All You Need To Know About Shed Heaters

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Shed Heater

Nowadays, a shed is going to have so many different uses. It may just be used to store different things, but chances are it could be a playroom, an office, a studio, a gym or a workshop for completing DIY. One of the main problems with spending any decent amount of time in a shed is going to be how cold they are! This makes it really difficult to enjoy being in the space – no matter how homely you make it. If this sounds familiar then what you need is a shed heater.

A shed heater is not only going to warm the shed for you, so that you can stay warm whilst you are working, but it will also warm the shed itself so that the materials are longer lasting and the belongings that you store inside it do not become damaged by damp or mould.

There are loads of different shed heaters to choose from with different watts and power options, plus sizes too! So no matter what you are wanting to use your shed (and your shed heater) for – we will have options for you…

Best Pick – PureMate Fan Heater

PureMate Fan Heater, Ceramic Tower Fan Heater with Digital LED Display, Built-in Thermostat, 2 Heating Levels (2000W / 1100W), Automatic Oscillation, 0-8H Timer & Remote Control
  • FAST WARM UP & COMFORTABLE HEATING - Are you feeling freezing in room or office through the winter? PureMate fan heater is totally design against the chill and stay warm with you! This tower heater utilises self-regulating ceramic-plate(PTC) as heating element, HEAT UP in seconds and MORE UNIFORM HEATING than traditional heating technologies. TAKE THE CHILL OUT OF YOUR ROOM!
  • LOW COSTS OPERATING AND CONVENIENT : Our portable heater draw full power at colder temperatures to quickly reach the threshold temperature. Once they reach a steady state, they consume less power than traditional heaters, eventually saving more energy over the entire run time. Meanwhile, this space heater for office with design of back handle, make it portable and easy to move to your office/ bedroom/home.
  • 3 MODES EASY CONTROL - PureMate heater for office has 3 modes,2000-watt high heat, 1100-watt low heat and normal cool blow fan.Set the adjustable thermostat to your desired temperature or select from 3 quiet settings-high heat, low heat, or fan only. Moreover, with the design of back air inlet grill, the small heater for bedroom. Stay quiet in your sleeping night.
  • SAVVY TECHNOLOGY - These heaters use a Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heating system in which specialised ceramic heating discs enhance the transfer of heat in small spaces.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Fitted with 2 safety switches, the tip over switch on the bottom of the unit and the power button on the rear of the unit.

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In A Hurry?

If you’re typing this with frostbite on your fingers, or maybe you’re sick of being able to see your breath whilst you work…whatever the reason you have for purchasing a shed heater, this part of the article is filled with all the key information and features you need to know about before purchasing a shed heater. 


The amount of power your shed heater has will determine the amount of heat that it is able to kick out! Most heating elements in shed heaters are going to be between 1000W and  2000W but there are some more powerful options that go up to 3000W. These will let out some serious heat! 

It is worth considering the size of space that you are trying to fill though, as if you only have a small shed you might find yourself paying out for a bigger heater than necessary – plus then paying extra on your bills to pay to run it! 

Most standard shed heaters are going to be powered by electric but there are some that are gas powered. Electric heaters have the advantage of being cheaper and you don’t have to worry about keeping fuel at the ready. However, you have to be close enough to mains electric, which is something that you don’t find in all sheds! But they are lighter and more portable so you have the benefit of being able to move your heater around as and when you need. 

Gas heaters are going to be the best option if you aren’t close to mains electricity as you can just purchase a small canister to power your heater. These heaters tend to be more powerful so are also better suited to bigger sheds or if you have a particularly cold, un-insulated shed. The one downside is that they do tend to be larger which makes them less portable, especially when you consider that you will have the gas canister to move as well! If you do end up opting for a gas heater then it is worth checking the length of the hose that comes with the heater as a longer hose will allow you to leave the canister tucked out of sight whilst you move the heater round! 

TOP TIP: The emissions that are released from many gas heaters can mean that they should only really be used outdoors or somewhere that has proper ventilation! This is important to check for before purchasing! There will be some models that you can get away with leaving in your shed providing the doors and windows are open! 

Fan or No Fan

The two mains ways which shed heaters warm the room are with fans or with standard tubular heaters/electric storage heater styles. 

