Best Work Gloves – 2024 Buyers Guide

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Best Work Gloves

Work gloves are a must for anyone that is completing any level of DIY! Whether you are literally putting together flat pack furniture or completing complete renovations, it is always recommended that you wear work gloves to protect your hands. Not only are work gloves going to provide protection against cuts and injuries, they will also help to reduce fatigue when you are working and avoid callouses and dry patches on your hands from regular work.

There are hundreds of different work gloves to choose from, including general use, gardening gloves, woodwork gloves and and more specifically designed gloves for different jobs. You need a pair of work gloves that are not only going to be comfortable, but that will also help you to get the job done without any incidents or hassle.

We found some of the best work gloves and compared the different features including the materials that they are made from, grip and size etc. Here is what we found…

Best Pick – DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves

DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553, 3D Comfort Stretch Fit, Power Grip, Durable Foam Nitrile, Smart Touch, Machine Washable, Thin & Lightweight, Black Grey 8 (M) 1 Pair
21,036 Reviews
DEX FIT Level 5 Cut Resistant Gloves Cru553, 3D Comfort Stretch Fit, Power Grip, Durable Foam Nitrile, Smart Touch, Machine Washable, Thin & Lightweight, Black Grey 8 (M) 1 Pair
  • HIGHEST CUT PROOF. Protect your hands from cuts and punctures while handling sharp metals, knife, blade, glass, plastic sheet, paper, construction materials, mandolin slicer, and cutting meat. Qualified CE EN 388 4544, ANSI Cut A5
  • COMFORTABLE ALL DAY LONG. Cru553 work gloves fit snug without constricting your fingers. Their 13-gauge cool yarn is made of HPPE and Spandex to give you second-skin dexterity, precision and protection
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE IN ALL CONDITIONS. Need to grab slippery tools or knives? Our foam nitrile rubber coating is anti slip even on greasy or wet surfaces. Water based and touchscreen friendly, it passed the FDA food contact coating test
  • SIX SIZES FOR THE PERFECT FIT. These protective safety anti cut gloves come in size xsmall, small, medium, large, and extra-large for men, women, butcher, electrician, florist, machinist, and package handler
  • IDEAL FOR WORKING OUTDOOR AND IN THE KITCHEN. Carpenters, construction, warehouse and all type of workers will find Cru553 useful for woodworking, wood carving, whittling, gardening and fishing. Best for all cooking, food prep, chefs and butchers' needs.

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In a Hurry?

We understand that you probably need new work gloves…and need that to be right now. Whether you’ve reached the end of your tether with the number of times you’ve hit your finger instead of the nail, or maybe you just can’t handle all the callouses and sores any longer! Either way, here you will find some of the best work gloves on the market at the moment, plus all the information you need to purchase work gloves that are right for you.

Types of Work Gloves

There are four main types of work gloves depending on exactly what you are looking for and the types of jobs that you are completing. They all have their pros and cons depending on exactly what you are looking for.

  • Disposable gloves – gloves made from cheap materials such as vinyl or latex will be perfect for disposable gloves. If you are completing jobs involving oil and grease then this may be the way to go as disposable gloves will be resistant to this so you can be sure it isn’t going to get on your hands and make the job harder than it already is. However, they are seriously lacking if you are wanting durable gloves – you could find yourself going through multiple pairs just to complete one job – which doesn’t make them a cost effective option!
  • General purpose gloves – These gloves will be durable and perfect to be used for a wide range of jobs from something as simple as gardening to more heavy-duty construction or woodwork jobs. They will protect your hands from calluses and unnecessary wear. There are various additional features that you will find with these types of work gloves to make them better suited to certain tasks.
  • Rigger gloves – These are sturdier than every day work gloves as they are specially designed to not just protect from everyday wear, but to also protect from different accidents that could occur. If you are going to be using power tools, saws or other more dangerous machinery then these are definitely the work gloves to go for. Made from leather and other fabrics, they won’t protect against really serious incidents but can protect against different scratches and cuts. They do usually come in a bigger size though so could hinder you from working on smaller jobs involving fastenings!
  • Special Hazard Gloves – It is unlikely that these are going to be something that you need but if you are going to be working with different chemicals then it may be that you need gloves specifically resistant to acids and other chemicals.

