Best Zero Gravity Chair – Buyers Guide (2022)

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Best Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity chairs are designed to provide the best comfort and stress relief that you could ask for when sitting in your garden. They have been designed to evenly distribute the weight of your body when reclining – which replicates the feeling of an astronauts chair which is where the name comes from! This means that they are the perfect solution for if you are wanting to create a relaxing spot to enjoy your outdoor space.

There are different types of zero gravity chairs and after testing a number of them, it would be fair to say that some work better than others. The important factors are to look at the reclining angle on the chair and the materials that it is made from. These two key features (amongst others) will make or break your experience.

We found some of the best models and looked at exactly what made them so good – so that you can just get on with relaxing in your new garden chair!

Best Pick – WeCooper Zero Gravity Rocking Chair

WeCooper Zero Gravity Rocking Chair, Patio Chaise for Indoor and Outdoor, Wavy Lounge Chair for Yard and Patio, Removable Headrest (Two Seats, Gray)
  • We draw inspiration from the silhouettes of a flying seagull and design this stunning outdoor chaise lounge chair with both ergonomics and aesthetics in mind.
  • Premium Textilene Mesh: The chaise lounge outdoor is composed of our premium non-toxic textilene with 70% PVC and 30% polyester, which provides a refreshing touch to your skin even on a moist and sultry summer afternoon. In addition, our textilene of outdoor lounger is chemically so stable that would stand UV, rain and other harsh outdoor environment.
  • Frame: We engineer the frame with high strength powder coated steel for chaise lounge patio chair which provides a great structural stability and a smooth zero gravity rocking experience. The chaise rocker lounge chair can hold up to 270 pounds.
  • Headrest&Extra Wide Arm: The headrest of patio chaise lounge set can be moved to suit your comfort. Meanwhile you will find our lounge chair amazing with extra wide arm than other outdoor chaise lounge chairs feeling more comfortable.
  • Low maintenance: This rocking chaise patio lounge chair requires minimal maintenance, rinse the mesh with water and wipe the frame with damp cloth.

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In A Hurry? 

If you are fed up from having to “relax” in your garden whilst sitting on a hard, metal chair, or maybe the springs from your “traditional” garden chair have dug themselves into your skin one too many times! Whatever your reason for deciding to commit to a zero gravity chair, and quickly, this is the part of the article for you. Keep reading for everything that you need to know. 

Best Zero Gravity Chair Build Materials 

By far the first thing that you need to think about is the build materials for your zero gravity chair, as this will impact your comfort, durability and value for money! The build materials used will comprise of a number of different factors. 


The frame, the glue that holds it all together, the part of your zero-gravity chair that is going to be largely responsible for the weight capacity and durability of the model that you opt for. This should almost always be built from metal, usually aluminium or steel, as these are going to be lightweight but also strong and durable! We particularly like steel because it is going to be less likely to rust, but aluminium that is powder-coated for extra protection is just as much of a reliable option! Make sure to consider whether you go for a brushed effect or a shiny metal – a smoother finish is going to be easier to wipe down and clean but a brushed metal will show less scratches! 

TOP TIP: If you are really wanting the best zero gravity chair then look out for frames with rubber or plastic surrounding the frame where it comes into contact with the floor. This will help to reduce the rust and the scratches on the metal but also provide extra grip to the surface you are sitting the chair on, making it safer. 


Almost all zero gravity chairs are going to have some types of springs involved in the design to connect the seat materials to the frame. The point of these springs is to allow some “give” in the seat so that the chair can mould more to your body and increase that weightless feel. As with the frame, it is best to opt for metal springs but you also need to check for their size, number and the tightness of the coil. More frequent, tighter springs will help to increase the strength of the seat, allowing for more support when you are sitting. Most often the springs will only be found at the sides of the chair – almost “pulling” the fabric seat to either side, we found some have springs under the cushions but these tend to be on much heavier models! 

TOP TIP: We found some of the best zero gravity chairs come with double layers of springs, this is a fantastic way to ensure the ultimate feeling of weightlessness as the springs will work together to provide support. 


The materials that are used for the seat tend to range quite considerably from woven synthetics that will be thinner, more lightweight and much more hardy, to thicker, more padded cushioned material that are going to offer a considerably softer, more “sofa like” feel but be far warmer and harder to maintain! 

