Best Weed Killer for Lawns – A Complete Guide (2022)

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Looking out at your lawn and finding it covered in weeds is not what any homeowner wants – particularly anyone who enjoys and takes pride in their garden being just right! But removing the weeds from your lawn can cause a bit of a problem. You can’t just spray them with the same weed killer that you would use on your patio or paths, as this is going to cause damage to your lawn and potentially have a long term impact on the quality of the soil too! 

This is why you need a specialist weed killer for lawns, that is designed to include the chemicals that you need to rid your lawn of weeds, without causing damage to the grass that you are wanting to keep! However, finding a weed killer for lawns that you can rely on to do this and that is going to include the active ingredients that you need to actually rid yourself of the weeds once and for all can prove rather challenging. Weed killers work when the weed absorbs harmful chemicals that will then soak down into the root of the plant and kill it completely, so how are you going to find a weed killer harmful enough to do this, but gentle enough that your grass shoots won’t suffer in the process? Let us help…

Best Pick Weed Killer for Lawns – Miracle-Gro 15018

Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Food - 200 m2, 7 kg, Lawn Food, Weed & Moss Control,
7,924 Reviews
Miracle-Gro Evergreen Complete 4-in-1 Lawn Food - 200 m2, 7 kg, Lawn Food, Weed & Moss Control,
  • Creates a thicker, greener and healthier lawn whilst killing weeds and moss
  • WaterSmart formula helps absorb water and nutrients more effectively, helping to protect your lawn against drought and stress
  • For ideal results, apply using an EverGreen or Scotts spreader to ensure even coverage
  • After applying this product in accordance with the label instructions keep children and pets away from treated areas until the granules have been watered in thoroughly and the areas have dried
  • Use from April to September

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In A Hurry?

Is your lawn more buttercup than grass? Or maybe you have started to see a couple of dandelion stubs and you want to banish them from your lawn before they take over? Whatever the reason for you being in a hurry – here is what you need to know! 

Weed Killer Types

There are lots of different types of weed killers that work in different ways, but only certain types are going to be suitable for use on your lawn. This is because most weed killers work by placing chemicals onto the foliage of a weed, which is then absorbed down to kill the weed – which is not something you want happening to your lawn. Here are the types that ARE going to work on your lawn (providing you check the ingredients too!):

  • Selective Weed Killers – One of the best types of weed killer to use on your lawn because they are specifically designed to remove one or two types of weed and nothing else! They contain pure ingredients that are designed to do just this which means that they won’t damage plants in bedding areas or your grass. The only downside is that you need to know exactly what weeds you have in your lawn to know which selective weed killer to purchase! 
  • Contact Weed Killers – These are probably the most effective of the weed killers that you can choose from and they neutralise in the soil so you know that your garden is going to be safe. Just make sure to take the time to spray them just where you need them and nowhere else as they can damage some other types of plants. 
  • Systemic Weed Killers – Similar to the selective weed killers, these weed killers will be absorbed through the leaves and kill off the whole weed. They are also safe from damaging your lawn and will only remove the weeds. They do tend to need a few applications or a couple of different types to be applied though if you are wanting to get rid of all the weeds! 

Which Weeds?

Choosing the right weed killer for lawns is made so much easier if you actually know which weeds you have in your garden/lawn. This is because different weed killers are designed to remove different weeds, using different active ingredients. So if you have stubborn weeds that you are struggling to remove from your garden, chances are it is actually just that you are using the wrong ingredients! Manufacturers will normally list the weeds that their product is going to be compatible with, so this is really important to check for before you buy to ensure that you are able to tackle all of the weeds in your garden. 

Some of the examples of the active ingredients found in weed killers include; 2,4-D mecoprop-P, dicamba and fluroxypyr. It is rare that you will find a weed killer that includes all of these though as the ingredients struggle to work together. These different ingredients will be able to remove black medic, buttercups, daisies, nettles, dandelions, chickweed, clover and pretty much any other weed that you have surfacing in your garden. There are only a couple of types of weeds that are “Immune” to weed killers and these are slender speedwell, fieldrush and mind-your-own-business.

TOP TIP: As a general rule you are always going to be better using two different weed killers if you have a range of weeds in your garden. This will help to ensure that you apply a range of active ingredients that will rid your lawn of weeds for good! 

Lawn Weed Killer Effectiveness

Don’t forget to look at how effective your weed killer is going to be. Obviously, there are a number of different factors that impact this so it isn’t an exact science, but it is something that you can compare between different brands. 

For example, some weed killer for lawns will only need one application, whereas others claim that you could need up to four applications to be able to kill tougher weeds. Equally, we found that some solutions will be able to kill the weed within around 24 hours (or at least be well along the way to!) whereas others can take up to a week – particularly if you are needing to apply multiple layers of the weed killer! 

Not only is this going to affect how long it takes to get your lawn looking nice, but it is also going to impact on the amount of time and effort that you have to put into getting the job done! 

Best Budget Weed Killer for Lawns – Weedol Concentrated

Weedol Concentrated Lawn Weedkiller, Easy Mix Liquid, 500 ml
  • Kills weeds not lawns
  • Kills dandelions, daisies and clover
  • No Glyphosate
  • Apply through a sprayer or watering can
  • Covers up to 330m2

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Solutions or Powders? 

Once you have decided on the type of weed killer for lawns that is right for you and you know the key active ingredients that you need to look for, you simply need to decide whether you want your weed killer to come as a solution or as a solid. We will start off by looking at weed killers for lawn solutions. 


