Best Artificial Christmas Tree Buyers Guide 2022

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Christmas – the most wonderful time of year – right? One of the most quintessential parts of Christmas is the Christmas tree. On average, UK homes now have 2 or even 3 Christmas trees now – rather than just one like before, which shows just how important the Christmas tree is to making your home feel ready for the festive season. 

It’s no wonder then, that with such importance placed on the Christmas tree, that you want the right one. Artificial Christmas Trees are always going to be a more popular option than real trees and there are many reasons why:

  • They will save you money in the long run as it will last you for years!
  • You don’t need to worry about the messy dropping of needles and scuff marks on your walls!
  • It doesn’t require any attention or care and is easy to set up! 
  • They are easy to store at the end of the year – no trying to fit your tree into the car to take the tip or trying to organise someone to collect it! 
  • Artificial trees are going to be much more reliable….you can put them up whenever you want and be sure that they will continue to look like new until you are wanting to take them down again! 

By now, we hope that we have succeeded in convincing you that an artificial Christmas tree is the way to go, so here is all that you need to know before you buy. We have even included some of the best artificial Christmas trees around! 

Best Pick – CloudJoy 6ft Tree

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In A Hurry? 

If you are running out of time to get your home looking festive, or you have caught the Christmas-bug already and want your tree up…and now… then this is the part of the article for you. Filled with Christmas cheer and all the essential information that you need. 


Of course the first thing that you need to consider is the space that you have available for your artificial Christmas tree! You not only need to think about the height that you have available but also the width too. As a general rule you are going to be able to get away with a taller artificial tree in most spaces – as they are a more generic triangular shape on the way down, whereas taller real trees are also going to be much wider in the middle which will impact on the spaces that they can fit into! Sizes start at around 3ft and keep on going over 10ft but you will find that the most common ranges are between around 5ft and 8ft.

Don’t forget to consider whether you want a standard width or a “slimline” tree. Slim trees are designed to take up less floor space than a standard tree and some are more than half the width of an average tree so can be fitted in a much smaller space! If you are opting for a standard width tree then consider whether you want one of the normal “cone” shaped trees or the “fluffier” models that are more pear shaped. These are going to look more natural as the branches are more random as you would find with a real tree but the cone shaped trees offer a more sleek finish! 

TOP TIP: Bear in mind that whilst a tree is going to say that it is 6ft or 7ft, this is to the very top of the top branch (which is usually where the trees have become a little thin and less exciting). If you have the headspace then we would always recommend going for around half a foot more than what you think you need, as this usually gives the finish you are actually looking for! 

What Is The Tree Made From?

If you are wanting your tree to look natural and eye-catching then make sure to consider what it is made from. Trees that are made from a mix of both PE and PVC are going to look the most realistic but choosing just one or the other will lead to a more “plastic” looking tree. Ideally, you want to make sure that the branches are made from PVC as these are easy to move and shape so that you can get the coverage that you want, but then some PE branches and needles mixed in as these look more realistic. The higher the percentage of PE needles, the more realistic your tree is going to look. We would recommend opting for at least 65% PE if you want a real looking tree! 

Look for strong metal bases as these are going to be much stronger and more durable than the plastic bases – just make sure that they come with plastic feet so that they don’t scratch your floor! Some models come with wicker bases that will cover the “stand like” metal base and make the tree look more natural which is a great additional feature to look out for! 

TOP TIP: If you are wanting a truly realistic looking tree then opt for PE needles that have been moulded to a real tree. These needles will be completely natural looking and usually come in a variety of green shades too to add to the realistic effect. 


The colour of artificial tree that you go for really comes down to personal preference and there is certainly a wide variety to choose from. If you are wanting a more natural looking tree then there are a multitude of shades of green that are available to you and we would recommend looking out for one that comes with different shades of green to give a more natural finish. However, the benefit of an artificial Christmas tree is that you aren’t just limited to a natural design, you can choose from….

  • Black
  • White
  • Pink
  • Blue 
  • Silver

….to name a few!

Best Budget Artificial Christmas Tree – Pre-Lit 900 Branch Tree

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Looking For The Best Artificial Christmas Tree?

If you are looking for the best artificial Christmas tree then here are some of the features that we would recommend you consider. They are massively going to impact on the price that you pay and the overall finish that you are able to achieve with your tree. 

Prelit Trees

If you are wanting to save yourself the hassle of trying to get the lights on the tree (plus the unravelling and ravelling back up of the wires every year) then look out for prelit trees. This comes with the lights built into the tree so less obvious wires, less hassle, less effort…all for a perfectly lit tree. The only real downside that we can think of is that you are going to be limited to whatever colour and style of lights come with the tree! 

If you do decide to opt for a prelit tree then we would definitely recommend checking the colour of the bulbs, style, the settings and whether they are LED bulbs or not (as these are going to be more long lasting and energy efficient). Also look whether the tree comes with any spare bulbs for when some of the bulbs run out so that you aren’t left with a half lit tree! 

Your other prelit Christmas tree option will be a fibre optic tree. These are less realistic looking as the fibre-optics are built into the end of the branches. But they are usually going to come in brighter colours. 

Assembling Your Tree

The one downside that an artificial Christmas tree has on a real tree is that you are going to have to assemble, and de-assemble, the tree every year. But the hassle involved in this can be greatly reduced providing you find the right tree! Some are going to come in just two parts that can be clipped together and added to the base. Most are going to be more like three parts, but even this still isn’t a lot to have to deal with.

We like models that have screws with handles to fasten into the base as this means that you will literally need no tools to get the tree up and secure! 

