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Sand and Water Table

A sand and water table is one of those traditional toys that have been around for years. Not only are they going to provide hours of fun, they are also super educational toys for children! Sand and water tables make perfect additions for your garden, as they can be used for sand, water or some can even be used for both at the same time!

Research suggests the importance of a sand and water table for children’s development, with them providing multiple types of learning and stimulation. This means that if you are ever stuck for a way to stimulate and educate your children then these tables could be a great option for you. Here are some of our favourites…

Best Pick – Step2 Cascading Cove Sand & Water Table

Step2 Sand & Water Table Cascading Cove with lid, parasol & 6 accessories | Activity table / Sand table with lid for the garden | Water toys for children
  • DOUBLE PLAYER: The two-sided sand and water table Cascading Cove is separated by a toy lane and offers both a sand and water side for lots of fun! Your child can sail boats across the water, splash in the water, build bridges or sand castles in the sand
  • WITH EXTRA RACEBAN: Our play table offers even more fun. There is a moulded-in race track in the lid and can thus be used as an extra play surface. Your child can organise exciting races with all their friends! On sunny days, the included parasol provides shade.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The sand and water table is made of EverTough Roto-moulded plastic for unmatched strength and durability. Ideal for worry-free play with minimal maintenance! The sand and water table is easy and quick to clean. Just use disinfectant wipes or a normal household cleaner.
  • CONTENTS: Step2's sand and water play table comes with a lid, parasol and a 6-piece accessory set. The set includes 2 boats, 2 bridge parts and a double-sided rake/shovel. The play table can hold up to 4.5 kg of sand and 11.4 L of water (sand and water are not included).
  • STEP2: Step2 designs and produces fun and educational products for children aged 9 months to 10 years. For indoor and outdoor play and learning. The range includes water tables, play kitchens and play equipment. Besides being incredibly fun and educational, Step2's toys are also sturdy and safe. So as a parent, you can sit back with peace of mind while your children enjoy themselves. Ideal.

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In a Hurry? 

We understand that time is precious when you have children around. Whether your own, your grandchildren, children that you care for or even just family/friend’s little ones! Children are always in a rush to be onto the next thing – which means that you need to be ready and in that same hurry! This part of the article includes all those key features that you need to know before buying your sand and water table! 


The two main materials that you will find used for sand and water tables are plastic or wood. 

Plastic is always going to be your cheaper option and also the more practical if you live life on the go. It is weatherproof, will last for years due to its durability, and is light enough to be easily moved around the garden depending on the weather and time of year etc. Not only this, but it is incredibly easy to wipe down and clean, so when you are swapping from sand to water, or vice versa, or even just giving your table a spruce up, this will be easy to achieve with just some soapy water! The main thing you need to remember if you do opt for plastic is that you are going to want one that is UV protected – this means that the plastic will take much longer to discolour and fade when in direct sunlight…so keeps your sand and water table looking its best. 

The other main option for materials is wood. Although harder to come across and seemingly not as popular, wooden sand and water tables can be a really good option if you are wanting a strong, durable but also natural sand and water table in your garden. Many sand and water tables stay out for most of the summer months, so it is worth paying for something that is going to blend in with your garden, instead of stand out! Wooden sand and water tables will do exactly this – and tend to be bigger so if you have more than one child playing this will provide more space! If you do decide to opt for a wooden sand and water table then remember to treat your table annually to avoid rot and mould forming that can damage the life of the table. 

TOP TIP – Look out for manufacturers that specify using non-toxic materials so that you know your children are going to be completely safe – particularly if they are younger and more inclined to put things in their mouths! 


The size of the sand and water table that you go for really depends on the age of children that are going to be using it and the amount of space that you are wanting to take up in the garden. They start from as little as around 50cm but go up to over a metre in length depending on the style. Sand and water tables are usually recommended from children starting at around 2 years old, up to around 7 years old, so consider whether you want a table that your children can “grow into” or one that is more suitable for right now. 

When you are looking at the size you also need to consider the amount of water/sand that you table is going to hold. This is usually measured in gallons with smaller models holding around 5, up to bigger models which will hold up to 10 gallons – sometimes more! 

