Best Jobsite Radio – Ultimate Buyers Guide

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Best Jobsite Radio

Without a doubt – listening to music when you are working is going to make the job more enjoyable and help to pass the time. But if you are working in particular environments then you are definitely going to need a jobsite radio that will be able to withstand the working conditions.

Jobsite radios can do everything that a normal radio can, but they are designed to be able to cope with a “working” environment whilst you are on the job. This includes dust and debris, water and even having a few to many tools dropped on them! With sturdy cases, strong seals and water resistant – whether you are a DIY enthusiast working from your garage or a professional moving between jobs – a jobsite radio is the perfect partner on any job!

What Makes a Jobsite Radio Good Enough For a Jobsite?

There are many features that are going to make a jobsite radio stand out from the crowd and be good enough to be on a jobsite with you! Whether you are in a workshop, on a building site or anywhere in between, you need to know that your radio is going to be able to withstand those conditions. There are many ways in which this is achieved….

Firstly, you tend to find that your radio is going to be made from strong plastic or metal. These materials will be strong and durable so able to withstand things being dropped on it or being bumped around, but not just that it can be wiped down and cleaned at the end of the working day!

You also need to make sure that your speaker is dust and debris proof, so it is built with holes covered and the speakers protected so that dust cannot get into the inner mechanisms of the radio.

Finally, it is important to opt for a jobsite radio that is going to be waterproof. It is unlikely that you would let your radio purposefully become drenched with water, but you never know what is going to happen when you are working so waterproof features are a must! Not just that, but a jobsite radio is going to get much dirtier than a normal radio so you need to know that it can withstand being cleaned! Make sure that it can at least withstand up to 5 minutes of exposure to rain!

Best Pick – Makita DMR115 DAB+ Radio

Makita DMR115 Li-ion CXT LXT DAB/DAB plus Job Site Radio with Bluetooth, Batteries and Charger Not Included, Blue/Black, 10.8V / 12V Max / 14.4V / 18V
  • When using the equalizer to emphasize the bass and listening at high volume levels, it may cause sound cracking and distortion. In this case, adjust the radio volume appropriately.
  • Please use AC power adaptor as main power when upgrading software.
  • The FM antenna is built into the handle. When operating the radio, please straighten the handle properly above the radio to get better reception.
  • The maximum volume of the output power speaker will decrease when your USB is charging.
  • English (Publication Language)

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

Currently stuck working without music? Bored of DIY-ing in silence? Or maybe you are currently using your home radio and risking its life span with every day that goes by! If this sounds familiar then this part of the article is for you! We have put all the most important information in one place so you can buy a radio as soon as possible. We have also included some of our favourite jobsite radios to make that decision even easier – you can thank us later!

Jobsite Radio Features

Here are some of the key features you need to check out before you buy your jobsite radio!


Almost all modern radios are now DAB, which gives you the flexibility of many, many more radio stations to choose from and a much better signal range. However, there are still some radios out there that are FM/AM. DAB models do tend to be more expensive but as far as we are concerned it is definitely worth this particular expense, but if you know the radio station that you want, and you are able to access it on a standard FM radio then you can consider saving yourself a few pounds!

If opting for an FM radio then look out for one with a more flexible antenna that won’t then be damaged whilst you are working or moving around.

TOP TIP: Opt for a radio that allows you to switch between DAB and FM radio as this will give you the most options of radio stations and frequencies to listen to no matter where you are working. Also, remember that some radio stations will work differently in different locations so if you have the option of both DAB and FM then you are much more likely to be able to get a frequency no  matter where you are!


Jobsite radios come in a range of sizes depending on exactly what you are looking for. There are smaller radios which are fantastic for if you are regularly moving between jobs as they will be easier to take with – some are even small enough to fix in the top of your toolbox if you have space! However, smaller models can be known to be less sturdy as they don’t have the outer material size to “pad them out” and protect the functionings on the inside.

 Larger models tend to be more durable as they have the flexibility of being able to be made from thicker materials. Bigger radios also tend to have larger speakers so will be able to offer more volume and coverage over a greater distance.


The portability of your jobsite radio is definitely going to be important unless you know that you are going to be leaving it in your workshop every time – which is unlikely. There are two main things that you need to consider – the weight of your jobsite radio and the way in which you are going to be carrying it! Look out for models that come with comfort grip handles that can be packed away when you are not moving around! Others also have handles that swivel 90 degrees so that no matter how big your radio is it can still be moved around easily.

The weight of the radio is obviously going to depend on the size that you are looking at but we found that they tended to range between just under 1kg up to 5kgs, which is a big difference in terms of portability so this is important to check out before buying!


There are two main types of power that you will find for a jobsite radio – battery powered and corded. In our opinion, you can’t beat the battery powered options…they can go wherever you go, allowing you to sing your working day away no matter where you are! Not just that, but they also avoid the safety issue of having a trailing wire in a working space – which is a big plus if you are working with power tools. However, you do have the downside of relying on a battery to power the radio, which means you need to remember to charge it regularly and risk the battery running out part way through the day – leaving you with no music! These issues are resolved with a corded option, but remember you are going to have to ensure that you are close to a mains power source!

