence sprayer! Specifically designed to pressurize and spray your chosen paint directly onto your fence panels, deck, or shed, these tools bypass the labour-intensive process of hand-painting. Many manufacturers even claim that their fence sprayers can halve the time it takes to rejuvenate your fencing!

Selecting the perfect fence sprayer is crucial, however. Without due diligence, you could end up with a model prone to clogging, or one that fails to build enough pressure to effectively spray the paint. To save you from such pitfalls, we’ve curated this comprehensive guide featuring the best fence sprayers and essential features to look for. Immerse yourself in this article and discover the fence sprayer that transforms this chore into a breeze!

Best Pick -Wagner Fence & Decking Paint Sprayer

WAGNER Fence & Decking paint sprayer for fences, sheds, decking or garden furniture, covers 5 m² in 9 min, 1400 ml capacity, 460 W, 1.8 m hose, Yellow/Black
  • Suitable for all Standard solvent or water based fence paint, oil, stain, varnish, wood preservatives and treatment - no need for specialist Spray able paint
  • For small to medium projects such as garden furniture, fences, sheds, deckings
  • Continuous regulation of material volume ensures precise painting
  • Detachable gun to quickly and easily change attachment, the paint, refill or clean the gun
  • 3-way adjustable paint jet can be adapted ideally to the object to be painted

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We found this really useful video which details how to set up our best pick paint sprayer – the Wager Fence Sprayer. It tells you everything that you need to know about our best product so click here for more information.

In A Hurry?

If you can’t stand the sight of your moss covered, dull fence panels any longer then this is the part of the article that you need to be reading! We have filled it with all the essential information that you need to consider before purchasing your fence sprayer! 


Most fence sprayers are going to be powered by electricity, which is great because you know that whatever the situation or position you are in, you will be able to get the suction to spray your fence panels. Some are going to be corded, which is great as you don’t need to worry about running out of charge, however you do need to make sure that your cord is going to be long enough to get you to the mains electric. Cordless models will save this hassle – so may be better for anyone with a particularly large or long garden – but you need to make sure that they have a decent battery life so you aren’t stuck painting one fence panel at a time. If you do opt for an electric fence sprayer then be sure to check how much wattage is on offer! The more power the better, as this will increase both the speed and the coverage you can achieve with your paint sprayer. We found that anything around 250W or more should be sufficient to get the job done to a decent quality. 

There are still manual options available on the market if this is more what you are looking for. You do have the disadvantage of having to pump the tank occasionally to increase the pressure – which takes valuable effort and time – but manual models are going to be cheaper and a lot easier to use. Plus they are as portable as you are, so can go wherever you need! 

TOP TIP: The average cord length that we found is around 2m, so it is worth testing in your garden how far this is going to stretch as otherwise you may need an extension lead to get the job done! 

Flow Rate

The flow rate is massively going to be affected by the power that your fence sprayer is able to offer. If you go for a manual fence sprayer then you are going to be rather limited in terms of flow rate – plus you will often find that the flow rate diminishes as the fence sprayer is used, so you could find yourself starting out with a decent flow and ending up with a trickle! 

Electric powered models are going to be much more consistent in their power, which is great in terms of saving you time and the quality of job that you will be able to achieve! Obviously as a general rule, the amount of power is going to impact on the flow rate, however it is also important to check the quality of the parts, such as the nozzle and the pipework, as this will also impact on the flow. 

Flow rates varied from between around 70ml/min up to around 700ml/min depending on the model and power available. One thing you don’t need to worry about is the flow being TOO fast for you, as most of the best fence sprayers will have adjustable nozzles allowing for varying speed, or sometimes this is achieved using the trigger. This is fantastic as it allows you to match the flow rate perfectly to the job that you are completing and also to your ability with a fence sprayer! 

Tank Size

The tank size is going to impact on how much paint you can hold at one time. If you have a large number of fence panels that need painting then possibly having a bigger tank will be a better option. This will save you a lot of time as you won’t have to refill and mix your paint nearly as often. However, the larger your tank the heavier and bulkier your paint sprayer is going to be, which can impact on its usability – particularly if you have some harder places to reach! 

