Best Rattan Armchair – Buyers Guide 2024

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Best Rattan Armchair

Two of our favourite things include spending time in our garden and relaxing in our armchair at the end of a day’s work…..but what if we told you that you could combine the two? A rattan armchair is there to offer the ultimate comfort and luxury whilst you are relaxing in your garden! Whether you are wanting to just enjoy your garden, read a book, enjoy a coffee – a rattan armchair is the perfect solution for you!

Rattan is a great option for outdoor furniture as it is long lasting, durable but looks good at the same time! Most rattan armchairs are also going to come with cushions to take the comfort and relaxation to a whole new level!

We have found some of the best rattan armchairs to help you find the perfect solution for your garden…

Best Pick – Outsunny Outdoor Single Rattan Sofa Chair

Outsunny Single Seater Rattan Chair Sofa with Padded Cushions, All-Weather PE Wicker Weave Garden Armchair with Armrests, Dark Grey
  • Comfortable armchair: This outdoor rattan armchair is a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoor life in your garden, terrace, or even poolside.
  • Metal wrapped in rattan: The comfy garden chair made of steel frame with powder-coated process to ensures a strong and stable base, with PE wicker wrapped around for protection against mild weathering and fading.
  • Comfortable cushions: The rattan garden chair come with thick and plush padded cushions and smooth and comfortable armrests to ensure hours of wonderful relaxation. Cushion covers can be removed and washed to keep them clean.
  • Simple assembly: The garden sofa come with a clear instructions and all neccessy hardwares to make this patio furniture chair easy to assemble. Dimensions: Armchair Size: 75W x 75D x 65H cm. Seat Size: 58W x 67Dcm. Seat Height: 33H cm.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 160kg. Assembly required.

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In A Hurry? 

Sick of sitting on a hard wooden chair when you are outside? Wanting to be the envy of all your neighbours with your own rattan armchair? Wanting to spend more time in your garden? If you are in a hurry to purchase the best rattan armchair then keep reading for all you need to know! 

What is the difference between rattan and wicker? 

One of the first things that tends to confuse people when looking to buy a rattan armchair is the difference between rattan and wicker, so let’s clear that up before we go any further. Rattan is the type of natural wood often used for outdoor furniture thanks to its durable properties and natural ability to be weatherproof. Wicker is the technique that is used to weave the reeds of rattan together – it isn’t actually the type of wood. You will find various different weaves that are used on rattan furniture and the one that you go for really comes down to personal preference. However, we would recommend checking that it is a tight weave that has been used, as this will help to improve the durability of your rattan armchair. 

The great thing about rattan is that you don’t actually need to maintain it. The natural oils in the rattan helps protect it from adverse weather conditions so it isn’t going to need treating or varnishing once or twice a year as other wood that you would find in your garden does! However, there are different types of rattan and different finishes that’s going to increase the life of your armchair chair even more. For example, PE or HDPE rattan is going to be resistant to mould, weatherproof and it is environmentally friendly so you don’t need to feel guilty for enjoying your rattan armchair. 

NOTE: There are synthetic rattans that you can choose if you would rather go for this. Some people would say that these aren’t going to be as naturally weather resistant as true rattan, whereas in other ways synthetic rattan can be seen to be more durable! They are going to be rot free, but are more prone to breakage and just generally LOOKING older sooner! 

Rattan Armchair Style and Size 

The style of armchair that you choose to go for is also going to impact on the size, so the first thing you need to consider is the space that you have available for your armchair and where you are wanting to position it. Once you have decided this, you can look at the different styles of armchair that are going to fit into this bracket. For example, we found some rattan armchairs that were closer to the style of a dining chair and therefore just over 70cm in width, whereas others were more similar to an armchair you might find in your living room and were considerably larger! 

TOP TIP: When considering the size of your armchair we would recommend also looking at the weight! You may be happy with your armchair staying in one place in your garden all year round, but if you think you may want to move it to different sun spots or a shaded corner at different points then weight is going to be important. 

There are various different points to consider when looking at the style of rattan armchair that you are going to choose between: 

  • Arms – some armchairs are going to have low arms giving you more space to curl up with a good book whereas others will have higher arms to offer more support. 
  • Back – Look at the shape of the back of the armchair. A completely straight back will often look more stylish but could be more uncomfortable to sit on for longer periods of time! 
  • Rocking chair style – Some rattan armchairs actually come built onto a rocking mechanism for the ultimate relaxation! These appear to be “normal” armchairs but once you sit on them you can enjoy the peace of your garden whilst rocking back and forwards 
  • Reclining armchair – These are rarer due to trying to keep the mechanism safe from rainwater, however there are some cleverly designed reclining rattan armchairs if you are wanting to put your feet up (literally!). Bear in mind that it is going to be even more important to keep these safe from adverse weather conditions! 
  • Indoor AND outdoor armchairs – If you have the space, it may be worth considering whether your rattan armchair could be used indoor as well as outdoors! This would allow you the flexibility of moving your armchair indoors through those winter months, or just in more adverse weather, so offering you much better value for money! 

