Best Pressure Washer Drain and Gutter Cleaning Kits

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Best Pressure Washer Drain and Gutter Cleaning Kits

Cleaning your gutters and drains is essential if you are wanting to avoid bigger problems such as clogged up drains and overflowing gutters. Sadly it is a fact of life that they regularly become built up with leaves, garden debris, dirt and all manner of mess in your drains! Over time, these things can collect together in your gutters and drains which stops the water from flowing as freely. Obviously, you can remove as much as possible by hand – if you don’t mind getting a little dirty – but a large percent of your gutters and drains are out of reach…which is where a pressure washer drain and gutter cleaning kit comes in handy!

If you already have a pressure washer then without a doubt, purchasing a pipe and gutter cleaning kit is going to save you money and time when you are working in your garden! It is so important to check that the kit is going to be compatible with what you are already working with though and that you are going to have enough pressure and length to get the job done. Here are some of the best kits that we found.

Best Pick – Kärcher 20 m Pipe and Guttering Cleaning Kit

Kärcher 26422400 20 m Pipe and Guttering Cleaning Kit, Pressure Washer Accessory, 3.93701 in*9.84252 in*13.3858 in
  • Effective and quick removal of pipe blockages
  • Moves easily through pipes
  • Protects hose from kinking
  • Four rear-pointing high-pressure jets
  • Brass connection

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What Is A Pressure Washer Drain and Gutter Cleaning Kit?

There is often some confusion over what you actually get when you purchase a pressure washer drain and gutter cleaning kit. You need to remember that this is just the add on for a pressure washer – so if you don’t already have a pressure washer to hand then you are going to need to make this purchase as well! More than worth it as far as we are concerned but if you are unsure this is something that you need to consider.

The kit basically consists of a long pipe/hose which can be connected to the pressure washer. This can then be “sent” down the gutter or drains that are causing you problems and the force of the water from the pressure washer will push out any dirt or debris.

If you are yet to purchase a pressure washer then take a look at our pressure washer article HERE for all that you need to know!

Only Got 5 Minutes?

Already at the point of water flowing over your gutters instead of down them? Or maybe you have a drain that is the embarrassment of your home with the smell that is emanating from it? If this sounds familiar then you need to get reading this part of the article – it’s where we have housed all the crucial information that you need, so you can make your purchase…and fast!

Drain and Gutter Cleaning Kit Features

From hose length to compatibility with different pressure washers – here are some of the main features that you need to consider when purchasing one of these kits.



Arguably one of the first things that you need to consider – hose length. When  you start looking for a drain and gutter cleaning kit you will find massive variability in the hose lengths on offer. Some are as short as 5 metres, whereas others go all the way up to 30 metres. One of the things that you need to think about is the length that you are going to need to get the job done. How long are the downpipes of your gutters? Do you know how deep the drain goes that you are wanting to clean? We understand that you might find it difficult to answer some of these questions, which is the reason why you need to opt for a longer hose than you think is going to be necessary! Without this, you will struggle to complete all the jobs that you are going to need it for around your home!

NOTE: It is worth bearing in mind that the longer the hose the more the pressure is going to be reduced from the pressure washer – as it has further to travel down the pipe. If you know that you have a blockage relatively close to the surface of the drain or towards the top of your gutter then you may be better opting for a shorter hose (or at least having one to hand just in case!).


The hose that you are working with is going to come under a lot of pressure during the jobs that you are completing. Look out for one that is durable and made with flexible material. This will allow it to bend round corners in the pipework and fight those blockages with ease!


Some pressure washer manufacturers create drain and gutter cleaning kits that are specifically compatible with their products, which is fantastic as it will save you the worry of whether your kit is going to be compatible or not, but it may not have the features or length that you are looking for! Or may be a price tag that you’re just not prepared to pay!

If this is the case then you are going to need to shop around for alternate models. It is important to check on the product details which pressure washers the kit is going to be compatible with. Most are designed with one or two particular models in mind, however others will come with multiple adaptors which will allow you to adapt the hose kit to work with many pressure washers.

