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Best Mouse Trap

Mouse traps can be controversial – no one wants them in their home but equally not many people feel comfortable with killing them either! One thing that cannot be denied is that it is never a good idea to have them wandering around your home. Not only can mice cause damage but they carry diseases too, which can be incredibly harmful. The best mouse trap is going to help to remove the mice from your home safely and efficiently.

Mice can chew not only through wood, but also some plastics and even brickwork, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage before you have even realised that they are there! This can also make it a challenge to find the best mouse trap as you are going to need one which is up to the task or keeping the mouse contained until you can release it!

Did you know mice also carry diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella? If they get into your kitchen and this is being spread around your food stores or utensils then it could cause serious harm not just to you but the rest of your family too.

We understand that you won’t want to take any chances when purchasing a mouse trap – you need the best mouse trap that you can find so that you can be sure they are removed from your property quickly. Here is what we found….

Our Pick Best Mouse Trap – iiwey Humane Mouse Trap

IIWEY Humane Mouse Trap, Enlarged Smart Mouse and Rodent Trap, No Kill The Mice, Pets & Children Friendly, Like a Real Mouse Home (2, Large)
8,482 Reviews
IIWEY Humane Mouse Trap, Enlarged Smart Mouse and Rodent Trap, No Kill The Mice, Pets & Children Friendly, Like a Real Mouse Home (2, Large)
  • Humane mice trap - no kill, just lock them in when they are trying to eat the peanut inside the trap. 32cm lengthened catch cage make sure these little guys live comfortably inside until you Free them.
  • Safety rat trap - Catch mouse without poison, glue and dangerous mouse kill trap, you should immediately get this humane trap if you want to keep your children or pets out of those safety problem.
  • Smart & durable design - the pedal in trap is supported by a highly sensitive spring, just a slight touch, It will trigger switch and close the door. Both the front and back doors are reinforced by metal sheets, it is very difficult to escape!
  • Catch and release simply - the perfect trap is just need open the door and add peanuts. When you caught a mice, it's convenient to carry the trap and release mouse without touch It.
  • Easy to clean & reusable - just wash the humane rodent trap with water and dry It with cloth, you can reset a mouse Trap. Please send away these unwanted guests in a humane way rather than kill them!

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In A Hurry?

What a silly question – of COURSE you are in a hurry! If you have seen a mouse scurrying across your kitchen, or maybe your shed is currently being chewed to shreds by a family of the little pests, then you are going to want to remove them from your home – and quickly! Here are some of the key factors and variations that you need to consider before purchasing 

If you have just spotted a mouse in your kitchen, or maybe you are finding all the damage but have been outsmarted by the mouse so far! Whatever your reason for being in a hurry, keep reading for all the key information you need to remove these furry pests from your home and purchasing the best mouse trap.

Kill or No-Kill Traps 

By far the first decision that you need to make is whether you are going to purchase kill traps or no-kill traps. There really is no right or wrong answer to this and everyone is going to have different opinions on what is right and wrong! Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks to both to help you decide what is going to be best for you. 

Kill Traps

Obviously with these traps you don’t need to worry about the mouse finding its way back to your home, but you are going to have the death of the mouse on your conscience afterwards which is just more than what some people can deal with! You also need to consider how you are going to remove the mouse afterwards and whether you actually have the stomach to do this! However, it may be that you would prefer to do this than try to find another home for a live mouse afterwards! The one thing we would mention is checking how humane and quick the kill traps work to reduce suffering as much as possible! 

No-Kill Traps 

Otherwise known as humane traps, no-kill traps are the best way to go if you are wanting to remove the mice from your home without actually killing them! These traps will capture the mice but then hold them secure whilst you find where you are going to release them. The main issue with these is that you run the risk of your mouse friend finding its way back to your home – particularly if they have a family left behind! Another downside is that you are going to have to check your traps regularly so that the mice aren’t left suffering in there and becoming too stressed! But, providing you are willing to do this, it is always going to be a better method than actually killing them! 