Fan heaters are going to be great for larger spaces as they will be able to circulate the air much better around the room. But they don’t always get as hot as other types of heaters. Not only this but fan heaters are going to be a bit louder than other heaters as you have the whirring of the fan going round! If this is a problem then go for a normal heater but remember that you may need to be more careful about how you position the heater to feel the benefit of the heat! 

TOP TIP: If you opt for a fan heater then we would recommend looking out for one that also has a cooling fan option. Although we appreciate those warm summer days in the UK are rare, when they come your shed is then going to turn from an ice box to a sauna so a cooling option is well worth looking out for! 


Depending on your plans for your shed heater it is probably going to need to be portable. This will allow you to move your shed heater around depending on where you are working, plus means that you can take it with you to different places if you need it in your home at any point or in your garage. 

Look out for storage heaters with comfort grip handles that will make it easier to carry your heater. Otherwise there are many makes of shed heaters that are on wheels which is fantastic for pushing your heater around the shed when you are working, even if your hands are full! 

Waterproof Rating 

Although in theory your shed should be waterproof, we all know there are times when things don’t go to plan and shed roofs have a limited life span! Not only this, but you want to be able to take your shed wherever you need without worrying about the weather conditions. This means that it is well worth opting for a shed heater that is going to be waterproof. Hopefully you won’t need to test this feature but it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Check out the waterproof rating of your shed heater. You won’t find a shed heater that is completely waterproof  but you want one that is going to be able to cope with any moisture build up in your shed and the odd splash/drip. An IPX4 waterproof rating will offer this level of protection.

Safety Features 

Shed heaters are plenty safe enough but there are risks involved with these types of heaters if things go wrong (and there are plenty of horror stories about this type of thing happening!). Many people are regularly put off from buying a shed heater because of the risk of it setting on fire or setting light to other things, but this risk is so low providing you buy a model that mitigates these risks. 

It is always best to go for a model that is CE certified as this will give you the reassurance that your shed heater is safe to use and meeting regulations and guidelines to keep you, your shed and your belongings safe. Not only this but there are also shed heaters that offer tip over protection as these will mean that your shed heater is safe to be left alone for periods of time as if knocked off they will switch off.  

We also found that many of the best shed heaters had features that made them switch off automatically if they become overheated and timers that switch them off if left on for extended periods of time. This will save you waking up in the middle of the night worrying about whether you left the heater on in your shed!

NOTE: Even with all of these safety features there are still risks involved with shed heaters. Please make sure never to be tempted to dry clothes, materials or other items above or close to your shed heater as this massively increases the risk of an accident!


No products found.

Extra Shed Heater Features

Here are some of those additional features that are worth considering before you purchase your shed heater! There are some many features that manufacturers have included to try and make their shed heater stand out from the rest – so how do you know which really is the best shed heater? Look out for these…

  • Tilting design – Some of the best shed heaters come with a tilting design that allows you to position the heater exactly where you want it. This is perfect for those really cold days when you want the best of the heat coming towards you! 
  • Varying temperature controls – it is unlikely that you are always going to want your shed heater belting out full heat (unless you are turning your shed into a sauna) so look out for a shed heater with variable heat controls so that you can adjust it to suit what you are doing. 
  •  Built in thermostat – if you have plants that need to be kept within a certain temperature range, or maybe you just want to save yourself faffing with the controls, then look out for shed heaters that can be set to a certain temperature. 
  • Economic – if you know that you are going to have your heater on for any length of time, or maybe you are just conscious about both the environment and your bills! Whatever the reason it is worth looking at how eco friendly your heater is going to be! 
  • Frost function – Like many indoor radiators, some of the best shed heaters will have a frost function, which means that they will emit minimal heat as required to just keep the room away from being freezing cold. If you are storing plants or paint then this is well worth considering. 
  • Durability – your shed heater is probably going to be up against a lot more than a standard radiator will be. If you are using your shed as a workshop then it is going to have to tackle dust, debris and possibly flying material pieces. Look out for a durable shed heater with a strong metal casing. 
  • Heating element – Make sure to opt for a shed heater with a powerful heating element as this is arguably the most important part of the shed heater! Some of the best shed heaters have a heating element up to 4Kw which is going to be more than enough to heat a small room, let alone just a shed! 

If you are really struggling to keep your shed warm then another great option would be to insulate your shed. Here are some of the best shed insulations that you can choose.

