Best Outdoor Toys For All The Family

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Outdoor Toys

Of the best parts of summer is being able to play outside! Not only does it give children the chance to explore and be in the fresh air, it can also be educational and fun too! However, many children need a focus and something to “do” when they are outside – this is natural – so providing them with outdoor toys and stimulus to keep them entertained is key!

There are many outdoor toys to choose from, so it can be difficult to know which are going to be best for different ages and types of garden. From small sand pits to large chess sets, there really will be something for all the family.

We have included some of the best outdoors toys…

In A Hurry?

If summer has sprung up on you at the last minute and you are in a rush to get the garden ready for your children to start enjoying it. Or maybe you have grandchildren or young family members come to stay! Whatever the reason for your panic buying – we are here to help. This part of the article is filled with all the essential information that you need to know before purchasing outdoor toys. 

What age are you buying for?

The age of children that you are buying for is going to have a massive impact on the outdoor toys that are suitable. Not only will children be inclined to lose interest if the toys aren’t suitable for them, but they could actually end up having an accident! 

Toddlers and Young Children

There are many toys that are going to benefit toddlers and young children in their outdoor play. These include…

  • Ride on cars and vehicles – this will improve leg strength to aid walking and also allow children to explore the outdoors faster than they possibly could on foot at a young age. Not only this but it stimulates imagination and role play as the children make up stories linked to the vehicles. 
  • Giant Bubbles – Even as an adult, there is something magical about blowing bubbles. Young children will love attempting to blow the bubbles themselves and chasing the bubbles as they fly around the garden. The only issue is that they aren’t going to last forever, and refilling with soapy water is never quite the same! 

Best Toddlers Toys

Toyland® Giant Bubble Making Kit/Solution - Create Huge Bubbles - Outdoor Toys - Garden Games (Bubble Kit)
  • Choose from either the giant bubble kit or the bubble blower machine.
  • Giant bubble kit; Simply pour the bubble solution into the tray, dip the rod into the trap, pull air through and release huge bubbles! See how many huge bubbles you can blow and how big you can get your bubbles!
  • Bubble blower machine; Insert 3 AA batteries, insert the bubble solution and pull the trigger for lots of bubbles. See how many bubble you can blow!
  • When you have used your solution included you can order the jumbo tub of bubble solution. You will get 1 litre of solution. Random colour tub will be selected. This can be used for both toys. For the bubble blower machine pour the liquid into the mini bottles provided.
  • With these fantastic giant bubble toys you can have hours of fun!

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Big Red Bobby Toy Fun, Colourful Ride on Car for Kids
  • Your child will be the coolest kid on wheels with this colourful and fun red Bobby ride on Car. The robust design and low centre of gravity make it a safe and fun toy that kids will treasure. Watch them enjoy finding their feet on this iconic toy. Gold Award Winner at the 2002 Good Toy Awards.
  • The push along design of the Bobby Car means your babys feet are kept in contact with the ground all the time and this will let them safely push along at a speed they are comfortable with. These ride on cars for kids are a fantastic way to strengthen your childs leg muscles and develop their balance and coordination too.
  • The durable materials and robust design mean this long-lasting toy can be passed on to siblings or cousins, becoming a treasured family gem that will give years of enjoyment to different generations. This classic toy also has an extra knee room for older children.
  • Weight: 5. 4kg. Product dimensions: 27cm x 59cm x 31cm. Carrying capacity: 50kg. Self-assembly required for the baby car. It is also possible to purchase accessories for this Smoby ride on toys. Suitable for boys and girls aged 1 year up, made in Germany.
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

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Children 5+

Children over the age of 5 are starting to develop more independence in their playing, so there are plenty of outdoor toys that they can enjoy whilst they grow and learn to explore more. 

  • Sandpit – A sandpit is a great outdoor toy for younger children. It allows them to use their imagination but also their problem solving. Plus it is easy to buy additional, cheaper tools to be used in the sandpit. This is a toy that can be used with younger children as well providing they are supervised. Through the summer months you can also consider storing the sand and turning it into a paddling pool to help your children stay cool when it is warm! 
  • Football nets and basketball nets – Children over the age of 7 are getting to the point where they are more into sport. Children will love having nets in their garden as then they can practice the skill and have miniature games with the rest of the family. You can purchase standard nets or there are smaller models that are flat, blowup, or compact nets that are easier to fit into smaller gardens. For basketball nets, there are many that screw into the wall so they don’t take up space on the ground in the garden.
  • Garden Slide – A garden slide is going to provide hours of entertainment for children younger and older. What is even better, is that there are a massive range of slides in all sizes to suit your garden and the age of your children. 

