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There is nothing wrong with a traditional screwdriver – there is no denying that! They have been around for decades so they must be doing something right! But that’s not to say that there isn’t a way that it can be done better…..and that is with an electric screwdriver.

An electric screwdriver is going to be able to do exactly the same jobs as a standard screwdriver can do, but the fact that it is powered means that it will be able to massively reduce the time that it takes you to get a job done. It will also reduce the amount of effort that you need to put in and the strain that is going to be placed upon the muscles and tendons in your hands and wrists.

They are such a handy tool for any household – but if you are moving home or completing renovations then they are invaluable!!

Best Pick – Electric Screwdriver

Bosch Home and Garden Cordless Screwdriver IXO (5th generation, 3.6 V, in case)
  • Cordless screwdriver with forward/reverse operation
  • Micro - USB charging system with reduced charging time of 3 hours
  • Integrated spotlight or stray light option improves visibility of the work piece
  • Direction and charge indication for convenience and easy use
  • Powered by lithium ion technology with 15 percent more runtime versus previous model

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Electric screwdrivers are ideal for light DIY projects around your home and garden, such as assembling flat-packed furniture, hanging pictures, fitting door hinges or tightening/untightening the screws and brackets of existing fixtures and fittings. Whether it’s cordless or corded, pocket or drywall, the best electric screwdrivers all share one common feature – they’ll complete a task quickly and efficiently whilst being compact, portable and easy to store.

Only got 5 minutes

Electric screwdrivers vary according to brand, model, quality and performance. As with any DIY tool, you get what you pay for, so it’s worth avoiding cheap, budget, entry-level models as they tend to have limited torque output, unsteady rotation and low battery-use time. By spending a few more pounds, you should be able to find yourself a decent electric screwdriver with a good torque output (at least 3Nm) and for cordless models, one which comes with a lightweight, long-life, Lithium-ion battery.

Before you start shopping around for an electric screwdriver you need to consider what you intend on using your electric screwdriver for and for how long; having this clear in your mind will help you determine the best type of electric screwdriver for you. 

What will you be using your electric screwdriver for?

The best cordless electric screwdrivers will be capable of drilling into a range of light materials such as MDF, plasterboard or plastic. The denser the workpiece, the more torque power you’ll need so, if you intend on working with harder materials such as masonry, ceramic and hardwoods, your best option is likely to be a mains-powered electric screwdriver, or a cordless model with a high battery power.

How long will you be using your electric screwdriver for?

If you’re planning on carrying out some lengthy DIY projects, or have the tendency to spend hours in your garden shed or workshop, you’ll be wanting an electric screwdriver that’s suitable for prolonged periods of use – a lightweight and  ergonomic design should ensure maximum comfort; if you intend on opting for a cordless model, pay particular attention to the battery-use and battery recharge times.

Cordless Vs Corded

When it comes to choosing the best electric screwdriver for you and your DIY needs, you’ll need to consider which power source is best suited to you and your DIY needs – cordless or corded.

Cordless electric screwdrivers

PowerPower is measured in volts (V)The majority of electric screwdrivers have a voltage of 3.6V The higher the voltage, the greater the torque strength A higher voltage will be necessary if you intend to work with dense materials such as hardwood or masonry, and a battery with a high Ah rating for extended periods of use
ProsMains power source isn’t required so no restrictions on movementNo trailing cable Good for working in those hard to reach placesEasily portable Compact design
ConsWill have a limited run time Tend not to be as powerful as corded models You’ll need to allow for recharge time

Battery capacity of cordless electric screwdrivers

The best cordless electric screwdrivers will come with a Lithium-ion battery. This type of rechargeable, lightweight battery has become increasingly popular due to its impressive power capacity (energy density), and low self-discharge rate – on average, a  lithium-ion battery loses just 5% of its charge per month, compared to a 15-20% loss for nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries also have no memory effect, which means that they don’t have to be completely discharged before recharging.

Although we can’t yet claim they’re environmentally-friendly (as is the case with all batteries) they do promote many sustainable actions and are less damaging to the environment when compared to a corded electric screwdriver, which ultimately relies on the burning of fossil fuels. 

Key points to consider when it comes to the battery:
  • The higher the battery’s Ah rating, the longer the battery will last
  • Some manufacturers use the same battery for all cordless devices in a particular range so consider what battery-powered devices you already have
  • Chargetime – you want a quick charge time if you indulge in DIY regularly or foresee that you’ll be using your electric screwdriver for fairly long periods of time

Best Budget – Electric Screwdriver

Hi-Spec 27 Pc Red 3.6V Cordless Electric Screwdriver Set. Power Screwdriver with Rechargeable Battery LED Light and 23 Driver Bit Set for DIY Home & Office
  • SAVE THOSE TIRED HANDS: Add a splash of color with the Hi-Spec Red 3.6V Electric Power Cordless Screwdriver. A portable automatic screwdriver for fast screwing of household DIY fixtures or fittings, and quick furniture assembly. NB. This is NOT suited for any drilling usage
  • SCREWDRIVER BIT SET: Just swap out any one of the 23 interchangeable driver bits to match whatever screw needs turning. Find the most commonly used types, including Hex/Allen and Torx, for furniture, shelves, hinges, brackets, panels, covers, and more
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Just toggle the large trigger up to tighten screws in, and down to loosen screws out. Switch on its front LED to brighten covered or dark places. Check its current battery level by pressing the top-button to light a row of LEDs
  • DRIVING FEATURES: Weighing a lightweight of 322g/0.7lb, its compact shell with a comfortable non-slip grip houses a single-speed of 180rpm with 2Nm of torque. Its 600mAh NiMh battery is charged in 3-5 hours with the included wall mains charger
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES: Add the bit extender to reach recessed screwdriving positions. Clean or bore out shallow holes in soft materials with the two steel bits. And a useful handle strap allows convenient hanging and storage after use

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Corded electric screwdrivers

PowerPower measured in watts (W)Plugs directly into the mains electrics The higher the wattage, the more power is available
ProsConstant power supply means you can use confidently without worrying the battery will run out, or have to waste time waiting for a recharge   Well-suited to both light and heavy-duty DIY projects
ConsTrailing lead is a potential trip hazardMay need to use an extension lead


When comparing models of electric screwdrivers, the technical specification should provide a useful overview of performance and capability.


