Best Garden Arches – 2024 Buyers Guide

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Garden arches make a fantastic addition to any garden! Whether you want them as a focal point at the entrance to your garden for people to walk through, or as a division between different parts of your garden – a garden arch can be eye catching and easy to install. Some garden arches are best suited to supporting climbing plants, which will create a stunning, natural look, whereas other garden arches are more than beautiful enough on their own. It really comes down to personal preference.

Garden arches can be placed pretty much anywhere – you don’t need to even limit yourself to placing them somewhere that they can be walked through! No matter whether you are looking for a wooden, metal or plastic garden arch and whether you want one that is plant friendly or not, we have included some of the best garden arches and everything that you need to know!

Best Pick – OUTOUR Elegant Garden Arch with Gate

OUTOUR Elegant Garden Arch with Gate, Garden Arbor Trellis Arbour Archway for Climbing Plants Roses Vines Support Rack, Outdoor Garden Lawn Backyard Patio, Matte Black …
  • CLASSICAL DESIGN: Elegant curve is rich in classical feeling, intricate curlicue make it a stunning decoration to your outdoor scenery.
  • ATTRACTIVE ARCHWAY: Creates an graceful entry to your garden or yard even without climbing plants, beautiful in all seasons.
  • STURDY SUPPORT: the scrolls of the arch make the plants easy to get support. Five rods on top let the vines clime through smoothly. Fantastic showcase of your vines and flowers.
  • VERSATILE: function as doors, trellis and decorations. Easy to move and fix.
  • DIMENSION: 84" High x 48" Long x 23" Wide (without ground stakes)

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In A Hurry?

We understand that once you have big plans for your garden you want to get started straight away – as the saying goes…why plan for tomorrow what can be done today? If you are looking to make a quick purchase then why not look at our favourite garden arches right here – plus all the essential information you need to know before you buy! 


The first thing that you need to think about is the material that you want your garden arch to be made from, the main choices that you have are wood, metal or plastic. This largely comes down to personal preference and the style of your garden but there are some other factors to consider too. 

Plastic is going to be your lightest and cheapest option, plus it is pretty durable in different weather conditions. The only issues we found is that until the plants have grown around them they can “stand out”  in the garden a little too much – but again this depends on the style that you are after. Not just this, but you will have to make sure that they are well secured to the ground and to opt for lighter climbing plants as they don’t always have the strength of other materials. 

Metal is going to by far be the strongest option that you can go for and the most durable (if you purchase powder-coated models that prevent rust and fading). Metal garden arches are usually found in iron or steel, which are both strong materials and will age nicely if you are planning on your garden arch being around for a long time! 

If you are wanting a more traditional look in your garden then a wooden garden arch may be the way to go. They are strong and durable, so will be able to hold even heavier climbing plants with ease. They are also more likely to hold strong against winds – so are worth considering if your garden is quite open. The only issue that we found with wooden garden arches is that they are going to need coating to protect them from the weather. This can be done regularly whilst the plants are still small but as they grow over the arch this is going to be difficult to achieve. However, if you go for pressure treated timber then you should still find that this will last for a number of years. 


There are a range of sizes to choose from when it comes to garden arches and this really depends on what you are wanting your garden arch for and the size of your garden! 

The idea of a garden arch is that it provides a passageway through to another area of the garden, with you walking underneath it. However, some garden arches are on the small size and although you COULD walk through them, it would probably be difficult to achieve this with ease! You not only need to consider the height of your garden arches but also the width, particularly if you are wanting your garden arch to reach over a path. 

We found that many garden arches ranged in height from around 200cm up to just under 300cm (at the top of the arch). Their widths are normally between around 110cm and 180cm although we did find wider models that would make a nice feature in a much larger garden! 

TOP TIP: If you are wanting a garden arch with a little more headroom then you may be best going for a pointed design as this will offer you a little more space than an arched model and this little extra room can make all the difference! 


Most garden arches are going to be relatively similar in design. The main thing that you need to consider is whether you want to go for a true arch, a pointed top or a flat top. This totally comes down to personal preference as is unlikely to make much difference to the plants that are growing up your arch – although some people claim that they find it easier to grow up rounded tops. If you are wanting to max out the height but have covenants on your land determining the height of features in your garden then a flat top is going to be the best way to achieve this! Not just that, but the flat top is becoming more popular as it offers a more modern look. 

When looking at the style of your garden arch you also need to consider the amount of detail that you opt for. It is going to take a while for your plants to grow around the arch – or maybe you are wanting the arch to stand on its own without plants! If you are wanting your garden to look perfect from the start then it may be worth investing in a more detailed, ornate style of garden arch. These are going to be more expensive as they require more materials and more time being made, but they will look beautiful with or without plants and make a lovely feature in your garden! Also, ornate designs are going to allow more material and nooks for your climbing plants to cling onto so they stand a better chance of climbing up the trellis! 

