Best Brick Hammers – 2024 Buyers Guide

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Best Brick Hammers

Whether you are building a wall, working on some paving or anything more complex than that – if it involves bricks then you are going to need a brick hammer! A brick hammer is designed so that you can prepare bricks to be used, whether this be chiselling off old concrete or cutting the bricks so that they are the right size and shape for the jobs that you are completing.

A standard hammer just isn’t going to be up to the task and this article will explain why and what you need to look for when purchasing a brick hammer!

What Makes A Brick Hammer?

If you are new to masonry and brickwork then you may be a little confused about what makes a brick hammer different from any old hammer….it has a head and a handle…so surely it’s just as good as any other hammer you already have in your shed? Wrong!

A brick hammer is specifically designed to make your life easier when completing brickwork. Also known as a stonemason’s hammer, this tool has one traditional, flat face for knocking bricks into place or out of place as needed, but then it also has a thin, chisel style face on the other side. This is perfect for chipping away at bricks or corners so that you can break them down to the perfect size. Not just that, but if you are feeling thrifty and wanting to reuse your bricks then the chisel side will be perfect for removing any stubborn mortar that might be attached to the bricks that you need.

If you are questioning as to whether a brick hammer is exactly what you need then why not check out our Club Hammer Buyers Guide! They won’t offer the same precision as a brick hammer but with the right additional tools they can be as effective!

Best Pick – Stanley FatMax AntiVibe Brick Hammer

Stanley 1-54-022 FatMax AntiVibe Brick Hammer, 20 oz, Black/Silver
  • This Stanley brick hammer has a one-piece forged construction for strength and durability.
  • The patented anti-vibe technology reduces vibrations transmitted to the wrist and elbow.
  • The hammer is ideal for cutting brick, masonry tile, and concrete block.
  • The hammers blade has a hardened cutting edge designed to score materials before striking to give an even cut.

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

In a rush to purchase the best brick hammer for the job? If you answered ‘yes’ then this is where you need to be! We’ve added all the essential information that you are going to need right here, so you can get buying. If that isn’t enough, we have given you details of what we feel is the best brick hammer that you could buy at the moment!

Brick Hammer Features

Here are some of the key features of brick hammers that you need to look out for and decide on when you are buying!


When considering the head of your brick hammer, there are different things that you need to look at. For example, the construction material that has been used for the handle – this is essential for not just the materials that you can work with and the force that you can exert but also the life expectancy of your hammer!  Most will be made from steel, which is going to be strong and long lasting. Heat treated, forged steel is one of the best materials that you can go for if you want a hammer that is going to be able to keep going!

TOP TIP: Look out for heads and chisels that have been milled and ground. This will allow for even greater accuracy and cutting power when you are working.

Once you have checked that the head of the hammer has been made out of good quality materials, such as steel, you then need to look at the shape of the heads and faces that come with the hammer. Although a brick hammer is relatively generic, in that it will have a flat face on one side and a chisel face on the other side, all manufacturers will create their own interpretation of this.

Different models will have different surface areas for the flat faced side (a larger surface area will spread the impact over a greater distance but a smaller surface area will allow you more accuracy). Not only this, but some have thin and flat chisels where it looks as though the steel has been “squashed” creating a longer, more definite hook and chisel, whereas others have a more pointed, thicker chisel end. This really comes down to personal preference as one allows for more accuracy chipping off smaller pieces of mortar, whereas the other will be better for removing large pieces quickly.

TOP TIP: We like particularly sharp chisel edges as these will be sharp enough to literally scrap the mortar off the bricks or from around the bricks without you having to hit it off instead!


Your handle – for the most part – is going to be pretty standard. The main thing worth noting is whether you are wanting to opt for tubular, solid steel construction or a fibreglass handle.

  • Tubular – Usually using steel but in the shape of a tube this reduces the amount of steel that needs to be used, making the model lighter, but does mean that it is weaker and can bend under extreme impact.
  • Solid steel – Solid steel construction is arguably going to be the strongest type of handle that you can opt for. You know that this isn’t going to break or be bent at any time soon! However, you will find that this type of handle makes the overall product considerably heavier – an issue if you are wanting a light hammer that is easy to swing round!
  • Fibreglass – A more happy middle group, fibreglass will be strong and durable but considerably lighter than steel, offering you the best of both worlds. Admittedly there is a change of damage or breakage over time but this is unlikely if you are using your tool correctly.
  • Wood – We felt it would be remiss not  to mention that there are brick hammers with wooden handles if you are wanting a more traditional look. These will be strong and durable – providing they are well maintained, and are more a middle mark in terms of the weight that they offer. The main downside to wood is that it can become superficially damaged depending on the conditions that you are working in and the ways in which you maintain the hammer.

Once you have decided on the material of the handle that you are going to go for you need to look at the length of the handle that is best for you. Most that we found on the market were around 30cms as standard, but there are slightly longer (and slightly shorter) models depending on what you are looking for. Shorter models will allow more accuracy in the hit that you are trying to achieve, whereas longer handles will allow you to build up more force and pressure in your swing, helping you to get the job done faster!


