Best Tree Stump Killers

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Best Tree Stump Killers

If you have gone to the time and effort of removing a tree from your garden (or are getting ready to do so) then the last thing that you want is the stump being left behind! Not only can this get in the way of future gardening plans that you may have, but it can actually lead to the tree beginning to regrow if you are not careful!

That is why it is so important to kill any tree stump in your garden, as you will then be able to remove the stump much easier and get your garden to exactly how you want it! Paying a professionally to get the job done can literally cost you hundreds of pounds, but if you are willing to be patient you can save yourself all of that hassle by purchasing a tree stump killer.

Cheap, effective and easy to use – a tree stump killer is the best solution to rid your garden of the tree once and for all! There are lots of home remedies for removing tree stumps from your garden – but personally if we are waiting a bit of time to see results, we like to know that we are actually going to get the finish that we want at the end of it! Many of our best tree stump killers offer a guarantee so you can be confident that they will get the job done!

Best Pick – Roundup Tree Stump and Weed Killer

Tree Stump Killer Root Killer Prfessional Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer 250ml
1,648 Reviews
Tree Stump Killer Root Killer Prfessional Roundup Tree Stump & Root Killer 250ml
  • Roundup Tree Stump Weed Killer 250ml Tree Stump & Root Killer Up To 16 Stumps
  • Kills stumps, trees, brambles, nettles, deep rooted and woody weeds.
  • Kills Tough Weeds to the roots.
  • Kills up to 16 Stumps
  • Roundup stump killer is a non-selective, translocated weedkiller that is absorbed by leaves and freshly cut, woody surfaces and moves throughout the entire plant, above and below the ground, to control standing coniferous and deciduous trees, newly cut tree stumps, tree saplings, brambles, bracken, Nettles, Japanese knotweed and other tough and woody weeds.

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In A Hurry?

If you have a job in mind or maybe you already have a stump you have plans to remove – then keep reading this part of the article for all the key information that you are going to need. 

What Will It Kill?

The first thing that you need to check is exactly what your Tree Stump Killer will kill – we understand this may sound a bit odd, as obviously you want it to kill tree stumps, but there is actually a little more to it than that! 

Some tree stump killers will also kill vines, ivy and weeds all in one, so if you have a big project to undertake and lots of things to kill off and remove then it may be worth looking out for one that gives you these options. However, on the flip side, you may have vines and brush that you WANT to keep in your garden – and therefore need to know that they are going to be safe! If this is the case, look out for tree stump killers that will be non-toxic to other plants in case you have any accidents when pouring! 

Some stump killers will prevent regrowth and begin to aid the rotting process of the surface of the stump, whereas others will actually penetrate deep into the base of the stump, working their way down to the roots of the tree, which will make it noticeably easier to remove when the time is right! 

NOTE: It is important to remember that some tree stump killers cannot work on their own, but need other chemicals with them to fully kill the stump so that it can be removed. It is important to check for this before you make your purchase. 

Treatment Time 

The next thing that you need to think about is how much of a rush you are in to actually remove the tree stump. You need to be prepared for the fact that this is not a short process and it will likely take a while for your tree stump to be completely ready to be removed. Therefore, you don’t want to make the process take even longer than necessary! Some tree stump removers actually begin to work within 4 weeks (which is quick in the tree stump killing world) whereas others can take a few months, if not more, so make sure to check for this when you purchase. 

NOTE: There are also other factors that affect this time so be sure to read our tips below to help speed up the process if you are in a rush! 


Unfortunately as the saying goes – size matters! But it is also important to consider the quality of the product that you are purchasing. Your tree stump is probably going to need a number of treatments over a period of time to finally be ready to be removed from the ground. This can mean that you are better purchasing a larger tub/bottle that is therefore going to last you through the whole treatment process and also means you are more likely to be using the same product for the whole treatment so can ensure more consistency. Not only this, but tree stump killers have a good life expectancy so you can keep any left over for future jobs! 

It’s worth mentioning that there are some products that claim to work after one treatment so if you are bothered about finding the time to keep treating your tree stump then look out for these – but most are going to need reapplying! 

However, where you may need 300ml of one tree stump killer, you could find yourself needing 600ml of another. So make sure to check for the strength of the killer and the recommended “dosage” to be sure that you are getting value for money. 

TOP TIP: Some products are so sure that they are going to be able to kill your tree stump they actually offer a money back guarantee if the product doesn’t work! However this is likely to be invalid if you have been mixing products..another reason to by quality and quantity the first time round!


Different manufacturers create their tree stump killers so that they can be applied in different ways depending on what you are looking for. Some come with a brush attached to the bottle so that the liquid can be squeezed out through the brush and brushed over the surface, others come with a nozzle to pour in and some are just a standard bottle top. Obviously this just comes down to personal preference but we would advise against models that don’t offer any application support as you are dealing with dangerous chemicals that could easily harm other plants in your garden if you are not careful! 

Not just this, but some are as simple as just brushing a liquid over the surface of the stump, others will require you to drill holes into the stump and then pour liquid (or sometimes granules) into these holes. Either way it is much easier than trying to force the tree stump out on its own, but it is worth considering which application method is going to be best for you and if you have a power drill to hand to create the holes. 