If you are looking for a model with a portable tank then we would recommend looking between around 700ml and 1500ml capacity, this should be enough for you to not have to keep stopping to refill but also not so much that it becomes too heavy.  If you are looking for a separate tank that is going to be stationary then the bigger the better as far as we are concerned – but on average we would recommend around 3L capacity. 


The weight of your fence sprayer is going to be vitally important – particularly if you have a number of fence panels to work on or you suffer with back/neck problems. Electric models with pumps attached are obviously going to be heavier than manual models, but should still be light enough to be portable. If you are wanting a particularly large fence sprayer then these usually have stationary pumps for the ground and a separate nozzle which will then make the weight you are having to hold a lot lighter. 

Paint Compatibility 

It is important to check what paints your fence sprayer is going to work with. The style of nozzle and suction is going to impact on the paints that can be used, so it is important to check before purchasing. Many paint sprayers won’t be able to work with latex paint, particle paint or corrosive paint so you need to ensure you check the paint before you start working! 

You also need to check the thickness of paint that your fence sprayer will be able spray. Less powerful models, or ones with thinner nozzles, will only be able to work with very watered down paint, which could leave you having to do ⅔ coats to achieve the same finish! You may prefer this if you are wanting a professional, perfect finish, but it isn’t ideal to have it as your only option. 

TOP TIP: Look out for fence sprayers that are compatible with metal paint as this will massively increase the amount of jobs that you can use your fence sprayer for – making it better value for money!

Best Budget – Terratek Paint Sprayer

Terratek Paint Sprayer 600W, Electric HVLP Hand Held Fence Paint Sprayer, 3 Spray Patterns, Adjustable Valve, Ideal Garden Fence Sprayer for Walls, Furniture, Ceilings with 1200ML Spray Gun Container
  • Powerful 600W & 1200ML Capacity Paint Sprayer: The Terratek powerful fence paint sprayer 600W motor can improve your work productivity making you complete your project faster and with its large 1200ML detachable container it means less refills of paint to get the job done quicker. Its lightweight spray gun design weighing at just 1.6kg and comes with 2m electric cable with a UK 3 pin plug.
  • 3x Spraying Patterns & 4x Nozzles: Our Terratek fence sprayer can be adjusted to 3x different spray patterns which are circular, horizontal and vertical making it suitable to be applied to a wide range of application scenarios. The spray gun also comes with 4x spray nozzles 1x 1.5mm, 1x 1.8mm, 1x 2.2mm, 1x 2.6mm, making it suitable for painting projects such as, painting furniture, walls, cars, fences, ceilings, doors, etc.
  • 1450ML/MIN Adjustable Flow Rate: The Terratek paint sprayer for walls and ceilings as a flow rate of 0 - 1450 ml/min, this can be adjusted by adjusting the control knob behind the trigger to change the flow from gentle to strong easily which allows maximum control of paint flow to achieve better results and avoids paint waste allowing you to adapt to various painting projects.
  • 120 DIN/SEC Maximum Viscosity: Our Terratek spray paint for wood as a maximum viscosity of up to 120 Din/Sec making it suitable for a wide variety of paints, stains, coatings such as decking and fence stains, Latex, sealers (lacquer sanding sealer, clear sealer), varnishes, wood preservatives, enamels, oil (gloss, oil stain, oil based primer, oil enamel), Water based paints (emulsions) ,automotive paints and smooth masonry paint.
  • Easy To Clean Paint Spray Gun: The Terratek paint sprayer can be easily assembled and disassembled so you can complete the cleaning work easily. It also comes with a cleaning brush and nozzle needle to remove any hardened paint left in the the spray gun. Please note: After using the fence paint sprayer please clean immediately after use.

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Best Fence Sprayer Features

Now that you know the main things you need to look out for and weigh up before purchasing a fence sprayer, here are some of those additional features we think are worth considering. If you have a number of fence panels (or other areas of wood panelling) in your garden, or maybe just your time and energy is valued, then these are those features you need to be looking out for. 

