Best Wireless CCTV System – Ultimate Buyers Guide 2024

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Best Wireless CCTV System

Keeping your home and loved ones safe are two of the most important things that you can do! However, this can appear to be increasingly difficult with crime and thefts on the rise all over the UK. That is all the more reason to purchase the best wireless CCTV system that you can find – so that you can protect your home from anything that may come your way!

Research suggests that fitting CCTV systems outside your home can actually reduce crime rates at your property by 70% – we personally think this is a massive reassurance for anyone that is worried about their safety at home. Not only that, but if you do suffer from a break in, car theft or vandalism then you will have footage to be able to share with the police so that you stand a much better of the issue being resolved!

For these reasons, and many more, CCTV systems are becoming much more popular across the UK, with roughly 43% of homeowners having at least one security camera operating at their home. There are lots of CCTV systems to choose from, but personally we would always recommend a wireless CCTV system as they are much easier to fit and maintain! We have considered all the key features and found the best wireless CCTV systems for you to choose from.

Best Pick – Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System

【5MP+3TB Hard Drive】Hiseeu Wireless Security Camera System with 12"Monitor Wireless CCTV System 10CH NVR,4x5Megapixel Outdoor WiFi IP Camera with 2-Way Audio Night Vision Remote View Instant Alert
  • 【10CH Wireless NVR,3TB HDD Pre-installed】Hiseeu Wireless security camera system features 12'' monitor(the 5MP HD NVR). All cameras and NVR monitor are plug and play. With Pre-installed 3TB HDD(H.265+ Video Compression&Auto overwrite Tech), hiseeu camera system supports 24/7 or motion only recording. And it up to 90-day LOOP recording.(Please Connect the monitor with 12V/2A Power supply )
  • 【5MP Camera&Superior Night Vision】The 5MP HD wifi surveillance cameras with more clear image quality than 3MP cameras.You will see clearer details with 5MP camera.The camera has IR LED light with auto switch and can be clearly viewed even during night time(no need the floodlight). Up to 65ft HD night vision,the CCTV set is the best choice for villa,home,office, shop,warehouse or elsewhere. 8CH NVR supports up to add 8 cameras.(add more PTZ or standard camera as you like)
  • 【2-Way Audio&Remote Viewing Anywhere】The wifi cctv system has the built-in microphone and speaker(Cameras support 2-Way Audio).Not only streaming live view with Video & Audio you get, but also record suspicious activities with sound. Meanwhile the alarm function can help you get rid of unwelcome guests. Installing free subscription "Eseecloud" in smartphone or computer, you will always keep an eye on your property.(Search"B089XZ4NT6","B08NJQ46MX","B0CRKMYSYV"for Extra 2-Way Audio camera)
  • 【Motion Detection&IP66 Waterproof】The WiFi Surveillance Camera owns the function of motion detection. It would send you notification via the app or Email when motion captured.Setting motion detection area or time, you will focus on the special area or time to protect your property.The metal material outdoor Security Camera is IP66 waterproof and it can work well under harsh weather.With repeater tech, you can setup cameras in middle as repeater to prolong the current wifi distance.
  • 【Expandable WiFi Camera system】The Hiseeu outdoor WiFi security camera system supports to add the bullet cameras or the PTZ cameras on its NVR box. The Max number for the CCTV system is 10 cameras. Let's adding more cameras to your Hiseeu CCTV system and protect your home all around.(The wifi cameras need connect with power supply)

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What is Wireless?

This may sound simple but it is definitely something that we need to start with as there are differences in products and what manufacturers consider “wireless” and you need to know about them before you buy! A wireless CCTV system doesn’t always mean…NO wires! 

There are two different types of wireless CCTV systems depending on which manufacturer you go to! One is a totally wireless system (which is probably what you are thinking of!), these models will store the data directly onto the device and can be viewed through your phone, tablet or another device. They will also come with a battery pack that will need removing and charging occasionally. The downside to this is the hassle of having to charge the battery – and remember to! So once every few weeks you are going to have to access your CCTV camera, remove the battery, charge it and then fit it again. Not only can this be a real inconvenience but it means that you run the risk of not capturing something important! However, these models are going to be completely WIRELESS so no wires trailing in and out of your home. 

Your second option is a powered wireless CCTV system. These models are still known as wireless, as they aren’t plugging into a recording system, but they are going to have a wire that connects them to a power source. These options have the benefit of being powered so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out, but you have the downside of purchasing a “wireless” model that actually has a wire to consider! 

In A Hurry?

If there has been a number of “incidents” occurring in your area then you are probably feeling more vulnerable than you normally would. Not feeling safe in your home can lead to anxiety, lack of sleep and increased stress levels – so here is all the essential information that you need to ease your worries…quickly! 

