Best Wood Chisels Buyer’s Guide

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Completing pretty much any woodwork jobs? You are going to need a wood chisel. A wood chisel is the perfect tool to allow you to file down, gouge out or shape wood. It will even help you to remove hardened glue from wooden surfaces too! There are loads of different wood chisels on the market and loads of different sizes too – so we are hoping that this article will help you to find the best wood chisel for the jobs you are wanting to complete.

Best Pick – Wood Chisels

Draper Expert 140mm 8 Piece Wood Chisel Set | Woodworking Hand Tools | Aluminium Oxide Sharpening Stone | 6 to 38mm Blades Carving Tool |Impact Resistant Soft Grip |Honing Guide| 88605
  • Durable – The wood chisel set featuring with full length bevel edged blades, crafted from chrome vanadium steel, hardened, tempered and finely round to ensure durability and sharpness. Coated with a clear lacquer for corrosion protection.
  • Versatile – This woodworking hand tools set offers versatility with 6 chisels ranging in sizes (6,12,20,26, 32 and 38mm) providing options for various tasks, including a honing guide and an aluminium oxide sharpening stone, enable precise sharpening and maintenance of the chisels for consistent performance.
  • Convenient – Features impact resistant soft grip polypropylene handles, providing comfortable and secure grip during use while also offering durability to withstand the rigors of woodworking tasks.
  • Reliable- Draper expert quality.

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The main purpose of a wood chisel is to file down surfaces that you are working with or to smooth over areas that have already been cut to leave a neat, professional finish. It is rare to be able to complete a woodwork job and not need a wood chisel for some part of it! Not only this but they can also be used to remove old paint or glue from a wood surface if you are trying to prepare it for a project that you are hoping to complete.

However, there are many different things to consider with wood chisels, such as size, the handle and the blade, plus the type of wood chisel that is right for you. Our buyer’s guide aims to shine a light on these features to help you find the best wood chisel you can buy.

Wood Chisel Features

There are some main features that you need to know about when purchasing a wood chisel. We are here to help you work out what to look out for and what to avoid when buying a wood chisel.


The handle on your wood chisels is vital for both usability and also the durability of your tool. Look out for one that is made of strong wood, metal, or plastic and rubber if you want them to last. Rubber will usually be softer on your hands, meaning that you can work for longer before starting to feel the ache in your hands, but it won’t be quite as durable as metal handles. The best of both worlds would be a compromise of a metal handle with a rubber finish over the top – this way you get a strong and durable handle, but with the comfort to work all day. However, we have to admit that wooden handles on chisels do have a much more “traditional” look that we can’t help but like!


The blade of your wood chisel is just as important as the handle, if not more so; without it, you have no wood chisel! But it is important to look for one that has a good quality blade that is going to be right for the types of jobs that you are planning on completing.

Thinner blades will be easier to work with and will also be able to get into smaller areas that you are working on. Even if you are working on big projects, it is unlikely that there won’t be smaller areas that need a more delicate touch. Longer blades will be able to cover a larger area and also get into tighter spaces that short blades might struggle to get down, but they can be more awkward to work with if you are new to working with wood chisels.

The material that your blade is made out is crucial – a poorly designed blade made of substandard material will only end up costing you more money in the long run! Cheap blades will not only wear faster and take longer to get the job done, but they could end up damaging the wood that you are working with, meaning that you have to start the project all over again!

Look out for blades that are made with chrome steel with high amounts of carbon as these will be more durable. Specially hardened steel will stay sharp even after working hard on any number of woodwork jobs that you might be completing!

TOP TIP: We would recommend looking out for blades that can be sharpened easily. This will make your tool much better value for money as it will last so much longer!

It is also worth looking at the shape of the blade on the wood chisel that you are thinking about purchasing as they come in many different designs! A wider surface will obviously mean that you can work on more material at one time but tapered blades will give you a more precise finish.


When considering the right wood chisel for you it is important to think about the size that you are going to need (especially if you are only planning on purchasing one wood chisel). They come in a range of sizes from around ¼ inch up to 1 ½ inches. Smaller wood chisels will be better for more delicate or detailed jobs that you are trying to complete as you will be able to get into those tighter areas. Whereas larger wood chisels are perfect for if you have big areas to work with as you will be able to get the job done in a much shorter space of time.

Although it adds to the cost, we would always recommend purchasing more than one wood chisel if you are serious about completing woodwork jobs, as it will take a lot longer and you’ll be left with a less precise finish if you only have one wood chisel to work with.

Extra Features

There are some extra things that are worth looking for when purchasing wood chisels, such as….

  • Wood chisels with folding handles. The handle will fold up on itself around the blade, keeping it protected but also stopping it from rubbing on any materials and damaging them while it is not in use.
  • A wood chisel that comes with a honing guide is perfect to help you if you are new to completing woodwork jobs.
  • Weight – Although wood chisels are only small tools it is worth considering the weight of them if you are planning on using them for long jobs!

