Karcher K4 Buyers Guide

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Karcher K4 Buyers Guide

Karcher invented the pressure washer, so it’s no surprise it’s the UK’s leading pressure washer brand. The Karcher K4 pressure washer range offers unbelievable power and control when it comes to outdoor cleaning. From patios to conservatories, garages to quad bikes, whatever your cleaning needs, there’s a K4 pressure washer that’s right for you.

The Karcher K4 range is ideal if you’re looking for a power washer that’s compact, powerful and lightweight. There are four models in the range, each equipped with a lance, trigger gun, cable storage, detergent suction tube and ergonomic carry handle, and all Karcher K4 pressure washers are sold with a minimum 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The four models in the Karcher domestic K4 range are:

  • The Karcher K4 Compact – RRP £199.99
  • The K4 Full Control – RRP £229.99
  • The K4 Full Control Home – RRP £279.99
  • The K4 Full Control Car & Home – RRP £379.99
Kärcher K4 Premium Full Control Car and Home Pressure Washer
  • Includes a T 350 Patio cleaner and 1L stone & façade detergent, making cleaning larger areas easier and faster.
  • Includes a wash brush, foam nozzle and car shampoo, perfect for cleaning cars.
  • Led display trigger gun guides you through the different pressure settings for the right setting, for every cleaning task.
  • Ideal for cleaning delicate surfaces such as car, or harder surfaces like stone and brickwork
  • Quick and easy application of detergents to increase efficiency while cleaning, help prevent dirt from returning and protect and care for your surface.

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Only got 5 minutes 

Karcher holds the top spot when it comes to pressure washers because of its reputation as being the best. It dominates the market, fighting off competition from both the inexpensive budget brands and the professional premium end of the market.

The Karcher K4 range is renowned for its impressive cleaning performance and the robust, long-lasting design of each of the four K4 models. The key to both the range’s longevity and cleaning capabilities is the powerful water-cooled motor – unique to Karcher – which has been designed to be more durable than standard water pressure motors.

Karcher K4 Range

The Karcher K4 CompactPowerful Durable Incredibly compact Integrated storage for accessories; power cable; and hose 3-year warranty as standard.
The K4 Full ControlEngineered to tackle stubborn dirt and grime Dirt blaster (rotary) and a vario (variable) power spray lances included as standard a 3-year warranty.
The K4 Full Control HomeIdeal for cleaning patio and decking areas Includes a T350 (patio cleaner) and one litre of stone detergent 3-year warranty as standard.
The K4 Full Control Car & HomeThe ‘Daddy’ of the K4 range Comes complete with a range of car and home-cleaning accessories Karcher’s ‘Full Control’ system allows for adjustable pressure intensity 5-year warranty as standard.

Karcher pressure washer accessories

The range of accessories offered by Karcher for its K4 range is pretty incredible, but those that come as standard are pretty impressive too so it’s likely you’ll find you have everything you need to get started, but that’s not to say once you’re up and running with your new K4 you won’t be tempted to invest in some extra gadgets to broaden your pressure washer cleaning horizons! 

As standard, the Karcher K4 range comes with at least two lances:

  • The Vario: a variable pressure lance for cleaning somewhat delicate, easily damaged surfaces such as conservatories, decking and cars
  • The Dirt Blaster: a rotary lance with a rotating jet for shifting stubborn, built-up grime

In addition to the lances, the K4 models usually include other popular extras such as brush attachments and patio cleaner attachments. The more you pay, the more accessories you’ll find are included

Kärcher K 4 Compact Pressure Washer, Yellow/Black, Medium
953 Reviews

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The Karcher K4 Range Explained

Within the four models of the Karcher K4 range, there are two domestic Full Control models; one premium Full Control model, and the K4 Compact.

The Karcher K4 Compact

With its state-of-the-art water-cooled induction motor, the Karcher K4 Compact pressure washer is powerful and durable, resulting in outstanding cleaning results. Despite being small, it makes light work of even the most stubborn build-ups of dirt and grime,  whilst its adjustable pressure setting means it can also be used for the more gentle cleaning of ‘delicate’ surfaces such as paint and glass. The integrated suction tube gives the option for detergent to be used when cleaning without the hassle of pouring and the risk of potential spillages. It’s compact enough to be stored under the stairs or in a small shed or outbuilding, with on-board storage for cabling, hoses and standard accessories.

As is the case with all Karcher Compact models, the Karcher K4 Compact has two carrying handles for easy portability. The high-pressure hose is easy to manoeuvre and with the Quick Connect system, assembling your K4 pressure washer is quick and easy, taking up minimal time and requiring minimal effort.