  • Spray gun nozzle – Some of the best fence sprayers come with nozzles that can be adjusted. This is perfect for if you have different styles of fencing, panelling or decking to be painted as you can adjust the nozzle to suit the grooves that you are working with to make sure no bits are missed. Some can also adjust the width of spray projection which is perfect for those smaller, more intricate areas you may be painting. 
  • Cleaning – Fence sprayers are FAR from the easiest tools to clean. But some fence sprayers have taken this into consideration during the design process. They are designed to be able to pump water through after you have finished spraying your fence panels, so that you can make sure all the different parts of the sprayer have been cleaned – this is essential if you want your fence sprayer to have a long life! 
  • Stand or handheld – There are now some paint sprayers on the market that actually come with a stand (or at least have the option of purchasing an additional stand). These are a great option for anyone that is wanting a larger, heavier paint sprayer, but also doesn’t want to have to be lugging it around whilst they are painting! 
  • Comfort grips – If you are going to be painting for a while it makes sense to go for a spray gun that has padded comfort grips. This will not only make the gun easier to hold, but also reduce fatigue whilst you are working. 
  • Air jacket – The best fence sprayers will have an “”air jacket” around the spray jet to minimise the overspray and help you to achieve the perfect finish without covering all the rest of your garden in paint too! 
  • An airless paint sprayer is going to be quick and easy to use, these are the smaller version of the High Volume Low Pressure sprayers which are used for more professional jobs whilst minimising overspray.
  • Refill – Look out for a fence sprayer that has taken into consideration how easy it is to refill! Ones that have the opening positioned on the top so that your fence sprayer can sit on the floor whilst filling, and with easy to open caps, are going to save you a lot of time and faff. 
  • Shoulder strap – For the heavier fence sprayers (or just to make your life easier) buy a fence sprayer that comes with a shoulder strap so you can focus your time and energy on the spray gun. 

Best of the Rest

NEU MASTER Upgraded Paint Sprayer - Fence Paint Sprayer,[500W/1200ml/4 Nozzles/3 Patterns] HVLP Electric Spray Gun for Home Interior and Exterior, Cabinets, House, Fence, Ceiling
  • 📢Friendly Customer Service: We provide new replacements instead of repairing.
  • ⏩[500W & 1200ML] --500W high power and 1200ML large container paint sprayer, designed to increase efficiency, improve atomization and reduce overspray. Definitely works faster than a roller or brush, saving DIY owners a lot of time and getting the job done faster. Unique UK 3-pin plug format for better use. Great time saver!
  • ⏩[Adjustable design] -- Paint spray gun has 3 adjustable spray patterns, vertical? Horizontal? Round? Full coverage! And with the great feature of a material flow control knob, pretty easy to dial in the perfect settings for different spray options. Maximum flow rate 900ml/min!
  • ⏩[Ultra-Convenience] -- The Light sprayer gun (1.58KG) with 6.65FT cord doesn't hurt your wrist to hold for long periods of time, and no more fighting with the plug every time you move. The foam pads on both sides effectively protect against dust and moisture, extending the life of the motor.Detachable design makes it relatively easy to use and clean. No experience needed!
  • ⏩[Plenty of Usages] -- HVLP sprayer can make your spraying project more extensive, like internal and external walls, furniture, fence, décor, cabinet, crafts, bicycles, garages and more. And Max Viscosity up to 100DIN-s makes it applicable for a wide variety of materials such as thinned latex paints, chalk, stain, sealer and varnish, etc.

