Best Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole – A Buyers Guide (2022)

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Cleaning your windows….if you are honest with yourself….when were the outsides of your windows last cleaned? It really can seem like an impossible task if you are trying to do it yourself, but your only other option is to either leave it or pay someone with the right equipment to do it. What if we told you that there is another way? By purchasing a water fed window cleaning pole, you are going to be able to clean your own windows whenever and however you want – saving you both time and money in the long run. 

Not only this, a water fed cleaning pole can be used for cleaning more than just your windows – you will be able to clean your conservatory, greenhouse and even your car or your bike! By feeding water up through the pole and out of the head (which will hold either a brush or a sponge) you will be able to clean WHATEVER it is that you are cleaning, with a continuous, fresh supply of water. Not only does this make it easier to get the job done but will also leave you with a gleaming, professional finish! 

So if you are sick of your green conservatory roof, or can hardly see through your bedroom windows, then keep reading for all you need to know before you purchase the best water fed window cleaning pole. 

Best Pick Water Fed Cleaning Pole – MaxBlast 30ft

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In A Hurry?

Feeling ashamed of your windows? Ready to host guests but thinking you will need to leave your curtains closed? Or maybe you are just sick of having to pay someone else to clean your windows! Whatever the reason for you being in a hurry, we are here to help….

Water-Fed Window Cleaning Pole Components

The first thing that you need to know is the different parts that are going to make up your window cleaning pole. By knowing exactly how they work together, you will be able to know what is going to be important to you and what to look out for. 

For most water fed cleaning poles, they will come with an inner tube that is connected to an outdoor tap/hose connection. This tube then feeds water through the main pole of the tool that you are holding and controlling into the head of the window cleaning pole.

The head of the window cleaning pole will be designed in different ways depending on what you are interested in. Some come with sponges whereas others come with brushes. The water will be fed through holes in the head of the tool so that as you scrub the windows the water will remove dirt and debris. Not only will this leave you with a cleaner finish as you aren’t constantly dipping the brush back in the same dirty water, but it will be quicker and easier as you don’t have to keep moving the pole up and down. 

Cleaning Head 

As we mentioned above, different water fed window cleaning poles will come with different heads. 

Some will come with soft bristle brushes. These are designed so that the bristles are rough enough to remove harder, ingrained dirt but also soft enough that they aren’t going to scratch the surface. They are great for if you are working with really dirty surfaces as you will be able to put more force into the cleaning. 

Your other main option is going to be a sponge head, which is obviously going to be considerably softer! This makes a sponge head great for if you are working with more delicate surfaces such as older, wooden window frames or possibly even your car! The only real downside is that the sponge can become worn quite easily and need replacing more regularly. 

TOP TIP: The best water-fed window cleaning poles will actually come with both brush and sponge heads which can be interchanged depending on what you need for a particular job! 

You also want to think about the angle of the cleaning head – a head that is around 130° is recommended as being the perfect angle for window cleaning, but some of the best models will actually come with adjustable heads so that you can change the direction to suit exactly what you are cleaning. This will help to reduce fatigue on your hands and wrists from having to hold the pole at a funny angle! 

Cleaning Pole Length 

The length of the pole itself is going to be of vital importance – particularly if you are wanting to clean second floor windows!! Poles range from around 6ft in length all the way up to around 16ft in length, with the longer models obviously being more expensive. 

Make sure to think about whether you are comfortable working on a step ladder in certain areas, or if this is even possible, because if not you are going to need a much longer pole to reach higher windows and the top of bigger 4x4s or vans! 

A shorter pole is going to be lighter and also easier to work with as you aren’t going to have to manoeuvre as much length, however a longer pole is obviously going to give you access to places you otherwise couldn’t reach. 

If you are wanting the best of both worlds then why not opt for a model with an extendable pole. These are designed either with pole sections that are joined together to reach the optimum length, or with a telescopic pole that can be extended and retracted as needed. 

Best Budget Water Fed Cleaning Pole – MASCARELLO 9ft

  • Makes cleaning faster and easier.
  • Strong, lightweight aluminium handle extends 3m (93¾ft)
  • Soft cushioned grip add extra comfort and also insulate the cold water running through the handle.
  • Convenient water on/off switch.
  • Soft feathered bristle tips ensure safe cleaning on all surfaces.

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Build Materials 

You need to make sure to check what materials your water fed window cleaning pole is going to be made from if you are planning on using it regularly so that you can be sure it is durable. 

We would recommend that the pole is made from aluminium, as this will remain free from rust despite coming into contact with water regularly. We also like how light aluminium is, so it will make the overall weight of the tool less straining to lift and carry! 

Plastic will often be used for some parts of the connectors to the pole – such as the head and the handle. Although this is lightweight it is not going to be as strong so make sure it isn’t used for parts that are going to come under any strain. 