Karcher K4 Compact Technical Data

  • 1800W water-cooled induction motor.
  • A flow rate of 420 litres per hour
  • Rated bar – 110
  • Max bar – 110
  • Suitable for light to medium-duty tasks
  • 6m hose
  • 5m mains cable
  • Maximum temperature of 40°C
  • Weight 11kg

Karcher K4 Compact Features

  • Wheeled for easy portability
  • Dirtblaster lance – provides a concentrated blast of power to remove dirt.
  • Pressure adjustable lance – allows you to alter the level of water pressure to suit the task
  • Quick connector
  • Low-pressure detergent gun
  • Suction tube
  • Onboard storage

Karcher K4 Full Control Models

Karcher certainly did its homework when it came to designing its Full Control range. Easy assembly and clear direction when it comes to pressure levels and lance selection were what Karcher customers wanted. The company listened and they wasted no time in getting to work on their response, creating the innovative range of Full Control premium pressure washers.

Karcher Full Control & Full Control Home

The high-powered Karcher K4 Full Control domestic pressure washers have multiple pressure options, suited to a variety of cleaning tasks for a variety of surfaces including fence panels, cars, patios and stonework. The LED display on the trigger gun makes it easy to control the pressure of the water applied, and quick and easy application of detergents through the ‘plug and clean’ system will ensure an excellent standard of cleaning every time. Other standard features of the Full Control pressure washers include a stability foot and central hose guidance. The compact design and telescopic handle make it straightforward to assemble so ideally for domestic use, and easy to store.

Karcher K4 Full Control & Full Control Home Technical Data

  • 1800 watt water-cooled induction motor.
  • A flow rate of 420 litres/hour.
  • Rated bar – 110.
  • Max bar – 130.
  • 6m hose.
  • 5m mains cable.
  • Maximum temperature of 40°C.

Karcher K4 Full Control & Full Control Home* Features

  • Dirt Blaster and Vario power spray lances included
  • Wheeled for easy portability
  • Full Control trigger gun with LED display
  • Plug and Clean system
  • Parking position for easy accessory storage at all times
  • Quick Connect on machine
  • Telescopic handle
  • Stability foot
  • Central hose guidance
  • 3-year guarantee
  • T-350 surface cleaner capable of cleaning up to five times faster than when using a standard lance*
  • 1l of Karcher stone detergent which increases cleaning performance whilst protecting and maintaining your stonework*

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Home 

The K 4 Full Control Car & Home power washer comes with a full range of accessories to help you tackle even the toughest cleaning tasks around your home. The accessories included are: T350 patio cleaner, rotating wash brush, foam nozzle, 1 L stone detergent and 1 L car shampoo. These accessories make this power washer perfect for cleaning patios, decking, wheelie bins, fencing, garden furniture and cars.

The innovative new Full Control pressure system will help you choose the perfect pressure setting for every cleaning task. Choose from three pressure settings or detergent mode and the LED display will show you which setting you are currently using.

This machine is designed for improved stability, while the 6 m high-pressure hose gives you plenty of reach. The trigger gun and spray lances along with the high-pressure hose all store neatly on the machine. With the additional hose reel and telescopic handle, transportation and storage has never been easier. This machine comes with a five-year guarantee.

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Home Technical Data

  • 1800 watt water-cooled induction motor.
  • A flow rate of 420 litres/hour.
  • Rated bar – 110.
  • Max bar – 130.
  • 6m hose.
  • 5m mains cable.
  • Maximum temperature of 40°C.
  • Weight 12kg

Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Home Features

  • Home kit: T350 Patio Cleaner, 1L 3-in-1 Stone and Facade Detergent
  • Car kit: Rotating washing brush, Foam jet 0.3l, 1L Car shampoo 3-in-1
  • Full Control trigger gun with LED display
  • Vario Power spray lance
  • Dirt Blaster spray lance
  • High-pressure hose reel
  • Quick Connect on machine
  • Plug and Clean system
  • Telescopic handle
  • Water-cooled motor
  • Soft bag
  • Integrated water filter
  • Adapter garden hose A3/4″
  • 5-year guarantee
Kärcher K4 Full Control Home Pressure Washer
  • LED display trigger gun, guiding you to the correct pressure setting for the surface you are trying to clean
  • Home kit, which includes a T350 patio cleaner and a 1 L bottle of 3-in-1 stone and facade cleaner
  • Extendable plastic handle makes transporting your pressure washer simple and makes for a neat storage solution
  • The stability foot at the base of the pressure washer makes for a very stable product, making working with the machine even easier
  • 2 Year warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty period for a Karcher K4?

Karcher Compact, Full Control and Full Control Home come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Home comes with a 5-year warranty. All pressure washers purchased directly from Karcher are eligible for one extra year’s warranty on top of the standard 3 or 5 years.

What’s the difference between the Vario lance and the Dirt Buster lance?

The Vario lance can be used with a variety of water pressures; you simply twist the variable spray to find the desired pressure setting, using the LED display on the trigger gun as a guide.  The Dirt Blaster lance is used when you need serious power –  this automatically uses the most intense pressure setting.

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