Best Toys 5+

Samba 6ft x 4ft Locking Goal - Portable Garden Football Goal Posts,White
  • A precise locking system throughout the goal adds strength to the frame, this goal will easily tolerate shots from an adult
  • Constructed using high impact shatterproof uPVC material with robust corners and connectors. We manufacture all components in our UK factory, to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained
  • Extra heavy-duty net, 2.5mm twine thickness with 100mm x 100mm squares. This net meets the new head entrapment safety guidelines
  • Leave this goal assembled all year round, in all weathers. Absolutely no maintenance required
  • This goal will not move; once anchored down, the sturdy metal ground anchors will keep the goal rigid even with the strongest of shots. The metal anchors measure 6mm diameter and 8” long

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Plum Square Outdoor Play Wooden Sand Pit, 25055
  • Made from premium FSC certified timber with rounded corners for added safety
  • Sand pit includes protective cover and ground sheet
  • Internal ground cover prevents weeds from growing through and allows water drainage
  • Supplied flat packed and pre-drilled with easy assembly instructions
  • Easy to assemble in approx 1 hour with 1 adult

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Family Fun!  

Older children may not show it quite as much as younger children do, but they will still love being outdoors (plus some of these games are popular with adults as well as children!). These games are ones that can be accessed by almost all the family, so are perfect for if you have children of varying ages – or for if you just want some fun yourself! 

  • Swingball – One of the main benefits of swingball is that it can be played on your own, or with two people, so children don’t need to be reliant on having you there all the time – but it is a lot of fun if you do get involved! The game can also be adjusted in height depending on the height of children that are taking part, and the ball is never going to go missing, making it perfect for lighthearted fun for all the family. 
  • Rocket flyers – We have to say, even as adults there is something exciting about watching a toy rocket fly up in the air! These games will be loved by the whole family as they shoot the rocket up…why not turn it into a competition to see who goes the highest! 
  • Ring toss – Ring toss is a super game which not only provides fun for all the family but improves hand/eye coordination. Not only this, but as the game has been around for years, it is one that older generations will be confident joining in with as well! 
  • Bowling – Bowling is a game that can be played by the whole family. It improves hand/eye coordination like the ring toss but has the benefit of being easy for younger children to play as well. 

Best Family Toys

Swingball 7104 Classic, Multi-Colour
  • The classic Swingball
  • Complete with two 265 gram Checkerbats
  • Ideal for the garden or beach (weather resistant components)
  • Pole spike pushes into the ground, adjustable height up to 1.6 metres (5 feet, 3 inches)
  • Your Classic Swingball could arrive with you in a brown recyclable box

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No products found.

Larger Outdoor Toys 

If you have a big enough garden then it might be worth considering some larger outdoor toys to keep your children entertained. Bigger toys generally involve more activity, so will be great for tiring out the children, developing motor skills, all whilst having fun and developing confidence! These toys include:

  • Swing sets
  • Climbing frames
  • Bouncy castles 
  • Playhouses
  • Tree houses
  • Slides

TOP TIP: Some of the best large outdoor toys will be customisable, which is fantastic if you have children of different ages – or are just wanting the most for your money and want your toy to last! You will be able to adjust what features are included, such as toddler swings etc depending on what is right for your family. 

Best Large Outdoor Toys

ZERO GRAVITY Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline in 3 Sizes. High Specification with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder (10ft x 7ft Barrel)
  • ZERO GRAVITY Ultima 5 Rectangular Barrel Trampoline in 3 Sizes. High Specification with Safety Enclosure Netting and Ladder 10ft x 7ft Barrel
  • Brand : ZERO GRAVITY
  • Product type: TRAMPOLINE
  • Yellow Blue Black
  • rectangle rectangular oval round 10ft trampoline trampoline 10ft 12ft trampoline trampoline 12ft 15ft trampoline trampoline 15ft trampoline enclosure 10ft 12ft 15ft 10feet 12feet 15feet 10' 12' 15' kids childs children outdoor garden

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Wooden Playhouse Climbing Frame Childrens Outdoor Play Tower Monkey Bar Swing Set Club House - Dunster House® BalconyFort™ Searcher
  • Preassure treated timber.
  • Includes fixings. DIY friendly!
  • For 3-14 years.
  • Durable Wooden Playhouse, Slide and Swing Set for Ages 3 - 14 Years. Tower, Slide, 2 Swings, Balcony Platform, Monkey Bars, Ladder with Professional Grade Climbing Stones all included. Ground Anchors supplied.