The build materials that have been used for the handle of the cleaning pole are important as this will impact how long you can work for without becoming fatigued. We really like rubber or silicone handles as these will be soft and comfortable to work with whilst still creating a strong grip. You will sometimes find that foam is used, which is going to work great to cushion your hands but won’t be nearly as durable! 

TOP TIP: Watch out for models that just have the aluminium handle as this can be uncomfortable to work with in particularly hot or cold conditions. 

What Else Do You Need To Know?

Hopefully by now you will have narrowed down your choices of water fed window cleaning poles, so here are some other aspects that we would recommend you consider before you buy! 


One of our favourite additional design features that we would recommend looking for are models with soap dispensers included. These come in two different forms – either with the water travelling directly through the soap dispenser to dilute it, or separately so that it can be squirted onto the window or sponge directly. 

Whichever you choose, they are one of the best ways to easily remove dirt and grime from whatever surface you are wanting to clean. They are also going to help you to achieve a much more professional, streak-free finish. 

We also like window cleaning poles that come with an extra miniature handle – these are great for when you are completing close up jobs as you won’t need to worry about all the extra pole length getting in the way! 

Finally, there are designs that come with extra features on the head to help you achieve an even better finish. For example, some models come with microfibre cloth attachments that will help to dry the surface quickly – plus these can often be washed so that they are also keeping your surface clean and shining. Others come with squeegees on the back of the head so that you can remove the worst of the water as soon as the job is finished which helps to reduce streaking! 

Weight and Portability 

You need to think about how you are going to move around with your water fed window cleaning pole – they are large tools and can be quite heavy particularly when they are full of water! Look at the build materials – as we mentioned above – but also check the amount of water that they are going to hold at any one time. Some will use thinner PVC tubes up the centre of the pole so that less water is being held at any one time. Although this does mean that there will be less water coming out the head of the tool, you will still find that you have more than enough but will be carrying less weight around. 

Also, check how portable your window cleaning pole is going to be. Look out for models that can be broken down into a number of parts so that they are easier to store when they are not in use and can be quickly put together when you are wanting to start cleaning. Some models have the pole broken down into 5 or 6 pieces – so although this means slightly more work in putting it all together – it is going to be much more portable! 

Final Mentions! 

  • Bottle fed – If you don’t have access to an outdoor tap to connect to, or maybe you are wanting the flexibility to work wherever you want, then why not look out for models that have a small tank that can be filled with water. This can then be squeezed out as and when you need the water. However, bear in mind that if you have a number of windows to clean you may find yourself having to refill the tank quite regularly as they don’t tend to hold a lot of water! 
  • Water on/off switch – We really like models that are going to allow you to control from the handle whether there is water flowing from the head or not. This will make your cleaning much more accurate and avoid waste water. However, be careful not to leave your outside tap running for too long with the water blocked from the head as this can cause a lot of pressure to build up and break the actual cleaning pole! 

Best of the Rest

Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole, Hose-Fed Window Cleaner Brush
  • 3.4M Water Fed Pole (total cleaning reach when standing around reached average 4.5 meters)
  • High Quality Aluminium Pole + Brush
  • Easy Hoselock Connection

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Telescopic, Wfpd16, 16ft Water Fed Window Cleaning Pole Brush With Soap Dispenser Telescopic Extendable Kit

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

13ft Water Fed Telescopic Window Cleaning Pole With Built In Squeegee Blade, Soap Dispenser, Hose Fed Extendable Extended Window Cleaner Brush Tool Kit
  • Look in our amazon storefront for different size poles and attachments, click HI-TECH GLOBAL LTD under the buy now button, then click storefront top left.
  • 13ft water fed telescopic window cleaning pole.
  • Constructed from light weight aluminium tubes, strong and rigid, 4-section.
  • Soft brush head with built in squeegee blade.
  • On off switch, suitable to connect to any standard garden hose adaptor.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions

What cleaning head do I need on a cleaning pole for my windows? 

Most windows can be best cleaned with a bristle brush head on a cleaning pole. This will be soft enough to avoid any damage to the frame of the window but firm enough to remove any ground in dirt and debris that may have built up. 

Will a window cleaning pole be able to reach my upstairs windows? 

Most second floor windows are going to be around 18ft to 20ft in height. The tallest water fed window cleaning poles are usually going to be around 18ft in height so you should just be able to reach to clean top floor windows – you may just need to be prepared to stand on a step ladder to reach the very top! 

Can I replace a window cleaning pole brush or sponge? 

Many of the best water fed window cleaning poles will allow you to remove and replace the  brush or sponge head as it becomes more worn but this is something that is worth checking for as some cannot be detached from the main part of the pole. We found that some of the best models actually come with replacements included to save you money in the long run.

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