Top 10 House Plants – A Complete Guide (2022)

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We love house plants! There is something so nice about being able to bring the outdoors in and there really are house plants to suit every room and lifestyle! They are perfect for if you are wanting to add a little detail to a window sill or shelf, but also for if you are wanting to fill a large corner of your room and bring a little life into the space! 

There are so many houseplants to choose from, whether you want a low maintenance, independent plant that you leave for weeks without it dying, or a plant that is a little more of a challenge and requires more TLC – there will be a houseplant for you. It is almost MORE difficult because of the amount of choice that you have! How are you supposed to know which is best? Our article aims to help you, as we have listed our top 10 house plants….so whether you buy them all or just one, your home will be a little cosier and fuller for the purchase! 

In A Hurry?

House plants are becoming more and more popular – and with good reason as not only do they look amazing, but many actually provide you with health benefits too! So if you feel as though you are missing out from the lack of houseplants in your life then look no further than our top 10 house plants….

Peace Lily

We have to start with the peace lily – purely because of their stunning flowers and the fact that you can rely on them to flower all year round (providing you look after them correctly!). They do require a little more maintenance and care than some other plants – they are going to need regular watering and be kept in a shaded spot – but their stand out appearance makes them worth this effort in our opinion! 

TOP TIP: Anthuriums look very similar to peace lilies but they are actually a different plant. They can come with eye-catching red flowers, so if you want something a little brighter, then anthuriums could be a good option for you! 

Devil’s Ivy 

We really love devil’s ivy because of the many ways in which it can be used in your home. Devil’s ivy is a trailing plant, which means that it can fill spaces that most plants wouldn’t be able to. Some of our favourite places for them are shelves in bathrooms, high on bookcases, or as a border for windows. They are nice and easy to look after providing you give the main base of the plant some support. Not only this, but their heart-shaped leaves are also going to remove toxins and pollutants from the air, helping you to be healthier and breathe better! 

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Orchids had to be high up on our top 10 list of house plants because of their beautiful, delicate flowers and branches. They will make a fantastic feature pretty much anywhere in your home. However, it is important to bear in mind that they are going to require more care than most of the other house plants on our list. Orchids are prone to root rot – but they also need regular watering – so you need to make sure that they have plenty of drainage and that you are watering the right amount. 

TOP TIP: The best way to keep your orchid alive is to check the actual type of orchid that you have! Different species will need different amounts of water and shade so this is important to check for! 

Spider Plant 

Spider plants have been the chosen house plant in homes for many years. Many of you probably remember seeing them in the homes of your parents and possibly even grandparents! They have what looks like hundreds of leaves that all stem from the central point on the plant, which means that they are perfect for smaller shelves but are still going to be eye-catching. Spider plants are going to be great for your environment as they are able to remove xylene and carbon monoxide from the air! 

TOP TIP: Spider plants that are getting the right amount of water and care will actually grow spiderettes (mini spider plants) which can be replanted in separate pots! Even more plants for your home! 

Succulent and Cacti

Succulents and cacti are actually totally different species of plants but we have combined them together as they are also quite different from the other plants that we have included in our list. They both come in hundreds of different forms and types, so there is a wide range to choose from. There is also a huge variety of sizes depending on what you are looking for. We love how easy they are going to be to look after as well…position them right and then you can feel free to go away for a few weeks or even a month and know that your plant will be waiting for you when you get back! 

TOP TIP: If you are wanting a larger succulent that is still really easy to look after, then a chinese money plant could be the option for you. Plus they are supposed to bring good luck and fortune to their owners! 

Kentia Palm 

A kentia palm is really going to stand out in the room as they are one of the larger house plants that we have included on our list. Their vibrant leaves are going to span out in all directions so there isn’t a part of this plant that won’t catch the eye! They are great for purifying the air and are also pet and child safe so really are perfect for any home. We also love how easy they are to look after considering their size – simply water them once a week and give them a spot with indirect sunlight and they will thrive. 