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Paint Sprayer 800W Huepar Tools Home&Outdoors Electric Spray Gun Power Painter with 1300ML Detachable Tank Max 1200ml/min, 3m Hose, 3 Spray Patterns, 4 Nozzle Sizes for Fence, Cabinet, Home Painting
  • 【High Power HVLP Spray Gun】Huepar Tools 800W HVLP Electric spray painter features 3 unique spray patterns which Include vertical, circular and horizontal. Provide a precise spray pattern to create a smooth and superior work results, great for tables, chairs, fences, cabinets car, interior walls, or crafts, etc.
  • 【Adjustable Flow Control and 4 Copper Nozzles】 Huepar Tools SG800 paint sprayer own 4 copper nozzles (Φ1.0/1.8/2.6/3.0mm). By replacing the appropriate nozzle and adjust the control valve knob to adjust the paint thickness, which is a perfect design to save your money spent on paint by reasonably control paint flow rate. ★Best spray distance: 10-30cm.
  • 【FLEXIBLE & LIGHT】The paint sprayer adopts the separation design of the motor and the spray gun, with a hose length of 3m, and the net weight of the spray gun is 1.2kg. The motor can be placed on the ground, and the attached shoulder strap effectively improves the flexibility of the machine and is suitable for long-term work.
  • 【Easy to Clean】Huepar Tools SG800 electric spray painter adopts a separate design and can be easily assembled without tools. With the included cleaning brush and plug needle, you can unclog any hardened paint left in the machine, ensuring you get the best possible spray every time.
  • 【Upgraded Design & Package Include】Double sealing gaskets are used at the joint of the spout to ensure the sealing of the machine, and the paint sprayed out is more uniform.1 x Viscosity measuring cup, 4 x Cooper nozzle, 1 x Cleaning pin, 1 x Cleaning Brush, 1 x Paint strainers, 1 x Air filter, 1 x Container lid, 1 x Seal gasket for front end, 1 x Seal gasket for suction tube. If you encounter any problems, please contact us as soon as possible.

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Paint Sprayer 550W Tilswall HVLP Electric Paint Spray Gun with 1300ML Detachable Tank Max 1200ml/min, 3 Spray Patterns,3 Nozzle Sizes for Fence, Cabinet, Home Painting
  • 【550W & 1300ML】 Both for home interior use and exterior use. It is suitable for spraying alcohol and other liquid disinfectants. Stair handrails, tables, conference rooms and toilets can be disinfected!! With 550W power, 1300ml capacity,Tilswall paint sprayer improve atomization effect to reduce overspray and highly customize to fit to your painting work, match covering speed and project size,performing a top-notch quality of work.
  • 【 Max 1200ML/Min】 NEVER COMPROMISE IN FEATURES AND QUALITY! A variable air pressure control from 0 to 1200ml/min allows you to change the force the sprayer uses to release paint,finish the earliest possible time with a substantial horsepower.Suitable for edges,corners and broad interior surfaces of kinds of work and DIY
  • 【 3 Spray Patterns & 3 Size Nozzles】 Horizontal? Vertical? Circular ? All covered! With additional 3-size nozzles(φ1.0mm、φ1.8mm、φ2.6mm) ) for higher accurancy to any painting projects.1.8mm and 2.6mm nozzle for thin paints like sealers and varnish.3.0mm nozzle for spraying latex paint,chalk type and milk type paint.
  • 【 9.84Ft Cable & 120 Din/s】 9.84ft/3m cable increases more accessibilty when you need more mobility;120din/s supports high visocity for avoiding clopping easily which will cause the gun to spit and sputter,even for latex paint.Great for decks,fences,furniture,trim,sheds,railings and garages.
  • 【 Easy To Wash & Support】 Tank can be detachable and mouth is big enough for washing. Lightweight and handy size fit perfectly in your hand and let you spraying longer without fatigue. If you have any quality problem within 28 MONTHS, please feel free to contact us. Tilswall devotes to serving for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to wear a mask when using a fence sprayer?

We would definitely recommend wearing a mask (and goggles if possible) when using a fence sprayer, purely because of the paint particles that are going to be blowing around whilst you are working. This will just help to avoid you inhaling any toxic particles or having them damage your eyes if the wind blows them your way. 

What warranty does a fence sprayer come with? 

The warranty on most fence sprayers is actually only around a year. We found some that go up to 3 years but this is definitely rarer and for the more professional models. However, providing you maintain your fence sprayer and ensure it is fully cleaned after use then you should find it lasts much longer than this. 

How do you paint a fence with a fence sprayer?

Once you have diluted your paint in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines it is nice and easy to achieve. Most fence sprayers will recommend you standing around 30-60cms away from the fence with your nozzle. Then simply start at the top of your fence and make sweeping motions down to ensure the full fence is covered. 

Do I need to buy special paint for using a fence sprayer?

Most fence sprayers will be able to work with most standard paints and staining products. Some manufacturers recommend that you dilute the paint so that the sprayer can spray effectively but if this is the case they will tell you exactly how much you need to dilute it – and this can be done really simply just with water!

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