There are two factors that you need to consider when looking at the weight of your brick hammer. On the one hand you want a lighter model as this will be easier to swing and will allow you to hold it for longer periods of time. However, a heavier model will impact more force with each swing.

Weights of brick hammers tend to range from 450 grams up to 700 grams – although the models  which are closer to between 550 and 700 grams tend to be more popular due to the extra weight and strength that they offer. This makes them light enough to be easy to work with but also heavy enough to impact on the bricks and make a difference.

TOP TIP: If you are looking for a lighter model and this is particularly important to you then some models come with tubular shafts. Removing this solid shaft gives space for a big reduction in overall weight! However, bear in mind that these aren’t going to be as sturdy so can buckle or bend over time.


The grip of your hammer is crucial as this is the part that you are going to be holding, so if you have a rubbish handle then it is going to affect the amount of time that you can work with your hammer and your experience. Look for a padded handle made out of either rubber or vinyl as this is going to last longer and offer a comfier, cushioned grip.

It is also important to look for materials that are going to be long lasting, as if your hammer is dropped or being carried around in your tool bag constantly then felt or other materials will be inclined to chip or rip.

Best Budget – Rolson 10802 Brick Hammer

Rolson 10802 600 g Brick Hammer Fibreglass Shaft
  • Brick Hammer
  • 600g
  • Plastic Covered
  • Fibreglass Handle
  • For hammering and splitting

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Best of the Best Brick Hammer Designs

Now that you know some of the key aspects that you must consider before purchasing a brick hammer, here are some of the features we found in only the best brick hammers! Prepare to knock your socks off!

  • Anti-vibration technology – Many of the best brick hammers come with “anti-vibration” technology. This includes features to dull the vibration that spreads down the handle towards your hand when you are hitting any bricks, allowing you to work for longer by reducing fatigue and long term strain on your hands and wrists.
  • One piece construction – Many hammers are created from different pieces which are then put together to form the hammer. Some more advanced models are forged from one piece of material, this avoids any chance of the hammer splitting or breaking during use as it is made out of one solid piece of material.
  • Chrome plated head and face – Chrome plated materials will be more long lasting and resistant to weather. It will also be longer before it scratches and marks.
  • Nail and hook remover – Look out for models with forced heads that have been given a bit more thought. Some models have cut outs towards the centre of the head that allow you to easily pull out nails or other fastenings that may be in the wall that you are working with. This saves you having to grab other tools whilst you are working!
  • Rough face – Some hammers will have a specially designed rough face which helps to avoid glancing blows on the bricks leading to accidents or additional damage.

How To Use A Brick Hammer

If you are new to using a brick hammer (or a mason’s hammer) then here are some basics on how to use them to cut the bricks to the size that you are going to want.

  • If you are working with standard size and shape bricks and are wanting to cut them in half then you can hold one side of the brick (or secure it into place) and use the flat face of the hammer to hit the middle of the brick where you are wanting it to break. You can then use the chisel end of the hammer to neaten the line that you have cut.
  • Alternatively you can use the chisel to chip away the line around a piece of stone or brick that you are wanting to cut (imagine it like a perforated line), then use the flat face of the hammer to knock the brick out that you are wanting to cut.
  • If you know that you are going to need a neater cut then make sure to use the chisel side of the hammer to cut all around the edge of the brick, instead of just from one side, as this will help to avoid an uneven cut.

This video provides a great guide on how to get the job done…

Best of the Rest

Silverline Brick Hammer Forged 20 oz (567g) (675165), Silver
  • Forged steel head & shaft
  • Single-piece design for integral strength
  • Square & chisel ends
  • High-grip handle resistant to oil & chemicals
  • For cutting & fixing bricks & masonry

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Roughneck ROU61624 Drop Forged Brick Hammer 24oz/680g
  • Ideal for general masonry use
  • POLISHED ALLOY STEEL HEAD drop forged & heat treated for maximum strength and safety
  • TRIPLE INJECTED soft grip handle for comfort and reduced fatigue
  • WEIGHT: 24oz/680g

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600G Brick Hammer Steel Shaft PC

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy replacement handles for brick hammers?
For some models you will be able to find replacement handles for the hammer that you are working with. This is great if you opt for a comfier, but less long lasting handle, so know that you are going to need to switch it when it becomes worn. However, these models are rarer in types other than those with a wooden handle, so you will need to have a good look round to find them.

Can you get a warranty for brick hammers?
Yes! Most brick hammers come with at least a 3 year warranty, with some actually offering a lifetime warranty! It is important to check whether this warranty limits you to home use though, as if it does then you could find your warranty refused if it is deemed that you have used your brick hammer more than that!

What types of brick can you cut with a brick hammer?

A brick hammer will be able to work with pretty much any type of brick or stone that you are wanting to cut or chisel. They will also be able to chisel off concrete from different materials too.

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  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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