Best Platform Trolley Buyers Guide 2024

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If you are moving house or working in a job where you are regularly having to move large objects then what you need is a platform trolley. A platform trolley comes with a low base and a higher handle so that you don’t have to lift heavier objects onto a high trolley. This makes them the best way to carry heavier or bulkier items as you aren’t going to strain your back when lifting them. This also makes a platform trolley well suited for anyone with back problems or joint pain so that you don’t have to bend down as far when you are lifting.

Whatever you are wanting to use your platform trolley for choosing the right one is essential. Some smaller models can be packed down so that they can be stored easily when not in use, whereas larger models will have a higher payload so will be able to carry more objects. Here are our favourites…

Best Pick – Industrial Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Folding Industrial Platform Trolley with Anti-Puncture Tyres - 150kg Load Capacity - 5 Year Warranty
  • HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: made from high quality steel, the trolley’s tough construction ensures durability
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE: put together in just a few minutes, this hassle free platform trolley is perfect for both home and business use
  • STRONG & STURDY: the flat platform structure is perfect for larger loads that are hard to transport
  • FOLDS FOR EASY STORAGE: with a handle that folds down flat against the trolley bed, it's easy to store safely and securely.
  • ANTI-PUNCTURE TYRES: the wheels are made from reliable puncture proof rubber making them a reliable choice

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In A Hurry?

If you have left organising your big home move until the last minute, if you have a renovation job on hand but are struggling to carry all the equipment that you need, then this part of the article is for you. We have included all the key features that you need to get buying quickly! 

Platform Trolley Size

Arguably the first thing that you need to consider when looking to purchase a platform trolley is the size. The size of your platform trolley is going to depend on the space that you have available and what you are planning on using it for. For example, if your platform trolley is going to be used inside then you will probably need a smaller model that is going to be able to move around spaces easier, whereas if you are using your trolley outside mostly then you can get away with a larger model that can carry more! 

The widths of platform trolleys doesn’t tend to vary quite as much – you will usually find that they are between around 1.5ft and 2.5ft. The one factor to remember is that a standard UK doorway is going to be 2ft in width so you need to consider this when looking at the width of the trolley. 

The lengths of platform trolleys are more varied, from around 3ft up to just over 5ft. A shorter trolley is obviously going to be much easier to control and move around but is going to limit the size and amount of objects that you can carry around! 

The other dimension that you may not have thought of, but definitely need to consider….is the platform height and the handle height. The platform height is important, as the closer to the ground it is, the less you have to lift the objects that you are moving. Whereas the higher the handle is, the less you are going to have to lean over when you are moving the trolley, which will help greatly in reducing fatigue and back pain. Platform heights of around 20cm will be low enough to still give clearance from the ground but reduce the effort that you are having to put in. The handle height really comes down to personal preference on how tall you are! 

Platform Trolley Load Capacity

The next thing that you need to think about is what your platform trolley is actually going to be able to hold! This works in two ways….the maximum load weight that you are going to be able to hold and also the height that you are going to be able to stack your objects too! The range of maximum weights is quite considerable, from around 150kg up to 350kg depending on the quality of the materials that your platform trolley is made from. 

The maximum height that you can load to is usually close to the height of the handle, but this is definitely worth checking for. 

TOP TIP: It is vitally important that you don’t overload the weight of the platform trolley, this could lead to the middle of the platform trolley collapsing in, which could damage your possessions or even cause an accident for you! 

Platform Trolley Build Materials 

The quality of your platform trolley is largely going to be dependent on the build materials that it is made from. This will control how strong it is, the weight that you are going to be able to carry and how long you can expect it to last. You also need to make sure that your platform trolley is going to be waterproof, as at some point you are bound to be taking it outside! 

Steel and aluminium are the two most commonly found materials. They are strong, durable and relatively light. Steel is going to be your stronger option but this does also mean that it is going to be slightly heavier and more expensive. The one downside to a metal frame is that there is going to be the potential of corrosion and rust, so it is important that you make sure the frame is powder or paint coated to help to prevent this. 

