Dyson V10 2024 Expert Review

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Dyson V10 Buyers Guide

Dyson have been around since 1978 with their vacuum cleaners sold in over 100 countries. It is no wonder they are so popular with the power and quality that they have to offer. The Dyson V10 is part of their cordless vacuum range, offering good value for money but with more power and battery length than their older models such as the V8.

The V10 comes in three different models – the Absolute, Animal and Motorhead. All come with the durable build, long lasting battery and super suction to help keep your home clean and tidy!

In A Hurry?

Prior to the launch of the V10, Dyson were all about the V8 – at the time, the most powerful cordless vacuum in the Dyson Cyclone V series. Then came along the V10 and to say it overshadows the V8 is an understatement!

The Dyson Cyclone V10 is cordless with a comfortable design meaning vacuuming is no longer a time-consuming, power-cord trailing hour of your life that frustratingly, you know you could get done in half the time if only you weren’t constantly plugging and unplugging, switching between handheld to upright, or trying to make the power cord reach far enough by strategic maneuvering and corner-cutting.

With the Dyson V10 you’re able to move with no restrictions with the added peace of mind you’ve got up to 60 minutes battery-use time to play with.

The Dyson V10 Range

There are three variants of the V10 to choose from:

  • The V10 Total Clean
  • The V10 Animal
  • The V10 Absolute
  V10 Total Clean V10 Animal V10 Absolute
Weight 2.68kg 2.68kg 2.68kg
Charge Time  3.5hrs 3.5hrs 3.5hrs
Cleaner Head Direct drive cleaner head. Soft roller cleaner head. Direct drive cleaner head. Direct drive cleaner head. Soft roller cleaner head.
Cyclone Technology 14 concentric cyclones 14 concentric cyclones 14 concentric cyclones
Bin volume 0.76 litres 0.76 litres 0.76 litres
Filtration Advanced whole machine filtration Advanced whole machine filtration Advanced whole machine filtration
Run time (Suction Mode 1) 60 mins 60 mins 60 mins
Height 250mm 250mm 250mm
Length 1249mm 1249mm 1249mm
Width 256mm 256mm 256mm

The main difference between the three models in the V10 Cyclone range is the accessories each model comes with:

V10 Animal: The entry-level model of the V10 cyclone range. The V10 Animal kit includes the direct drive cleaner head, mini motorised tool, crevices tool, quick release mini soft dusting brush, docking station and charger.

V10 Absolute: The V10 Absolute kit includes all the above, plus an additional soft-roller hard-floor tool.

V10 Total Clean: In addition to those listed for the V10 Animal and V10 Cyclone, the V10 Total Clean kit also includes a quick-release wide nozzle tool, quick-release extension hose and ‘reach-high’ tool.

Dyson 214744-01 V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
1,163 Reviews
Dyson 214744-01 V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum
  • Capacity-0.54
  • Collection-bugless
  • Filter-not specified
  • Guarantee-2 years parts and labour
  • Operation-battery. No-touch bin emptying

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Key features

●     Can be used as an upright vacuum or a handheld

The V10 is effectively a 2-in-1 vacuum, changing from an upright to a handheld in just the click of a button – seamlessly transitioning between vacuuming your lounge carpet to tackling stairs, sofas, fireplaces or even those pesky ceiling cobwebs. 

●     Mess-free, stress-free hygienic bin emptying

The ‘point and shoot’ mechanism hygienically ejects dust and debris from the dust cup straight into your bin – no mess, no dirt.

●     Wall docking

The V10 drops into a handy wall-mounted docking station to recharge, which is also cleverly designed to store the vacuum tools and accessories – it comes with a tote-like tool bag which houses the mini soft dusting brush, direct drive; soft roller cleaner head; and crevice tool.

●     Three power modes

Not every floor type or cleaning task needs maximum power. Varying the power mode will help prolong the battery use time of your V10 – on the lowest power mode setting you can get up to 60mins cleaning time before you need to recharge.

●     Longer battery life

When set to suction mode 1, you have up to an hour to work your way through the rooms of your house without the hassle of unplugging and plugging; tripping over cables; running out of cord or trying to negotiate stairs! The V10 comes with cordless versatility meaning you can clean anywhere and you’ve got up to a full hour to do it!

●     Certified asthma and allergy friendly

For those of us who suffer from allergies, vacuuming can be the catalyst for our next sneezing fit or leaves us reaching for our inhaler. The V10 is certified by Allergy Standards Limited meaning it meets or exceeds the standard set for effectively removing allergen-containing dust from various flooring types.

What makes the Dyson V10 so impressive?


