Best Sand Blasting Cabinets – Buyers Guide

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Best Sand Blasting Cabinets

If you are working with older materials that need a bit of TLC then the best tool for the job is always going to be a sand blasting cabinet. The best sand blasting cabinets are going to effortlessly clean, smooth and polish a wide range of materials. They are able to work with metal, glass and wood – helping to remove rust, marks and ingrained dirt with ease!

The best part of a sand blasting cabinet is the fact that they are going to keep all the dirt and debris safely inside the cabinet – so you don’t need to worry about making a mess! This is essential as far as well are concerned!

There is lots to consider when you are looking to purchase a sand blasting cabinet! The different features are essential to ensure that you get a good quality finish but also to avoid any damage to the materials that you are working with!

Why Use A Sand Blasting Cabinet? 

We appreciate that a sand blasting cabinet can seem like quite an expense – they aren’t the cheapest DIY tools on the market! However the many things that a sand blasting cabinet can be used for, and the ways in which it will save you time and money, will mean that it will quickly pay for itself! 

If you are working with materials that are any less than brand new, there are always going to be stains or marks in them that need removing. It is quickly becoming popular to “upcycle” furniture or materials that have previously been used, but no one tells you about the mess and chaos that is made in the process! If the materials that you are working with are particularly old, then the rust, stains or paint on the wood or metal could be so stubborn that no handheld DIY tools are going to be able to remove them. Even if you have the tools to remove them, then this will leave behind A LOT of mess for you to clear up afterwards, and tools that need parts replacing as they are worn from overuse! With a sand blasting cabinet, all of the mess stays in the cabinet, making it simple and easy to tidy up afterwards! This is also much better from a health and safety aspect, as it will avoid you breathing in the debris and dust created from the sand blasting process! 

Not only this, but if you are working with latches, joins or any material that has bends and more detail then even the best wire wheel sanding disk, or similar tool, will find it impossible to get into all those hard to reach nooks and crannies! It is crucial when removing rust that it is ALL gone, otherwise it will just work its way back up through the new paintwork over time, and the best way to ensure all the rust is removed is with a sand blasting cabinet! 

Best Pick – MaxBlast Sandblasting Cabinate

Sandblasting Cabinet Sand Blasting Portable Work Station Heavy Duty Abrasive Bead Grit Sandblaster Sand Blaster 220L
  • Versatile Metal revitalization: Ideal for revitalizing a wide range of metal objects, from bicycle parts to car parts and tools, this sandblasting cabinet stand is perfect for tackling various restoration projects.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Featuring a transparent glass viewing window and energy-efficient LED lighting, this cabinet ensures excellent visibility, allowing you to maintain precision and quality in your sandblasting work.
  • User-Friendly Operation: Designed for ease of use, this sandblasting machine is super easy to operate, making it accessible for both beginners and experienced users. Its portability adds to its user-friendly nature.
  • Secure & Convenient Access: The secure side door provides both easy and secure access to the cabinet, ensuring that you can load and unload your items with confidence.
  • Comprehensive Kit: Complete with essential accessories, including built-in airtight safety blasting gloves, a gun kit, LED lighting, heavy-duty protective gloves, 4 nozzles, and 5 protective films, offering a comprehensive solution for your sandblasting needs

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Only Got 5 Minutes? 

If you have a job ready to go, or maybe you are sick of getting into trouble with your partner or neighbours for the mess you’ve left behind after working with different materials in your garden, then this section of the article is where you need to be. We have detailed all those key features that we found in the best sand blasting cabinets, and will hopefully help you sort the rough from the smooth! 

Sand Blasting Cabinet Features 

Here are some of the main features that you need to consider before purchasing the best sand blasting cabinet on the market! 


The main aspect that you need to consider when looking at the size of sand blasting cabinet to purchase is what you are planning on working with! The size will affect the cubic feet available in the actual cabinet for you to put materials in. This ranges from between 3 cubic feet all the way up to 16 cubic feet in more commercial models. If you know that you are going to be working with small pieces of wood, metal and glass at a time, then you will be able to opt for a smaller model, but if working with larger materials then you will obviously need a bigger model! 

TOP TIP: Remember to consider that you are going to want to move the object around inside the cabinet easily so that you can blast all angles! If the material you are working with only just fits in the cabinet then you are going to need to switch off the machine every time you want to move it round to access another side! 

The size will also normally affect whether the model is freestanding or benchtop in design. Smaller models are normally also benchtop models, which are perfect for anyone that has limited space in their workshop or needs their sand blasting cabinet to be portable. However, this also means that you need to make sure that you have a flat and stable surface to put the sand blasting cabinet on! If you don’t, then a freestanding model may be better, as this will leave your work surfaces free for preparing materials or completing other DIY jobs!

Weight Capacity 

Most sand blasting cabinets will advertise two weight capacities – one for media and the other for parts. The “media” is the material that you are using to blast the debris from the object that you are working with. Whereas the parts are obviously the objects that you are working with. The two weight capacities will show you both the type of media that you can work with and the weight of objects that you can work on. 

Blast Gun 

It is essential that you opt for a sand blasting cabinet with a high quality blast gun – without this the job you are completing will take forever! The larger the orifice, the more efficiently you will be able to work as it will force more material out and hit a larger surface area. Many  blast guns also come with different size nozzles that allow you to adjust the surface area that you work with, perfect for swapping between more precise jobs and larger objects that you are working with. 

Compatible Media 

It is important to see what types of media you will be able to work with when using your sand blasting cabinet. Despite being known as a sand blasting cabinet, sand isn’t always the best option! Different types of media will be best for working in different conditions and with different materials so it is important to check that your machine will allow for this flexibility. Some will also be recyclable, which will help to reduce your running costs in the long run as they can be used 3 or 4 times before needing to be replaced! 

