Best Hand Truck – Ultimate Buyers Guide 2024

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Best Hand Truck

If you are regularly carrying heavier items around then it is quite possibly that what you need in your life is a hand truck! They are relatively cheap to purchase but will be ready for whenever you need them to move around bulkier, heavy objects. It could be that they are needed for work, home renovations, work around a yard or even at home when you are moving furniture. We have found that they are one of those items that you purchase once but then use forever!

Not only can a hand truck help you move objects around but they can also be used for carrying items up and down stairs too – helping to avoid back strain and injury when you are working! Thanks to their ground level platform, you don’t even need to worry about lifting your heavy objects too high off the ground to be able to start moving them – as you would a wheelbarrow or truck! Simply slide on, lean the frame back and start rolling!

We have compared all the best hand trucks to help you find one that is going to be best for you. Here are the key features and models we would consider…

Best Pick – COSCO Shifter

COSCO Shifter 135kg Multi Function Folding Handcart and Hand Truck (Blue)
  • Heavy duty - durable steel frame with 135kg capacity as a 2-wheel or 4-wheel mode
  • Easy to use - quick conversion with no pins or tools
  • Convertible - use as a 2-wheel upright hand truck or a 4-wheel cart
  • Folds flat for transportation and storage
  • Fits in most size car trunks

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In A Hurry?

If you are moving house, completing a renovation, or have any other job already lined up for your hand truck then no double you are in a hurry to get buying. So here is all the essential information that you need to look out for! 

Maximum Load

One of the first things that you need to think about is the maximum load that your hand truck is able to hold. It is essential that you check for this, as if you overload your hand truck then you may find the truck becoming damaged, your belongings on the hand truck being broken or even worse, you being involved in the accident. 

Maximum loads tend to vary from around 80kg up to around 350kg (with some commercial models being able to carry even more). It is important to note that the maximum load of your hand truck will directly correlate with the size of the hand truck. So, although we would always recommend opting for a model which offers as much weight as possible, you also need to consider whether this size is going to be practical for the space that you are working in. 


As we mentioned briefly above, the size of your hand truck is going to impact the maximum load. A smaller hand truck is going to be much easier to transport around, have a lighter unladen weight and be easier to store, whereas a larger hand truck is going to have a heavier maximum load. 

It isn’t just the overall size of the hand truck that you need to consider but more specifically, the load plate size. This is the base of the hand truck and the part that is going to hold the first object on the truck which you will then stack upon. Safety advice suggests that the items being transported shouldn’t cover more than ¾ of the load plate if you want the weight to be distributed safely. Plate sizes ranged from around 18cm x 20cm up to around 40cm x 35cm. We particularly like the models that come with extendable load plates as this will allow you to use a smaller space when you can which will be easier to use, but then extend the load plate when you need to! 

We found unladen weights ranged from around 8kg up to around 14kg depending on the size and build material. The actual sizes of the different hand trucks ranged more considerably. It is important to check the height of your hand truck as you are going to need a height that is going to be easy for you to work with to reduce fatigue and back pain when you are moving heavier items. 

TOP TIP: Some hand trucks will even be adjustable so that you can swap them from a hand truck to a flatbed truck. This allows you to carry a wider variety of objects but can impact on the overall size of the truck. 

Build Material 

Hand trucks are almost always going to be made out of metal, as this is going to be your strongest but also lightest option, which is essential for any transporting of materials that you are planning on completing. 

However, there are different metal choices that you will be able to make. In our opinion, the best that you are going to find is a powder-coated steel. This material will allow you to carry a substantial amount of weight, whilst still being relatively light unloaded. The powder-coating will help to make sure that your hand truck remains free from rust, which is essential if you are wanting your hand truck to stay strong – and to avoid rust marks on everything that you are carrying! Your other option is going to be aluminium, which will be even lighter than steel but will leave you with a lower maximum load so aren’t ideal for the big jobs! 

We did find some of the smaller more compact models that had always used plastic/polypropylene as one of the build materials. This is going to make them much lighter and also cheaper, but will impact on the maximum load you are able to carry quite considerably. It is worth mentioning that a model using these materials on stress points is going to be unlikely to last as long if carrying heavier weights, so make sure to check that the plastic is only being used on parts that don’t carry the larger weights. 