Last update on 2024-06-18 / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API / As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

If it is specifically large outdoor toys that you are looking for then why not check out our kids trampolines or climbing frames buyers guides to find something that is going to be right for your family!

Outdoor Toy Features

Now that you know some of the outdoor toys that you have available and the age ranges that they are going to be suitable for, here are some of the features that you need to make sure to consider before making your purchase. 

Size and Weight

The first thing that you need to consider is the size of the toys that you are looking for. This massively depends on the size of your garden and the space that you have available – plus whether you really want your garden to be taken over by toys. Not just this, but larger toys are going to be much less portable, so if you are going on holiday, to the park or the beach then you are going to be limited in what you can actually take with you. 

We would recommend having some toys that are larger and more fixed, such as a playhouse or football net, but then also smaller toys that can be moved away. This will help to avoid your garden becoming taken over by your children, but also give them plenty to play with so they do not become bored. 


You will find that most outdoor toys are made using some type of plastic (where possible). This is because the material is light, durable and weatherproof. There are wooden outdoor toys that will give a more natural look to your garden, but these are heavier so usually found in “fixed” outdoor toys. Another downside to wood is that it is going to weather much easier, so make sure to keep it maintained and watch out for splinters so that your children are protected. The one warning we would give is that plastic outdoor toys can become VERY hot if left in direct sunlight. Always keep these toys in the shade so that your children do not burn themselves through the summer months.

TO TIP: When opting for the best plastic outdoor toys it is worth making sure that they are treated with UV protection. Not because we are worried about them getting burned – but because this will help to protect them from becoming discoloured if left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. 

Creative? Educational? Sporty?

If you are wanting to spend your money well then it is worth considering the purpose of the toys that you are buying. Of course, some of the toys that you buy will just be there for fun, but if you want your children to develop then it is worth providing a variety of outdoor toys that are going to meet all their needs. 

There are plastic outdoor tables and chairs for children that want to do outdoor arts and crafts, plus large paint brushes and outdoor paints etc. For more creative children, sandpits will also allow them to use their imagination and develop their constructive skills. Whereas, bug hunting kits and gardening tools will be great outdoor toys that allow children to develop their learning and motor skills. If you have a child that is more into sport then consider bowling sets, football nets and hoops that will improve coordination and strength – these are also great for channelling some of that never ending energy! 


It goes without saying that your outdoor toys are going to need to be weatherproof – otherwise they aren’t really going to be up to the task. This is why most manufacturers chose plastic, but this isn’t going to work for all outdoor toys. 

If you go for larger outdoor toys that include metalwork it is going to be important to ensure that this is either rustproof, or has been treated with an anti-rust coating. Equally, if you are wanting softer, fabric outdoor toys then make sure that these can be easily wiped down and are waterproof – although we would also recommend bringing these types of toys inside when you are not using them to extend their life! 

It is also worth considering how windproof your toys are – especially if your garden is less shielded from the great british weather! If you are wanting larger outdoor toys such as playhouses or swing sets then it is always worth checking whether they are weighted, or come with fastenings that allow them to be secured to the ground. This will help to avoid any accidents in inclement weather! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What safety standards should outdoor toys meet? 

It is so important to only purchase outdoor toys that are going to meet correct safety standards, as this will help to minimise the risk of any accidents. The main standard that you need to check for is EN71 – the European Toy Safety Standard, which applies to all toys for children aged over 36 months. 

What paint can I use on my children’s outdoor toys?

Any wooden outdoor toys are going to need treating and painting occasionally to keep them looking fresh and to stop them from beginning to rot. It is important to opt for child-safe, non-toxic, lead free paints when doing this to make sure that the paint isn’t going to harm your children. 

How do I clean outdoor toys?

It is actually a lot easier than you would think to clean most outdoor toys. Simply fill a bucket with some warm water and dish detergent (we wouldn’t recommend using anything stronger than this as your children are going to be playing with the toys again!). Then use a sponge or a cloth to wipe any mould or dirt off the toys.

Can outdoor toys be left outside?

Although some outdoor toys can be left outside, we would always recommend bringing them inside or at least under shelter where possible. Obviously this isn’t going to be possible for large climbing frames and trampolines but it will help to protect smaller toys from wear and tear caused by both the rain and the sun.

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  • Features
  • Ergonomics
  • Value
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