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If you are in the market for a new hedge trimmer then chances are you will have come across the Gtech range. They are powerful, user friendly and aren’t too expensive. But with Gtech releasing the new Hedge Trimmer HT 3.0 (an upgrade from their original HT 2.0) we wanted to find out what the difference in, and what makes this product so worth our time – and money.

Gtech HT30 Cordless Hedge Trimmer
  • Cordless
  • 60 minute run time
  • 10ft reach
  • Lightweight, balanced design
  • Safety switch

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Comparing the Gtech Hedge Trimmer 2.0 and the Hedge Trimmer 3.0

The main thing that Gtech advertises is that the Hedge Trimmer 3.0 is an even tougher product that will be able to cope with anything that you choose to throw at it. It comes with a thicker, more durable blade than the 2.0, but is still relatively lightweight so reduces fatigue when working.

The design has been altered to make it easier to reach even higher – up to 10ft! So you can save yourself from having to balance on step ladders every time you need to reach those high up places! They also have an even better battery life, offering around 60 minutes of working time, which is fantastic considering the power that is on offer during that time with the 18V motor!

What Makes the Gtech Product So Good?

Gtech products are quickly taking over the market of garden tools, and with good reason! They offer fantastic features for a reasonable price too, so what’s not to like!


Gtech products, like the Hedge Trimmer 3.0, come with a high-quality, 18V Lithium-ion battery that will last for a good 60 minutes and only takes 4 hours for a full charge. The battery is also interchangeable with some of their other products meaning that you can swap the batteries over if you need to use them for longer! The quality of the battery also means that it won’t be wearing anytime soon, so you can expect it to last for a number of years at that high quality!

Warranty and Customer Care

Most Gtech products come with a 2-year warranty, so you are safe in the knowledge that your tool is going to last. Spare parts and additional accessories are also covered by a 6-month warranty, so every aspect of your tool will be covered should anything go wrong – although this is unlikely with a brand like Gtech! The customer care that is offered by Gtech is also second to none, so you can be sure to receive any help that you may need, especially considering their customer service departments are open long hours especially for you!


The main benefit of buying Gtech products is the time and consideration that is put into making sure the tools are as user friendly as possible! From the cordless, long-lasting battery (with LED light so that you know when you are getting to the point of a recharge) to the new safety switch and adjustability of the handles and blades, Gtech has thought of everything that you could need to make your hedge trimming experience enjoyable!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Gtech HT 3.0 battery take to charge?
You can expect the battery of the Gtech HT 3.0 to take around 4 hours for a full charge. This will give you around 60 minutes of battery life depending on exactly how much you are expecting of the trimmer!

Will my Gtech hedge trimmer by able to cut thick branches?
In theory, no, your hedge trimmer will only be able to cut through branches that are around 15mm thick. However, the Gtech HT 3.0 can be adapted by attaching a replacement branch cutter which means that you will be able to cut through branches up to about 60mm thick. This is also the same with the Gtech HT 2.0.

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