Best Patio Sealer – A 2022 Buyers Guide

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Best Patio Sealer

There are loads of different types of patios and they can be used for a whole range of purposes. It may be that you want a traditional patio – a space to sit out, relax and eat at the back of your home. But now patio paving is also used for pathways, driveways and much more! However, the stones or flags that make up your patio are going to be constantly exposed to wear an tear, whether this be from the weather or from foot traffic or even cars. This means that after a couple of years you can find your patio starting to look a little tired!

You may think that this is something that you have to just live with, or that the only way to fix the appearance of your patio is to replace it – but you could not be more wrong! A patio sealer is a solution that is applied to the top surface of your patio. Not only is is going to help to protect and seal your patio but it will also help to improve and maintain the natural colour of the patio. There are lots of types of patio sealers depending on the materials that have been used to make your patio in the first place – so we have considered these below.

In A Hurry?

Anyone whose patio is looking worse for wear, or maybe you have just spent a considerable amount of time and effort fixing or laying your patio and don’t want to have to go through that stress again! Whatever the reason for you being in a hurry to purchase the best patio sealer – look no further! 

Best Pick – Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer

Smartseal Natural Stone Sealer - Dry Finish – Impregnating, Durable, Clear Sealer for Sandstone, Limestone, Granite, Travertine & Slate - Easy to Apply SandStone Sealer Outdoor & Indoor Use (5 Litre)
  • 🛡️INVISIBLE PROTECTION - Experience the professional-grade performance of our Natural Stone Sealer. This high-quality stone sealer provides excellent protection against water damage, stains, and other outdoor elements. With its "dry" invisible finish, the natural beauty of your stone driveway or patio will remain intact, while benefiting from long-lasting protection.
  • 🏞️PROTECT YOUR NATURAL STONE SURFACES - Specifically formulated as a sandstone sealer, limestone sealer, granite sealer, and slate tile sealer, this sealer offers unrivalled durability and long-lasting performance. For enhanced protection, we recommend applying a second coat once the first coat is touch dry, usually within 1 -2 hours. Invest in our trusted stone sealer and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with preserving the natural beauty and integrity of your surfaces.
  • 🌿EXTENDED PROTECTION AGAINST MOSS, LICHEN, AND ALGAE - Protect your surfaces with our advanced Natural Stone Sealer, offering exceptional water and stain resistance. Experience the peace of mind that comes with extended protection against unsightly issues like moss, lichen, and algae. Elevate your stone care routine with our effective water repellent Stone Sealer and ensure your surfaces remain in top condition for years to come.
  • ⏱️ QUICK-DRYING NATURAL STONE SEALER - The convenience of our Natural Stone Sealer, which can be easily applied using common household tools such as rollers and sprayers. Our fast-drying formula ensures that the surface will be touch dry within 2-3 hours, allowing you to proceed with your project quickly. Within just 30 hours, the sandstone sealer will see your driveway or patio exhibiting water-resistant properties, protecting it against water damage.
  • 🔒 HIGH COVERAGE NATURAL STONE SEALER - Achieve excellent coverage with our high-quality stone sealer. The average coverage for first coat application ranges from 4 to 8 square metres per litre, ensuring efficient use of the sandstone sealer. For second coat application, the coverage extends to 8-16 square metres, depending on the porosity and finish of the hard surface. With our reliable stone sealing solution, you can be confident in achieving optimal coverage for your project.

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Types of Patio Sealer 

By far the first thing that you need to know about is the different types of patio sealer, as they aren’t all going to be compatible with your patio. If you are wanting to get the best seal and best protection for your patio then you are going to need a compatible patio sealer…

  • Block paving sealer – This is decided specifically to be used on block paving as it comes with additional colour enhancing properties to really make the colour of your block paving stand out! Not only this, but they will have features to help fill holes in joints, therefore preventing weed growth. This will also encourage stability in your joints and patio as a whole. 
  • Driveway sealers – It’s obvious that driveway patios are going to have to take a lot of weight and movement on a daily basis, which is why you will regularly find loose and moving patio slabs! However, a driveway sealer is designed to stabilize the sand in your joints to reduce movement as much as possible. Not only this, but it will provide a protection for the paving slabs to reduce discolouration and marking from the tyres or your car. 
  • Stone Sealer – Any type of natural stone, such as slate or indian sandstone, is going to need a more specific sealer that is designed to work with the natural materials. Using a non-specific sealant on these models could cause real damage to your stone. Always opt for a natural stone sealer in these circumstances and check whether it is compatible with your type of stone.


The next thing that you need to look at is the coverage that you are going to achieve with your bottle of patio cleaner. This will be determined by the size of tub that it comes in (obviously) but also how concentrated the solution is! The sizes of tubs range quite considerably from as little as 5L up to around 30L, so if you are buying a bigger tub make sure that your patio sealer has a long expiration date if you are not planning on using it all in one go! 

You also want to look at whether your patio sealer is going to need one coat or two coats as this will obviously affect how much solution you are going to need to purchase. Many are going to need two coats – the first to soak the sand and the second to fully seal. However, some will actually do more harm than good if you apply two coats, so this is definitely worth checking out before you buy. 

The best patio sealers that we found offered around two metre square coverage per litre of sealer, which gives you a good idea of how much you are going to need! 


Make sure to check how durable and long lasting your patio sealer is going to be. You don’t want a patio sealer that you are having to redo every few months otherwise this totally defeats the object of ensuring your drive is protected and well maintained. Some are going to last for even a couple of years before needing replacing (providing you complete general cleaning and maintenance in between). 

We particularly like patio sealers that are going to have mould preventing features. These will “clog up” and seal the pores in your patio whether it be natural stone or concrete slabs and provide an almost wipeable material which will help to prevent mould from setting on your patio. 