The actual platform itself will be made from either metal, wood or plastic. Plastic or PVC is going to be your cheapest option, it is relatively light and durable but isn’t going to allow you to carry the same weight as metal would. When looking at your platform material, make sure to check that it is going to have a grooved, “anti-slip” surface to help ensure that your belongings don’t slip off when you are moving! 

Best Budget – Oypla 150KG

Oypla 150kg Platform Hand Sack Truck Trolley Transport Heavy Duty
  • Oypla 150Kg Platform Hand Sack Truck Trolley Transport Heavy Duty
  • Product Type: Material Handling Truck
  • Brand: Oypla
  • Color: Multi-Colour
  • Size: 150 Kg

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Platform Trolley Wheels 

You’re not going to be able to get anywhere without the wheels of the platform trolley – so it is important that the wheels are going to be just right! It is far too easy to lose control of a trolley when  you are moving around and this could lead to damaged items, or even worse! 

The best platform trolleys are going to come with two different types of wheels…two that are for steering and two that are for maneuverability. The steering wheels are there to help you control the direction that you are going in, so these will be more fixed to help keep you in a straight line and in control! The maneuverable wheels will rotate on their axis, the idea of this is that they will have a much smaller turning circle so it will be easier to move around as and when you need them to! Steering wheels at the front are designed for platform trolleys that you push, whereas if the steering wheels are at the back they are probably going to be easier to pull. 

Once you have checked for this, make sure to check the build material and design of the wheels. You are going to want a good size wheel that will make it easier for you to travel over more bumpy ground. Although too big and your platform is going to be much higher from the ground! Next you need to think about whether you want solid tyres or pneumatics. Solid tyres have the benefit of being more or less indestructible. So if you are working on a building site or anywhere where there is the chance of sharp stones or nails then they are probably the way to go. Despite the fact that pneumatic tyres have the potential of puncturing, they are going to travel more softly over the ground so will reduce fatigue when you are working. 

TOP TIP: Don’t forget to check the grip on the wheels that you choose – it is really important that this is good quality as otherwise you could easily lose control of the platform trolley on wet surfaces! 

Additional Platform Trolley Features 

You now know the key features that you need to think about before purchasing a platform trolley – but if you have come to this article then chances are you are wanting THE BEST platform trolley….and we don’t blame you either! Here are the features that we found in only the best products, to give you a better idea of what to look out for! 

  • Locking wheels – This definitely has to come first! There is nothing worse than trying to juggle between opening a door and holding your trolley at the same time whilst you unload or load up! Locking wheels are going to save you all of that hassle. Look for locking wheels that can be controlled using your foot so that you can still secure the wheels if your hands are full! 
  • Packaway frame – Platform trolleys are quite bulky things, there’s no denying that! If you are worried about storing your platform trolley when it is not in use then why not look out for models that come with foldable or even removable handles. This will allow you to store and transport your trolley much easier! 
  • Handle grip – You definitely need to consider the handle grip on the platform trolley – particularly if you are going to be using it regularly or if you know that you are going to be carrying heavier items! Look out for grips that are made from rubber or possibly foam as these will be softer and reduce the chance of calluses whilst working. The only thing to mention is that foam can start to wear and break over time if you are not careful! 
  • Strapping hooks – No one wants their belongings to be falling off their platform trolley whilst they are moving from A to B. But actually it can be incredibly difficult to avoid this unless they are stacked perfectly! The best thing to do is opt for a model with lots of strapping hooks on the side of the platform. These will allow you to use straps or bungee lines to secure your cargo. Some of the best platform trolleys even come with the straps included. 
  • Platform lip – This little feature is another add on to help secure your cargo. It is simply a raised lip at the front of the platform to stop your belongings sliding off the front. This feature is a little like marmite as some people find it a real inconvenience whereas others find it really useful! 
  • Weight – Finally, don’t forget to check the weight of your platform trolley, as this is going to be added to the weight of the items that you are carrying around! They will normally range between around 10 and 20kgs depending on the build materials and whether the frame is hollow or not! 

Looking for a slightly smaller way to carry things around. Why not check out some of the best hand trucks?

