Best Spanner Sets – The Ultimate Guide 2022

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A spanner is arguably one of the most essential tools that you are going to need in your home. They are a crucial piece of equipment for so many jobs that you might be completing around your home. They are used for tightening any nuts or bolts, whether this be on furniture, plumbing or in your garden, but can also be used for working on your car or on DIY projects that you may be completing. 

The main downside to a spanner is that you are never going to be in a “one size fits all” situation! You need a spanner that fits the nut or bolt perfectly to be able to create the grip needed to get the job done – but only a spanner that is the right size is going to do the job. This is why purchasing just one spanner isn’t enough – you are going to need a spanner set, which comprises a range of different spanners so that you always have one that is going to fit the job! A spanner set will include a variety of spanners in different shapes and sizes, with manufacturers looking at which spanners are the most commonly used and including these in one set. Not only does this mean that you will have everything in one place, but also that you will be saving money purchasing the spanners in bulk. 

Our buyers guide includes some of the best spanner sets available at the moment, as well as the key features that you need to consider when you are buying! 

Best Pick – Bosch Professional 1600A016BU

Bosch Professional 1-Piece Spanner Set (8/10/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19 mm, in Bag) – Amazon Exclusive
  • The spanner set with seemingly endless possible applications thanks to the combination of an open-ended spanner and a ratchet ring spanner
  • Ideal for tight spaces, as the toothless ratchet works from a backswing angle of 3°
  • Very durable thanks to industrial-grade chromium-vanadium steel of the highest quality
  • Convenient to store and easy to transport thanks to supplied wrap bag
  • Items included in the Amazon exclusive: 10 x spanners 8/10/12/13/14/15/16/17/18/19 mm, bag

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In A Hurry? 

If you are just starting some DIY projects, or maybe you have just moved into a new home and have a lot of work to do – this part of the article includes all the essential factors that you need to consider before you make your purchase! 

Types of Spanner Sets 

There are a few different types of spanner sets depending on the jobs that you are planning on completing. This is by far the first decision that you need to make as certain spanners will be designed for different types of jobs. 

Ratchet Spanner Sets

Ratchet Spanner Sets are by far the most common that you are going to find as these will contain all of the tools that you need to complete a wide variety of jobs. Not only this but they will be used by professional contractors as well so you can be sure that you are purchasing long lasting products.  They do tend to be a little more expensive but this is worth it for the practical ways in which they will help you to get the job done. 

The main difference with a ratchet set is that they are going to allow you to complete a full rotation and then start again without having to remove the spanner from the nut or bolt that you are working on. This also means that you can work in both directions and in tighter spaces whilst still being able to work at a reasonable speed. We also feel like ratchet spanners are easier for beginners due to not having to constantly realign the spanner when you are working! 

Box Spanner Sets

Box spanner sets are designed slightly differently to the traditional spanner than you will be imagining. They are given this name due to their “boxy” appearance as they are formed from a metal tube with the actual spanner attachment on either end built into the tube. These look slightly confusing to the new DIY’er but these box spanner sets come with a thin metal rod which can then be pushed into holes along the length of the spanner. The idea is that you then turn the metal rod rather than the spanner itself, making these tools perfect for hard to reach places. Box spanners are also much easier to use for anyone that struggles with wrist pain or arthritis as they will be able to use two hands to get full force around the nut that you are working on. The main downside to box spanner sets is that you tend to have to stick to one brand once you have started buying due to the metal rod only being compatible with that brand. 

Socket Spanner Sets 

If you are wanting the best value for money that you can find and a tool that is going to be there to help you in EVERY situation – then we would definitely recommend a socket spanner set. The main way in which these sets are different from other spanner sets is that you actually only get ONE spanner shaft. But at the end of this one shaft will be a way to connect a wide variety of spanner heads – this is usually either through a magnetic connector or just by clicking into place. 

There are a number of benefits to these sets – the minimal space that they take up due to only having one shaft, the fact that you are only buying one shaft means that this tends to be much better quality and user friendly and that you can continue to grow your spanner collection by adding new heads to add to your socket spanner set. However, you will need to check that additional heads are going to be compatible, which can cause some problems! 