Best Budget – Sika Patio Seal

Sika Patio Seal Paving | Water Base Sealer and Appearance Enhancer for New and Recently Cleaned Paving - Clear - 5 Litre
  • Specifically designed for exterior use only. Protects and seals both new and old concrete stone, brick and paving surfaces. Ideal for use outdoors on areas such as; block paved drives, pathways, natural stones, patios, flagstones and more.
  • Acrylic based solution that provides a tough, long-lasting polymeric seal on concrete stone and brick surfaces. Clear liquid that doesn’t over-alter the surface look of concrete stone. Provides a smooth satin mid sheen finish to driveways, paving stones, patios or flagstone areas.
  • Improves appearance of paths/stone and also acts as a dustproofer and facilitates easier cleaning.
  • Dramatically improves water and mark resistance, High degree of water repellency in dried film.
  • Surfaces must be free from grease, dust, loose material, algae etc. Clean surfaces with Sika Mould Buster. For bad oil stains, use a proprietary detergent and hot water.

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The Best Patio Sealers 

Hopefully by now you know the type of patio sealer that you need to look out for and the ones that are going to be compatible with your patio. But, there are so many other aspects to consider before you buy as well! 

  • Drying Time – Living in the UK means that you definitely need to consider the drying time of your patio sealer. Some will be dry and sealed within the hour, which means that you aren’t having to juggle completing your job around the weather too much. Others take considerably longer which can be an inconvenience not just with the weather but if you have pets or the sealer is being used on a driveway.
  • Application – It is always worth looking whether your patio sealer comes with anything to help the application process. Some patio sealers come with rollers or brushes to make it easier to apply to your patio! Others can be used with a standard paint sprayer but obviously these won’t be included!
  • Matt or wet look finish – You will need to decide whether you are wanting a matt or a wet look finish for your patio sealer. A wet look is going to be much shinier and arguably easier to keep clean but a matt finish will look more natural.
  • Colour Enhancement – Some of you would probably like the idea of having a colour enhancement on your patio, it is a great way to really make your patio stand out and become the envy of your neighbours. However, this is going to stop your patio from looking as natural and blending in with the rest of your garden or the frontage of your home. This is something that really comes down to personal preference and the style of your garden/home. 
  • Non toxic – If you have pets or young children then we would definitely recommend checking that your patio sealer is non-toxic. Although really you are going to need to keep them off your patio anyway until it has dried, you’re better just not taking any risks! 
  • Additional surface grip – If your path, patio or driveway is on an incline and is causing you some problems when wet or icy then look out for patio sealers that are going to increase surface grip!

Best of the Rest

Everbuild 405 High-Performance Path and Patio Seal – Solvent-free – Clear – 25 Litre
  • HARD-WEARING – This Everbuild acrylic sealant helps protect from the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and organic growth. Can be used on paths, patios, natural stone, concrete and block paving.
  • SOLVENT FREE – Non-flammable acrylic patio sealant with a low odour.
  • PATH AND PATIO SEALER – Use this sealer to improve the appearance of patios and stone or block paths. Dries to a hard-wearing, water-repellent film which gives a slip-resistant low sheen finish.
  • POWERFUL FUNGICIDE – Reduces dirt pickup and helps prevent unsightly growth, making cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • WATER REPELLENT – Dramatically improves resistance to water stains and other marks.

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StoneCare4u - Essential Indian Sandstone Sealer 'Satin' - Professional Performance & Quick Drying Formula – Forms a Satin/Gloss Finish on Paving & Patio's. Easy to Apply. (5 Litre)
  • ✔️ Our formulation of Essential Sandstone Sealer with Satin finish is a high performance, high quality product intended mainly for use on quality natural sandstone surfaces
  • 🧱 The product is however versatile, able for use on a range of hard, porous surfaces such as slate and limestone. Can be used both internally and externally.
  • 🎨 Provides a beautiful satin finish which is not only attractive but hard-wearing and works to intensify the natural colours of the stone. Apply more coats where you would like to achieve a glossy finish.
  • 🛡️ The sealer also offers a high quality stain protection against unsightly horrors like green growth, moss, algae, lichens and even oil spills
  • 📐 The coverage you can expect on average with this product is 4 - 6 square metres per litre, which depends upon the porosity of the surface. Please see below for full application details 🔻

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Ronseal PBPSWL5L Patio & Block Paving Seal Wet Look 5 Litre
  • Thompson's Patio & Block Paving Seal offers advanced protection for paving
  • It seals and protects against dirt and chemicals and resists penetration of oils and fuels
  • Contains effective biocide to resist moss and algal growth

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How To Apply A Patio Sealer

If you have chosen your patio sealer and are ready to start applying then we are here to help. Here is a video from our “best pick” patio sealer manufacturer with everything that you need to know before you start applying the product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a pressure washer on a patio that has been patio sealed?

We probably wouldn’t recommend using a pressure washer on a patio that has been sealed. Whenever you use a pressure washer on a patio you are potentially going to be removing bits of sand or jointing compound from the gaps in between your flags. Doing this is obviously going to not only damage the overall stability of your patio but also remove the patio sealer from that area leaving you having to reapply the sealer. Not only this, but that could lead to a patchy job as in some areas you will have two layers and in others you will have just one. 

How do you apply patio sealer? 

Applying most domestic patio sealers is relatively easy – some will even come with a brush or a roller to help you on the way. Simply “paint” your patio sealer onto the patio and the joints and wait for it to dry. Remember that all patios and patio sealers are going to be slightly different, so you need to check the manufacturer’s instructions and may need to consider applying two coats! 

How long will a patio sealer last?

Depending on the patio sealers they will normally last around a couple of years at least before they are ready to be resealed. Some will need to be resealed more regularly in well used areas whereas others will last up to 5 years!

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