NOTE: There are alternatives of wet blast cabinets that are suitable for when you are wanting to remove very little from the surface of your material, as finer medias can be used. However these tend to be more expensive. 

Best Budget -SwitZer Sandblaster Cabinet

SwitZer Sandblaster Cabinet for Glass Beads, Silica Sand, Alum Oxide, 100 PSI Maximum Shot Blaster Sandblastering with LED Light
  • 【DURABLE MATERIAL】Grey finish steel cabinet have a transparent plastic top door, helps keep abrasive dry. With LED Light, longer lifetime.
  • 【EASY INSTALLATION】Easy to use and set up. The sandblaster is equipped with natural rubber / vinyl blast gloves. Overall dimension: 63cm(L)x53cm(W)x48cm(H). Working : 56cm(L)x46cm(W)x28cm(H).
  • 【EFFICIENT ASSISTANT】Choose our heavy duty sand blaster for effective results FAST! Clean your parts with ease using our professional grade sand blaster. Using our thick rubber sealed gloves you can easily keep control of our highly efficient sand blasting gun.
  • 【GOOD IN DETAILS】This sandblaster is designed with large particle-separating screen and clean-out door for easy observation. External fluorescent lighting system is equipped and the dust filter can help to keep dust off the floor and out of the air.
  • 【BRAND NEW PACKED】This SwitZer Sandblaster Cabinet is brand new packed for delivery. It is easy to set up and use. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Additional Features of Sand Blasting Cabinets 

  • Detachable legs – Some sand blasting cabinets have detachable legs that offer increased flexibility in the areas which you can work! They allow you to place your sand blasting cabinet on a worksurface, or in a different location that maybe doesn’t have this flat surface available. Also, when you are not using your cabinet it can be packed away without taking up too much precious space in your workshop! Detachable legs will also make your sand blasting cabinet much more portable for if you are having to work away from home! 
  • Top or front loaded sand blasting cabinets – We wouldn’t recommend opting for side loading machines as this will massively increase the amount of space that you need around the sand blasting cabinet to actually put the materials in! Some models offer completely front opening machines, which saves you having to lift heavy parts over a rim or the front of the cabinet. 
  • High Quality Gloves – Consider the type of gloves that come with the sand blasting cabinet. Thicker gloves will offer more protection but can be fiddly when trying to handle parts and the gun. 
  • Replaceable liners – It is pretty obvious that if you are confining the mess to the cabinet (which is fantastic!) the cabinet itself is going to get rather messy! Many sand blasting cabinets come with replaceable liners for the glass viewing front. This means that they can be replaced as soon as visibility becomes an issue – taking some of the debris with them! 
  • Lighting – Even if you have the most brightly lit workshop imaginable, you are going to need good quality lights in your cabinet – they are boxed in on three sides so need that extra lighting! Opt for models with either LED or fluorescent strip lighting that will keep the materials in the cabinet well lit! Some models even offer liners for the lighting that can be replaced for when they become covered with debris too! 
  • Hinges and struts – Look for models with external hinges or struts where possible as this will stop them from becoming covered in debris and stiffening over time. Some models also offer gas struts, making them easier to open and keep open whilst you place or remove materials. 
  • Foot pedal – this will help to reduce fatigue from controlling the trigger on the blast gun when you are working. 
  • Dust collector – some models come with a dust collector, others have the option for this, or a vacuum to be fitted. A dust collector will reduce the debris and media that builds up in the cabinet, increasing visibility and reducing your clean up time once the job is complete! 

Air Requirements

All sand blasting cabinets are going to need an air compressor to work. Some that you find will come with an air compressor, but others don’t! It is important to check for this as it could massively affect the price that you are looking at paying out if you have to buy an additional air compressor! 

If your sand blasting cabinet doesn’t come with an air compressor then it is important to consider the air compressor that you are going to need! It is no use having a high spec sand blasting cabinet without the equivalent air compressor to make it work! Check the air requirement needed on your sand blasting cabinet before making your purchase – these tend to range between 5CFM @ 80PSI up to 15CFM @100PSI depending on the size of the model. 

If you are looking for more information on air compressors then we have an article that may be just what you need! 

Best of the Rest

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SwitZer Vertical Sandblaster Cabinet Magnum for Blast Rust, Corrosion and Paint 125 PSI Maximum Shot Blaster Sandblastering With LED Light
  • Heavy steel construction, single door on side
  • Transparent organic glass viewing window, With LED light
  • 40-80PSI @ 15-25CFM Maximum operation pressure 125PSI
  • Working space: 84x55x36cm Overall : 139cm(H)x86cm(L)x56cm(W)
  • Electrical requirements of light: 115V/230V

Last update on 2024-04-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

What media can I use with a sand blasting cabinet?

You could be forgiven for assuming that “sand blasting” always involves using sand, but this is actually rarely the case! There are many other types of media that are often better suited to the job than sand so it is important to see what media your sand blasting cabinet can work with! Types of media include glass beads, aluminium oxide, plastic abrasive and silicon carbine. They all have their pros and cons so it is worth checking which is right for the material that you are going to be working with. 

What warranty will I get with a sand blasting cabinet?

Most sand blasting cabinets come with a one year warranty, although some offer extended warranties providing the product is registered with the manufacturer. High spec commercial models will offer longer warranties of up to 5 years. We would recommend checking what is covered under the warranty – due to the nature of the product there is going to be wear on many parts of the machine so this may not be covered! 

How often should I clean my sand blasting cabinet? 

We would recommend cleaning your sand blasting cabinet after every use to remove the worst of the debris and recycle the media. It is also worth replacing the air filter and cleaning out the different parts of your sand blaster every few months to avoid any damage to parts. 

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