The benefit of thinner options is that they are going to be cooler materials and easier to keep clean and maintain. Not only this, but they tend to be completely waterproof so you don’t need to worry if you leave your chair outside in an unexpected rain storm! Not only this, but they will be much less likely to develop mould and damp over winter months if they are being stored in a garage or shed. 

However, that isn’t to say that there aren’t benefits to the more padded options. Some of the more cushioned options are going to include memory foam padding which is definitely going to increase the comfort and “weightless” feel that you are looking for! Not only this, but the extra padding is going to offer a much softer feel similar to what you would have with your indoor sofa or mattress, so if you are wanting a zero gravity chair for sleeping on in the garden then a padded option may be the way to go! 

TOP TIP: Make sure to look at how easy it is going to be to maintain the seat part of your chair. It is important to find out whether it is going to be waterproof, showerproof, machine washable or just to be wiped down. This is all going to impact on how easy it is to use your chair and how durable it will be! 

Best Zero Gravity Chair Size and Weight 

The second essential aspect that you need to consider is the size of the zero gravity chair and its weight. This will impact on how easy it is going to be to move your chair between storage and the garden, or even just round the garden or to a different location! Not only this, but the length and width of the chair is going to impact on your comfort whilst relaxing in the chair! The widths of chairs that we found ranged from just under 70cm to just under a metre, so quite a variation!  

When thinking about the weight aspect of your chair, it is important to also consider the weight capacity of the chair – this is the weight that you will be able to hold! This is almost always going to be substantial enough but is definitely worth checking just to be on the safe side. The maximum weight capacity that we found was 180kg. 

Best Budget – SunTime Royale Zero Gravity Relaxer

SunTime Outdoor Royale Grey Zero Gravity Garden Relaxer Chair
  • Zero gravity, simply lean back and the back of the relaxer reclines as the footrest rises.
  • Easy fold up design, perfect for carrying to the beach or for space saving storage.
  • Comes with a clip on cup and phone holder to enjoy the sun hands free.
  • Made from rust resistant powder coated steel and maintenance-free textelene.
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 93x63x110cm.

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Additional Features Found in Zero Gravity Chairs

Now that you know the main build materials and sizings that you need to consider when choosing your chair, here are some of the additional features you should be looking out for if you really want the best zero gravity chair you can find! We have split them into a section on assembly/use and general features depending on what you are looking for! 

General Features 

  • Armrests – It is important to look at the armrests that come with your chair, these will usually be plastic or material and there are benefits to both. Plastic armrests are going to offer more support but will be harder, whereas material is going to be much softer. It is also worth looking whether the armrest will remain cool otherwise they may become too hot to even use! 
  • Headrests  – We love zero gravity chairs that come with additional headrests as support for your head and neck when you are relaxing! These are even better if they can be removed as and when you see fit as will allow you to get the perfect support depending on whether you are sat up or lay down! This can usually be velcroed, clicked or slid into place which is worth checking as this will determine how secure they are staying in one place! 
  • Colour – The colour that you go for doesn’t just come down to the look of the chair! It is also going to affect whether the chair becomes too warm when out in the sun or whether it stays cool. If you are wanting a cool chair for those summer months then opt for a lighter colour but remember that these are going to show marks and wear more quickly! 
  • Table stand – Finding a zero gravity chair with a small additional table attached is harder than you would think! But there are some fantastic models that offer this which is perfect for you to store a drink or your book when relaxing on your chair! 


  • The first thing to think about is whether your chair is going to be easy to recline! This is often as simple as pushing your weight back into the chair but there is a massive difference in the ease at which this is done so check for individual reviews when looking at this! 
  • You then need to look at how the chair locks into either sitting position or reclining. Personally, we would never get a zero gravity chair that doesn’t lock into position as this could cause an accident or injury if you are not careful! Make sure the locking mechanisms are easy but also solid as they are going to be getting a lot of use so plastic locks can wear easily! 
  • Assembly – Most chairs are going to arrive fully assembled however that’s not to say that you shouldn’t check for this before buying! But this isn’t the only thing to consider. Almost all zero gravity chairs are going to fold into themselves allowing for easy storage and movability when they are not being used, but it is worth checking how to do this and whether the process is going to be easy or not! Not only that, but we would recommend checking whether the chair can be locked into the folded position and the open position as this will help to keep both you and the chair safe! 

