What Is The Best Dust Mask?

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Best Dust Masks

Your health is important, which is why wearing a high-quality dust mask when you are working is important. Dust masks and respirators are there to protect your lungs from small particles and toxins that can be breathed in when you are working. Even if you are just cleaning your home or gardening, harmful dust particles can be breathed in and then settle on your lungs. Imagine then, the toxic particles that can be inhaled if you are completing bigger jobs such as woodwork or renovations!

There are many different types of dust masks with different safety standards and levels of protection. We have explained them all so you can find one that will be right for the jobs that you are completing.

Best Pick – NASUM Dust Face Cover

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Only Got 5 Minutes?

Anyone who is conscious of the damage that their DIY hobby or construction work is doing to their lungs will be in a rush to buy a dust mask! Or maybe you already know the damage that dust and debris can cause so are wanting to make a purchase before you even start with the jobs you have planned! This part of the article is filled with all the key features that you need to consider before purchasing the best dust mask!

Dust Mask Features

Regardless of the jobs that you are planning on completing, here are the main things you need to look out for if you are wanting to buy the best dust mask possible!

Types of Dust Mask

The type of jobs that you are planning on completing and depending on how regularly you are going to be needing the mask will determine the type of mask that you actually need to go for. There are four main types of mask to choose from; disposable masks, standard dust masks, half-cartridge masks and full face masks. For the sake of this article we won’t be going into much detail on disposable masks – they are fantastic for a quick fix, or for anyone that is just completing a one off job, but chances are if you are reading this article you need more than that!

The next option up from a disposable mask is a standard dust mask – these are very similar to the disposable masks and are nice and easy to use. They don’t come with any filters or changeable parts which makes them super low maintenance, but this does also mean that they are going to offer you less protection. If you know that you are going to be working in a relatively low level dust area, but still need some level of protection.

A half-cartridge mask is going to offer you more protection than a disposable or standard dust mask and will last considerably longer as you can just replace the filters and other parts as they become ineffective. They are more expensive but you know that money is going towards masks that are tried and tested against various different dust and debris. Then you have the full blown face mask for anyone that is serious about keeping their face, lungs and eyes protected whilst working! These are less necessary for people completing small DIY jobs but anyone that is working on renovation or construction works at their home is going to need one of these bad boys!

Serious About Safety

If you are making the effort to purchase a dust mask then it makes sense to go for one that is actually going to do its job! Sadly, so many masks on the market don’t actually comply with safety regulations, which suggests they are going to be just a waste of money! Make sure that your mask has the CE logo, which shows that it will be up to standard and able to protect you from dust, particles, vapours and gases, etc.

However, if you have already started looking for dust masks online then you will know that it isn’t quite as simple as this. There are various numbers, letters and colours that all signify different levels of protection and protection against different substances! We won’t bore you by going into all of them, but there are some key codes and references that you need to know about.

  • EN 149: 2001 and EN 149 A1:2009 – Both of these references will be found with disposable masks, so it is important to check for this if you are wanting a mask that you aren’t going to be throwing away after a few uses! Obviously, 2001 is a mask that meets these standards and a mask dated 2009 has been designed more recently so meets the new standard.
  • NF EN 14387 – Protection against gas
  • NF EN 143 – Standard particle and dust protection
  • P – Protection against particles – These masks will have special filtration systems that allow them to protect you and your lungs from inhaling particles.
  • FF – Filtration Facial – A larger filtration system that is going to protect more of your face and help to avoid dust and debris from getting in.
  • S or SL – Shows you whether your mask will just filter out solids or solids and liquids. If you know that you are occasionally going to be completing plumbing jobs as well then it may be worth opting for the latter.
  • NF EN 372 – It would be incredibly unlikely that you would need a mask that offers this level of protection. This type of mask is going to be there to protect you from some serious gases and acids!!

Many masks will have a number of letters or references with them, as they will be able to protect against more than one situation, so don’t be confused if this is something that you notice – it essentially means that your mask is better value for money as it will protect you when needed.

TOP TIP: Another rating that you will see when looking at the product description of other masks is the effectiveness. This is something that we will go into more detail on below.

Mask Effectiveness

It goes without saying that you are going to want the most effective mask that you can find for your money! However, there are actually different levels of “effectiveness” depending on the jobs that you are planning on completing. Masks are scored from 1 – 3 depending on the filtration strength that is offered. Obviously, if you can find a mask that offers a 3 then fantastic – but it could quite possibly be the case that you don’t actually need a mask of this level! In which case you might as well save yourself a little bit of money – and hassle – as it isn’t just the mask that will be more expensive but often replacement filters are too!

For example, if you are completing small pieces of woodwork at home as a hobby then a low-effectiveness (1) mask will probably be sufficient. But, if you are working with more harmful materials or gases, or completing renovations of your home then you may need a high-effectiveness (3) mask to make sure you are protected.

Best Budget – DualVertex Dust Mask

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Additional Dust Mask Features

By this point you hopefully have an idea of the level of protection that you need from your dust mask, but there are some other important features that are going to affect how comfortable your mask is, such as the style and the materials that it is made from.


As we discussed above, the filter of your mask is going to affect exactly what it protects you from – so it is a pretty important part of the dust mask. However, this is going to need changing from time to time, depending on how frequently you use your mask and the conditions that you are actually working in. It is important to check whether you are able to change just the filter of the mask of whether you need to change the whole cartridge, as this is going to affect your overall cost and the ease at which this can be done!