Best Budget – Wood Chisels

Rolson 56105 3 pc Wood Chisel Set 12, 19 & 25 mm
  • 3pc Rubber Grip Wood Chisel Set
  • Drop forged bevel edged chisels, sharpened and honed ready for use
  • Sizes 12mm(1/2"), 19mm(3/4"), 25mm(1")
  • Ideal for soft and hardwood, complete with bi-material soft grip and steel striking cap

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Wood Chisel Sets

There are many wood chisel sets available on the market that may be a better purchase for you than buying individual chisels. They usually come in sets of between 4 and 8 and offer chisels of different sizes so that you can switch between them depending on the part of the job that you are working with.

Although it is expensive when you are buying multiple chisels in one go, this is perfect for beginners to woodwork as you will have most of the equipment that you are going to need in one go! Or just for if you fancy treating yourself because your old chisels are looking worse for wear! They will also usually come in handy cases that will keep your precious chisels safe and mean that they are always ready to use – plus less chance of them going missing.

Specialist Wood Chisels

Most woodwork jobs that you are thinking of completing will be able to be done using standard wood chisels. However, there may be times when you need a more specialist chisel for a particular job that you are thinking of working on.

  • Bevel chisel – A smaller chisel that is used for smaller more delicate areas that you might be working with. These tend to be the “standard” wood chisels that you will see in shops.
  • Mortising chisel – used for chopping mortises by hand. As the blades are so sharp they can be pushed into a piece of wood to remove chunks at a time.
  • Corner chisel – this is used for making sure the corners of the wood that you are working with are square and neat. But, it can also be used for making grooves and indentations in the wood that you are working with.
  • Crank-neck chisel – the purpose of this wood chisel is to basically slice material off from the piece that you are working on.
  • Skew chisel – A skew chisel is used to actually cut small pieces out of hard to reach places. This is achieved by the tool having an angled cutting edge.
  • Bench/but chisel – These are larger chisels that can be used for bigger jobs that you might be working on. The but chisel is smaller than the bench but still larger than a standard handheld chisel.
  • Firmer chisel – As the name suggests these are harder chisels that will be able to work with very tough materials!

Looking for a wood tool to work alongside your wood chisel on your woodwork jobs? Why not consider a wood turning lathe?

Best of the Rest

VonHaus Chisel Set - 6pcs Woodworking Tools Set - Wood Carving Tools for Men and Women - Chrome Vanadium, Wood Chisel Sets with Sharpening Stone, Honing Guide and Storage Case - Bevel-Edged Chisel Set
  • These VonHaus woodworking tools include 4 x full tang wood chisels – ½”, ¾” 1” & 1¼ ” – ideal for woodwork, carpentry and DIY projects
  • Expertly crafted from heat-treated chrome vanadium steel, our wood carving kit benefits from strong alloy blades with a ground finish. Each chisel boasts a solid, impact-resistant polypropylene plastic handle for superior handling, thus placing Vonhaus firmly as an industry leader in wood carving chisels
  • With design aesthetic being at the forefront of our brand identify we understand that not all wood working tools and equipment are created equally. Supplied in a distinctive black and orange blow moulded storage case, our wood chisels are bright and impactful thus a solid choice for any wood working project
  • Supplied in a premium grade plastic case, expect storage quality that exceeds that of the traditional chisel roll. Suitable for domestic and professional use, our wood carving set is nothing if not versatile
  • Each 6pcs chisel set comes complete with a premium grade sharpening stone and honing guide for precision application. Suitable for domestic and professional use, our wood carving set is nothing if not versatile

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ToolTronix 8 Pc Wood Carving Chisel Set with Sharpening Stone & Honing Guide for Carpentry Woodworking Storage Box Included
  • The Tooltronix 8 Piece Chisel Set is perfect for a range of woodworking tasks around the home or workshop, making it a fantastic addition to any toolbox.
  • Each chisel features a high quality, precision ground chrome vanadium steel alloy blades – heat treated for strength and durability. Narrow side bevels allow for quick and precise flattening and sharpening.
  • Ergonomic handles for improved grip and control.
  • Pack Includes: 1 x 6mm chisel 1 x 13mm chisel 1 x 19mm chisel 1 x 25mm chisel 1 x 32mm chisel 1 x 38mm chisel 1 x honing guide 1 x aluminium oxide sharpening stone. Supplied in a blow moulded plastic storage case.

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Amtech E0705 4 Piece go Thru Wood Chisel Set
  • DURABLE: This 4 piece go thru wood chisel set has hardened and tempered chrome vanadium steel blades and metal striking caps
  • EASY TO USE: With soft grip handles and blade guards, the have a useful bevel edge pattern
  • VERSATILE: The set includes sizes 6mm, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm and is ideal for many DIY woodworking applications
  • PLEASE NOTE: These products need to be sharpened before use

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sharpen my wood chisel?
One of the main things that you will need to know if you own a wood chisel is how to sharpen it, otherwise you will find your tool quickly becoming ineffective! Some wood chisels will be sold with a sharpening stone which you simply have to work the chisel back and forth against to sharpen it.

Do wood chisels come with a warranty?
Yes! All decent quality wood chisels will come with warranties. Most wood chisels that we found came with between a 1 and 2 year warranty, however we would be surprised if they wouldn’t last considerably longer than this.

What size of wood chisel do I need?

There are lots of different sizes of wood chisels to choose from and we would always recommend having more than one available so that you can complete different types of jobs. However, as a general rule, the most commonly used wood chisel is going to be around 3/8″ up to around 1/2″.

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