Snake Plant 

Snake plants have really unique looking leaves which is why we really had to add them to our top 10. The leaves are going to shoot straight up into the air blazoned with many different shades of green and yellow. Snake plants are easy to look after too, just make sure not to leave them in direct sunlight for too long and water it every few weeks! They are great for purifying the air and will actually release oxygen into the air through the night which can help to give you a better night’s sleep. The one thing to be wary of is that they can be toxic to some pets so need to either be kept out of harm’s way or only in homes that are pet free!

Bromelia Guzmania

Not the easiest name to remember, but you certainly aren’t going to forget the flowers on bromeliads! Many will come with beautiful bright flowers that stand on ceremony at the centre of the plant. These flowers can last for up to 6 months at a time, so you will be able to enjoy the bloom for a very long time! Bromelia guzmania are also relatively easy to look after, you just have to make sure not to overwater them as they can be susceptible to root rot if they are sat in damp soil for too long! 


Monstera are bigger options so if you are wanting a plant that will make a beautiful feature in a corner of a room or against a blank wall then they are definitely a good option for you. They will need relatively regular watering – around once every couple of weeks – but otherwise they are pretty much self-sufficient. The leaves on monstera are going to be really large too so they will really add colour into a space. 

Ceropeegia Woodii

Similar to the devil’s ivy only with smaller leaves, this type of canopy plant is another great option if you are wanting a plant that is going to hang from the sides of shelves. The vines will grow between around 25cm and 2m in length, so you have the flexibility of choosing whatever length you want for your plant as they can be cut back when needed. They are also going to be nice and easy to look after, as they will grow in almost any lighting, providing they are watered every few weeks. 

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What To Know Before You Buy

If you are relatively new to purchasing house plants, or are just wanting your house plants to last longer than they normally do, then here are some of the things to consider that will help you choose the right house plant for you and your home. 

  • Watering – The first thing you need to consider is how much time you can actually put into watering your plant. If you know that you are going to be away from home through the week, or go on holiday regularly (or are just really busy and forgetful) then you are going to need a plant that will only need watering once every few weeks which will limit your options slightly.
  • Direct or indirect sunlight – Some plants are going to thrive in direct sunlight but for others this will cause the leaves to dry up and burn. Make sure to check exactly how much sunlight your plant is going to need and whether you are going to provide this in the position you are planning on putting it in your home. 
  • Humidity – Ideally you don’t want a particularly humid home, but this is exactly what some plants want, so you’re going to have to find a way to compromise! You can purchase humidifiers that can be placed near your plants or just mist them every few days if you have a plant needing a humid environment. 
  • Warmth – The difficult thing about plants is that some are going to thrive in a warm environment whereas for others this will cause them to shrivel up and begin to die. Make sure to check this before you buy – you can’t determine the temperature of your home just to suit your plant so the plant is going to need to work for you! 
  • Toxic or Non-Toxic – House plants are only really going to be toxic if they are ingested, so this is only really something that you need to consider if you have young children or pets in your home. But, if you do then it is definitely important to check on the plants that you are considering purchasing, even if you think that they are going to be kept out of reach!

Useful Houseplants

If you are wanting to purchase a house plant but are wanting to get something in return for the time and effort that they take to look after then here are some great options for you…

  • Herbs – Obviously, you can just buy dried herbs, but herb plants are going to give you a much fresher option and don’t require much looking after to keep thriving! 
  • Lavender – Lavender is used in so many ways to help reduce stress, ease muscle tension and promote sleep and relaxation, so opt for a lavender plant to place in your bedroom if you are wanting a good night’s sleep. 
  • Aloe Vera – This plant has been used for many years as a home remedy for sunburn, normal burns and various different cuts. It can also be used on dry hair to promote growth.
  • Fruit plants – You aren’t going to be able to fit a full size fruit tree in your home but there are many smaller options that will make a practical, yet amazing stand out feature. One example of this is a lemon tree, which comes with small and delicate branches but will produce fruit for you every year providing they are well looked after. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is an easy house plant to grow? 

If you are wanting a really easy house plant option then look out for the spider plant or possibly the snake plant. There are lots of other options too, just be sure to check how much water and sunlight they are going to need. 

How long should a house plant last?

You will usually find that a houseplant will last for between 2 and 5 years depending on how well it is looked after. However, we found many that actually lasted much longer than this because they had been well maintained and re-potted once the root growth became too much. 

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