The V10 has a small, light and powerful digital motor capable of spinning up to 125,000rpm – that’s 2000 times a second! It’s the fastest digital motor we’ve ever seen from Dyson, generating the same suction power as a full-size vacuum. The motor isn’t just powerful, it’s intelligent too – clevely adapting to different cleaning conditions. The motor’s programmed to read and process the altitude, barometric pressure and temperature of the space you are cleaning, and will adjust its performance to suit.

Dust capacity

The dust capacity on the V10 is impressive. Most cordless vacuums tend to be limited when it comes to dust capacity but the aim of the V10 has always been to rival corded vacuums. In order to establish itself as a serious contender, dust capacity needed increasing which in turn would mean less trips to the bin and let emptying between uses. The V10’s dust capacity is 40% larger than that of its closest rival the V8 and, to make emptying easier, the dust cup has been rotated 90 degrees so it can be emptied straight into the bin meaning no mess.

Cyclone Technology

There’s an unbelievable 14 cyclones in the V10. Combined, they create forces in excess of 79,000g and this high-speed circulation hurls dust particles – including allergy irritants such as pollen – out into the bin. The new wraparound filter design offers better allergen retention – it’s designed to stop the dust and allergens escaping back into your home so, once those pesky allergen particles are in the dust cup, they’ve little or no chance of getting back out!

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, Large red 180846-01
  • Item height: 49.17 inches
  • Item width: 49.17 inches
  • Wattage: 49.17 inches

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Triple power settings

The Dyson V10 has three power settings; this is a first for Dyson who, in the past, have always stuck with just the two – normal and turbo. So why the extra setting? Dyson wanted the highest setting on the V10 to be more powerful than what’s typically expected of the usual ‘turbo’ mode so it claims this is the case with the V10. The middle setting now powers like the old ‘turbo’ and the lowest setting has the power oomph of the standard setting on the V10’s predecessor the V8.

Self-balancing… nearly! 

There’s no getting away from it – the V10 is top-heavy, like the majority of cordless vacuums. It doesn’t take Albert Einstein to figure out that this means it’ll never stand upright completely by itself however it’ll take more than the law of gravity to defeat the design geniuses at Dyson –  a small rubber strip secured to the underneath of the main vacuum body means the V10 is able to stand against an upright structure e.g. a wall, door or cupboard without slipping.

Increased battery life

Battery life has always been the downfall of cordless vacuums however Dyson is confident it’s broken the mold with the V10. The company claims it’s spent millions developing battery technology and the result is an advanced, lightweight seven-cell lithium ion battery, which offers up to 60 minutes cleaning time when set to suction mode 1. The V10 has been designed to make a whole-home clean a reality for the average sized home owner.


The Dyson V10 is pretty impressive when it comes to noise. It’s been acoustically engineered to divert sound vibrations and improve airflow, resulting in reduced noise levels. It easily falls below the threshold for which hearing protection is recommended (85 dB) coming in at a comfortable 78 dB.


Accessory Description V10 Animal V10 Absolute V10 Total Clean
Direct Drive Powerful direct-drive cleaner head removes ground-in dirt from carpets   ✓   ✓   ✓
Soft roller cleaner head Engineered with soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fibre, for hard floors  
Mini motorised tool Great for cleaning smaller surfaces, upholstery and stairs
Crevice tool Designed for precise cleaning around edges and narrow gaps
Quick-release wide nozzle tool Removes dust and dirt from upholstery and the floor    
Quick-release up-top adapter Twists and locks at different angles to clean high-up areas of your home    
Quick release extension hose Combines with other Dyson tools to provide a longer reach    
Quick release mini soft dusting brush Easy, vacuum-assisted dusting. With soft nylon bristles to clean delicate surfaces and fabrics.   ✓   ✓  
Docking station Wall-mounted dock to recharge your vacuum and tidily store tools
Charger Charges your vacuum with or without the Wall Docking station

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dyson V10 have a warranty?

Yes, the Dyson Cyclone V10 comes with a 5 year limited warranty. The warranty covers original defects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase, however this applies to vacuums used for domestic use only. This warranty covers all labour and parts required in order to restore your Dyson vacuum to its full operating condition.

Does the Dyson V10 use a trigger system?

The V10 uses a trigger system – you need to apply pressure to the power button in order for the vacuum to work. Dyson claim there’s no way around the trigger system as it’s the best option for preserving battery life. It’s been proven to be considerably more power-efficient than using a standard on/off power switch.

Can I leave my Dyson V10 on charge?

Yes! There is no reason why you cannot leave your Dyson V10 on charge once the battery is full. This means that you can leave it plugged in and it will always be ready to go when you need it!

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