Style of Camera

When looking to provide your home with 24 hour coverage and protection, there are four main types of camera that you will be able to choose from: 

  • Bullet Cameras – These are basically a small thin tube, meaning that they are much less visible on the front of your property if you are wanting  a system that is discreet. They are nice and small, so easy to fit, but still robust enough to avoid tamerings! However, due to their size they don’t tend to have as many features as larger CCTV systems may have, and although they are discreet, arguably you WANT your CCTV system to be seen if it is going to deter criminals from causing damage at your home!
  • Dome Cameras – These cameras are slightly larger than the bullet cameras but still relatively small if you are wanting something compact. They are designed to be installed on flat ceilings, so if you have a protruding facia or feature on your home, they can be installed simply and stand out less than a wall fitted model. Some will allow you to alter the position when fitted as well (more on this below), but as we already mentioned, they can arguably be TOO discreet! 
  • Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras – These are much larger models that are usually used in more commercial properties, but if you have a large driveway or garden that you are wanting to watch, or have the option to attach the camera to the side of your property then they are definitely the way to go as they offer 360° rotation so you will be able to see all corners of your garden! These models are harder to come by as wireless options but there are a couple to choose from! 
  • Box Cameras – The most frequently found type of wireless CCTV system is definitely a box camera. Standard in design and shape, these cameras will be able to offer you a range of features, a good amount of coverage and visibility of the camera itself (without being too on show) and are easy to fit. A fantastic all rounder in our opinion! 


By far the second thing that you need to consider is the resolution that comes with the different cameras that you are looking at. Frustratingly, more and more frequently we are seeing people struggling for convictions of criminals due to the footage on the CCTV camera not being good enough! But this is such a simple fix! 

As you are opting for a model that is wireless, you are going to need an IP CCTV system that will be able to record footage to a device using your home WIFI network! You also need to look out for the megapixel count, as the higher the pixels the higher quality image that you are going to get. Ideally, you want enough pixels to be able to read licence plates and if possible show faces! The best models are going to offer 1080p images. 

TOP TIP: It is important to check whether your camera comes with infrared night vision or not. Most frequently, you will find that if there is crime in your area it is happening at night – infrared imaging is going to let you capture this accurately and clearly! 

Hard Drive 

It is so important to check the storage space that is going to come with your wireless CCTV system. Even if the device is sending footage to your phone, it is still going to have to record to the central device to be able to store the footage. 

Some are going to come with hard drives already built into them, which saves you extra hassle initially. They will be more expensive but save you the expense of paying for a memory card – which is going to be your other option. The models that require you to insert a memory card are going to be cheaper initially (even with the initial purchase of the memory card). It really depends on what is going to work best for you. We like that with the memory card options you will be able to choose the amount of storage that you want/require and could always keep the cards and just replace them with new ones when they are full. Whereas, with the hard drive storage options, older data will be wiped as the memory starts to fill up. This really comes down to personal preference as to what is going to work best for you. 

If you do opt for a model with a hard drive then you will find that storage ranges from around 250GB up to around 1TB of data! Some offer even more than this but these are usually models that require a separate recording device! 

Best Budget – Aottom CCTV Camera

1080P Security Camera Outdoor, Aottom CCTV Camera Wireless PTZ Dome WiFi Camera for Home Security with Pan Tilt, Night Vision, Two-Way Audio, Motion Detection, Waterproof, Support 128G Card, APP YILOT
  • 【1080P Dome Camera】- Aottom PTZ Outdoor Camera support 355° Horizontal Pan & 90° Vertical Tilt , allows you to watch every corner of your home.
  • 【Motion Detection】- Recording on SD card when this outdoor cctv camera wireless detected any movements. External Sd card slot enables easy installation of the SD card. It can support max 128G (No SD card pre-installed).
  • 【Two way Audio& Colour Night Vision】- Built-in Microphone and speaker in the WIFI CCTV IP camera, just you can take care your home’s situation while you are not at home. Enhanced night vision with 4pcs IR led lights ranges up to 40M, 4pcs White led light ranges up to 20M even in dim environment.
  • 【Instant push alerts & Remote Viewing】-When the outdoor IP CCTV camera get notified with real-time notification or email alerts when motion detected. Remotely check your home status and never miss any details no matter where you are.
  • 【IP66 Waterproof】- Whether it's rain or shine, our wireless surveillance camera meets the IP65 standard of against water and dust exposure, allowing this product to be used in indoor and outdoor monitoring , such as room. garage and backyard etc. Please note that the reset button is located in the SD card slot. If you can't connect them for the first time, you have to press and hold this restart button for 5 seconds and then just plug it in.