You will also find that different masks will accept different brands of filter, so it isn’t as simple as just purchasing any filter! Before purchasing, check that your dust mask is going to be compatible with multiple brands of filters if you are wanting to save yourself some hassle!

TOP TIP: You will tend to find that half-masks are compatible with more types of filters so you can often have multiple filters that are ready for all different types of jobs!


Opting for a dust mask that is going to give you a good fit is essential as this is going to give you no excuse to not wear your mask! A mask that is an incorrect fit is not only going to be uncomfortable but it could also affect the level of protection that your mask is providing for you!

You want to make sure that your mask fits snuggly, but without rubbing, so that there are no gaps at the side for dust particles to sneak through! Many are one-size fits all, or at the very best offered in a small, medium and large design, which means that you are going to need some other way to make sure that your mask fits perfectly…Most dust masks will have elasticated fasteners that wrap around the back of your head and sometimes under your chin. These need to have good quality adjusters on them which will allow you to fix the mask into place each time you put it on!


The weight of your mask is important if you are going to be wearing it for extended periods of time, as a heavier mask is going to be much more tempting to take off. Obviously, disposable and half-face masks are going to be lighter than full masks, but there are different designs that make the best of the extra weight you are having to carry.

Worth a Mention

Last but not least – some of those sneaky extra features that really make a dust mask the best dust mask you could buy!

  • Included valve – essential if you are going to be using your mask for extended periods of time and for anyone wearing a full mask that covers more of the face! A valve is going to stop you from sweating and overheating under the mask, whilst still keeping you safe from dust.
  • Hypoallergenic – Masks made with hypoallergenic materials are essential for anyone that needs this extra level of protection as the mask is going to be in direct contact with your skin for extended periods of time.
  • Material – Some dust masks are made purely from fabric and materials, with linings and filtration underneath, whereas others are made with types of rubber, plastic and metal. This really depends on how long you are wanting your dust mask to last for and how easy you want it to be to clean.

We found this video really useful when looking for additional information on dust masks and respirations so that we could be sure we were purchasing the best model! When it comes to your health – you need as much information as possible to be sure you are keeping safe!

Best of the Rest

GVS SPR501 Elipse Mask with P3 filters, M/L
  • Range of extremely light masks (130g), which fit the contours of the individuals face and the result is a form fitting respirator users will find very comfortable. Elipse masks also have been designed to completely seal around the nose area to prevent exhaled air from fogging the wearers safety glasses.
  • Patented low profile filter design offers a unique solution to customers by providing the user with a lightweight and comfortable respirator. Ellipse provides wearers with a wide field of view and filters that don't interfere with other PPE such as sanding shields, Safety glasses or welding hoods
  • Low breathing resistance to reduce the risk of user fatigue and to add additional comfort, thanks to the innovative close pleated HEPA filters
  • Close-pleated Composite hydro-phobic (water repellent) Material Allows the HEPA filters to provide users with the maximum particulate protection, greater than 99. 95%
  • Made from soft thermo-plastic elastomer that is hypo allergenic (without latex, silicone and odour free) with an easy to adjust head band

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Trend Air Stealth P3 Dust Mask Respirator (Medium/Large) with Replaceable HEPAC Filters, Mask for Building & Construction Work, STEALTH/ML
  • BREATHABLE AND COMFORTABLE: The reusable mask with a lower exhalation valve is designed for a comfortable and breathable work experience with no fogging or misting for spectacle wearers.
  • FULL RESPIRATORY PROTECTION: With a large filter surface area and full respiratory protection, the half-face mask protects against multiple working particles in the home, workshop, or on the job site.
  • IDEAL FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Constructed from odour-free and non-allergenic materials, the TPE mask body is latex and silicon free, making it ideal for sensitive skin.
  • MULTIPLE USES: Suitable for various tasks such as water-based painting, building, welding, and DIY, the mask protects against silica dust, brick dust, concrete dust, grain, plaster, oil aerosols, and airborne particles.
  • ADVANCED FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: The twin HEPAC pleat encapsulated design filter provides 99.99% filtration of airborne particles and aerosols at 0.3 microns and above, with a protective grill that covers 100% of the filter surface.

Last update on 2024-04-24 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know when to change the filter of your dust mask?
We would recommend changing the filter of your dust mask every few months for light work, or possibly after every job if you are completing heavy debris construction work. If you begin to smell or taste the vapours or particles then you know that your filter needs changing – equally if you are struggling to breath with your mask on then it could be that the filters are clogged and need replacing!

Are dust masks compatible with goggles?
Yes – most dust masks will be compatible with goggles, so you can be sure that your eyes will be protected as well as your airways! Many masks offer special ventilation that helps to send cool air down into the mask which will stop goggles from steaming up whilst you are working. We also found that some dust mask kits actually come with goggles included for piece of mind that the mask and the goggles are going to be compatible.

Will a N95 mask be good enough for woodwork jobs?

A N95 mask is designed to protect against general dust, so if you are completing general jobs around the home such as cleaning, gardening and sweeping then an N95 mask will help to stop small particles from being breathed in. However, they are definitely not going to replace a respirator, so if you are regularly completing woodwork jobs then you will need something more powerful.

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