TOP TIP: Some come with a separate brush included which is even better value for money. Using a brush for application is going to make sure you can cover a large area of the stump evenly. Just make sure that this brush is a reasonable size – we found many that come with a brush so small it would take a long time for you to cover the whole stump!

Best Budget – Doff Tree Stump Killer

Doff 80ml Tree Stump and Tough Weedkiller (Pack of 2 Sachets)
  • A systemic action weedkiller that is carried to all parts of the cut tree stump or weed.
  • Kills weeds right down to the root. Effects should be visible within 7-14 days.
  • Suitable for cut tree stumps, grasses, nettles, dandelions & willowherb.
  • For use between February & October.

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Additional Features 

Now that you know the main things to consider when  you are purchasing a tree stump killer, here are some of those additional features that we found with the best stump killers on the market. 

  • Odourless – Some of the tree stump killers have quite a smell to them. If this is going to be off putting for you then look out for one that is odourless so you aren’t trying to remove the smell for hours afterwards! 
  • Sachets or measuring cap – All tree stump killers are going to give you information on how much you need to use at different times, but not many actually give you a method of working this out. If you are looking for an easy life then look out for packs that come in measured sachets, or with measurements on the cap, so that you can work out easily how much to pour for each treatment. 
  • Concentrated or diluted – for most tree stump killers you are going to need to use concentrated solution to be able to kill the stump, but there are many that can then be diluted and used as an amazing weed killer! This is worth checking for as it will make your purchase more cost effective for any left over solution. 
  • Garden safe – We mentioned above about checking what your chemicals are actually going to kill but if you are particularly conscious about the plants in your garden then look out for tree stump killers that have ingredients that will break down in the soil. This won’t always save pre-planted shrubs and flowers, but it means that the soil will be safe to use again after just 7 days! 

Top Tips for Killing Tree Stumps 

  • If you are going for a stronger tree stump killer that can affect other plants and grasses, make sure to avoid using it during rainy times of the year, as even if you are careful when applying, the chemicals can run off into the soil and kill plants around it. 
  • If you are wanting to avoid putting chemicals down in your garden (which is understandable if you have plants that have taken years to cultivate!) then another option is copper nails! The copper will cause the tree stump to rot and die off, making it much easier to remove. However, you could find yourself needing a lot of nails and this process is going to take considerably longer than using one of the chemicals – sometimes it can even take years! 
  • Safety gear – Always make sure to wear safety gear – particularly goggles and gloves – when you are using tree stump killers. These chemicals are literally designed to rot and break down wood so are very strong and could cause a reaction if they land on your skin. 
  • Pets and children – Due to their toxic nature, it is important to keep children and animals away from your tree stump after you have placed the chemicals. If this is going to be a problem then you may need to put some temporary fencing or netting around the tree stump as ALL tree stump killers are going to be harmful if ingested. 
  • The best way to effectively use your tree stump killer is to drill holes or cut lines into your tree stump. This will allow the chemicals to go deep into the base of the stump. 

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Best of the Rest

SBK Tree Stump Killer 250ML

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Roundup Tree Stump Weedkiller, Super Concentrate 250 ml
  • Kills ivy japanese knotweed, saplings, brambles and nettles to the root
  • Kills up to 16 tree stumps
  • Contains a reusable pipette for specialist treatment of japanese knotweed
  • Kills the roots so weeds don't come back
  • Degraded in the soil by micro organisms

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Resolva Xtra Tough Tree Stump Killer Sachets, 2 x 100 ml
  • Tree stumps, annual and deep-rooted perennial grass and broad leaved garden weeds including bindweed, bracken, bramble, broad leaved dock, common couch, cleavers, colt’s foot, chickweed, common nettle, common thistle, creeping buttercup, curled dock, dandelion, ground elder, perennial sow thistle, plantains, red clover, scotch thistle, sheep’s sorrel, spear thistle, speedwell, white clover, white dead nettle, willowherb, yarrow and many others
  • Soluble Formula
  • Great For Killing Tree Stumps
  • No Mess
  • Pre-Measured Sachets

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why do I need to remove my tree stump?

If you are happy with your tree stump where it is then you don’t necessarily need to remove it, The problem is that they will often continue to grow despite the rest of the tree having been cut down. This means that you will periodically have to remove the new growth on the tree to keep it as a “stump”. 

How long does it take to kill a tree stump?

There are a number of factors that will affect how long it actually takes for your tree stump to die so the process can take anything from a month up to a year – although obviously this will be longer if you don’t keep up with the treatment and buy a quality product. The key is to make sure that you regularly treat the tree stump with a chemical treatment and make sure that this gets into the base of the stump (as deep as possible). This will help to speed the process along as much as possible. 

What home remedies are there for killing a tree stump?

There are some suggestions for how to kill a tree stump with things that you might already have at home. These include Epsom salt, rock salt, bleach or forced darkness (making sure no light can get to the tree stump for an extended period of time). However, these methods can take a considerable amount of time and aren’t guaranteed, so if you are looking for a certainty that you can get rid of your tree stump then a chemical based option is probably the way to go. 

Can trees regrow from a stump?

Some trees will actually be able to regenerate from a stump. This is normally the case with deciduous trees but can occur with all trees. That is why it is so important to kill and remove the stump if you are sure that you don’t want a tree in that spot anymore!

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