Safety Standards

There are various safety standards that are worth looking out for when you purchase work gloves. Some are a must and others are optional but either way it is important to know what you are looking at so that you don’t spend more than needed, or end up with gloves that aren’t going to be up to standard.

  • EN420 – This is the basic safety standard that your work gloves must comply with. If your work gloves are in line with this standard then they will offer at least basic levels of safety and suitability for the purpose that they are advertised for.
  • EN388 – This is the standard noted for gloves that are able to provide the next level of protection, basically providing protection from basic levels of DIY. These gloves will provide additional resistance to abrasion, blade cuts, tears and punctures. Not only this but some will also reduce the risk of an electric shock. Gloves are all tested against this different criteria and given a score from 1-4 which shows what level of protection it is able to offer.
  • EN407 – Thermal protection is covered under the 407 regulation. If work gloves are advertised as meeting this standard then they will be resistant to flammability (if held under a flame for 15 seconds), contact heat (being exposed to extreme temperatures and remaining cool inside for at least 15 seconds) and connective heat (the time it takes for heat from a gas flame to penetrate the material). You will also know that you are protected from certain levels of molten metal (although often not much more than a splash) but still handy for when you are welding.
  • EN12477 – If you know that you are going to be doing a lot of welding then go for gloves that are specifically designed for this job. These will protect but the hands and the wrists from splashes of molten metal as well as other types of heat!


The material of your work gloves is essential as this is going to affect how durable, safe and comfortable they are to wear.

Leather work gloves are going to be the most durable by far and also the best for keeping your hands warm if you are working outside or in cold climates – so basically the UK 11 months of the year! They will be strong so they can protect your hands from multiple cuts and scratches whilst showing very little wear. However, they tend to be less fitted which can cause a problem for smaller jobs.

Most other work gloves are made from either cotton, rubber or usually both! This combination of materials helps to ensure that the gloves are breathable to stop your hands from becoming overly warm when you are working but also well protected and grippy thanks to the rubber.

If you know that you are going to be working outside quite often then it is definitely worth opting for work gloves that are going to be waterproof – which some aren’t if they are half cotton without sufficient coating! There is nothing worse than putting on wet gloves the next day so make sure to check for this!

TOP TIP: Look out for the best work gloves which will have a coating such as latex or nitrile to provide extra protection for your hands when you are working.


When it comes to work gloves it really is a case of finding the closest fit, which isn’t always ideal! But there are normally sizes ranging from S to XL, with the manufacturers providing size guides to help you find the size that is right for you. Ideally you want your work gloves to be a snug fit, as if they are too big it will affect how easily you can work, particularly on more intricate jobs, however gloves that are too tight will be uncomfortable and can restrict movement – so always make sure to check the product details.

Best Budget – Vgo Multi-Purpose Leather Work Gloves

No products found.

The Best Work Glove Features

Now that you know the main things you need to get your hands on when buying a pair of work gloves, here are some of the additional features that we found in the best work gloves. If you are serious about safety and DIY then these are the features you need to be looking out for!