Best Budget – 8pk Wooden Mouse Traps

8PK Traps | Durable Wood for protecting Your Home from Pests Suitable for Larger Violations | Includes Pest Control Ebooks
  • Snap trap: this spring-loaded mouse Trap is the most inexpensive one and generally fits in all areas. Ready to use and disposable.
  • Durable wooden trap: with these good-quality wooden mousetrap, you can effectively eliminate those dangerous pests in the shortest possible time.
  • Suitable for larger infestations: these wooden trap are ideal for attics, basements, garages, and sheds trap for mouse. It catches well, once it traps, there’s no way to escape.
  • Keep protected: Protect Your furniture, electrical wiring, kitchen supplies and food containers from these notorious rats. These pests also spread Harmful bacteria that may cause serious illness.
  • Cautions: keep out from the reach of children. It looks like an ordinary toy for them, if possible, place it in more secured places.

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Types of Mouse Traps

There are four main types of mouse trap that you will be able to choose from, depending on your personal preference and particularly whether you want a humane trap or not. We have gone into details on the benefits of them all to help you narrow down your search. 

Catch and Release Traps

There are a range of catch and release traps available to choose from and these are by far the most humane method that you are going to find! These traps are designed so that the problem mice are lured into the traps by bait which is set, and then a trigger release door is closed to keep the mouse in place. Provided you check your traps regularly so that the mice don’t become too distressed, there should be no harm caused by catching them. Many will have a quick release too so that you do not have to come into contact with the mouse at all, simply drive to their “new home”, place the trap on the floor and release the door catch! We also like that these are going to be reusable so they can just be cleaned and stored away in case you need them again! 

The main downside to these mouse traps is that you are relying on the mouse actually entering the trap – which is easier said than done! Look out for ones with a nice open doorway where the bait is easy to spot! 

Electric Mouse Traps 

Electric mouse traps are probably going to be the most humane traps that do still kill the mice. So if you are wanting a kill trap then we would definitely recommend an electric trap for the sake of the mouse and also to avoid any sleepless nights! These traps have a trigger that will send an electric shock to the mouse, which will kill the mouse relatively quickly and painlessly!  These traps are going to be more expensive than some of the other options but they are reusable and be far the easiest in terms of mess, using and cleaning up afterwards. In our opinion they are worth the extra cost for the way they make a not-so-nice job easier! 

Snap Mouse Traps

Snap mouse traps are going to be a cheaper option if you are looking to save money however they are going to be less humane than the other options! They are made of a plastic or wooden block which holds a piece of food as bait on a trigger. Once the mouse steps on this trigger the metal bar will swing over to kill the mouse. In theory, this should be a relatively quick death, but you do need to bear in mind that you are relying on the mouse being in exactly the right position which doesn’t always happen! In those situations you could find yourself with a mouse that is suffering and you have to finish off the job which is really not what everyone wants to do! 

TOP TIP: If you are opting for a snap mouse trap then we would definitely recommend looking out for models with serrated teeth instead of just a metal bar. These are much more effective in their kill rate which reduces the chance of suffering for the mouse! 

Glue Mouse Traps 

These are going to be your cheapest option but for all the benefits you get saving money you are going to have to prepare yourself for these being the least humane and the messiest traps! They are essentially a piece of fibreboard or cardboard with strong super glue on them! When the mouse runs across the surface it will stick to the glue so that you can then remove it from your home. Although the glue obviously isn’t going to kill the mouse, you will often find that the mouse becomes incredibly distressed and can actually rip off it’s own fur in the process so you will have to “finish the job” yourself and dispose of the mouse which can be a very messy job! 

If the mouse is alive and you get to it quick enough then they can be removed and released from the glue using standard cooking oil, but this isn’t an easy feat with a stressed, struggling mouse! 