TOP TIP: If you opt for a generic model with multiple adaptors then make sure these adaptors are strong and really good quality! There is a considerable amount of force and pressure that comes from a pressure washer, so the adaptor is going to have to work under this pressure and keep the hose connected! Look out for connectors made out of metal (such as brass) as these will be considerably stronger!


The nozzle is the part that is going to increase the pressure even more to remove any really stubborn dirt or debris that is longed in your gutters and drains. We would recommend looking out for drain and gutter cleaning kits that come with at least a couple of different nozzles. The different designs will fire the water in different directions, which means that if you try one and it isn’t able to remove the dirt or blockage, you can quickly switch to another one that will angle the pressure of the water in a different direction.

We found the best nozzles were the ones with some rear facing jets and other forward facing jets, as these were better able to remove all of the dirt and debris, instead of just the bigger parts like leaves and soils.

Pressure and Temperature Compatibility

Each pressure washer will have a certain pressure that it releases with the water – and as a general rule the more pressure the better. But, pressure washer drain and gutter cleaning kits will have a maximum pressure that they are able to work with, so it is important to check that they are going to be compatible with the pressure washer that you have. Some can work with up to 200 bar of pressure, which will be sufficient for some of the better pressure washers on the market, but others can take considerably less pressure than this. Connecting a kit to a pressure washer that it isn’t compatible with could cause damage to both the pressure washer and the kit!

The same applies for temperature. Some pressure washers work with hot water – as a general rule this provides a better clean and finish than cold water. However, some drain and gutter cleaning kits can only work with cold water, so you will need to check this before making your purchase. We found some models that can work with up to 70 degrees hot water, which will make cleaning those blockages even easier!

Best Budget – M MINGLE Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment

M Mingle Pressure Washer Gutter Cleaner Attachment, Angled Extension Wand for Gutter Cleaning, 5 Nozzle Tips, 1/4 Inch Quick Connect, 13 Inch
  • ★Universal pressure washer gutter wand for power washer is used to get the out-of-reach areas as pivoting coupler, such as gutter and undercarriage. Length: 13 inch.
  • ★Ideal for cleaning gutters from the safety of the ground. Quick couples to most telescoping wand or extension wand. Ideal for cleaning under a vehicle and avoid crawling. Easy to clean road grime, oil and fuel contaminants under cars, trucks, Jeep, SUVs, commercial-size vehicles and trailers.
  • ★5 Nozzle Tips: They have different angle (0, 15, 25, 40, 65 degree). Choose different nozzle according to your needs. Such as watering flowers and plants, washing car. Max pressure is up to 4000 PSI.
  • ★The pressure washer nozzle quick connects to gutter wand. 1/4’’ male plug of gutter wand quick connects to pressure washer gun or telescoping wand.
  • ★pressure washer gutter cleaning tool is made of durable stainless steel. The working pressure is up to 4000 PSI.

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Additional Drain and Gutter Cleaning Kit Features

Now that you know the main things to look out for when purchasing a drain and gutter cleaning kit, here are some of those little features that might sound small but will make a massive difference to the ease at which you can get the job done!

  • Anti-kink hose – Some kits come with hoses that are specially designed so that they cannot kink. If you have ever had a kink in your hosepipe when working outside then you will know how frustrating and sometimes time consuming it is to properly straighten out…well imagine trying to do that with the hose down a drain or gutter! That is why this feature is so important as it will save you a huge amount of time and frustration when working!
  • Independent snaking features – some of the more advanced cleaning kits have hoses that are designed to “snake” from the pressure of the water. This means that they will move inside the drain or gutter to be sure that they have removed all of the dirt and debris as they travel. This saves you from having to stand above the gutter or drain wiggling the hose around and hoping for the best! Making the job safer and much less frustrating!
  • Sled – This is rarer to find but a feature that we really like in drain and gutter cleaning kits! You simply click the hose into the sled, allowing for much more control and precision when you are sending the hose down into the drain or gutter to do its job! The sled will help to keep the hose in position and the weight “drags” the hose down with greater ease and accuracy!
  • Hose markers – As we mentioned above, it is handy to have an idea of how long the drain or guttering is that you are working with! Some hoses come with markers along them, making it much easier to see how far the hose has reached down the pipework. This will greatly help in working out whether the pressure washer has cleared the blockage, or just pushed it further on in the network or guttering or pipes!