NOTE: Due to their design, socket spanner sets are often also going to be ratchet spanners. So don’t worry if you are now torn between a socket spanner set and a ratchet spanner set – as you will probably end up with both without even meaning to! 

Best Budget – Silverline 633799

Silverline 633799 Combination Spanner Set 12pce 6 - 22 mm
  • Open and bi-hexagonal ends with 15° offset for greater access
  • Hardened and tempered, drop-forged chrome vanadium
  • High quality fully polished finish
  • ULa-strong ballistic nylon storage roll
  • Includes sizes 6 - 22 mm

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Spanner Set Sizes and Compatibilities 

There are a wide variety of spanner sets to choose from of different sizes depending on exactly how much you are wanting to spend and the tools that you are wanting to use. The first thing you really need to consider is the number of tools that come as part of your spanner set. Some sets will only have around three spanners whereas others have more than twenty parts!

You will often find that socket spanner sets come with more heads for the same price so if you need a set that is going to be more flexible for a variety of jobs then this is probably the best option for you!

Once you have done this you need to look at the minimum and maximum sizes that the spanner set will allow you to work with. The first thing to think about is – are the tools actually going to work with the size of bolts and nuts you are using, but then it is also worth looking at the range to see the variety of sizes you can work with in the future. Minimum sizes tend to be around 6mm up to around 35mm but there aren’t many sets that cover this WHOLE range. For example, you may get a set that covers 15mm up to 35mm or a set that covers 6mm to 20mm. 


It is really important, as far as we are concerned, that the case of your spanner sets is good quality. You are going to need to keep all of your spanners together and protected if you want them to be long lasting – and the case is going to be there to do that. 

Sometimes, you will find spanner sets that come with a material case. These are obviously going to be your cheapest, lightest and most compact options. So they are generally a good idea if you are wanting to take your spanners with you to different jobs and places. However, a material case isn’t going to always be the best option to keep your spanners safe and protected – nor is it going to be waterproof. 

This means that you’re often better going for a harder case such as a heavy-duty plastic, metal or foam tray. These will be stronger and much more durable, not only making it easier for you to transport your tools safely, but also keeping them safe and stored correctly when they are not in use. The only real downside is that spanner sets in more sturdy cases are often going to be slightly more expensive. 

The Best Spanner Sets Features 

Now that you know the main features you need to consider before purchasing a spanner set, here are some of the additional features that we feel are worth considering if you are wanting to make the best purchase possible! 

  • Head Type – There are different head types that you will find with different spanners. Open-ended spanners are the type that look almost like a C shape. These are really easy to slot onto the bolt but can be a little frustrating if you are new to working with spanners as they can “slip off” if you aren’t careful. Ring head spanners are literally designed like a ring so a closed design which you push onto the nut or bolt. This can make them slightly harder to position but means that they are more fixed in position once they are where you want them! 
  • Electrical insulators –  If there is any chance that you are going to be working near electrics with your spanner set, then we would definitely recommend checking that the set is going to be electricity safe – this means that if you happen to come into contact with a live wire, you aren’t going to be in for a nasty shock! 
  • Imperial or Metric – As most of the UK moves towards metric measurements (mm and cm), you will find that spanner sets are doing the same, with measurements in mm or cm to describe the sizes of nuts and bolts that each spanner will be compatible with. However, if you are still wanting an imperial set (measured in inches) then these can be found! 
  • Adjustable Spanner Set – An adjustable spanner can be a good option if you are wanting to work with a variety of sizes of nuts and bolts, but don’t want to have to buy a variety of different spanners and heads to do this. An adjustable spanner is designed with the jaw on a rotating cylinder that allows you to make the jaw larger or smaller depending on what you are working with. 
  • Handle – Check that the handle of the spanner is going to offer you not just a good quality grip but also a comfortable hold as this will reduce fatigue when you are working. Most handles are going to be standard metal along with the rest of the spanner but some socket spanners do have a more ergonomic, user friendly handle. 
  • Build Material – Obviously your spanner set is going to be made out of metal, but it is always worth checking the quality of metal that has been used. Forged nickel, aluminium and metals with a more “satin finish” are going to remain rust free for longer. 