  • Chainsaw features – If you are regularly working with sharp power tools such as chainsaws then opting for a glove that has links woven into the material to stop a chainsaw is definitely a worthwhile investment. This will lock the chainsaw should it come into contact with your hands, instead of resulting in a lost finger!
  • Anti-vibration features – Almost all power tools give off some type of vibration, this vibration over time can cause long term injuries such as arthritis and repetitive stain. If you know that you regularly use these tools then go for work gloves with anti-vibration features to reduce this strain on your hands and wrists.
  • Electrical insulation – If you know that you are going to be working on electrics then it may be worth investing in a pair of electrically insulated gloves that will help to prevent you from being electrocuted should something go wrong on the circuit you are working with.
  • Gel-padded work gloves will offer increased levels of comfort, particularly if you are holding heavier, larger tools for long periods of time!
  • Fleece lined – Anyone who has to complete DIY through those winter months, or possibly work in the garden, will know how hard it is to work with freezing cold hands! Fleece lined gloves are definitely the answer as they will be there to keep your hands super warm whilst you work! Problem solved!
  • Touchscreen compatible – If you are one of those people that just cannot go 5 minutes without checking your phone then look out for work gloves that are going to be touchscreen compatible in one or more of the fingers. This will save you from having to remove your gloves every time you need to type a message!
  • Fingerless work gloves – These are less popular as you are then going to be exposing a key part of your hand to all the risks that it would face if you had no gloves on! However for any completing safe but seriously intricate and fiddly jobs, you may have no choice but to have a pair of these work gloves to hand!

If you are wanting to ensure maximum protection when you are working then it could be that you need additional safety wear such as safety boots and safety glasses so this may be worth considering.

Best of the Rest

DEWALT DPG214L Framer Performance Glove (L), Black, L
  • Performance 3-Finger.
  • Double Palm Overlay.
  • Neoprene Knuckle.

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No products found.

Pine Tree Tools Gardening Gloves for Women and Men, Bamboo Made, Mesh Type, Washable Premium Material, Rubber Gloves Coating for Superior Grip with Snug-Wrist Feature & Reinforced Finger Tips - S
  • 🌱BREATHABLE - Our gardening gloves for men and women are crafted with breathable bamboo material to keep your hands cool in the summer and warm during winter. These garden gloves are suitable for any job and are guaranteed a pleasure to wear.
  • 🌱FITS LIKE A SECOND SKIN - Do you take off your gloves for every chore that requires finger sensitivity? Pine Tree Gloves have bare-hand sensitivity and are touchscreen friendly! Now you can make those reminders on your smartphone or iPad without taking your gloves off! Fishermen also love the grip on those slippery fish and the protection when changing hooks!
  • 🌱COMFORTABLE & DURABLE - We believe gardening should be safe and fulfilling. Avoid skin wounds and dirty hands and nails when doing yard chores. Why walk around with those thick and clumsy gloves while doing jobs around the house? Our gloves provide a snug fit, making gardening tasks more enjoyable and comfortable.
  • 🌱SIZE CHART - To find your best fit, refer to our size chart. It provides detailed measurements for the size options available. This will help you determine which size would be the most suitable for you. Our gardening gloves are famous for their snug fit. Not your preference? Just order one size up!
  • 🌱PURE SATISFACTION or MONEY BACK – Although our gloves are initially designed for gardening, many enjoy them during construction and restoration work, fishing trips and lobster diving! Are you not entirely satisfied in the end? Our product comes with a full satisfaction promise!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do my work gloves rub?
There are two main reasons why your work gloves could be rubbing – one is if you have purchased a size that is too small. You should be able to make a fist and spread your fingers wide apart comfortably if your gloves are the right fit. Otherwise, if you forgot to opt for gloves with a seamless liner then it could be that the seam is rubbing you.

Can I wash work gloves?
You can wash your work gloves – but we would recommend always doing this on a cold wash with minimal chemicals and cleaning agents. If you have leather work gloves then it is always better to hand wash them using cold water and leather soap, then leave them to dry WITHOUT wringing out the water as this can misshapen them.

What measurement are medium work gloves?
If the work gloves that you are looking at meet EU standards then that means they will be roughly a standard size. Medium sized work gloves will be around 182mm long (From the wrist to the tip of the middle finger) and between 203 and 229mm wide (circumference of the hand below the knuckle but excluding the thumb).

Are work gloves going to protect against burns?

Many work gloves will offer some level of protection against burns however there are only certain work gloves that are going to offer specific resistance to sparks and flames so if this is going to be an important factor for you make sure to check the specific safety regulations and look for leather lined gloves.

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