TOP TIP: If you are planning a spot for your sand and water table in the garden then we would recommend making sure there is a metre around your table. This will help to ensure that there is space for both you and the children to move around the table whilst they are playing. 


Most sand and water trays are going to allow you to choose one or the other at a particular time. So depending on what activity you choose (or the children choose) will determine whether you fill the main basin with water or with sand. If you are planning on sticking to just one or the other then it is that simple, but many people want the flexibility to do both. This means that you need to consider the design and how easy it is going to be to “swap” to the other option. Look out for options with a slanted base and plug so that you can drain the water quickly and easily. Also, make sure that the inside of the basin is smooth so that you can easily remove every grain of sand before filling with water. 

There are some models of sand and water tables that allow for both sand AND water at the same time! These are more rare but are a fantastic idea for children that want both and to save you the hassle of having to swap it over periodically. These will allow you to have both sides or just one side open at once. It is worth noting that these models do tend to be bigger but have the added advantage of you not needing to find somewhere to store the sand when not in use! 


You also need to consider how easy it is going to be to pack the toy away. Bulkier toys are much more likely to be left out in the garden, but this is going to impact on their lifespan and the quality of the product. Not only this, but larger products are much harder to store, taking up valuable space in a garage or shed. 

Look out for sand and water tables that have taken this into consideration, with methods that help them to fold down as quickly as possible when children are done playing with them. Many have detachable parts that can then all be separated and stored individually, whereas some actually fold in on themselves to make them “box shaped”. 

TOP TIP: The best sand and water tables also come with storage for the “tools” that your children will want to use whilst playing. This means that it can all be locked neatly away when not in use…teaching children to be responsible and tidy up, but also keeping toys safe and secure. 


If you are looking for value for money then it is well worth checking what additional accessories your sand and water table comes with! There are many available depending on what you are looking for and the age of the children that the table is going to be for. 

  • Cover – We would definitely suggest looking for a sand and water table that comes with a cover. This is great to save you the time and hassle of having to clean the sand and water before every use, but is also important for the safety of your children as many animals actually like to use the sand as a toilet! Keeping it covered when it is not being used will help to avoid this and prevent illness. 
  • Buckets and spades – These types of accessories are going to be best used if you are planning on using your table for sand. It will allow children to use their imagination and creativity when playing. Some tables have them included to save you making an additional purchase.
  • Water tubes and fountains – If you think that your children are going to want the table to be used more for water than sand then look out for some of the amazing tables with pipes, tubes and pumps that really allow them to investigate how water travels. 

It is worth noting that these accessories are often going to add to the overall cost of the table, however we found it is almost always better to purchase as part of the initial buy as you know then that the parts will be compatible with the main table! 

TOP TIP – If you decide to opt for a double sand and water tray that allows you to have both at the same time then look out for double covers too! This means that you can keep the water covered whilst the children are playing in the sand and vice versa to stop the two mixing! 

Best Budget – KandyToys Sand and Water Table

KandyToys Sand and Water Table with Lid and Accessories - Kids Outdoor Play Garden Sandpit
  • Children's Sand and Water Table is a great toy for toddlers and young children to keep them entertained.
  • The brightly coloured Sand and Water Play Table is suitable for garden or beach and comes with 8 accessories including sand shapers, watering can, spade, fork and bucket.
  • The sand and water table comes also with a lid, so the toys can be stored in the table and covered with the lid when not in use.
  • Children will have hours of imaginative fun with this play table. Great for getting hands-on play and encourages tactile learning.
  • Table Dimensions: 50 x 43 x 37cm - Easy clip together assembly - Recommended 18 months +.

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Additional Features 

Now that you know the main things you need to check and think about before purchasing your sand and water table, here are some of those extra features that are worth considering if you really want to buy the best sand and water table for your money. 