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The Best Wireless CCTV Systems

If you are serious about protecting your home and are wanting the best CCTV system then there are always going to be additional features that are worth considering. Here are some of the ones we found…

  • Casing – Check the quality and durability of the casing that comes with your CCTV system. It is important that they are fully waterproof. Some models do this by making sure that there are no open connections whereas others will use a rubber/silicone seal over the top of the camera to protect the inside of the camera from any water! 
  • Fitting – Wireless CCTV systems are always going to be easier to fit than wired models, which is yet another benefit to wireless options. Check the bracket that comes with your camera and how easy this is going to be to secure to either a wall or ceiling. You then need to look at how easy it will be to click your camera into the bracket and whether this can be done safely and without any damage to your home. This is essential as there will be occasions when you need to charge your camera, complete maintenance or possibly check the storage! 
  • Microphone and Speakers – Some of the best cameras will come with both microphones and speakers. This will allow you to hear what is going on as well as see what is going on. Plus, speakers will allow you to talk into the device from your phone or tablet so that you can communicate with anyone that is outside. 
  • Multiple devices – If you have a particularly large area that you are trying to cover then it may be that you need more than one camera. If this is the case then look out for models that come with multiple cameras as this will ensure that they are all compatible with each other and will be more cost effective. 
  • Motion activated recording – It is worth checking how the recording works with your CCTV systems. Some are going to record everything and just override the oldest data as they go, others work by recording a number of seconds (normally 30 seconds) when motion is detected! This is a great way to capture just the essential footage that you need. The only downside is that you risk something being missed if someone dodges the camera!
  • Siren – Some CCTV cameras come with a built in siren that you can activate from your phone/device. This is a perfect way to deter anyone that is up to no good even if you aren’t at home! 

Best of the Rest

ieGeek 2K Solar Security Camera Outdoor Wireless with Color Night Vision - Battery Operated Security Camera,2.4G WiFi Home CCTV Camera System,Human Motion Detect,Siren,2-way Audio,Video Record,IP65
  • 📷【2K 3MP FHD & 82ft Color Night Vision & 130° View Angle】ieGeek battery operated security camera is equipped with the latest 2K color sensor 1/2.7CMOS and LED lamp, to bring you clear night vision video like daytime. Compared with other cameras without lights, night vision distance of ieGeek outdoor camera is up to 82 feet/25 meters. Meanwhile, 130° wide-angle help to detecte and scar away intruders before they approach your car. Offer you peace of mind day and night.
  • 🏃 【PIR Humanoid Detection & Sound/Light Alarm & Real-time Notification】ieGeek home security camera equips AI intelligent algorithm, not only can detect people but also small animals. The built-in photodiode and alarm allow you to receive real-time motion alerts through phone within 3s whenever you are. And activate the siren and LED lights to scare thieves or wild animals in time. Compared with other wireless camera, detection and alerting speed are increased by about 50%.
  • 🔋📶【Totally Wireless Solar Powered&WiFi Connection】Built-in rechargeable battery and external solar panel guarantee ieGeek outdoor security camera keep working for 365 days. Install solar panel as request to ge enough sunlight. Once installed, there is no need to climb up and down ladders to charge the camera. Using 2.4G 4dBi Wi-Fi antenna, network reception is 70% stronger than other solar security camera. Without drilling and any external cables, you can complete the installation in 1 minute.
  • ☁️【Customized Detection Area&Data Storage Encryption】Customized detection area allows you to set up more than 3 detection areas. Or draw shapes according to your security area, such as setting your front door as monitoring area and your neighbor's house as non-monitoring area. The wifi camera supports 2 ways to store recorded video, Micro SD card (not included, support 2GB-128 GB) and Cloud storage. Either one encrypts your data with bank level encryption to protect recordings and remote access.
  • 📌【2-way Audio&IP65 Waterproof&1 Year Warranty】ieGeek cctv camera systems wireless outdoor with built-in microphone and speaker, always provides 2-way high-fidelity calls. When cooking at home, you can use this solar cctv camera outdoor wireless to live view kids playing in the yard and talk with them. IP65 waterproof make sure solar camera outdoor wireless work well from -13°F to 140°F. Professional technical team offer you 1 year warranty. Any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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ieGeek 2K Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Battery Powered - 3MP Colorful Night Vision WiFi CCTV Camera System - Human Motion Detection Home Security IP Camera,2-Way Audio,IP65,Siren,Video Recording
  • 📱 【2K 3MP FHD Video&Colorful Night Vision&130° Wide Angle】Using the latest HiSilicon high-end chips and Sony sensors, you can freely switch between FHD and SD to get smoother and clearer video. Infrared lights automatically sense ambient light and switch to night vision mode. Wireless CCTV camera outdoor with LED, a 130° viewing angle, the view distance is up to 65ft/20m, offer you farther, wider and more details during the day and night. ieGeek battery camera covers every inch you care about.
  • 🔋📶【Totally Wire-Free Wi-Fi&Rechargeable Battery】Battery operated security camera is equipped with an upgraded rechargeable battery used in Tesla cars. Battery life is 3-4 months. Support to charge by Micro USB cable(included) and solar panel(not included). Meanwhile, WiFi cameras connect to 2.4G wifi which is more stable and pass through the wall better. You can install it anywhere within the wifi coverage. No need to use any cables or drill holes. Easy to install and remove within 1 minute.
  • 🏃【Upgraded PIR Human Detection&Real-Time Light and Siren Alerts】Battery security cameras with AI smart algorithms significantly enhance human recognition to reduce false alarms. When motion is detected, battery powered security camera will push real-time notifications to you and shared users to let you know who is there. In addition, you can choose siren, light alarm mode to scare away intruders. Set alarm plan, monitor specific area to protect your home whether you are at home or go out.
  • 🎤【2-Way Audio&Real-Time Video&Video Recording】Built-in microphone and speaker keep providing wireless outdoor security camera two-way high-fidelity conversation. You can talk with anyone in front of the security camera outdoor wireless battery powered freely. Motion trigger camera to automatically record video to the Micro SD card in camera(2-128GB,not included). New video will overwrite history video when SD card is full. You can manually record happy or important moment and share with others.
  • 💧【2 in 1 Outdoor Indoor&IP65 Waterproof&1 Year Warranty】Using vacuum design, all the important parts of the camera are protected by double layers. Compared with other outdoor wireless camera which only have a single waterproof layer, ieGeek outdoor camera battery powered with IP65 waterproof can work well from -13°F to 140°F. The lens use waterproof glass and rubber ring plastic-seal, quesiton of len fog and picture blurred has been solved.