Normally you will find that the quickest and easiest option is going to be to purchase a liquid weed killer for your lawn. This is because they can be ready to use so quickly so are perfect for anyone that is working on the go. They are quite long lasting – although not as long lasting as powder options – but they are going to be harder to purchase in bulk so you will have to hunt around a little if you know that you are going to need a lot of weed killer. For example, if you have a particularly large lawn or a serious problem with weeds!

If a liquid weed killer for lawns is the right option for you, you then need to choose between a solution which is already diluted or a concentrated solution. A diluted solution is going to be ready to go whenever you need it – this is going to save you a considerable amount of time and effort, because you can just start spraying. However, you will usually find that diluted options are also going to be more expensive in the long run, as they are harder to buy in bulk and are going to run out much quicker! 

Concentrated solutions are going to be cheaper overall, which is great if you have a larger space that you are working with. One thing to bear in mind is that you need to be careful when mixing so that you can be sure you are getting exactly the right amount – too weak and it won’t kill the weeds, too strong and it could damage your lawn and soil! However, this does give you the flexibility to mix stronger (but safe) mixes for particularly stubborn weeds. 

TOP TIP: Check how long a concentrated weed killer for lawns will last once it has been diluted. For some this will literally be a day or so and this is really going to impact on how often you are going to have to mix more solutions. 

Granules or Power

If you don’t think that liquid is going to be the choice for you then why not go for granules or powder. Both are going to be longer lasting and are usually going to be cheaper thanks to the fact that you can buy them in bulk. Granules and powder weed killers will work in two ways – some can be distributed straight onto the lawn whereas others will need to be mixed with water. The ones that you have to mix with water are obviously going to require more work from you as they need mixing, but they are the best way to make sure that the weed killer is doing its job! Powder is going to be quick and easy to use because they can literally be sprinkled onto the lawn but you need to be pretty confident that it is going to rain at some point soon if you want them to work to their best – or be prepared to water your lawn afterwards! 

Additional Information on Weed Killers for Lawns

If you are wanting the best weed killer for your lawn then here are some of the additional features that we feel are worth looking for depending on the type of weed killer that you are purchasing!

  • Spray nozzle – If you opt for a liquid weed killer that is already diluted then we would definitely recommend checking to see whether it comes with a spray nozzle. This is going to save you a lot of time and hassle as you can just pick up the bottle and start spraying, however they are usually going to be more expensive. 
  • Knapsack sprayer compatible – Look to see whether the weed killer is going to be compatible with different spray devices such as a knapsack sprayer. This is going to save you a considerable amount of time, particularly if you have a larger garden as you will be able to cover a much larger area at speed! 
  • Pet and child friendly – If you share your garden with children and pets then it is really important that you check that there are no harmful chemicals in the weed killer. This is unlikely if they are being used on your lawn but it is still worth checking for! 
  • Lawn Fertiliser – Some of the best weed killers for lawns will actually come with lawn fertiliser included! So not only are you removing the weeds from your lawn but you are also helping to encourage thick and lucious growth from the grass to replace the weeds too! 

Best of the Rest

Nutrigrow 4-in-1 Feed, Weed & Moss Killer Lawn Fertiliser - 160m² Pack
  • Does 4 jobs in 1 easy application – greens grass, kills a range of weeds, removes moss and fertilises the grass
  • Offers effective control over common weeds such as daisy, plantain, dandelion and clover
  • Contains ferrous sulphate to kill moss quickly and fertilise the grass
  • Mini-granule formulation (1.0 – 2.5mm)
  • Suitable for use on lawns and sports turf

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2x 500ml Fast acting Weed Killer/Lawn weed Killer spray Ready To Use Spray Bottle Effective Within 24 Hours (Lawn Weed Killer)
  • Weed Killer is a ready to use systemic weed killer. Use this to kill weeds and roots in your garden for a tidy garden. It also controls annual and deep rooted perennial weeds. This biodegradable product treats up to 15m Squared. Use only as a home garden weedkiller
  • Lawn Weed Killer are daisies, dandelions, thistles and broad leaf weeds ruining your lawn? Kill them for good, with this selective lawn weed killer. Grass safe, but deadly for a full range of troublesome lawn weeds, the powerful solution gets right into the roots for long term protection.
  • Harmless to the environment.
  • Leaves no excess slime.
  • For use on bare soil around plants and seedlings.

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Roundup 119941 Powerful Lawn Weedkiller, Glyphosate-Free, Ready to Use, Manual Spray, 3 Litre, Blue
  • Glyphosate-Free Weed control for Lawns
  • Kills weeds, not lawns
  • Kills dandelions, daisies, and clover
  • Model number: 119941

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you remove weeds from your lawn manually? 

Yes there is no reason why you cannot remove weeds from your lawn manually. The only problem is that this is going to take quite a bit of time and work from you! Generally you are going to need a hand fork or a weed grubbing tool to be able to get the job done and for a really weed-filled lawn this could take a number of hours. Although it’s not always a practical option, if you have grazing pets then it may be the best option. 

What weeds are resistant to weed killers? 

Unfortunately there are some weeds that are going to be resistant to weed killers. These include fieldrush, slender speedwell and mind-your-own-business. For these weeds you are going to have to use a manual weeder to be able to remove them from your garden! 

Will a weed killer damage my lawn?

If you purchase the correct weed killer then actually there is no reason why it should damage your lawn. Look out for lawn specific weed killers and make sure that you use the right amount and it should not cause damage!

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