Construction and Weight 

One of the main aspects you need to think about is whether your garden arch comes pre-built, or whether you are going to have to do this yourself. Most are going to take two people to position into place and secure, so the first thing you need to think about is whether you have someone around to help you. Not just this, but if your garden arch doesn’t come ready built then have you got the tools and experience needed to put it together. Some can simply be pushed into place and then screwed, but others take more work and time than this, so it is important to check! 

When looking at construction, a good way to judge how much help you are going to need is by looking at the weight of the garden arch. We found that they range from around 15kg to upwards of 40kg for particularly large models. Just remember to bear in mind that garden arches are not small, so their bulk is going to impact on the maximum weight you can manage. 

TOP TIP: Most garden arches are going to come with all the fastenings you need to build (if they are not already built). But some don’t, and if they do then the fastenings are poor quality that are not going to help your garden arch to withstand the worst of the British weather. Make sure to check for good quality, strong fastenings made from steel or iron that are going to be up to the task! 

Best Budget – New Garden Metal Arch

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The Best Garden Arch Extras

Hopefully by now you have an idea of the style or garden arch that you are wanting to go for, but you also need to think about securing your garden arch and other additional features. We have gone into detail on this here…

  • Foot spikes – If you are wanting to put your garden arch on the lawn or in a bedding area then you will be best off looking for an arch with spikes on the “feet” of the arch (or looking at a model that these can be attached to). This will allow you to push the arch into the ground with minimal damage to the lawn. 
  • Foot plates – If you are wanting to place your garden arch on a path or paved area then you are going to need to consider footplates to secure your garden arch to the ground. Look out for options that come with these as standard, or that offer a compatible extra to avoid ill-fitting and unsafe options having to be used! 
  • Environmentally friendly wood – If you want your garden to look perfect but also are thinking about the environment then go for FSC-certified wood. You know that this is going to have been sustainably cut in as environmentally friendly a way as possible. 
  • Colour – Almost all garden arches come in natural colours of black, green and browns. However, if you are wanting to add a splash of colour into your garden then look out for makes that can be painted! This is usually easier with wooden models but you can buy metal paints as well! 
  • Planters – If you are wanting to position your garden arch somewhere away from your main bedding areas then look out for arches that have planters already attached to the base. This will make your job a lot easier and gives the climbing plants a fighting chance! 

TOP TIP: Remember when thinking about securing your arch that you may lose some height in the process of pushing it into the ground. Look if the feet/spikes are additional length on top of the length advertised and if not you may need to consider a taller model. 

If you have chosen a garden arch but now aren’t sure what to plant up it – check out the 10 Best Beauty Climbing Plants for Garden Arches.

Best of the Rest

Relaxdays Wooden Rose Trellis Arch, Large Garden Arbour, Weatherproof Climbing Support For Plants, Extra Wide, 230x162x79 cm, Orange 10026035
  • Growth support: wooden Bower provides support for growth - for roses, ivy, vine etc.
  • Design: angular frame with decorative lattice as climbing aid - a real highlight even alone
  • Wooden: the weatherproof Bower is made of fir wood - treated Orange rose arch
  • Versatile: freestanding arbour for plants - great ornament for any garden
  • Details: garden arch HWD: app. 230 x 162 x 79 cm - Gateway h x W: app. 218 x 109. 5 cm - Quick assembly

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Selections Wooden Garden Arch (Tan) with Ground Spikes
  • Includes 4 ground spikes for easy siting
  • Home assembly required
  • h: 218cm w: 114cm d: 40cm

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No products found.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do garden arches come with warranties? 

Yes – many of the best garden arches will come with warranties so you can be sure that your product is protected against rot and unnecessary wear. This is worth checking for though as we found that cheaper models don’t! Some have up to a 10 year warranty – which we feel is more than reasonable, but these are dependent on you maintaining the product well during that time! 

How do I maintain a garden arch? 

Ideally, your garden arch is going to need maintaining occasionally, but this can be difficult if your garden arch is supporting climbing plants. The best thing to do is wait until the time of year when your climbing plants are cut right back (usually winter or early spring). You can then access as much of the garden arch as possible. If the arch is metal or strong, good quality wood, then it can be pressure washed, otherwise this will need wiping down. At that point you can treat your garden arch with a timber or metal varnish. 

Where should I position a garden arch?

Ideally the point of a garden arch is that you walk through it, however if you are planning on growing plants up your arch then you are going to also need to think about the position of the sun in the garden and how much exposure your climbing plants are going to have to the elements. If growing plants, make sure that your garden arch has sunlight for a large portion of the day and is away from areas of large winds.

What plants will climb up a garden arch?

The best plants to climb up garden arches are roses, clematis, jasmine, honeysuckle and wisteria. There are plenty of other options if none of these take your fancy and you can even grow some vegetables up garden arches too!

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