Rattan Armchair Cushions 

The key to a truly comfy armchair is the cushions – yet not all rattan armchairs actually come with these included so that is the first thing to check for! Once you have done that you can look at the style and colour of cushions that are included. If the armchair comes with scatter cushions then are these going to be enough to provide back support? If full cushions then are these easy to secure onto the armchair so they’re not moving around? Is the colour going to be right for the rest of your garden? 

Once you have considered the aesthetics and the comfort of your cushions, you need to think about the materials that they are made from. Your cushions are going to be spending most of their time outside, so they are going to need to have at least some amount of weatherproof/waterproof qualities. Some rattan armchair cushions will specify that they need to be brought inside between uses. Admittedly, these cushions will usually be comfier and resemble more the cushions on your ACTUAL armchair, however it can be quite time consuming to keep having to move the cushions and you can guarantee there is going to be that one time that you forget! Cushions that are more waterproof will usually have a more “waxy” outer material which is there to repel the water. These don’t always have the same modern “look” and we found they can be less comfy, however you know that you will be able to leave them outside without them being affected by a little rain or the cold morning dew. 

TOP TIP: Check whether your cushions are going to be machine washable or just wipe down clean. If you have young children or dogs that are going to be making the most of your rattan armchair it could be worth opting for machine washable cushions. 

Best Budget – vidaXL 2x Outdoor Stacking Dining Chairs

vidaXL 2x Outdoor Stacking Dining Chairs Poly Rattan Black Furniture Seat
  • Add a touch of contemporary style to your outdoor living space with our stacking poly rattan dining chairs!
  • Dimensions: 55,5 x 53,5 x 95 cm (W x D x H);
  • The outdoor chairs have a powder-coated steel frame, which makes them sturdy and stable
  • The outdoor chairs are lightweight and can be stacked to save space when not in use.The chairs are easy to assemble
  • Delivery includes 2 stacking dining chairs.

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The Best Rattan Armchair Features

Once you have decided on the size and style of armchair that is going to be right for you, you can begin to look at some of the features found in only the best rattan armchairs to help you find the perfect fit for your garden. 

  • Colour – The colour of rattan armchair that you can choose from are really quite varied, from more natural designs to considerably brighter colours. This really comes down to just what works for you and your garden, however it is worth mentioning that darker colours are going to be warmer when left out in the sun (and could be too warm at some points) plus they are going to discolour easier. 
  • Wheels – Some of the best rattan armchairs have wheels that are hidden underneath! We love these, as they can’t be seen so don’t ruin the look of the armchair but make it so much easier to move your armchair around a patio area to suit you and the weather. The wheels won’t help you much over grass though – only on harder surfaces! 
  • Drink holders – Some rattan armchairs have built in cup holders in the arms which are so handy and save you from having to position your armchair close to a matching rattan table! 
  • Covers – Despite rattan being an incredibly durable material, most manufacturers are still going to recommend storing your rattan armchair somewhere dry and safe from the elements over the winter months. This is important if you want your rattan armchair to stay looking new for as long as possible! We found that some of the best rattan armchairs come with covers which can provide a fantastic alternative if you are struggling for storage for your armchair. 
  • Rust-free metal frame – You will almost always find that the frame of your armchair (or any rattan furniture for that matter) is made out of metal. This gives a strong frame for the rattan to be weaved around. However, it is important to make sure this frame is going to stay rust free, either by ensuring it is a metal like aluminium or making sure the metal is powder-coated for extra protection – or both! Failing to do so could result in the metal rusting UNDER the rattan, which overtime will cause an orange stain to form in areas where there is a lot of rust! 
  • Feet – The base of your rattan armchair is important, particularly if you are wanting the armchair to sit safely on the floor but also not damage the surface that it is sitting on. Look out for feet that have grips on the base so that the chair isn’t going to move around the patio area but also that are soft (for example, made from plastic) so that they are not going to scratch the flooring that they are on. It is rare that you will find a rattan armchair that is going to be suitable to be sat on grass, so you will need to find a harder surface to put them on. 
  • Matching furniture – It is rare that you are going to choose a rattan armchair and not want other rattan furniture to go with it. It is always worth checking whether there are matching footstools, tables or other rattan furniture to go with your armchair as this will then complete the look of your garden perfectly! Some will actually come as part of a set with two armchairs and a middle table, which could save you money in the long run! 