  • Colour – This will often depend on whether you opt for a “themed” sand and water table or a standard model. Sometimes they come in natural colours that will blend in better with your garden, otherwise you can go for bright and bold colours that are going to appeal more to your children. 
  • Themed – As mentioned briefly above there are some sand and water tables that will link to a certain theme, which is perfect for younger children or those that maybe need little prompts in their imagination. For example, you can purchase tables based around a beach/pirate theme with characters that the children can use in play. 
  • Detachable legs – It is worth thinking about what you are going to do with your sand and water table through the winter months…and chances are you are going to want to be able to pack it away. Look out for tables with legs that either detach or tuck underneath so that they can be stored much easier. 
  • Indoor/outdoor/both – Many sand and water tables will be flexible as to where they can be used. But some are going to be better suited to one or the other so it is worth checking before you buy! 
  • Assembly – Make sure to check how easy it is going to be to put your table and basin together. Most of the plastic models can simply be clicked into place but this is worth checking as some do require basic tools (particularly the wooden models). 
  • Sand provided – Most sand and water tables won’t actually come with sand, so this is going to need to be an additional purchase that you get ready to make. Many manufacturers however do have this as an optional extra so you don’t have the disappointment of both arriving separately. If you are wanting to make the new toy even more exciting…look out for coloured sand! 

Best of the Rest

deAO Kids Sand and Water Table Sand Pit 40 Pcs Sand Toys Outdoor Toys Sand Water Toys Beach Toys Garden Toy Watering Can for Childs Girls Boys
  • SAND AND WATER TABLE: Looking for the perfect summer toy for your child? This is a great play set that will keep your child entertained this summer! Suitable for the garden and a day at the beach – this sand and water activities table will keep your little one busy.
  • FEATURES: Set includes a variety of accessories for both sand and water. Table includes three different trays so your child can easily change between playing with sand and water – a fun water blaster, sand moulds and a water mill also included giving your child more hours of fun.
  • BENEFITS: Your child is able to create their own fun using the accessories included! They are able to create shapes in the sand and entertain themselves alone or with friends.
  • GREAT OUTDOOR FUN: This sand and water table is a fun way to encourage your child outdoors. Designed with safe and durable plastics this set is simple to fill and clean.
  • RECOMMENDATIONS & WARNINGS: Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years. To be used under supervision of an adult. Choking hazard due to small parts. Please note; colour of accessories may vary from images due to stock.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Plum Sandy Bay Wooden Sandpit and Water Tables
114 Reviews
Plum Sandy Bay Wooden Sandpit and Water Tables
  • Tables slide together for easy storage
  • a multi-purpose item that uses a small footprint
  • Made from premiumFSC certified timber
  • 12 month manufacturers warranty against wood rot and insect damage
  • with rounded corners for added safety

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

little tikes Anchors Away Pirate Water Playset. Outdoor Garden Toy, Safe & Portable Kids Table. Sensory Toy for Garden Games, Encourages Creative Play, For Ages 18 Months+
  • FUN PIRATE THEME - Ahoy me hearties! Creative play is the name of the game with this fantastic pirate-themed water table!
  • SQUIRTING CANNON - Little ones will love learning to squirt water from the cannon, and creating strong tidal currents with the spinner as they splash away the day. This durable activity play table allows multiple children to play at once
  • INTERACTIVE ELEMENTS - Interactive elements create tons of opportunities for imaginative role-play. Water moves with pump or by pouring water into the crow's nest. The anchor raises and lowers by cranking the handle.
  • SUPER FUN CHARACTERS - The table comes complete with two fun character toys and a squirting shark for added swashbuckling fun!
  • EASY ASSEMBLY - Dimensions: Weight (kg): 9; Height (cm): 80; Width (cm): 101; Depth (cm): 71

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean a sand and water table? 

The best way to clean a plastic sand and water table is to use warm soapy water and a sponge or cloth. Simply wipe over the toy to remove dirt and any mound and dry thoroughly before refilling. If you have a wooden sand and water tray then you may be able to wipe down with a damp cloth but too much water could affect the life of the wood. 

What age should children be to play with a sand and water table? 

Most sand and water table manufacturers suggest that they are best suited to children 24 months+ but at this age they should still be supervised to avoid putting sand and other parts in their mouths. Most children will enjoy playing with larger tables until they are around 7 years old.

Does sand need to be changed in a sand and water table?

Yes! You will need to change the sand in your sand and water table at least annually. It may be that you need to do it more regularly if the sand becomes dirty or you suspect that animals have been in/around the table.

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