Best Inflatable Water Slide – A Buyers Guide 2022

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If you are stuck for ways to entertain your children through the summer and maybe the traditional paddling pool is just looking a little old and uninviting, then you need a new way to delight and excite your children in the garden! What better way to do this than with an inflatable water slide! They will provide hours, days and weeks of fun for children of all ages – and save you the cost of having to go to the waterpark or to other play parks! Why travel to a waterpark and spend all your time queuing for the slides when you can have your very own in your back garden? 

So if you have decided that this summer is the time to invest in an inflatable water slide and give your children the memorable summer memories that they deserve then look no further. Here are all the key features and types of inflatable water slides that we would recommend considering. We have looked at build quality, safety and design features to find the best inflatable water slide for you to consider!

In A Hurry?

If summer is a’coming but you don’t feel ready, or you’re only one week into the summer holidays and already the children are bored and in need of some entertainment, then you need to be choosing the best inflatable water slide quickly! No parent has hours to be scrolling through the internet for the best slide to keep their children busy so we have done the hard work for you! 

Best Pick Inflatable Water Slide – Bestway H20GO

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The Necessities! 

Let’s start by looking at the parts that all inflatable water slides have to have. You will need an area for the children to climb up the slide (normally known as the climbing tower), the slide (obviously) and almost always a paddling pool for the children to splash in at the bottom. 

The climbing tower is going to need to be relatively easy to climb – you definitely want some challenge for your children but too much is going to leave children disheartened and you having to help them every time they want to go up the tower! Most models will come with holes and handles for the children to use to climb their way up. Consider the size of these and how far apart they are so that you can judge if it is going to be achievable for younger children to climb! You also want to look at the top of the tower – some will come with a roof to stop the top of the slide from getting too hot and provide a “relaxing” area for your children. Others come with mesh sides to keep your children safe at the top and stop them from falling down the other side! 

You then need to look at the slide – as lets be honest this is going to be the part that the children enjoy the most! Some models will come with a straight slide, whereas others come with a curved slide. The straight slide is going to be much better for racing but the curved slide is going to give more of a water park feel (and will mean the children come down the slide straight into your visibility). Some of the longer slides come with a slight hump in the middle too to really add to the excitement!  One thing that we would say is essential to look for is an inflatable water slide that comes with a water feed at the top of the slide. These models basically allow you to attach a hose to the feed so that there will be a stream of water that flows down the slide whilst the hose is switched on. This is essential to avoid nasty friction burns when coming down the slide – particularly on those hot summer days! 

Finally, have a look at the paddling pool that comes with the inflatable water slide. You need to consider the depth of the pool – you don’t want a model that is too deep and therefore not safe for your children but also too small and you may find older children not feeling they have enough “splash”. Also consider the side of the paddling pool as you need one that is going to be large enough so that there is a “splash zone” at the end of the slide but also space for other children to play without the risk of an accident! If this is something that you are worried about then there are models that come with a separate paddling pool to the slide so that you don’t need to worry about children colliding – these will come with either a small splash zone for the slide or a water cushion to land on, plus the main paddling pool! 

The Extras! 

Here are some of the extras that we found in some of the best inflatable water slides that are well worth looking out for. What better way to get value for money than finding extra ways to entertain your children and give them additional things to play with: 

  • Sprinklers and water cannons – These will need to be connected to a water source normally or may suck up water from the paddling pool. Children will love soaking each other (or themselves) and it’s just an extra way to keep them cool! 
  • Tunnels – Tunnels down the slide not only add excitement but they are also a great way to stop the slide from overheating when in direct sunlight. 
  • Bouncy castles – Some of the larger inflatable water slides will even come with a small bouncy castle attached for extra fun or those children that don’t want to go in the water. 
  • Water cushion – If you have younger children then why not opt for a water cushion at the bottom rather than a paddling pool. This will stop the children (and adults) from worrying about going under the water as the water is inside the cushion to create a soft (but dry) landing! 

Inflatable Water Slide Dimensions

Obviously, you need to check whether the water slide is actually going to fit in the space that you have planned for it! One thing to note before we look at the different sizes is that you really need to leave a considerable amount of space around the outside of the inflatable water slide too. This allows for movement of the slide without any damage from fence panels or trees and helps to ensure that your children can play safely. 

Most manufacturers will give you both an overall footprint and the actual measurements of the water slide so that you can see if it is going to fit. We found that footprints tended to start at about 8mᒾ, with larger models going all the way up to nearly 15mᒾ. There is a wide range of dimension combinations that make up this footprint from sides as small as around 2.5m up to around 6m. 

TOP TIP: We would definitely recommend looking at the height of the inflatable water slide too. This is really important if you have low hanging branches in your garden or your water slide is going to be relatively close to your neighbours. Heights tended to come in at around 3 or 4 metres. 

Build Materials

The materials that your inflatable water slide is made from are essential if you are wanting the slide to be long lasting and able to withstand the constant use. Make sure to opt for models that come with layers of outer materials which will help to avoid punctures – this will usually be polyester. The best inflatable water slides will be coated with a strong layer of PVC which helps to improve the waterproof qualities and the general durability of the material. 

Most seams will be made from nylon which can be relatively durable but this is worth checking. We would also recommend checking the quality of the seam as this tends to be where the wear and tear occurs first. Look out for reinforced seams that will offer additional strength. 