Best of the Rest

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Trip-Trap Mouse Trap (6 pack)
  • The safe way to deal with unwanted house guests
  • Easy to bait and set
  • Mice cannot take bait without triggering trap
  • Plentiful ventilation points reduce stress to caught mice
  • Fully reusable and easy to clean, safe to use around children and pets

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The Big Cheese Ultra Power Mouse Traps (Pack of 4) - Reusable Professional Quality Heavy Duty Mouse Trap, Mouse Killer
  • Pack of 4 of mouse traps: Four powerful, effective mouse traps are pre-baited with highly palatable bait and ready to use
  • Easy to set and dispose of catches: Just one touch is needed to set the mouse traps, Captured mice are easily disposed of with a simple click
  • Easy clean traps: The plastic is easy to clean for re-use, It is recommended that to maintain effectiveness, the bait well should be re-filled when used with The Big Cheese Mouse and Rat Attractant (STV163, sold separately)
  • Use indoors or outdoors: Ultra Power Mouse Traps with their durable design are suitable for use in the home or outdoors in garages, garden sheds or outbuildings
  • Tested and proven: On-pack guarantee provided

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Key Mouse Trap Features 

Once you have chosen the type of mouse trap that is going to be right for you, you then need to consider the different features found in the best mouse traps to find one that is going to be right for you! The longer the mouse is in your home, the more damage they are going to cause and the more chance of them spreading diseases to your family, so these features are crucial if you are wanting to remove the pest quickly! 

  • Single or multi-catch – If you suspect that you could have more than one mouse that you are dealing with then a single trap may not be enough. You don’t want to risk catching one and then scaring the others off but not knowing where! Some of the best mouse traps come with multiple spots to catch the mice so that you can catch and release more than one at once! 
  • Open or closed traps – This really depends on whether you want to see the mouse or not! Open traps are obviously going to be much easier for you to see whether you have caught a mouse or not, however closed traps have the benefit of you not being able to see the mouse but also the mouse not being able to see you as easily which can reduce their stress levels! 
  • Multi-pack – Even if you are purchasing a reusable mouse trap, we would still normally recommend looking out for mouse traps that come as part of a multi-pack. Whether this is a pack of two or a pack of six, the more traps that you have, the more places that you are going to be able to put them and the more chance of you actually catching the mouse! Multi-packs are even more essential if your mouse trap isn’t reusable as you need to allow for your mouse potentially outsmarting the first couple of traps! 
  • Usability – When looking at how easy your mouse trap is to use, make sure to think about how easy it is going to be to set up (and release once you have caught the mouse). You also want to think about how easy it is going to be to clean if it is a reusable model. Plastic and metal is going to be the best for wiping down and cleaning afterwards!  
  • Device size – It is really hard for you to get a guide on the size of mouse trap you are going to need unless you have actually seen the mouse in question! We would mention that smaller mouse traps are going to be near impossible to use when catching larger mice and worse, can cause injury without actually catching the mouse. So unless you know you have a small mouse we would recommend opting for a larger device to be on the safe side. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What bait works best in a mouse trap? 

If your mouse is hungry enough then it will eat more or less any food that you leave out – unless the food has gone off. However, mice actually have quite a sweet tooth so are more likely to be tempted by chocolate, peanut butter or other sweet treats than they are cheese (like you would think!). Mice also enjoy eating meat so this may be a better option if you have any around! 

Should I use a mouse trap or mouse poison?

Mouse poison is going to be a cheaper option than a mouse trap so if you are wanting to save money they are maybe the better option for you. However, poison can end up being eaten by pets or even children, causing harm to your loved ones instead of the mice! Not only this, but if the mice do eat the poison you won’t actually know where they have gone to die so you are relying on being able to find them!

Is it safe to put a mouse trap in the kitchen?

This really depends on the type of mouse trap that you are planning on using. We would not recommend using poison traps in the kitchen in case this contaminates your food. As long as your mouse trap doesn’t involve poison of any kind then they are totally safe to be used in the kitchen, just make sure to check them regularly.

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  • Features
  • Ergonomics
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