Best of the Rest

N&S Platform Truck Heavy Duty Trolley 350 kg One-Handed Folding Sack Truck on Mute Wheels
  • One hand foldable folding trolley with mute wheels--This High Quality platform truck can easy to use one hand to folding handle to allow for easy storage and over 350kg carrying capacity – perfect for moving bulky, large, heavy things - boxes, furniture, gardening supplies, in the home, garden or office.
  • High-density anti-slip handle:Move items easily with this high quality industrial folding sack trolley with the anti-slip handle and mit wheels. This sack
  • Heightening and thickening of steel pipe, bending more durable handrails; truck is made from the highest quality materials and to the highest standards, and is perfect for your garage, office or stock room!
  • flatbed trolley Engineering rubber mute wheels, high wear resistance, high and mild resilience, mute operation, more comfortable use.

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Meister Platform truck "cross-over" 300 kg, foldable, 8985700
  • Safe transport. Loading surface with non-slip coating, 6 eyelets for securing tension belts to secure cargo.
  • Practical features: Integrated storage compartment on the handle for storing small items, support crossbar for easy transport of long goods.
  • Multi-functional: For the safe and easy transport of materials and tools, e.g. in the workshop and garage, for transporting heavy loads, such as drink crates and large packages. Suitable for moving house.
  • Solid Tyres: Off-terrain pneumatic tyres with shrader valve for 2 wheels with parking brake to prevent unintentional rolling away.
  • Convenient Use: Rubberised handle for a comfortable grip. Folding function for space-saving storage. Integrated loading edge prevents the load from slipping.

Last update on 2024-05-27 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

Neekor 540 lbs/245kg Heavy Duty Folding Hand Truck,7-360° Rotating Wheel Folding Trolley Folding Platform Luggage Cart Platform Truck for Luggage, Travel, Shopping, Auto, Moving and Office Use…
  • ✅ EASY RUNNING WHEELS :Compared with Folding Hand Truck on the market, Neekor Folding Hand Truck adopt the upgraded big and quiet tank wheels which more abrasion resistance, durable and no noise. The 7-wheels design have large bearing capacity and 360°rotation barrier-free, reducing the friction between ground and wheels , and improving the flexibility and stability of heavy loads.
  • ✅ HIGH QUALITY:Made of high quality pure iron and will never rust, stylish and lightweight folding hand truck, maximum load capacity 540lbs, safe and comfortable non-slip handle that prevents the cargo and users from slipping , thick aluminum alloy draw bar and strong plastic black platform. You can pull easily without tiring your hands.
  • ✅ COMPACT AND SPACE-SAVING: Folding design is easy to transport and store in vehicles, under beds, closets, storage rooms or garages. Folds up really small and very sturdy. Lightweight and portable, easy to take around and take up less space. It fits your needs perfectly. Neekor Folding Hand Truck is the first choice of good companions for your home.
  • ✅ SUPER EASY TO FOLD AND UNFOLD:Extendable platform for large stuff transport.No Need to Buy Extra One.Perfect for any outdoor activities, home moving, library working, carrying pets, taking big, bulky stuff, shopping heavy items and so on. Make your life and your travel easier.
  • ✅ We think you're going to love this hand truck as much as we do! But in case you don't, you are covered by our 90 days, no questions asked, money back. A life time Customer Service.We want our customers to be 100% happy.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do platform trolleys need assembling? 

Some platform trolleys will come already assembled but others will need putting together when you buy them! Usually they will come with tools and allen keys to help you do this. Normally you will find that it is just the wheels and the handle that need connecting but this is worth checking for! 

What can a platform trolley carry?

A platform trolley is going to be able to carry pretty much anything, providing you are not going over the maximum weight and size limit of the trolley itself. These weight limits range from around 150kg up to around 300kg depending on the build design and model so this is worth checking for before you buy.

Will a platform trolley come with a warranty?

You will actually find that many platform trolleys do come with a warranty, but this warranty is normally limited to something being structurally wrong with the frame or platform of the trolley. It is important to never overload to maximum weight capacity of your platform trolley as this will cause unnecessary strain on the frame and will lead to the warranty being invalidated.

Can you replace the wheels on a platform trolley?

Yes! Most platform trolleys will have wheels that can be replaced however they don’t often come with replacement wheels these will have to be purchased separately.

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