Torque is a measure of power and, along with no load speed, defines the performance of an electrical device, specifically how much rotational force the tool is capable of exerting. Torque is measured in newton metres (Nm).

Most standard electric screwdrivers intended for domestic use have a torque value ranging between 3-5 Nm. The higher the torque, the easier the electric screwdriver should be to use, even on dense materials.

The best electric screwdrivers will have a range of torque settings, which can be adjusted to suit varying densities.

No load speed

No load speed is the speed at which the unloaded motor runs and the bit rotates. It is measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). The best electric screwdrivers will have variable speed settings which offer greater flexibility when it comes to working with materials of varying density. Electric screwdrivers tend to have a no load speed of between 200 – 600 RPM.

The greater the torque and no load speed, the more power and force the electric screwdriver will exert.

Motor type

The best electric screwdrivers will use brushless motors as they’re far more energy efficient than their predecessor, the brushed motor. Because of the removal of the brushes, the level of friction is significantly reduced meaning far less energy is wasted due to heat. They require minimal maintenance as, unlike brushed motors, there’s no internal brushes to maintain and replace.

It’s really not hard to see why so many power tool manufacturers now opt for brushless motors – they’re lightweight, low-maintenance and energy efficient. Win win!

Chuck size

Which materials you intend on drilling will determine the size of chuck you’ll need. The larger the chuck size, the larger diameter bit you can use.

To determine how large of a chuck you need, you’ll need to be clear what size screws you intend on using; you can then check in the product specification that the electric screwdriver you’re considering is compatible.

Additional features

Onboard bit storageUseful feature which allows you to store bits in or on the electric screwdriver housingEnsures alternative/replacement bits are easily accessible and readily available as and when you need them
LED lightingIdeal for working in conditions where lighting may be limited, or in tight, fiddly areas such as behind cabinets or radiatorsCan potentially improve accuracy and precision as the lighting provides a clearer view for the user
Micro USB chargersOften seen on small/micro electric screwdriver models Convenient ‘on-the-go’ charging
Spindle lockSafety feature which locks the chuck and bit when the trigger is released, preventing the driver from moving
Handle designThe best electric screwdrivers will have an ergonomic design for improved comfort levelsSoft-grip handles provide comfort and stability

Best of the Rest

Terratek Cordless Screwdriver Terratek 3.6V 1300 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery Pivot Handle DIY Socket Electric Screwdriver Set Accessory Kit, LED Worklight, Carry Storage Case… (102 Piece)
  • PORTABLE: The Terratek Electric Screwdriver features an integral rechargeable Lithium battery & 200RPM motor perfect for use on the go
  • DESIGN: Our innovative Screwdriver Set features an ergonomic build for added comfort and grip to maximise driving control.
  • HANDY: Rechargeable Screwdriver great for a variety of household tasks such as furniture assembly. Charge using the included 1.8m USB Cable - No USB Plug Included
  • SAVE TIME: With the Terratek cordless screwdriver which is 10x quicker than struggling along with a standard manual screwdriver
  • 2 YEAR GUARANTEE: For your peace of mind we offer a 24 month guarantee on our Power Screwdriver, Battery Screwdriver

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No products found.

Electric Screwdriver, 6Nm Torque HYCHIKA Cordless Screwdriver 2000mAh 3.6V with 35 Accessories, LED Light and Rear Flashlight, USB Cable and Storage Box
  • [MAX TORQUE 6Nm WITH SUPER PERFORMANCE AND QUICK-CHANGE CHUCK] Electric screwdriver with a torque of 6 Nm, suitable for screwing and drilling in the household. The 6.35mm quick-change chuck makes it easy to change accessories. With forward and reverse switch for easy screw installation and removal.
  • [2.0 Ah BATTERY] The 2.0 Ah battery offers large capacity and longer service life. USB micro charging cable suitable for various USB ports such as computer output ports. Charging time 2-5 hours.
  • [35 ACCESSORIES] With 35 accessories, it is suitable for tightening and loosening all furniture screws. The spindle has a self-locking function that provides higher torque when used manually. NOTES: 25mm bits should be used with extension rod.
  • [LED LIGHT & FLASHLIGHT] The LED lighting on the front is good for dark environments or dark corners. There is also a flashlight for illumination in dark places. The handle can be adjusted in two positions. Press the lock button to rotate the handle to a position suitable for use in tight spaces. With the storage box, it is easy to carry and store the device.
  • [WHAT YOU GET] 1 x HYCHIKA 3.6V cordless screwdriver; 35 x accessories; 1 x USB charging cable; 1 x user manual; 1 x storage box

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use an electric screwdriver to unscrew?

Yes! Electric screwdrivers will all be able to unscrew as well as screw so this will increase the number of jobs that they can be used for even more.

How powerful is an electric screwdriver?

Electric screwdrivers are all going to have more than enough power to complete most jobs. We found that most have between 4 and 12 volts so there shouldn’t really be any jobs that they cannot complete.

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