There are even models of artificial Christmas trees that “pop-up”. These are cleverly designed so that they fold down but still in one piece, so they can simply be folded back out again each Christmas. 

Don’t forget to check whether the branches are attached to the central pole or not. Some will have hooks that have to be fastened in which is massively going to increase the amount of time it takes you to put the tree together. Most should come with the branches attached so they just have to be folded out and positioned correctly. 

TOP TIP: Remember that most artificial trees are going to need some “fluffing” before they are ready to be decorated. This involves separating and positioning the branches and the needles after they have been stuck in the box for however long! 

Additional Extras! 

Here are some final considerations worth making…

  • Natural add ons – If you are wanting your tree to look like the real kind but just without the dropping needles and mess then look out for ones that come with add ons such as pine cones or berries. These not only look lovely but are going to give your tree a more traditional finish. 
  • Snowy trees – Some trees are going to come covered in “snow” which can make a really stand out feature for your tree and add to that Christmas magic. Just make sure to check what substance has been used to create the snow as some can be toxic to pets! 
  • Flatback Trees – Short on space but want the magic of a full and fluffy looking tree? Why not opt for a “backless” artificial Christmas tree. These are designed to be fluffy and full at the front but completely flat at the back so that they can sit right against a wall! They are perfect for if you are short on space! 
  • Tree type – Certain trees are going to be designed so that they match a particular species of tree such as firs, spruces or pine trees. If you are looking for a particular “look” then this is worth checking for!
  • Smart trees – As with everything nowadays, if you are wanting a more tech smart tree then look out for a “smart tree” option. These can be connected to your phone, Alexa or Google Home so that you can control the lights through your device. Some can even be programmed so that the lights flash in time with your Christmas music! 
  • Outdoor Artificial Christmas Tree – You don’t need to limit yourself to an indoor artificial Christmas tree, there are now a range of outdoor artificial Christmas trees that are designed with waterproof lights and branches so that they can withstand the weather outside! 
  • Christmas Tree Bag – The best artificial Christmas trees will come with a bag for storing the tree afterwards. This is essential if you are wanting to keep your tree protected so that it will be long lasting and easy to store for the rest of the year! Some even come with durable boxes for the tree to be stored in but these do tend to be more expensive! 

Best of the Rest

5FT 6FT 7FT Artificial Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree For Outdoor Indoor decoration Easy Assembly UK Metal Stand Solid (5FT - 150cm)
  • Tree available in 3 different sizes, Beautiful tree for value when you take time to spread and fluff the branches. Perfect size for Christmas home decoration.
  • Easy to Assemble: Each Christmas tree comes with detailed assembly instructions, so you don’t worry about not assembling it. Easy to assemble, lightweight nice . Please be patient after receipt of assembly, the branches open to make the Christmas tree look full.
  • Great Stability: The tree can be disassembled into three hinged parts with a sturdy metal tree base, can keep standing tall and stable in home, does not take up much room, secure and eye-catching, easy to store for next time use, bring you more convenience and joy.
  • Must Have: With great durability and natural looking, the hinged Christmas tree can be your Christmas must have. Decorated with other ornament and gifts, the Christmas tree will be a big hit and draw great attention.

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ANSIO Christmas Tree Xmas Tree 5ft/1.5M Artificial Christmas Tree with 332 Virgin Fire Retardant PVC Tips and Metal Stand
  • 5 FEET ECONOMY CHRISTMAS TREE: This 5 Ft / 1.5 m Christmas Tree not only provides a good value for your money but also brings in the Christmas cheer. Width of the tree when fully assembled is approximately 80 cm.
  • TIPS: The tree has Fire Retardant Tips made from 100% Virgin PVC.
  • STURDY BASE: The tree has a sturdy metal base to provide stability. It disassembles into 2 sections to allow for easy assembling, dismantling and storing.
  • FLOOR PROTECTING CAPS: The metal base comes with floor protecting plastic stand caps.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

GIGALUMI 1.2m/4ft Fold-Out Artificial Christmas Tree Retractable Xmas Tree with snow and real pine cones Indoor Decoration Pine Tree
  • Hinged Branches: The tree's body is made of two segments (the 180cm xmas tree 3) with fold-out branches that are easy to install and shape. The xmas tree comes in three variants (120cm, 150cm, and 180cm).
  • Fire-Resistant Leaves: The leaves are completely fire resistant made with safe eco-friendly polymers that eliminate a fire hazard. Branches range from 500 to 1100 in number depending on variant.
  • Durable Base: The artificial christmas tree's body rests on a durable metal base that fans out and provides stable support to the structure. The different segments fit into the base easily and securely.
  • Real Pinecones: The branches come with real natural pinecones to add a touch of elegance for that perfect Christmas ambiance. Each branch contains 34 to 64 cones depending on the variant.
  • Easy Assembly: The four-part construction process makes it easy to put the pieces together and have your Christmas tree ready for the holidays in minutes as each come pre-packaged with necessary screws and manual.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

Do artificial Christmas trees come with a warranty? 

Yes! All good quality artificial Christmas trees will come with a warranty. Most are going to be between one and three years. In general we found that this covers the frame, foliage, stand and the lights (on pre-lit trees). 

What size of artificial Christmas tree do I need? 

This is obviously going to depend on the size of your ceiling. As a general rule, you want to have between 6 and 8 inches of space from the top of your tree to the ceiling. However, this should include any tree toppers that you may be putting on the tree! So decide on this first, think about the size of your ceilings and this will help you to gauge the size of the tree. Most ceilings are around 9ft which would mean you need a 7ft or 8ft Christmas tree.

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