One thing that is essential to check for is whether the frame has been welded or has pinned joints. Welded hand trucks are going to be much more secure and able to cope under strain more as the joints will be stronger, however they do mean that you are more limited in storing the structure as they will basically be one big piece of metal! 


When looking at the wheels of your hand truck you will have two choices, either pneumatic tyres or solid rubber tyres. The wheels are one of the main parts of your hand truck as they allow you to move up and down stairs and between different areas with ease. 

Pneumatic wheels are going to be perfect if you are regularly working on uneven surfaces as they are more flexible so able to absorb the impact in ways that rubber tyres never will. Not only this, but the lightness means that they will make it much easier for you to move across grass, gravel and any other softer surfaces. However, you have the downside of the fact that you always have the potential of them puncturing which will then mean they need replacing or repairing. You may want to take this risk, but if you are working on a renovation or building area where there is likely to be loose nails lying around then this is an accident waiting to happen. In these situations you are going to be better with solid rubber tyres as they aren’t going to get punctures. You will also find that they will make the hand truck much easier to move on smooth ground! 

Some of the best hand trucks will come with wheels that are easy to remove. This will make them easier to replace or repair if they become damaged. Not only that, but if you are using your hand truck regularly but on different grounds then you will have the option of changing your tyres depending on the surface that you are working on. 

TOP TIP: If you know that the main use of your hand truck is going to be travelling up and down stairs then look out for a model with three smaller stairs. These will be harder to move around on flat ground but are definitely easier to get up stairs! 

Best Budget – Magna Cart Personal Hand Truck

Magnacart Foldable Sack Truck - Load Capacity up to 60KG - Trolley on Wheels - 40 x 42 x 102 CM - Aluminium
  • LOAD CAPACITY UP TO 60KG - The Magnacart sack truck has a maximum load capacity of 60 kg, allowing you to move a good number of heavy moving boxes and other goods without putting too much pressure on your own body.
  • FOLDABLE SACK TRUCK - When you have finished using the hand truck, push the handle down and fold the platform. Once the trolley is fully folded, you can easily store it in a cupboard, backbox or against the wall.
  • STABLE MATERIAL - The Magnacart trolley on wheels is made of sturdy aluminium. As a result, it can last for a long time and the trolley will also not collapse when transporting heavy goods.
  • FOR PRIVATE AND BUSINESS USE - With its ample carrying capacity, the Magnacart hand truck is perfect for both private and business purposes. Think of moving moving boxes or moving goods in a warehouse.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Besides moving boxes and other heavy items, you can use the Magnacart sack truck for many other purposes. For example, think about moving your groceries or transporting heavy luggage when you go on holiday.

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The Best Hand Truck Features 

Once you have checked the maximum load and size of hand truck that you need, here are some of the features that we only found in the best hand trucks. If you are going to be using your tool regularly or just want the best value for money…THESE are the features you should be looking for. 

  • Easy to store – If you have limited storage space then it may be worth looking out for a hand truck with a collapsible load plate or handles that can be extended and retracted. These will be much easier to store. 
  • Collapsible Hand Trucks – If the above features aren’t enough for you – maybe you are wanting to take your hand truck to a different location with you – then look out for completely collapsible models. These are going to be less secure so have a smaller maximum load, but are perfect for if you are moving between locations regularly. 
  • Retractable load plate – Retractable load plates will literally fold upwards into the main spine of the hand truck which will make it much easier to store. 
  • Handle Design – Hand trucks come with either twin handles or a P-handle design. Twin handles are arguably going to be easier to maneuver with, but a P-handle design will allow you to move your hand truck with one hand if necessary. This makes loading and travelling with your hand truck much easier, particularly if there are going to be doors to open etc. 
  • Comfort grip – Anyone that is used to working with tools for extended periods of time will know the hand fatigue and calluses that can occur. This is why we particularly like hand trucks that come with comfort grips and padding such as rubber or foam. This helps to ensure a strong grip and will also allow you to work for longer. 
  • Knuckle protectors –  This is padding which is found on lower bars of the hand truck to stop you from hitting your knuckles when you are working. A small but invaluable feature! 
  • Wheel Size – Don’t forget to check the size of wheels that are going to be best for you. Larger wheels are going to make it much easier to roll up steps. 
  • Assembly – Some hand trucks are going to require power tools and quite a large amount of time to assemble safely. If you are looking for a more domestic model then some will come with pins, making it quick and easy to assemble! 
  • Bungee cord – Some of the best hand trucks will even come with a bungee cord that will allow you to secure your packages safely when you are moving. 
  • Ferris wheel tyre design – If you are regularly going up and down stairs then some hand trucks have a special design of three wheels that actually rotate on a larger “wheel”. This will allow you to literally roll the truck up the stairs with ease. 