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EZVIZ Security Camera Outdoor PTZ CCTV WiFi 1080P, Pan/Tilt/Zoom with APP, AI-Powered Person Detection, 30M Night Vision, Waterproof, H.265, Micro SD Card Slot, Work with Alexa(C8C Lite)
  • 360° Visual Coverage: Your surroundings are covered with this outdoor pan/tilt camera. With a 352° horizontal rotation and 95° vertical rotation, the C8C gives you an easy overview of all that's around you. And the EZVIZ app puts it all right on your smartphone or mobile device.
  • AI-Powered Person Detection: Built-in AI algorithm does not require an additional subscription and allows C8C to identify human activity to ensure alerts are relevant to your home’s security.
  • 30M Night Vision & Hear What’s Happening: Providing 24/7 peace-of-mind, the C8C Lite supports late-night monitoring with super night vision of up to 30 meters. It allows you to see what’s happening in clear details anytime. The built-in noise-canceling microphone picks up clear audio and lets you hear and see what’s happening in your backyard wherever you are.
  • 1080P Resolution & IP 65 Weatherproof: This camera captures 1080p high-definition video and images, recording every moment with sharp clarity. Its weatherproof design keeps it operating without being interrupted by any kind of weather - wind, rain or snow.
  • Optional Storage: Supports up to 256GB SD card(Get a free SD card by clicking “Promotion Message” on the product page). Or try EZVIZ Cloud with 1-week FREE trial. All data traffic between device/App to the server is stored locally in UK. EZVIZ has been awarded ISO/IEC29151:2017 Personal Data Privacy Protection Management System Certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I connect a wireless CCTV system to my phone? 

Yes! For most wireless CCTV systems you are going to be able to connect them to your phone, tablet or computer. It is important to just check whether there is an app that is compatible with your phone and whether your phone will have enough storage to cope with it! 

What warranty will I get with a wireless CCTV system? 

Most CCTV cameras are going to come with at least a 2 year warranty. Some are going to come with much more than this up to around 5 years depending on the product. It is worth checking whether registering the product online will increase the warranty as this does sometimes happen! 

Will I need to pay a membership for a CCTV system?

Some models are going to require you to pay for a membership to record and store all of the footage with your camera. This is normally a few pounds a month and will offer you unlimited storage but is going to be an extra cost that you may not be willing to pay!

How do you charge wireless CCTV systems?

Wireless CCTV systems are easy to charge. Simply unhook them from their location and then plug them in to any standard plug for usually between 4-6 hours for a full charge. The only thing to consider is that they will not be filming during this time. Some can be charged in location but you will need to have a cable long enough to reach them and this could affect the waterproof protection of the charging port.

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