Best of the Rest

SUNMER Set of 2 Sun Lounger Garden Chairs With Cup And Phone Holder | Adjustable Headrest Pillow | Deck Folding Recliner Zero Gravity Outdoor Chair - Black
  • SET OF TWO SUN LOUNGER GARDEN CHAIRS: These SUNMER Sun Lounger Garden Chairs are the ideal way to soak up the summer sun when the weather gets warmer. Featuring cup holders and cushions, you are sure to notice the luxury touches added to this set of two chairs.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing just 8KG per chair, these sun loungers will have no problems with being transported or stored away. They are easy to move around your garden so you will be able to position yourself in the prime sunny spots.
  • ADJUSTABLE: These SUNMER Sun Loungers can be reclined between 30° and 90° making them ideal for summer snoozes. The cushions can also be adjusted for ultimate comfort.
  • STRONG AND STURDY: The lightweight powder-coated steel frame will prevent rusting on the chairs. The feet on the loungers prevent them from slipping whilst in use and the high-quality Textilene fabric ensures a quick and easy clean.
  • PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 95.5cm x 25cm x 60cm | UNFOLDED CHAIR SIZE: 165cm x 65cm x 110cm | FOLDED CHAIR SIZE: 95cm x 12.5cm x 110cm.

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VonHaus Zero Gravity Chair - Textoline Folding Sun Lounger for Garden & Outdoor - Premium Padded & Heavy Duty Foldable Sunlounger w/Headrest & Powder Coated Steel Frame for Patio, Terrace & Decking
  • EXPERIENCE ZERO GRAVITY: Relax in style with your VonHaus zero gravity chair; lean back for a reclined sun lounger, remain upright for a dining chair, or chill out anywhere in between!
  • COMPLETE COMFORT: Featuring a detachable padded headrest and ergonomically designed curved frame for comfortable lounging, your weatherproof garden lounger will be your new go-to relaxation spot, perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • LONG LASTING & LOW MAINTENANCE: Your reclining beach lounger will see you through many summers to come, thanks to the durable close-weave fabric and strong powder-coated steel frame.
  • FOLDABLE FLEXIBILITY: Easily collapse your folding sunlounger to take on days out to the beach or park, as well as home garden use. Measures H111.5 x W67.5 x D91cm upright and H77 x W67.5 x D165cm reclined.
  • THE VONHAUS PROMISE: All our products are backed by a minimum 2 year warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that if anything happens we're here for you. Use our products with confidence.

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2x Sunloungers, Bigzzia Folding Recliner Garden Chair leisure Beach Chair With headrest For Garden Outdoor Camping
  • Package include: 2X Folding Sunloungers
  • Durable & Rust-free Frame: constructed of rust free Aluminum frame in brown coating, the chairs are rust resistant and long lasting.
  • The chairs are assembled, no assemble needed, you just need to open the box and take them out.
  • Lightweight For Convenient Transportation, the Folding Sunloungers are Perfect Not Only For Home Use But Also For Outdoor Camping, Hiking, Beach Or Fishing. Store the Folding Sunloungers in your shed or garage with ease by folding the pieces flat.
  • The folding chair allows you to find the perfect position you want to be in. Choose a comfort reclining position, lean back in the chair and you can find the perfect position for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is a zero gravity chair for inside or outside use? 

Most zero gravity chairs are designed with outdoor use in mind – they will offer specific waterproof features and are aimed at being used in the garden. However, that is not to say that they couldn’t be used in a conservatory or other indoor room if you so wished! We would just suggest checking the base of the chair isn’t going to damage any indoor flooring! 

What guarantee will I get with a zero gravity chair? 

We found most zero gravity chairs came with a one or two-year warranty depending on the manufacturer and the build materials that have been used! This is definitely worth checking for as will be a good way to judge whether the chair is made from strong, durable materials or not! 

What tools will I need to assemble my zero gravity chair? 

Most zero gravity chairs are actually going to come fully assembled so will need very little tools or effort. We did find some chairs that needed tightening or securing in places, but these also tended to come with small tools to allow this to be completed. If you are wanting to make sure the fixes are particularly tight then this could be completed with a power tool on a low setting.

What does a zero gravity chair do?

A zero gravity chair is basically designed so that, when tipped back, it evenly distributes the weight around your body putting you into a “neutral” position. This helps to alleviate stress, discomfort and pain – particularly on the spine – as there is no part of your body that is being impacted on when lying down.

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