Best of the Rest

Hilka 16213203 AF/Metric Combination Spanner Set, Set of 32 Pieces
  • Fully polished chrome Vanadium steel spanners
  • Comes in plastic display and storage rack
  • 12 point Pro drive ring ends
  • included components AF/ Metric Combination Spanner Set
  • Ensure the correct size is being used for the nut

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AZUNO 12-Piece Flex-Head Ratchet Spanner Set, Metric Combination Spanner Kit, Chrome Vanadium Steel Ratchet Spanner Set with Deluxe Case (12-Piece)
1,559 Reviews
AZUNO 12-Piece Flex-Head Ratchet Spanner Set, Metric Combination Spanner Kit, Chrome Vanadium Steel Ratchet Spanner Set with Deluxe Case (12-Piece)
  • ● UNBREAKABLE & UNBENDABLE: AZUNO ratchet spanner set is made to last, as it is forged from high-quality chrome vanadium steel material with a mirror polish treatment on the surface, ensuring excellent corrosion resistance. With an overall hardness of HRC 48, it is unbreakable and unbendable, making it ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Our product has been certified by the TUV/GS lab, setting an industry benchmark, and it complies with DIN-1711-1 standards.
  • ● SLIM PROFILE 180FLEX-HEAD & 72 TOOTH RATCHET: This ratchet spanner is designed to help you tackle those hard-to-reach spots that other spanners can't reach. Its slim profile and 180-degree flex head make it perfect for working in tight spaces. With a 72-tooth ratchet mechanism, this spanner provides a 5-degree arc swing, giving you greater precision and control.
  • ● 12PCS METRIC SPANNERS: This set includes the 12 most commonly used metric sizes, ranging from 8mm to 19mm, including 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm,18mm, 19mm, providing a versatile range for a variety of tasks.
  • ● STORAGE TOOLBOX INCLUDED: Keep your spanners organized and easily transportable with the included sturdy case in this kit. The case ensures all the spanners are well-placed and easily accessible when needed, making it a must-have for any mechanic or DIY enthusiast.
  • ● Warranty: Azuno is committed to providing exceptional customer service with a 3-month warranty and lifetime technical support. In case of any issues, we offer a hassle-free money-back guarantee or a replacement with a new item. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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WerkFix Combination Spanner Set 15-Piece 6-21 mm Made of CRV Steel, Laser-Marked, matt-Finished, in The Bag
  • 🧰 COMPREHENSIVE SET ➤ 15 Keys - 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21 mm
  • 🧰 EASY TO CARRY & STORE ➤ Comes with a practical carrying bag of 360 x 330 mm. Weight 870 g
  • 🧰 RUSTPROOF AND DURABLE ➤ Ring spanner material: CrV steel, Chrome coated
  • 🧰 POLISHED FINISH ➤ Surface finish of the ring spanner: polished, matted for a cleaner look and more grip
  • 🧰 FORGED AND LASERED ➤ Handy keys with secure and stable grip; forged and lasered

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many spanners come with a spanner set? 

Spanner sets can be made up of any number of spanners so this is always worth checking for. Some only include 3 spanners but others include 25! The average that you will find is around 10 spanners per set as this will allow you to complete a wide range of jobs. 

Will a spanner set come with a warranty? 

Yes – all good quality spanner sets are going to come with a warranty. This will usually be around 2-3 years, however, all good quality spanner sets are going to last you MUCH longer than this. We found some spanner sets that even come with a lifetime warranty! 

Can you buy add-on parts for spanner sets? 

Yes! Most spanner sets are going to come with additional add-on sets or pieces that you can purchase as you continue in your DIY experience. This is a great way to grow the number of tools that you have but ensure that they are all still compatible with each other. The only downside is that cases are usually made to measure and fit the original purchases so it is rare you will be able to fit your add-ons in the case!

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