Best of the Rest

Pro Breeze® 2000W Ceramic Fan Heater - Electric Heater with Automatic Oscillation, Thermostat, 2 Heat Settings & Tip-Over Protection - Portable Heater for Home, Office, Study, Garage, Bathroom
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT HEATER: This Pro Breeze 2000W Heater uses advanced ceramic heating elements to provide fast and more efficient heating than traditional heaters. Save on your energy bills by using this electric heater to heat a single room or area instead of your entire home.
  • 2 POWER SETTINGS & OSCILLATION: This energy efficient electric heater includes 2000W (High) and 1200W (Low) power settings as well an automatic 60° oscillation mode for heating larger rooms and spaces.
  • ADJUSTABLE THERMOSTAT: An easy-to-use and fully adjustable thermostat control is built into the mini heater to monitor the temperature around and ensure optimal heating and energy efficiency.
  • PORTABLE: Unlike Oil-filled radiators, this heater features a lightweight compact design and carry handle allow the heater to be easily transported to wherever you need it most, making it great for use in homes, bedrooms, garages, schools and offices.
  • ADVANCED SAFETY FEATURES: Built in overheat protection and anti tip-over switch ensure the heater instantly switches off in any unsafe situation. Dimensions: 18.5 x 15.5 x 26 cm. 220-240V, 50Hz.

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No products found.

Benross 42450 3000W Industrial Fan Heater/Adjustable Thermostatic Control/Cool Air Setting/Tilting Design/Portable With Carry Handle / IPX4 Waterproof, Yellow
  • INDUSTRIAL FAN HEATER – This industrial fan heater, at up to 3000 Watts of power, will easily heat up an entire room, whether in the home or the office. With its adjustable thermostatic control, it provides the option of 2 different settings for heating at 1500W and 3000W respectively, making it suitable for all kinds of winter temperatures.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - This fan heater won't cost a fortune to run, and based on the October energy price cap of 34p p/kWh will cost you around £1.02 per hour when run at the maximum power of 3000W, making it an efficient way to keep your home warm!
  • TILTING PORTABLE HEATER – Easily direct the fan towards wherever you want some heating or cooling with this fan’s tilting design. The fan heater is portable and easy to transport to different places, coming with a convenient insulated carry handle right on the top of the heater that folds on top of the unit for easier storage. The durable metal casing of the fan means it can withstand plenty of movement and transport, and the fan is also IPX4 waterproof certified.
  • FULLY ASSEMBLED – This fan heater comes fully assembled, allowing you to instantly plug it in and use it straight out of the box. If that’s not convenient enough, the heater is also energy efficient, and makes little noise (45dB) compared to other fans of a similar strength. Its dual overheat protection with an auto shutdown function also ensures that the fan will not be damaged by overheating, making it last over long durations of use.
  • COOL AIR SETTING – Not only can the fan heat up rooms, it can also cool them down thanks to its 40W cool air fan setting. You will be able to use the fan to heat up your surroundings in the winter, and then again in the summer to cool your area down in the heat, making this fan very useful at all times of year.

Last update on 2024-05-26 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Frequently Asked Questions 

What warranty comes with shed heaters?

You will find that most shed heaters come with either a one or a two year warranty depending on the quality of the product. We did find some on the market that actually offered a three year warranty, or an extended warranty if the product is registered. These are well worth looking out for as they suggest a manufacturer that believes in their product! 

What type of gas do you need for a gas powered shed heater?

Most gas shed heaters will work with either propane, butane or LPG gas. All of these are available at most local garden centres, petrol stations and DIY stores which makes them easy to get hold of. We would recommend looking out for a gas shed heater that can run on any of the above, as this offers you much more flexibility when you are looking for gas to purchase. 

What size of space will a shed heater heat?

This really depends on the size and power of the shed heater that you go for. We found that it varies from around 20 square metres up to 200 square metres, which as you can see is quite a difference! Gas heaters are usually going to heat a larger area, or electric models that offer 3000W of power but it is worth checking exactly in the product details. 

Is it safe to leave a shed heater on?

This really depends on the type of shed that you have and also the type of heater. If you have a large space and a shed heater that comes with safety features if it is knocked over then it should be safe to leave this on for short periods of time whilst you are not around. However, we would always recommend switching heaters off when you are not around when possible to avoid any accidents.

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