Best of the Rest

Outsunny Garden Rattan 2 Seater Companion Seat Wicker Love Seat Weave Partner Bench with Cushions Patio Outdoor Furniture (Grey)
154 Reviews
Outsunny Garden Rattan 2 Seater Companion Seat Wicker Love Seat Weave Partner Bench with Cushions Patio Outdoor Furniture (Grey)
  • DUO SEAT DESIGN: Connected all over, the 2 seater garden sofa combines two seats and a middle table – the ideal spot for relaxing with a friend in the sun and catching up over a coffee.
  • METAL WRAPPED IN RATTAN: The powder coated, rust-resistant steel of the 2 seater rattan sofa ensures a strong and stable base, with the PE wicker making it sturdy, durable, easy to clean and resistant to UV and light water damage.
  • COMFORTABLE AND SUPPORTIVE: Two padded seat cushions of the rattan bench for you to sit peacefully, with a high back and armrests to encourage correct posture. Cushion covers are fire-retardant and can be spot cleaned easily. MIDDLE TABLE: Ideal for keeping drinks, food, books etc. close, with a sleek and black tempered glass top which is easy to clean and maintain;
  • FOUR LEGS: Keeps the rattan garden sofa balanced and stable, with foot pads to protect the floor beneath. DIMENSIONS: 84H x 133W x 65Dcm. Seat: 40H x 47W x 48Dcm.

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Trueshopping Rattan Armchair Garden Furniture Chair in Graphite with Cushion Outdoor Furniture for Patio, Conservatory, Home & Decking Single 1 Seater Chairs
  • Ideal indoor/outdoor rattan effect armchair for gardens, conservatories and entertaining spaces.
  • Built for comfort, the Marbella Rattan Effect Garden Armchair comes with a cream cushion included.
  • Durable garden furniture that is tough, weatherproof and low maintenance
  • Lightweight design and easy assembly
  • Outstanding quality polyrattan garden furniture.

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TecTake® Rattan Garden Chairs - Set of 2 - Made of UV-Resistant Polyrattan, Steel Frame & Outdoor Cushions. Includes Rain-Resistant Removable Covers in Two Colours. For Patio or Balcony - Grey
  • THE ULTIMATE GARDEN FURNITURE CHAIR : Step into your garden as if it were a luxurious summer house, with our premium garden chairs that blend seamlessly with any rattan garden furniture collection or sofa. Each garden chair is perfect, not just for the garden, but also as a chic addition to your conservatory or balcony, promise comfort that lasts through every season. Their plush cushions invite you to relax in your garden or summerhouse, transforming it into a haven of outside tranquility.
  • ROBUST & ELEGANT DESIGN: Experience the pinnacle of outdoor furniture design with our armchair, featuring a sturdy steel frame that complements any patio furniture set. Designed not only for the garden but also as an exquisite piece of conservatory furniture, these chairs include floor-protecting plastic caps. The elegance of the rattan weave adds a sophisticated touch to your outdoor garden furniture, bistro set or balcony furniture
  • VERSATILE: Our rattan chair set stands out as the perfect ensemble for your garden, conservatory, or balcony, offering unmatched versatility with water-repellent and washable covers in beige and grey. This flexibility allows you to adapt your garden furniture set to fit the mood , from a lively summerhouse party to a serene afternoon in your garden house. The easy-switch mechanism of the rattan cushion covers ensures your outdoor seating always matches your current style or season.
  • HASSLE-FREE ASSEMBLY: Erect your garden oasis with ease, thanks to the simple assembly of our garden set. These chairs are not just rattan furniture; they're garden seating for those who value both aesthetics and functionality in their outdoor spaces. Whether you're decking out your garden, conservatory, or summer house, the flexibility to arrange and rearrange your set means your furniture always meets your needs, be it a cozy nook for reading or a communal area for entertaining.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE MEETS SOPHISTICATED STYLE: Our rattan armchairs are the epitome of outdoor chic, blending beautifully with any garden, conservatory, or balcony setting. The easy-to-clean material ensures that your chairs remain a highlight of your outdoor furniture collection, effortlessly enduring through every season. The dual-color cushion covers offer a stylish contrast that complements any garden bistro sets or patio furniture, making your space a perfect blend of function and fashion.

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I re-proof my rattan armchair cushions? 

This really depends on the material of the cushion but for most outdoors cushions you will be able to reproof them yourself. This is often as easy as purchasing a reproofing solution and putting it in the washing machine with your cushion covers. We should mention that it is important to check with each individual cushion type as some reproofing solutions can affect the natural fibres of the cushions. 

What warranty can I get with a rattan armchair? 

We found that most rattan armchairs come with around a five year warranty but this does depend on the manufacturer and the quality of the materials that have been used! You will also find that sometimes different parts of the product have different warranties. For example, the frame and the rattan will often have considerably longer life expectancies than the cushions! 

Can rattan furniture be left outside?

Yes! Rattan furniture is designed to be left outside so there is no reason why you cannot do this! It is going to be relatively weatherproof providing it is well looked after! The only things that we would recommend are that you remove cushions if there is a chance of rain and cover the furniture during the winter or particularly bad weather to help keep it in good condition!

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