Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower Review

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Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

In this review, we take a look at the Gtech Falcon, the 36v cordless lawnmower that makes mowing your lawn a breeze!

The Gtech Falcon has now been discontinued and is being replaced with a newer version. Until we get our hands on the latest model, why not check out our Best Electric Lawnmowers Guide.

Gtech produces several battery powered products for around the home and garden. We have reviewed their Gtech HT20 hedge trimmer, the latest Gtech Pro vacuum cleaners and some of their earlier vacuum cleaners before here at Tools Review. In this review, we are going to take a look at the Gtech Falcon, their cordless lawnmower offering.

There are several stand out features that follow their products across the range, firstly they are very well balanced, whilst some of the products aren’t the lightest, the weight distribution is perfect to avoid injury and strain whilst using them. The battery life from the products is exceptional. They deliver full power for enough time to clean the average house or deal with the average garden. They also offer removable batteries which means if you have a bigger house or garden than the average you can have several batteries charged up and ready to go!

Key Features

Adjustable cut height

Most lawnmowers these days offer the ability to adjust the height of your cut, this is usually done by turning the mower upside down and fiddling with something that is covered in grass and mud. Allowing one or two different height settings.

Gtech has fixed both of these issues, with 6 different height settings ranging from 3cm to 8cm in height you really can get your perfect cut.

Rather than fiddling about underneath the mower, getting covered in dirt, they have put a convenient lever on top of the mower to allow adjusting of the cut height.

Battery running time and charging

From a full charge, the Gtech Falcon will last around 40 minutes. This is plenty of time to get the average garden twice over. If you keep on top of your mowing you may even get a third cut into this time.

Thanks to the Lithium ION battery, the battery does not deplete while it is sat in your shed or garage, so the next time you come to use it, the battery is just where you left it.

A full charge takes around 5 hours, people have criticised this, saying this is far too long, but let’s put this into perspective. Once you have finished mowing the lawn, put the mower away and are continuing your daily business, it doesn’t really matter how long the charging process takes, unless you are someone who cuts your lawn several times a day!

If you have a lawn that takes over 40 minutes to cut, there is always the option of purchasing a separate battery, priced at around £150 at the time of writing. Once both of these are charged up you have just under an hour and a half of cutting time.

Grass box

The Gtech cordless mower is very modular by design, most components easily snap on and off for easy storage or transportation. The battery is one example of this and the grass box is another.

It quickly snaps into place and you are ready to go, removal is just as easy, and it folds flat thanks to its canvas makeup for easy storage. The grass box can hold 40 litres of grass before it is full. Again these things are all relative, if you haven’t cut your grass all year this will fill up very quickly. However, if you keep on top of your mowing this will give you plenty of passes of your lawn before it needs emptying.

Storage and portability

The Gtech Falcon weighs in at around 17kg. This isn’t the lightest of mowers if put next to something such as a cheap flymo. However, there are some major differences as laid out above. The fact it is battery powered adds weight, it has a grass collection box, variable height, etc. Pushing the mower along the lawn is effortless and the weight doesn’t really come into it. However, getting it in and out of a shed where it can’t just be pushed and has to be lifted could be a little tricky for people who are older or weaker.

The mower itself has a folding handle, this makes the Gtech Falcon a very compact mower to store. With the added bonus of the compact canvas grass collection box, it can be easily stored in the smallest of spaces in a shed or garage.

Compatible Accessories

The Gtech cordless lawnmower comes with everything you would need to get going. One useful accessory I mention above is an additional battery.

A 36V additional battery

The running time of the battery on the Gtech Falcon is around 40 minutes with a 5 hour charge time. This is more than enough for the average sized garden to get 2 full cuts. However, not all of us have the average sized garden, if you have a bigger lawn you shouldn’t miss out. The additional battery is the perfect solution. Allowing for just under an hour and a half running time.

Whilst some might see the additional battery as an extravagant expense, to others it is a necessity.

Benefits of the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

  1. Variable cutting height
  2. Handle and grass collection box folds up
  3. 40-minute runtime
  4. Removable battery
  5. Automatically stops charging when the battery is full

Disadvantages of the Gtech Falcon Cordless Lawnmower

  1. 5 hour charging time
  2. Weighs 17kg
  3. No built-in lawn roller
  4. Handle isn’t height adjustable

Manufacturer’s specs

  • Weight: 17 kilograms
  • Voltage: 36 volts
  • Runtime: 40 minutes
  • Charge time: 5 hours
  • Noise level: 96db
  • Power: 670w
  • Capacity: 40 litres
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion

The Bottom Line

The Gtech Falcon cordless lawnmower is a breath of fresh air to the industry. With corded, petrol and manual options available, a battery-powered version eliminates so much stress, hassle and so many issues.

Gtech is king when it comes to battery powered products, they deliver on quality, runtime and power!

From this review, hopefully, you can see that we are really impressed with the Falcon. It is a pleasure to use, creates a fantastic cut and is virtually maintenance free!

One thing that we have heard customers ask for is a lawn roller function, allowing you to leave that perfect impression on your lawn after cutting. The issue is as soon as you add a feature like that, you add weight! Gtech has intentionally tried to reduce weight with the Falcon. It weighs in at 17kg as it is, thanks to being battery powered it picks up a little extra weight as it is.

You can pick up a separate lawn roller on Amazon for a reasonable fee, should you wish to add that finishing touch.

All in all the Gtech Falcon cordless lawnmower is a fantastic piece of kit and we highly recommend it.

Gtech Falcon Cordless lawn mower
  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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