Best of the Rest

Stanley General Purpose Hand Truck-200KG, Yellow, SXWTD-HT522
  • Move heavy loads, boxes, furniture indoors and outdoors easily and safely
  • Compact Design with durable steel construction
  • Plastic handles provide better grip and include knuckle protection
  • Large pneumatic wheels allow for easy movement
  • Scroll down to get an overview of similar Stanley Trucks!

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Rolson 42521 120 kg Aluminium Folding Trolley
  • Heavy Duty Folding Trolley
  • Tubular aluminium alloy frame, extra large base plate with twist round hand grips
  • Maximum weight capacity 120kg. Dimensions unfolded 485 x 525 x 1130mm.Folded 485 x 70 x 900mm. Weight 5.1kg
  • Dimensions unfolded 485 x 525 x 1130mm
  • Folded 485 x 70 x 900mm

Last update on 2024-06-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

TAHA ® Folding Hand Truck Lightweight Aluminium Alloy Heavy Duty Sack Cart 90kg
  • Ideal for transporting heavy or bulky loads with ease, the Folding Sack Truck benefits from a 90kg carrying weight with a light, easily moveable design. The steel and aluminium frame makes this sack truck robust, while the ergonomically designed handle and classic ‘L’ shaped build makes the trolley extremely user-friendly.
  • The folding footplate design means that, when not in use, the sack truck transforms into a slim unit that can easily slot into a modest storage space - so won’t add clutter to your home or take up valuable storage in the boot of a car.
  • Simple to set up and fold down - push the footplate forward and away from the trolley before lifting the main handle to open up. Similarly, push the handle back down and fold the footplate upwards and you’ll be left with a slim, compact unit ideal for storage in the shed, cupboard or boot of the car.
  • Sturdy Design & Build With two 150mm no-puncture rubber wheels, the sack truck is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – and can be used to push or pull a heavy load rather than carry it. The telescopic design allows you to adjust the height of the handle to your preferences, whilst the curved steel handle offers you a comfortable hold. Moreover, two additional reinforced bars and two further back supports / handles offer extra stability whilst the trolley is in motion.
  • Capacity: 90kg Weight: 3kg Overall Size Folded: 110 X 39.5 X 41cm (Height X Width X Depth) Overall Size Extended: 110 X 39.5 X 41cm (Height X Width X Depth)

Last update on 2024-06-23 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

If you are still unsure as to whether a hand truck is what you are looking for then why not compare the best hand trucks to the best platform trolley? These models are going to be larger and more heavy duty – but this also means that they can be harder to store!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do hand trucks come with a warranty?

Yes! All good quality hand trucks will come with a warranty, which will usually be between around 3 and 5 years. We did find some models that only offered a 1 year warranty, which may suggest that the product isn’t made from the same quality materials as they should be lasting for much longer than this. 

Can you replace the wheels on hand trucks? 

Yes! With almost all models you will be able to simply unscrew the wheels to replace them. It is important to just check that the size of the wheels are compatible. Rubber wheels won’t be able to picture but pneumatic wheels could, so they would then need to either be repaired or replaced. Remember that if you choose to repair the wheel, your hand truck may not be able to safely carry the same weight as it could before.

What weight can hand trucks carry?

On average, most hand trucks are going to be able to carry around 300kg standing up. However, more important than that is the transportable weight as you are obviously looking to move your items from A to B – this maximum weight is normally going to be around 200kg.

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