If you choose to opt for a battery model then make sure that you go for one with a good battery life – some can run all day on one battery and only need to charge for around 4-5 hours to be at full battery life! If you air on the side of caution and go for a corded option then make sure to check the cord is going to be durable and long enough to allow you to move your radio around when you are working.

TOP TIP: If you want to be sure that you are always going to have your radio wherever you go then opt for dual power options that can be plugged in or used from a battery! Some are also compatible with the batteries that you use for your other power tools so you don’t need to mess around with different chargers and battery packs!

Best Budget -Einhell TE-CR 18 Cordless Radio

Einhell 3408015 TE-CR 18 Li Solo Power X-Change Cordless Radio - Supplied without Battery and Charger, Red, 20.5 cm*12.0 cm*7.5 cm
  • Suitable for the Einhell Power X-Change battery system
  • Supplied without battery and charger (available separately)
  • Storage space for 10 radio stations
  • Inclusive connector cable for mobile phone, MP3-player etc
  • Loudspeaker diameter of 90 mm

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Additional Jobsite Radio Features

Now that you know the main features that you need to look for before buying a jobsite radio, there are some of the extra features that we think take a jobsite radio from being average….to the best!

  • Number of presets – If you have a number of radio stations that you like to flick between then you are going to want a radio with plenty of presets so that you can switch between them quickly and easily! Some radios have as few as 4 preset options whereas others go all the way up to 10/12.
  • Aux-in option – Many more modern jobsite radios will also have an aux-in option so that you can plug in your phone or other device in and stream music from there. This is a perfect option for anyone that knows what they want to listen to and when!
  • LCD Display – an LCD display makes it so much easier for you to see what radio station you are listening to and the volume you are at etc. This doesn’t need to be massive but the bigger it is the easier it is going to be for you to see what you are doing whilst you are working!
  • Bluetooth connections – Bluetooth connections are going to be a much more flexible option than using an Aux lead – so if you are wanting to connect your phone but also need to have your phone with  you then this may be the way to go! It allows you to stream your music through the speaker of the radio, whilst still having your phone closeby for when you need it!
  • Phone docks – some of the best jobsite radios have actual docking stations that allow you to connect your phone so that it can be charged and play your music at the same time. It is important to check whether your phone is going to be compatible with this though as some will only be designed for particular phone brands.
  • Anti-shock – The best jobsite radios are fitted with anti-shock technology which ensures that the sound quality stays consistent even in the biggest of construction sites when vibration levels are high!
  • DAB+ – Hate that frustration at having a song you love come on the radio but not knowing who it’s by? A DAB+ radio will have a big enough screen to provide you with live information about the songs that are playing!

Best of the Rest

UEME Rugged DAB/DAB+ FM Jobsite Wireless Bluetooth Radio DB326 Gry/Blk
585 Reviews
UEME Rugged DAB/DAB+ FM Jobsite Wireless Bluetooth Radio DB326 Gry/Blk
  • Digital Audio Broadcasting DAB / DAB+
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Includes Mains Power Adaptor
  • 1 x 5W Speaker Output

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Makita DMR107 18 V Jobsite Radio - Blue/Black
  • Shower proof withstands up to 5 minutes exposure to rain
  • Dual power source: AC or Makita batteries
  • Two speaker stereo system
  • Flexible FM antenna can be removed and stored inside of the battery cover on the radio
  • Compatible with Makita 7.2 V to 18 V cluster type/9.6 V to 18 V slide-on type batteries

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UEME Rugged DAB and FM Job Site Radio (Blue/Black) (Blue)
  • Compact rugged and robust design splash proof with a protective frame
  • Powerful and lightweight with rich 2 x 2.5W sound and ultra portability
  • Mains or battery operated with a telescopic antenna and LCD Display with backlight
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows you to stream your favourite music from your phone or tablet
  • Store your favourite stations with up to 20 presets, 10 x DAB and 10 x FM

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Frequently Asked Questions

What warranty comes with a jobsite radio?
We found that warranties for jobsite radios ranged from around 1 year up to 5 years. You do also tend to find that battery powered models will have one warranty for the battery and another longer warranty for the machine itself. We noted that some manufacturers offer extended warranties if you register the product online so this is well worth the time!

Do jobsite radios come with a remote control?
Not all jobsite radios come with a remote control so if this is an important feature for you then it is well worth double checking. We found that it tended to be more of a standard feature for mid to high end models.

What makes a good quality jobsite radio?
You will know that your jobsite radio is going to be durable and sturdy if it comes with a IP64 rating as this means that it will be safe from dust, debris and light rain showers. We also found that the best jobsite radios came with “cages” around the outside made of metal, rubber and plastic – this protects the main controls and workings of the radio from anything falling on it – or even if the radio itself is dropped!

Are jobsite radios waterproof?

There are some jobsite radios that are going to be waterproof – however most are going to be water resistant which means that they will be resistant to splashes and slight contact with water making them safe for use on most jobsites.

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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