Best of the Rest

STYDDI Pressure Washer Drain Pipe Hose Cleaning Kit for Karcher K2-K7 Series and LAVOR Pressure Washer, with Jet Nozzle and Rotating Jet Nozzle, 15 M, 180 Bar
956 Reviews
STYDDI Pressure Washer Drain Pipe Hose Cleaning Kit for Karcher K2-K7 Series and LAVOR Pressure Washer, with Jet Nozzle and Rotating Jet Nozzle, 15 M, 180 Bar
  • DRAIN TUBE CLEANER KIT FOR HIGH PRESSURE WANSHER MAKES YOUR CLEANING WORK A CINCH: The sewer jetting kit includes sewer jet hose, rotating sewer jet nozzle and button nose sewer jetter nozzle. It helps easily clean your blocked pipes, drains and rain gutters easily and quickly. Suitable for use in the home and outdoors with all Karcher K2 – K7 series and LAVOR domestic pressure washers.
  • 15 M BENDABLE & LONG-LASTING HOSE: Heavy-duty power washer hose directly connects to the pressure washing gun, which is oil, weather and abrasion resistant. Made of three layers: Inner tube made of thermoplastic polyester; Thickened reinforcement layer of 1/4" high tenacity polyester textile braid that is chemically bonded; Cover layer of Black thermoplastic polyurethane that is oil, weather, ozone, and abrasion resistant.
  • BUTTON NOSE SEWER JETTER NOZZLE WITH 1 FORWARD 3 REAR JET PATTERN: The special stainless-steel drain cleaning nozzle (The orifice is 4.0) has 3 rear facing jets at 33° spray angle which help to propel the hose along the drain or pipe, cleaning as they go and 1 forward jet at 0° spray angle to cut through the debris.
  • EXTRA ROTATING SEWER JET NOZZLE FOR EVEN CLEANING DEBRIS: The rotating nozzle (The orifice is 4.5) is designed to be small enough to clean in all of the tight spaces like drain pipes and sewer lines. 3 backward rotating spray blasts into clogged pipe and moves the nozzle through pipe. It offers an even cleaning and flushes out debris.
  • TWO ADAPTERS AVAILABLE TO COMPATIBLE WITH KARCHER & LAVOR PRESSURE WASHERS: The package includes two adapters: one for connecting well-known pressure washer brands Karcher K-Series, and the other one helps the hose connect to LAVOR pressure washers. Durable and Solid Connectors can be firmly connected with pressure washer, gun and jetting nozzle, no leak.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to use chemicals with pressure washer drain and gutter cleaning kits?
No – one of the main benefits to using a drain and gutter cleaning kit that is connected to a pressure washer is the lack of need to involve chemicals in the process. The pressure from the water alone should be enough to remove dirt and debris from your drains and gutters. This means that the process is safe for use around animals and children, and avoids any additional purchases having to be made!

Will using a pressure washer on my drains and gutters damage them?
If you use a drain and gutter cleaning kit with your pressure washer then there is no reason your drains and gutters should be damaged by the cleaning process. The only time when this might not be the case is if there are already weak points or damage, for example cracks in the guttering, as then the pressure of the water could cause this to become more damaged. Equally, if you are working with a particularly stubborn blockage then it may be that removing the blockage itself actually disrupts some of the pipework along the way!

Can I use a pressure washer drain and gutter cleaning kit on a kitchen drain?
In theory yes you can if it becomes blocked, but you need to bear in mind that the way many of the cleaning kits work is to push the dirt and debris back UP the drain and out. This could lead to a rather messy kitchen if you consider the pressure which is released from a pressure washer!

Can’t I just put my pressure washer nozzle down the gutter to clean it?

No! It is really important to never put the nozzle of your pressure washer directly down your gutters, especially if it is on full force. The pressure of the water – especially on good quality pressure washers – will be enough to damage your gutters. This is even more true if there is a blockage of leaves etc in the gutters. That is why the gutter and drain kits are so essential to help you get the job done!

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