Best Budget Inflatable Water Slide – BestWay Single Water Slide

Bestway H20GO Single Lane Slip and Slide | Inflatable Water Slide for Kids and Adults, Summer Garden Outdoor Toy with Built-in Sprinklers, Multiple Sizes
  • SINGLE SLIDE: designed with UltraSlick PVC to enjoy the high-speed adventure as you blast down the wet slide. Provide your kids with endless hours of fun and play on a hot summers day! Your kid and will be down this slippy slide in no time!
  • EASY TO SET UP: perfect for use in the garden, simply attach the slide to a garden hose and the sprinklers will do the work while you endlessly slide away, no tools required
  • SUMMER FUN: built-in sprinklers provide a cascade effect and keep the lane slick; the inflatable drench pool provides a fun with safe and extremely wet way to end the water slide
  • FEATURES: SplashBoost Sprinkler a system built to provide targeted water coverage to optimize sliding, spraying and splashing. Our H2OGO! slides all have a bonus drench pool at the finish line.
  • COMPLETE SET: the 16ft long slip slide is suitable for adults and kids suitable ages 3+. This is an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for kids who love the outdoor adventure!

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Top Inflatable Water Slides!

If you are serious about finding the best inflatable water slide for your money, so that you can be sure your children will be both entertained and safe when out in your garden, here are the extra things you need to look at. 

Inflating the Water Slide 

Look at the pump that comes with the water slide and how powerful this is going to be. Some of the best models will be able to inflate the water slide within around 90 seconds (fast enough to appease even the most impatient of children!). Also consider the length of the power cable and whether you are going to be able to stretch this from the power source to the location of the water slide. 

We really like inflatable water slides that come with multi-chamber walls as these will inflate much more steadily around the whole piece of kit rather than one section at a time. This is not only a great way to avoid putting unnecessary pressure on certain parts of the inflatable but it also gives you a better chance to position the water slide properly. 

TOP TIP: Accidents can happen, so if you find yourself coming across a puncture when inflating your water slide then it is great if you have purchased a model that comes with a repair kit!


You really need to check how suitable the inflatable water slide is going to be for you and your family. Many will come with specifications on the number of children that they are going to be suitable for and the maximum weight that they are going to be able to hold. For example, some water slides will only be able to hold 4 children at once and each child must be under 35kgs in weight. This would give you a maximum weight capacity of around 140kgs. However, there are variations in this so make sure to check. All manufacturers will give guidance on the age suitability of the water slide – which usually ranges from around 3 years old up to around 11 years old. 

Additional Features 

  • Shoe holder – Fed up of finding abandoned shoes around the garden? Look out for inflatable water slides that come with a shoe rack on the side for extra organisation. 
  • Packing away – It is really important to look at how easy it is going to be to deflate your water slide and what storage options it comes with. A simple, cheap box or bag won’t be good enough so look out for options that come with larger, more heavy-duty options. 
  • Weight – If you are going to be moving the inflatable water slide around then make sure to check the overall weight. This ranges from around 15kgs up to around 23kgs. 
  • Fixings  – You are going to need to fix your inflatable water slide to the ground to make sure that it stays safe. Look out for models that come with tent hooks or similar fastenings to secure the water slide into the softer ground around it! 

Best of the Rest

Intex Dinoland Play Center Inflatable Water Play Center, Assorted Model (with and without volcano), Multicoloured, 333x229x112 cm, 280 Litres
  • Matching model with and without volcano.
  • Inflatable slide with padded base and side barriers, inflatable dinosaur figures, inflatable rings, water sprayer and colorful balls.
  • It incorporates 6 balls of various colors to play, to slide them or to pass them through the dino arch and 2 inflatable rings to play to make a basket.
  • Made of sturdy vinyl, center arch has water sprayer with garden hose connection, includes drain plug and repair kit.
  • The play center supports a maximum weight of 81 kg and is designed for outdoor use by children over 2 years old.

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Outsunny Kids Bouncy Castle House Inflatable Trampoline Slide Water Pool Basket 4 in 1 with Blower Basketball Hoop for Kids Age 3-8 Castle Design 2.8 x 2.6 x 2.1m
  • Multiple activities: This multi-activity bounce house for kids creates a world no child will want to leave, featuring multiple activities. There's a slide, pool, trampoline and basketball hoop, offering lots of fun to keep children filled with excitement and laughter as they play.
  • Inflates quickly: A 350W electric air blower is included with our bouncy house for kids. The whole castle can be inflated very quickly for just 2 minutes and saves you wait time.
  • Secure: Safety is a top priority. We make this inflatable bouncy castle and inflator safe from the wind with six ground stakes. The high-density Oxford fabric is weather-resistant and is big enough to accommodate 3 children simultaneously. We also included a carry bag and 2 patches of each colour for easy transport and repair.
  • Great gift: This bouncing castle will be a great gift for your kids because it consumes their extra energy and replaces their screen time. Thanks to the feature of easy settings, it also ensures that you have more time to deal with your own affairs.
  • Dimension: Overall dimension: 280L x 260W x 210H cm; Dimension of trampoline: 144L x 140W cm; Dimension of water pool: 130L x 90W cm; Dimension of slide: 85L x 40W cm; Dimension of basket: Φ20cm

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BANZAI 16ft Splash Sprint Racing Water Slider
  • 16 feet long x 58 inches wide
  • Dual lane for racing fun
  • Water-spraying bumper and splash pool at end
  • Durable PVC construction
  • Ages 5-12

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do inflatable water slides come with a pump included? 

Yes! All good quality inflatable water slides will come with a pump included so you don’t need to worry about purchasing this separately. We would definitely recommend looking at the quality of the pump as this will impact on how quickly they are going to be able to inflate the size. Some will be able to inflate a large water slide within 90 seconds whereas others will take over 5 minutes. 

Do inflatable water slides come with guarantees?

Inflatable water slides will always come with a guarantee. For larger inflatable water slides this will be at least 12 months but some offer more than this so they are worth looking out for! Smaller models will usually only come with a 6 month guarantee though – but these are normally much cheaper in price! 

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